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New Moon in Pisces: The Kiss of Karma

Karma's kiss can be one of death or bliss. Every year when the new moon in Pisces activates an acute period of karmic return begins for the mortals of the Earth. This annual karma wave precedes the beginning of the astrological new year which commences as the Sun transits the Aries point. The advances and regressions of each new astrological year are profoundly infused with the mystical forces of Piscean karma. Case in point: illuminati VIP David Rockefeller died on March 20th of 2017 not one month into the Pisces cycle that started on February 26th of that same year. Truth be told, the Aries advances secretly begin with the new moon in Pisces and the karmic forces that it unleashes.

Karma Momentum

New karmic momentum will be manifesting in our lives starting on March 17th with the new moon at 26° Pisces. New spiritual journeys will begin on this day as new light is case upon our lives in accordance with our karmic standing. Divine escape routes will begin to open, above and below, to help worthy and innocent souls into higher standing. Face-to-face confrontations with self-sabotaging ways will ensue as teacher/messengers manifest to help others through spiritual stick points. There is a powerful karmic illumination theme to this lunar cycle so recognize that some of the greatest advances will come through total honesty, humble learning, and the application of timely karmic teaching. Synchronicity will often flow into new and existing student/teacher relationships that God has ordained.

Tragedy Analysis

It is a heavy truth that Pisces rules over life tragedies. Tragedies continue to manifest because their root causes have yet to be mastered. The best way to honor a tragedy is to learn from it so that it is not repeated in the future. This lunar cycle calls us all to analyze tragedy with Sagittarian wisdom and honesty so that its frequency diminishes with the passage of linear time. One of the best things to do within this Pisces cycle is to work wisely and quickly towards the healing of active tragedies and towards the prevention of future tragedies. This is where the spiritual gold will be so if you are about divine wealth and righteous deeds invest yourself vigorously towards these tasks. The Pisces energy will aid us with identification, problem solving, implementation, and unanimous consensus.

Mirror Cycle

Karma is a goddess and she is known to wield a mighty mirror. Be ready for positive and negative 'mirror experiences' that profoundly reflect our virtues and vices into our minds and upcoming life experiences. There will be no escape routes for the looks and lessons that have been resisted. If need be one's entire reality can become one great karmic hologram. There is such a thing as an invisible spiritual prison and many souls exist within them in states of utter illusion, delusion, escapism, and negative behavioral spirals. This cycle will help to cure all these sorrowful things by presenting solution keys, teachings, and opportunities to those who have been wounded and to those who jail themselves. Positive responses to karma will raise the quality and potential of the entire new year.

Loose Ends

The Pisces new moon is the final new moon of any astrological year. This places natural emphasis on the importance of closure from the past year so that 'loose ends' don't carry on to complicate the graceful flow of the new astrological year. Pay special attention to 'loose ends' of all kinds that begin manifesting with this new moon. When they appear take it as a universal sign that God wants you to finish something properly so that something greater can happen for you. These 'loose ends' can have heavy relationship themes to them so be sure to do right to the other so that your year can brighten instantly. Focus on divine closures as the blessed Pisces energy flows in to assist. By helping others with their 'loose ends' you can win extraordinary blessings that will enrich the days of your new year.

Wisdom Growth

When you mix the light of Pisces and Sagittarius the result is esoteric wisdom. This lunar cycle will be saturated with mystical learning experiences that radically increase initiated learning curves. There will be a special academic emphasis on integrity revisions towards false or misunderstood subject matter, including and especially on abstract spiritual, cosmic, and philosophical topics. There is a lot of hocus pocus out there but the light of this cycle will help us to distinguish fact from fiction and truth from deception. This is also a charlatan ruining cycle so fakes of all forms and stations will find themselves suffering from karma's serendipitous sting. Because of the nature of certain lesson plans spirit guides will soon be changing. The esoteric things are not learned in traditional ways...

Martian Promotions

One of the greatest career and status boosting influences in astrology is that of Mars' transit of Capricorn. Mars will enter Capricorn on the same day as the new moon in Pisces. This means that karmic forces and career developments will become powerfully intertwined in the coming weeks. Mars in Capricorn is classic for promotions, positive career milestones, pay increases, high-level honors and recognitions, growth-promoting lateral moves, outstanding achievements, and new acceptance into elite master classes. With Saturn transiting Capricorn until December of 2020 this is not a Mars transit to sleep on. Be ready to adopt new positions, duties, responsibilities, and maturity levels while paying special attention to opportunities that manifest through elite and distinguished males.

Domestic Dimensions

On March 22nd, just days into this new Piscean cycle, Uranus will transit into the 27th degree of Aries, a degree which is sacred to family, realty, business, banking, and unified domestic achievements. Between the newly released karmic forces and the unpredictable energy of Uranus be prepared for all types of domestic wild cards to be thrown by the universe towards the goal of ideal family, security and locational status. There may be major surprises with certain family members, a sudden need to relocate, emergency situations, or wonderful fortunes and breakthroughs that enable higher dimensions of living. It will soon be time for families to adventure in ways they never have before. If the Uranus shock scares or intimidates you have faith that higher wisdom is at work for you.

Mercury Retrograde Warning

Mercury will begin its hot-headed, short-fused retrograde in Aries on March 22nd at the relative beginning of this new Pisces karma cycle. Mercury retrograde energy can always trigger negative behavioral impulses in human beings while technology, communication, and coordination go haywire. When the retrograde begins to complicate life do your best not to respond negatively because you don't want to sour a powerfully karmic cycle by creating new negative karma just as it starts. Instead, try responding to trouble or crisis in karmically pure ways so that you don't disturb fortunate timeline events that have already been planned for you. This is especially important for the Aries Suns out there who will be feeling this retrograde more intensely than other Sun signs. Master the fiery impulses.

Tribe of Pisces

When the new moon matches your Sun sign you can be sure that the universe has special gifts to share with you. To all my Pisces Sun readers I say this: mystical doors will soon be opening for you so that you can grow in ways that you wouldn't expect. With the new moon momentum offering you divine personal support the time has come for you to enjoy leaps and bounds of progress that seemed out of reach just a few months ago. If you need a hand up trust that one is coming. Heaven's spotlight will soon be shining on your needs which are certainly not forgotten. It's time for you to come first and it's time for you to receive. Follow the secret synchronicities that only you will see and trust that they are a part of a divine language and a perfect plan for you. New friendships are part of the cure.

Closing Words

I hope that you've all enjoyed my humble interpretation of the new moon in Pisces. I wrote it with the intention of the highest good being served. Your likes, comments, and shares are always appreciated as Facebook is censoring our visibility to the tune of 99%. It is quite horrific but we are optimistic that God will fix social media in the future. Be sure to check our recently updated crystal pages where we are continually loading an abundance of metaphysical treasures. Sugilite is an especially wonderful Piscean gemstone that we offer.

If any of you are in need of our professional services those can be accessed here. By the grace of God our pregnancy is coming along very well. We've decided that our son's name will be Lex Romeo Russo. Amari is a wonderful wife and mother, any love that you send her way during this special time would be highly appreciated. To all who value my astrological insights and who wish to receive them more frequently I welcome you to my highly popular Starseed SMS mobile service. It will impress you!

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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