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Sean K: Seraphinite

September 1st, 2020 - USA

Seraphinite was recommended to me by Sal in my Career Clarity reading. I felt its high vibration before I even opened the package. This crystal is beautiful, very high quality, but it’s energy is what is most impressive. I have been carrying it every day since I received it. I feel a much clearer and stronger connection from above when I meditate with it, along with Moldavite and Lemurian crystals (which were recommended by Sal to pair with the Seraphinite.

Lisa C: Blue Sapphire, Garnet

June 9, 2020 - USA

You want to know if gemstones work? Last week I had emailed Sal and Amari for some help. I needed to buy a new car the upcoming Saturday and Sal had listed this as a "hazard day" on his most recent Starseed SMS. I was concerned that I wasn't going to get as much as I should for my trade in as I thought it was worth. I asked if there were any specific gemstones that I should carry with me during my trip to the dealership.

Sal had told me having the sun in Gemini was a good time to buy cars and to carry Garnet and Blue Sapphire with me. I had both stones and put them in my pocket before leaving. Not only did I get blue book value for my car (dealerships always try to give you less), but they were running a COVID 19 special due to being under quarantine and not selling as many cars. I got an extra $5000 off the car! I was able to get $11,000.00 off the car in total, still put a down payment on it and keep my payments the same as they were before! Sal and Amari will never lead you wrong. My gemstones have paid for themselves and more!

Maria S: Libyan Tektite, Ruby

Canada - May 27, 2020

In February 2020, Starseed Astrology offered their Libyan tektite, a rare meteorite. I was immediately drawn to it. I now know why!


A few days after wearing my pendant, I had a very powerful experience with Goddess Athena. I found myself in front of her pure white statue, adorned with gold. She was sitting in her chair inside Her temple. I was dressed in a white ancient Grecian-style dress and I too was adorned in gold. I bowed before her, stood up and then raised my arms just above my head.


Beams of bright light started shining down on me from the inside of Her temple roof. They were so powerfully charged, that I began to radiate like a huge bright spotlight was on me. Athena's temple rattled all around, as my strength became stronger and my throat energetically opened up. A few seconds later, it was over.


To express that I was astonished and speechless, is an understatement. This really happened to me and I was coherent the entire time! Libyan tektite is that magical and incredible. I know why Goddess Athena brought me to Her temple because it involves a very personal and important reason for my near future. This was Her way to reawaken and rebirth my warrior sun sign. I will forever be grateful to Her for empowering me again and giving me back my voice, as I prepare for my moment in the world soon.


I need to mention as well, that shortly after my Libyan tektite experience, it drew me to the Ruby gemstone. Large pieces of it appeared in my dream and it was showing up like crazy in everything. The synchronicities were so numerous, I looked it up on Starseed Astrology's crystal page. When I read the write up, I realized why the Ruby gemstone was showing me its signs. Once I purchased my Star Ruby pendant, they instantly stopped.


Thank you deeply, Sal and Amari!! You helped make this all happen with your high-quality crystals and you will be remembered for it. I can attest to Starseed Astrology's statement that, Libyan tektite is the "Gold of the Gods.”

Jennifer R: Multiple Crystals, Pendants

USA - May 26th, 2020

I've been a longtime follower of Starseed Astrology and signed up for their SMS service last year. I enjoy the detailed insight that I get which is always accurate. I've also purchased several crystals from them as well as many pendants over the years. The quality they offer is unmatched! You cannot find some of the pieces they offer anywhere and the quality is exceptional. Amari also made a wonderful custom bracelet for me and always works to ensure that I'm happy with my pieces.

Tiffany Soto: Golden Topaz, Lemurian Crystal

California, USA - May 13th, 2019

I have purchased three pieces of jewelry from Amari and Sal over the past 15 months. I have come across metaphysical jewelry in my life journey before but I never felt compelled to own any of it until I connected with Amari and Sal. The pieces that I have were recommended to me by Amari and Sal for specific beneficial reasons and the benefits have been continuously manifesting in my life in the most graceful ways, especially the topaz pendant wrapped so beautifully by Amari.


I wear it every day at this point and at night I sleep with it next to my bed, it has literally become a part of me! The alignment and attunement to my innermost truths as I interface with my topaz has become even more apparent in the last six months. Amari is truly gifted in matching the right piece with the right person and her artistry is just as impeccable as the other services and products offered by Starseed Astrology. 


She has even been present in a few of my dreams in which I was healing old wounds! Amari’s intent is obvious and powerful. I receive so many compliments on my topaz and Lemurian pendants and I always recommend that people reach out to Amari and experience the magic for themselves. Love my jewelry. So grateful! 

Angela Moss - Lemurian Crystal Pendant

Canada - December 28th, 2018

I received my amazing Colombian "AAA" Lemurian quartz from Sal and Amari recently. The quality is just amazing, the energy as well. It's super clear and since I’ve been wearing it I feel hot energy radiating from it, the wrapping just beautiful! You can see that Amari wraps these with so much love.


I pared it with 14k gold necklace and it sits so nice on my neck. I am so grateful to receive this, it’s my Christmas present from Santa. I definitely recommend these amazing, gorgeous Lemurians as they are just perfect. Thank you Sal and Amari, so much gratitude. It’s the gateway to the universe!

Miriam A - Charoite

USA - November 28th, 2018

As a client of Amari and Sal I reached out while sinking in what seemed to be an endless emotional quicksand. For over four decades I've had a deep sense of obligation to my ancestors. I could not find peace in making a decision I felt was wisest without sheer debilitating anxiety that had begun to swallow my every moment, both waking and asleep. My entire life was undergoing seismic degrees of shift and yet I was unable to keep my footing. I could not shake the dread of going against what others would want.  a


Amari and Sal picked up quickly on my need to find peace and resolve through work with a special frequency which is of a stone called Charoite. Interestingly, I noticed that even before I agreed to this frequency prescription (so to speak) I could feel the stone already connecting to me. My sense was that this particular Charoite was meant for me all along and that Amari and Sal were sensitive enough to see this. 


I am a firm believer and witness to the power of vibratory influence as we know scientifically and spiritually that everything in existence, if broken down to essentials, is specific equations of frequency with varying qualities of consciousness. I saved up for my personal Charoite and when it arrived there was a kind of recognition, but more importantly, the stunning realization that within days my long-standing desperate situation was no longer shackling my mind and heart. 


It was so gentle in effect that I almost didn’t notice the great change at first due to the incredibly subtle nature of working with pure energy. Clarity was coming back, my own courage was easier to access, and being at peace with my own life/soul path and evolution, even if I must cross bridges my ancestors may not have chosen, all came to be once my Charoite arrived.


There is an intelligence and mystical science in regard to the sacred intonation of stones/gems and I’m grateful to Sal and Amari for their keen link to Spirit and ability to recommend the best energy stone protocol for my needs. After more than four decades of feeling so heavily anchored to what I needed to move beyond I would never have dreamed such a subtle frequency tool could support what had felt like a sure dead end. No more! My present state of mind is one of liberation, unconditional love, and resolve. Thank you Amari, Sal, and to my personal Charoite.

Dr. Steve McNeal, Chiropractor - Crystal Keys

USA - April 17th, 2018

It took me a while to finally decide that I was the type who asked others for help in gaining direction and momentum in life. After getting my Crystal Keys service and experiencing the results, I kicked myself for waiting! The crystals were selected by Sal with the familiar precision and passion we've come to associate with him.


Meditating on and carrying these crystals helped me launch a creative burst in a stalled creative writing project - my life's work - that threatened to remain perpetually unfinished. Not only did I create new content but I discovered unexpected connections  to successfully weave together the loose threads of my narrative and bring it ever closer to completion. 


Aside from creativity other targeted issues addressed were health and career. Healthwise, after having hundreds of headaches the past 20 years and neck pain for 30 years, I was mystified when I realized three weeks ago that I could turn my head painlessly the whole way either direction for the first time since being forced to hang up sports in 1988. I'm still mystified by this fortuitous outcome!


Careerwise, an anticipated upward trajectory has materialized both in knowledge and understanding of my craft in bioenergetic medicine with status increases as well. Thank you again. As an added bonus, during a period of acute domestic tension and unrest, Sal's Starseed SMS service warned about this, with the use of myrrh and gold as antidotes.


I whipped up an energetic balancing spray using myrrh and monatomic gold, sprayed it around the apartment a few times, and witnessed a complete reversal from adversarial and negative to thoroughly peaceful. These results far exceeded my expectations in terms of degree of magnitude so if you're on the fence about using Crystal Keys as a tool, get with the program, tarry no more!


Forever grateful for your wisdom, passion, and mastery, Sal!

Biljana Ivanisevic Tyson - Lemurian Crystal

Australia - January 14th, 2018

As a wedding present my parents bought us a beautiful Lemurian crystal from Sal & Amari. Recently I was having mild stomach pain for over a week. One night I intuitively put the Lemurian crystal on the area for about 15 minutes and no pain since! It's a very powerful healing crystal that removes energetic and physical blocks. Thanks so much Sal and Amari for providing quality crystals and services that help raise our individual and collective consciousness.


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