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Judith Emerald.jpg

I got one of Amari’s emerald bracelets that is just stunning. Blessings came, a rented property became renewed after a disastrous renter had to be removed and the property manager replaced! I am so grateful, I’m a Scorpio and would never have known that emerald was our birthstone. I could never relate topaz belonging to a Scorpio. Now I know why! Thank you Sal and Amari!

Judith, USA, Emerald, March 8th, 2023

Tanzanite Michelle C ImG.jpg

Just wanted to mention that I was so very pleased with the recent purchase of my Tanzanite pendant and bracelet (not pictured) from Starseed Astrology!!! The Tanzanite is absolutely gorgeous and was purchased to help me through my upcoming Saturn return! I have been wearing every day and it is by far the most favorite in my collection!! Thank you Sal and Amari for excellent communication and for such a stunning pendant !!!


My bestie loved it so much after seeing it she did some shopping of her own. You never know type of quality you are going to encounter online, especially when purchasing gemstones not seen in person. Nice to know a reputable gem dealer and I will definitely have the utmost confidence in anything else that I choose to purchase in the future! Thank you!!!

Michelle, USA, Tanzanite, March 4th, 2023

James Kim.jpg

I had a strong interest in acquiring sapphire after I learned from Starseed Astrology that sapphire is a very powerful and recommended gemstone for those with Aquarius placements. I am an Aquarius sun, rising, and Venus; so it was a no-brainer to add this awesome piece to my everyday carry collection.


Since I started carrying this sapphire, in the span of a few short years my life has dramatically turned around for the better. I’ve noticed a lot more fortuitous synchronicities and positive alignment with high vibrational energies and outcomes that before I would’ve missed or simply ignored.


These include things like a new career, improved mental and physical health, a better living situation, stronger friendships and business relationships, rekindling of favorite hobbies and activities from my past, and the shedding of various negative vices and unfavorable influences.

Will the acquisition of a crystal or precious gemstone magically turn your life around overnight? Absolutely not. You still have to put in the work and apply your lessons on a daily basis empowered with a warrior spirit. But will owning a naturally high vibrational entity help align you with more positive unseen forces working in your favor? It can only help.


And we all could use a little help these days, I’m sure you’d agree. Do yourself and those you care about a huge favor and invest in the high quality products and services offered by Starseed Astrology now. Your future self will thank you.

James, USA, Sapphire, Jan 12th, 2023

Katherline Schlagal IMG.jpg

About a year ago I got a Herkimer Diamond from your crystal boutique. I was going through a bit of a dark night of the soul at the time and it was one you recommended to me.


Recently I kept feeling a nudge to go re-read that description now that I’ve worn it almost daily since then. As I read it, I could see how the things you talked about have shown up in amazing ways in my life over the past year. The purification and spiritual refinement, the development of my relationship with God/Source. The oneness you talk about. I didn’t fully understand that concept before, even though I was raised believing in God. And the complete transformation I’ve experienced on that front this year is amazing.


I also noticed that as soon as I started wearing it, people started paying me more, sometimes double what I asked for goods and services. I saw someone else comment about the same thing months after I noticed the pattern myself. I didn’t realize it was linked to the Herkimer before reading that.


Alignment with God and Truth, and spiritual purification are the true protections from harmful attacks. I’ve learned and seen that as well over the past year and I’m grateful for the help the energy of this crystal has provided.

Katherine, USA, Herkimer Diamond, Moldavite, Dec 27th, 2022


I have been discovering the truly magical properties that crystals possess especially in terms of healing, mental clarity, psychic protection, and meta physical awareness. During the past decade in this endeavor, I can say that sourcing very high quality crystals is incredibly important as there are just so many fakes and low quality stones out there in the market.


Starseed Astrology sources not just high quality crystals, but also very rare ones that are extremely important in one's ascension journey. Invaluable ones like Tanzanite, Seraphinite, Libyan desert glass and Moldavite just to name a few. A precious shop with very fair pricing, highly recommended! 

Hector, USA, multiple crystals, Oct 25th, 2022

Baby Olivia Seraphinite.jpg

Our daughter was born at 25 weeks and was intubated for 74 days total. She spent 6 months in the NICU. Right away I reached out to Sal to find out what stone would be best for a baby in the NICU with lung issues and he suggested Seraphinite!

I didn't know anything about this stone but researched it and knew it would be the perfect stone. I put the stones in her isolette with her and staff removed them and put them in a ziplock bag outside of her isolette due to fear of them acquiring bacteria and causing her issues.

In the pic labeled 9/2021, Olivia's night nurse who was one of our favorite nurses put the crystals in her isolette when she was on the CPAP (for a short stint before going back to the ventilator) and she was satting in the upper 90s which was amazing!! I know the POWER of these crystals and prayer helped Olivia's lungs and helped her overcome the pneumonia she acquired two times which was such a scary thing!!!

Also, Olivia didn't have any brain bleeds or a hole in her heart which was a miracle! We are so so thankful for Sal and Amari's direction on which crystal would work best for our baby girl's situation and we know the beautiful Seraphinite changed her outcome for the better.

She is the happiest baby always smiling and we are so thankful that after 6 months she came home for good in February. I would encourage anyone looking for crystal guidance in whatever situation they are facing, reach out to Sal and Amari and they will lead you in the right direction."

Jessica for Baby Olivia, USA, Seraphinite, August 6th, 2022

Maureen AZ IMG_edited.jpg

Let me tell you about Starseed Astrology and their amazing crystals, bracelets, gemstones and custom pieces by the beautiful Mystic Amari! I have never found anything to compare! Over the many years that I have known and loved Sal and Amari for their above and beyond kindness, caring and impeccable service I have purchased many gemstones, bracelets, pendants and custom Amari creations not only for my personal enjoyment but as gifts for my six children and 13 grandchildren.

What better gift than those I can give that they will enjoy for a lifetime! These are gifts with special properties of protection, guidance and holding the qualities that are unique to that particular stone. I can give these gifts to enhance each individual life! From the stretch gemstone bracelets that are so popular right now to the beautiful pendants and to the stones that my sons and grandsons like to slip into their pockets, there is something perfect for everyone!

As for me, I wear my Starseed Astrology gems and bracelets every day, choosing each for their unique properties according to my daily needs – what a difference they have made in my quality of life!! Thank you Sal and Amari for finding, creating and offering these treasures to all of us!  With love,

Maureen, USA, Multiple Gemstones & Crystals, June 26th, 2022

Milena Cropped IMG.jpg

Power! I knew instantly this crystal was special! After jumping off of two different chains I realized this crystal was simply choosing the chain meant to sustain the powerful energy it would be transferring! My second realization of the power this crystal offered me was during a reiki session which had awakened the healer in myself. In this session I myself emerged from a cocoon of crystalline energy !


I have never connected to the energies of a crystal like this one! The fact that Amari and Sal intuit and pray over each crystal sent to clients speaks to the genuine utmost honor it is to receive one! As the naked eye tends not to reveal the power, I captured an image off of a Flir camera to speak what words can not convey in respect to the power this crystal holds. it speaks for the Herkimer!

Milena, USA, Herkimer Diamond, March 19th, 2022


I don't exactly remember how or when I came across Starseed Astrology. Last year, while I was on their website, I stumbled on a lemurian crystal pendant. The more I looked at it, the more it called to me. My pendant arrived meticulously and lovingly packaged. It was even more beautiful in person than on the website. The pendant itself is spectacular with a great amount of detail. I wear this crystal everyday. I meditate with it between my thumb and forefinger when I need guidance. It has become an instrument of peace and light in my life. Thank you!

Sonia, USA, Lemurian Crystal Pendant, Feb 19th, 2022

Daniela Veas Herkimer

I was very amazed to see all the accurate descriptions and interpretations that Sal does and always wanted to buy a crystal since I was interested in meditation. 

Since miraculous and mysterious ways are always with me, I was able to get one of the best crystals: the Herkimer Diamond, a truly amazing quartz. 


The Herkimer came to me during the challenging first part of 2020 and, therefore, I was able to work and meditate with it during all the pandemic times and under very challenging circumstances. The power of the Herkimer Diamond is impressive and it has really helped me to deliver on my highest connections.


From my personal experience and based on all the learning that I have now, Sal and Amari are true carriers and messengers of the divine language within this material reality and I thank heaven and the angels for all the work they make.


I would totally advise others to get these marvelous crystals. I go to my Herkimer diamond every time I am in the need of connection and perspective and it keeps working with my highest vibration. Thank you very much Sal and Amari for bringing these extraordinary jewels and gifts to our lives!!


Daniela, Chile, Herkimer Diamond, Dec 28th, 2021

Cheryl Hancock

Hello, I wanted to really recommend the Starseed Astrology crystals.  I was having a hard time at work with sales and Sal suggested that I get the garnet pendant with the pocket sapphire. I was guided to just put both in my pocket and every so often just hold them. I liked doing that for some reason and really forgot the magic that they have.


Needless to say I not only did well at work but was top 5 in sales in District which in 7 years I have never reach that level! Just wanted to say that you can get crystals anywhere but Starseed's crystals are blessed with the good energy from them and you can really feel the difference. I highly recommend getting any kind of their crystals. Hugs.


Cheryl, Arizona, Garnet + Sapphire, Dec 14th, 2021

Julie and Jake

I had felt an inner calling to seek out a big, beautiful crystal. I am a follower of Starseed Astrology and saw they had a great crystal section, and I valued their knowledge and intuitive input. After looking through the amazing selection of crystals, my heart was called to one in particular.... a Jupiter Lemurian crystal, in which had naturally formed pyramids within, as well as on the outside in the way it formed.


Whilst the cost was more expensive than I had originally planned on spending, I saw it as an investment, and could not shake the impulses telling me how beneficial this crystal would be. I am so in love with this crystal. It has a great energy about it and is one of, if not the clearest crystal I have ever come across. It brings me great comfort as well as a calmness, that I have not previously experienced and is great for insights during meditation or just gazing into.


I have had a rough year and I believe this crystal has helped to keep me grounded and help deal with my emotions during these testing times, bringing me great clarity. I also bought a Herkimer diamond necklace to wear at my cosmic wedding, in which we had consulted Sal & Amari on. I wear this necklace every day and have had several comments on it.


I believe this has also brought me great daily insights as well as strength, in my day-to-day dealings. I highly recommend their crystals as well as their services, in which I have used several of and which I have not been disappointed.


Julie Godfrey, Adelaide, Multiple Gems, Dec 2nd, 2021


I have been acquiring and experiencing sacred crystals and gems from Amari and Sal for over four years now. My life is profoundly supported with the alignment and expansion of Creator's love that is alive within them. I am working and playing with an exquisite Jupiter Lemurian crystal that sings with the frequency tones of Heaven on Mother Earth. This particular crystal is indeed the ‘Mother Ship" of my collection.


Topaz is my Sagittarian birthstone and she does not disappoint as she always energetically points and guides me to my ‘True North’ (attributed to Sal's Topaz description of Topaz) in daily life as I wear it faithfully. I strongly recommend an orientation session with Sal and Amari, such as their Gemini service offering, for expert guidance in matching one's life path to the divine elemental treasures and informative write ups Starseed Astrology presents to us in their Crystal Boutique galleries.


I purchase my gems and services with complete confidence in the magic Amari and Sal embody. Be bold, align and expand with the timeline of your highest and truest version in this Now. Amari and Sal are here to help us on our journey forward to personal and collective liberation and re-membering how to walk in full fledged freedom. May we always know the love we are.

Steve, USA, Multiple Gems, November 22nd, 2021


Starseed Astrology's crystal boutique is one of the rarest and most authentic crystal and gemstone marketplaces that one can find within the metaphysical world. Sal & Amari provide rare crystals that enhance and bring higher quality into one's life. They provide these minerals to clients with detailed metaphysical properties conveying valuable knowledge and insights to the users.

Libyan Tektite, Garnet, Moldavite and Sapphire are some of the gemstones that I know possess, which are qualitatively enhancing my well being, besides their inherent beauty. I always feel a sense of alignment when I put them on, so should you! Visit Sal & Amari's crystal boutique for all your quality crystal needs. 


Edwin, USA, Multiple Gems, November 10th, 2021

Lisa Paolo

Amari recommended a Herkimer diamond for me after our Oracle session. The Oracle session was spot on and Amari is amazing. When I searched through Starseed's website for crystals I immediately loved what I saw online but was even more amazed at the size and quality of the stone when it arrived. It is beautifully set to be used as a pendant and I chose a gorgeous silver chain to set it off.


The stone is stunning and everyone compliments me on it every time I wear it. This stone is powerful! I feel so good when I wear it and it gives me financial gains in my business every time that I have it on. I cannot say enough good things about Amari and Sal. I am looking forward to my next forecast and Oracle session to plan for the upcoming year!


Lisa, USA, Herkimer Diamond, November 10th, 2021


I am a fan of Amari’s crystal creations. I have numerous pieces (too many to count) that I have collected through the years. 


As with all my gorgeous pieces I am guided to each one. Each of my pieces are sacred and they have into my life at the perfect timing and this one is no exception. My most recent one was a Himalayan Black Quartz. 


I didn’t know much about the energy of this crystal, but all I can say is WOW, it is not only stunning but extremely powerful. I can say that it has skyrocketed my connection with spirit and arrived at the perfect time in my life.


If you are searching for the perfect crystal or stone for your journey, look no further because each piece is extremely sacred and I am so grateful for the connection with Amari & Sal and the pieces they offer.


Enthusiastically yours,


Teresa, USA, Multiple Gems, November 3rd, 2021

Lynette Duncan Crystal Review IMG_edited.jpg

I absolutely adore all of my pieces from Starseed Astrology!  Every piece is beautiful and I always receive timely delivery. So, I not only enjoy the astro services that Sal so generously offers but I am continually drooling over all of their jewelry offerings from Amari, its a win win!!


I have purchased a lovely wire wrapped Lemurian crystal, a gorgeous Moonstone pendant, a Moldavite pendant, an Aquamarine pendant, and a Sugilite pendant.


I am an intuitive astrologer and oracle card reader and I use all of these beautiful stones in my work, my Moonstone pendant is absolutely my favorite and I receive soooo many compliments on it every time I wear it for broadcasted oracle and energy reports.


Any purchase made, you can guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Lynnette, USA, Multiple Gems, August 9th, 2021

Joni Dioptase

As I was scrolling through Starseed Astrology's Telegram feed, my eyes landed on a beautiful turquoise colored stone. I had never seen something so beautiful. One particular pendant grabbed my attention as it reminded me of sea water lapping over golden sand. I have not ordered jewelry from Starseed Astrology before but I sure always wanted to. There are so many beautiful pieces available! With so much joy, I ordered a Dioptase pendant. The process was very easy! 


It arrived a few weeks later (I live in Europe) beautifully and thoughtfully packaged. I eagerly and carefully opened the package. Knowing this pendant came from two beautiful souls (Sal and Amari), the energy was a million times stronger. Filled with love and hope! As I put this stone on I felt safe and cared for and loved. I felt very much connected spiritually to nature, earth and the universe. I wish I took a photo of my face. I was and still am, extremely happy!


Sal and Amari are just the best. I really love them for they care so much about their customers. I always receive a prompt reply to emails and our communication is always heart felt and love filled. I am very honored to be in touch with such amazing souls. Thank you for everything! Sending lots of love!

Joni, Switzerland, Dioptase, July 7th, 2021

Ryan USA

I was gifted a beautiful Sapphire gemstone from Sal in December 2020. He shared with me that as an Aquarius this stone could aid in many areas of my life, including with financial abundance. Since then I have definitely noticed a big difference. I have no doubt that this stone has inspired and guided me to begin a journey of financial freedom, not to mention the improvements in other areas of my life. Thank you Sal and Amari for your work and guidance, you are highly appreciated. 

Ryan, USA, Blue Sapphire, April 21st, 2021

Jonathan and Elizabeth IMG.jpg

"Blue sapphire is an extremely advanced crystal to work with because of its blessed effects on fortunate time sequencing, accelerated goal fulfillment, protection from time loss and the way it inspires the mind with the wisest use of time at any given moment.” - Starseed Astrology

Please read the full description of sapphire provided by Starseed from which I quoted to open this review. I continue to work on my understanding of that quote and the full description. My understanding of it is greater than when I made the investment in a sapphire from Starseed in early autumn of 2020. That description might seem to some to be boasting.

In my experience since last autumn it is not boasting. The moments of it keying me into the wealth, protection and divine advantages of the air element in that time are so numerous that, were I to list them all here I would be writing a book instead of a review. The dramatic timing and astrological synchronicity of this crystal is very real.

I'll provide one example. When I read my solar return for this year, I knew much of what was in it before reading and was already doing much of what that reading provided as areas of guidance. That is one example of synchronicity among at least two dozen in the time since I began wearing it.

I wear it on a silver chain around my neck at all times, along with a star garnet from Starseed, with the sapphire over my heart. That's my choice as a reminder to keep doing my heart-work, and to help make this world a better place through genuine service to others. To me, the sapphire is Divine, and it helps me keep my connection to God.

Thank you Starseed Astrology!

Jonathan & Elizabeth, USA, Blue Sapphire & Star Garnet, April 12th, 2021

Confident Woman

Who can say enough about Garnet? This juicy red gem has always captivated me and with Sal and Amari’s insight on the recent Jupiter transit along with their insight on Garnet’s ability to magnetize abundance in financial matters, I decided to welcome that blessing by gifting myself one of their beautiful Star Garnets. Before it even arrived I felt the energy of its strength reaching for me!


When it finally came I was met with a powerfully grounding yet vital strength. I could feel something like great roots drawing down into a solid foundation and a constant upward and outward expansive flow of stable, supportive energy. I didn’t need as much coffee, slept well, and woke up refreshed. That’s honestly not all.... my income has seriously dramatically increased, more than tripled, and the business I work for has seen unheard of growth as well. 


I have meditated on Jupiter and watched those transits for a few years now. I work with other elements besides gems, however, the timing of when I obtained the garnet and when I saw tangible financial returns was one in the same. Perhaps the Earth elements present here are what was needed to ground these manifestations into my reality! I highly recommend the beautiful high quality Garnets which Amari and Sal provide. May you be abundantly blessed! 

Monique, USA, Star Garnet, March 6th, 2021

Scott Tedrick IMG.jpg

I have followed Sal and Amari for a decade. There has been no one who has been more impactful on my understanding of Astrology and its influence on the individual and the collective. I absolutely know them to be true, authentic and aligned. With their impact on me being of such significance and so appreciated I decided recently I would go through them to pursue an engagement pendant for a wedding proposal. I needed a lot of help and was on a short timeline, and Sal and Amari responded by accommodating me to what seemed like the greatest lengths possible.


The item that Amari produced literally brought me to tears, and I've only grown more fond of it in the days that have followed. I felt served on a level of best friends or family. Finally, the pendant connected with my proposal in a way that was divinely magical, and I truly believe Sal and Amari are heaven sent. I cannot express my thanks enough. 

Scott, USA, Eudialyte, March 2nd, 2021

Sean K

Seraphinite was recommended to me by Sal in my Career Clarity reading. I felt its high vibration before I even opened the package. This crystal is beautiful, very high quality, but it’s energy is what is most impressive. I have been carrying it every day since I received it. I feel a much clearer and stronger connection from above when I meditate with it, along with Moldavite and Lemurian crystals (which were recommended by Sal to pair with the Seraphinite.

Sean, USA, Seraphinite, Sept 1st, 2020

LIsa C

You want to know if gemstones work? Last week I had emailed Sal and Amari for some help. I needed to buy a new car the upcoming Saturday and Sal had listed this as a "hazard day" on his most recent Starseed SMS. I was concerned that I wasn't going to get as much as I should for my trade in as I thought it was worth. I asked if there were any specific gemstones that I should carry with me during my trip to the dealership.

Sal had told me having the sun in Gemini was a good time to buy cars and to carry Garnet and Blue Sapphire with me. I had both stones and put them in my pocket before leaving. Not only did I get blue book value for my car (dealerships always try to give you less), but they were running a COVID 19 special due to being under quarantine and not selling as many cars. I got an extra $5000 off the car! I was able to get $11,000.00 off the car in total, still put a down payment on it and keep my payments the same as they were before! Sal and Amari will never lead you wrong. My gemstones have paid for themselves and more!

Lisa, USA, Sapphire & Garnet, June 9th, 2020

Maria S.jpg

In February 2020, Starseed Astrology offered their Libyan tektite, a rare meteorite. I was immediately drawn to it. I now know why!


A few days after wearing my pendant, I had a very powerful experience with Goddess Athena. I found myself in front of her pure white statue, adorned with gold. She was sitting in her chair inside Her temple. I was dressed in a white ancient Grecian-style dress and I too was adorned in gold. I bowed before her, stood up and then raised my arms just above my head.


Beams of bright light started shining down on me from the inside of Her temple roof. They were so powerfully charged, that I began to radiate like a huge bright spotlight was on me. Athena's temple rattled all around, as my strength became stronger and my throat energetically opened up. A few seconds later, it was over.


To express that I was astonished and speechless, is an understatement. This really happened to me and I was coherent the entire time! Libyan tektite is that magical and incredible. I know why Goddess Athena brought me to Her temple because it involves a very personal and important reason for my near future. This was Her way to reawaken and rebirth my warrior sun sign. I will forever be grateful to Her for empowering me again and giving me back my voice, as I prepare for my moment in the world soon.


I need to mention as well, that shortly after my Libyan tektite experience, it drew me to the Ruby gemstone. Large pieces of it appeared in my dream and it was showing up like crazy in everything. The synchronicities were so numerous, I looked it up on Starseed Astrology's crystal page. When I read the write up, I realized why the Ruby gemstone was showing me its signs. Once I purchased my Star Ruby pendant, they instantly stopped.


Thank you deeply, Sal and Amari!! You helped make this all happen with your high-quality crystals and you will be remembered for it. I can attest to Starseed Astrology's statement that, Libyan tektite is the "Gold of the Gods.”

Maria, Canada, Libyan Tektite & Ruby, May 27th, 2020

Racanelli 1.jpeg

I've been a longtime follower of Starseed Astrology and signed up for their SMS service last year. I enjoy the detailed insight that I get which is always accurate. I've also purchased several crystals from them as well as many pendants over the years. The quality they offer is unmatched! You cannot find some of the pieces they offer anywhere and the quality is exceptional. Amari also made a wonderful custom bracelet for me and always works to ensure that I'm happy with my pieces.

Jennifer, USA, Lemurians, Garnet, Amethyst, Etc, May 26th, 2020

Tiffany Soto Topaz.jpg

I have purchased three pieces of jewelry from Amari and Sal over the past 15 months. I have come across metaphysical jewelry in my life journey before but I never felt compelled to own any of it until I connected with Amari and Sal. The pieces that I have were recommended to me by Amari and Sal for specific beneficial reasons and the benefits have been continuously manifesting in my life in the most graceful ways, especially the topaz pendant wrapped so beautifully by Amari.


I wear it every day at this point and at night I sleep with it next to my bed, it has literally become a part of me! The alignment and attunement to my innermost truths as I interface with my topaz has become even more apparent in the last six months. Amari is truly gifted in matching the right piece with the right person and her artistry is just as impeccable as the other services and products offered by Starseed Astrology. 


She has even been present in a few of my dreams in which I was healing old wounds! Amari’s intent is obvious and powerful. I receive so many compliments on my topaz and Lemurian pendants and I always recommend that people reach out to Amari and experience the magic for themselves. Love my jewelry. So grateful! 

Tiffany, USA, Topaz & Lemurian, May 13th, 2019

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