Starseed SMS is our premium subscriber service that will enlighten you on the most important astrological events of each week and month. Through text or email you'll receive master-level knowledge, wisdom, and perspective on astrology that will enhance every aspect of your inner and outer life. Starseed SMS will give you a powerful knowledge advantage unlike any other.

Here's how it works: I translate the complex and ever-changing nature of astrology into clear and practical guidance that is easy to understand and apply. I'll give you advanced notice of specific dates and windows of astrological fortune so that you can capitalize on auspicious times through perfectly timed actions or wisely timed planning. Precautionary notices will be given as well.

My goal with this service is to provide you with a mysteriously accurate and beneficial guidance system that enables you to navigate your life with a far greater degree of clarity, success, and fulfillment. I also want to teach you astrology in an advanced, real-life way that plays out through your own life experiences. Starseed SMS will quicken your development of cosmic consciousness.

​​As you can see from the long list of rave reviews below Starseed SMS commands a super-high level of subscriber satisfaction. Over the course of each month I'll deliver a minimum of 50 inspired messages that are bundled into individual phone texts or emails. I'll also include digital images of relevant, personally-highlighted horoscopes so that you can see the cosmic science in action.

U.S. subscribers receive my insights via text while foreign subscribers receive them via email. Message frequency varies from week to week depending upon the astrological calendar. Insights that I share via Starseed SMS are my intellectual property and may not be shared with non-subscribers. Illegal content sharing will result in account termination as it breaches this contract.

I email all new subscribers within 24 hours to request their mobile number or primary email address which are always kept private. Subscription payments are secured via PayPal and can be cancelled at any time through your PayPal account. If you decide to subscribe for one year you'll receive a free month of service. Subscription fees, both monthly and annual, are non-refundable.

If you enjoy my articles or social media updates there's a very good chance that you'll absolutely love Starseed SMS. Take a moment to read the subscriber reviews below which have accumulated over the course of many years and if you're ready for astrological enrichment click below to begin. Starseed SMS is a Jupiter-class service that will deliver Jupiter-level benefits into your life.

Move like a master with Starseed SMS,

Astrologer Salvador Russo



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Subscriber Reviews



United Kingdom - Oct 22, 2020

I started following Starseed Astrology a few years ago and was both curious and surprised at how accurate the predictions were so eventually signed up for the SMS service. Over time I have come to trust Starseed Astrology over all other astrologers. I like that Sal and Amari share their political viewpoints too as the stars effect our daily lives and the world around us.

Sometimes events on the world stage can seem very confusing and we often wonder why certain things are happening. The predictions that come through Starseed Astrology help me see things with more clarity and awareness. It is also uncanny when I sometimes read messages a couple of days late and see that everything that has been written has played out in the world around me or in my personal life.

I am still astonished that things which were predicted years ago are still coming to fruition, just as Starseed Astrology had predicted.


USA - September 13th, 2020

I’m self diagnosed ADD and a card carrying Leo. You may add in being a skeptic as well. Being a follower has never been my strongest suit. All that changed when the universe put Sal, Amari and I on the same path. I subscribe to Sal’s Starseed SMS service. It’s like having a daily GPS for my mind and soul. If I were to do word association for Sal it would go something like this: integrity, passion, professionalism, accuracy!


USA - September 11th, 2020

I don’t know how I discovered Starseed SMS, but I’m so happy I did! Sal’s approach to communicating astrological significances is unique and intellectually charged. I love that I receive an SMS, especially updates on how the planets are effecting humanity. The content is thought provoking, as I always have to take time to dig deeper into the meaning of Sal’s analysis.


I remember what originally caught my attention was his theory and interpretation of Jupiter and it’s correlation to the political realm. Fascinating! Whenever I reach out to Sal, he is positive, responsive, and always helpful. The energy of the interpreter and interpretation is one in itself, both very powerful.


It’s always a blessing to receive these messages, and see the world through the lens of a very analytical astrologer who is able to bridge your life events and the cosmos around us, as solar-planetary logos.


USA - July 18th, 2020

I have always been a pseudo-believer in astrology. Just followed it for fun really. I started to follow Starseed Astrology on Facebook and was surprised at how accurate and relevant the readings were. So I decided to pay the small fee to access the services of Starseed SMS. For seven months  each passage resonated with me on such a deep and meaningful level that I feel as though it was written directly for me.


Even during the negative times it has helped me see the value in negativity as an opportunity for growth and evolution. Throughout these past seven months I have cultivated authenticity and the confidence and courage to walk on my path and speak my truth. I found, for myself, the more I took the passages seriously the more I aligned with my path and found my authentic self.


I feel as though I've been humbled by multiple deaths and rebirths and shedding ego and with the guidance of Starseed SMS, I restored my faith and stayed in authority of my mind. All my relations.


USA - June 1st, 2020

In late 2019 I subscribed to Starseed Astrology’s SMS service. Since using this service I’ve been able to best prepare for weeks and months ahead. This really helped me, especially as I'm the type who likes to plan my calendar months in advance. This was also a tool I used to leverage my career and one that helped me navigate uncharted waters over the past few months in 2020.


They truly do a fantastic job at doing all of the research that no other free astrology service could possibly provide (I speak for my own experience) as I’ve watched YouTube channels and read magazines that offer monthly relevant information - but none like this service. The messages come in the form of texts and they consist of in-depth information on the stars and a look at what's coming.


I highly recommend this service to anyone who has a family, teenager, young kids, a career in the public sector, maybe even in the financial services industry like myself. To say that the information is valuable would be a definite understatement. Thank you Sal & Amari!

Julie Standing

UK - January 15th, 2020

I had been following Starseed Astrology on Facebook for a while as I have always had an interest in astrology and I found the articles by Sal to be informative, detailed, insightful, and enlightening. I noticed there was an option to sign up for the SMS service to receive regular astrology insight via SMS or as I live in the UK by email. It was not expensive so I thought I would give it a try.

I signed up over a year ago and I would highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in astrology. It gives detailed information of planetary transits, degrees and god/goddess movements and how they can affect daily life. It helps me understand why certain scenarios are presenting in my life and using this I can deal with daily events on a higher level.

It explains to what degrees the planets are aligning to other planets and the impact this has on us. It is very in depth and there are also recommendations on which gemstones can benefit your energy during these transits. It is a great teaching tool for us to learn about Uranian astrology, expanding our knowledge and comprehension of it.

The messages are received usually bi-weekly. I will continue to receive them and can only recommend it to anyone wanting and needing truthful guidance in their lives.

Jesse Andersson

Sweden - January 14th, 2020

As my interest in astrology grew I started to realize what an enormous area it really is. I was guided to Salvador through the Spirit of Ma'at and I instantly recognized the depth of knowledge that was being conveyed. Still the area of astrology was new to me and this orchestra of star dance had to be experienced firsthand, so I signed up for the Starseed SMS service. Oh my was I blessed with the love that Sal puts into words that I could understand.


I had never before been able to grasp why certain days would be more focused than others. Everything got put plain and simple into text well in advance giving me plenty of time to plan accordingly. Moving with the stars rather than trying to ignore them gives you the opportunity to rapidly advance through life's different stages. The information gained through the Starseed SMS service is priceless and I am thankful for the work Sal brings into the world!

James Kim

United States - December 29th, 2019

I jumped at the chance to sign up for Starseed Astrology's awesome SMS service because I have been a huge fan of their social media and online content to help me and countless others navigate through our lives with additional spiritual insight and mystical clarity. Each message is jam packed full of awesome insight and helpful astrological knowledge to assist us wayshowers and light warriors the way to align with our highest and best timeline of reality.


If you are serious about astrology and utilizing it for the benefit of all humanity, you owe it to yourself and those who are counting on you everyday to put on the full armor of God now and educate yourself with this powerful and consciousness raising SMS service.

Daniela Veas

Santiago, Chile - September 5th, 2019

The orientation and guidance that this service provides for us all is not just accurate and perfectly managed in time but also very responsible. A lot of dedication is within these periodical Starseed SMS, I can notice that. Having the instant possibility to understand the movements of astrology and the paths that we all face during these days is something that I am very grateful for. This is one of the best services that Sal provides for the great wisdom of all as one. A truly passionate server! Thank you Sal for all the work that you put at our disposal! 

Donna Delvecchio

Texas, USA - June 18th, 2019

Recently, in the community where I quietly reside, a gunman opened fire on a federal building which resulted in a loss of life for the young gunman. Fortunately, there were no other injuries nor lives lost from this terrible accident. Four days prior I had received a Starseed SMS message that began with, “Proceed with caution! Mars is beginning to form a potentially dangerous opposition to the two planetary malefics… June 16th-18th are high risk for arguments, conflicts, accidents, crimes and worse.”


This astrological analysis is simply one example of the incredible level of accuracy received in the assessment of planetary alignments and outcomes that are received from these beneficial Starseed SMS text feeds. I’ve been receiving these very affordable messages for just over a year and I always look forward to the blessed insights, recommendations and methods of how to live in alignment with astrology through the use of planetary wisdom and higher consciousness for highest outcomes, even through challenging times!


Sal and Amari also provide authentic tools for meditation and alignment assistance in their services From tea blends to crystals to meditative palo santo enhancers they aid us through all the cycles of the Wheel of Fortune. I highly recommend them to anyone desiring to improve their well-being.

Bryan Soto

California, USA - May 18th, 2019

I have subscribed to Starseed Astrology's SMS service for the past year or so, always finding value in it, but experienced first hand the benefit if its guidance very recently. Sal's interpretation deftly made me aware of a challenging pattern in the cosmos that was affecting a business relationship of mine.


The guidance provided was direct, peaceful, and effective; helping me to navigate a very challenging situation, and emerge better from the experience. I highly recommend the Starseed SMS service for timely and topical information that can benefit a person through times of challenge and triumph.

Michael Davis

Massachusetts, USA - April 18th, 2019

I first found (or was found by) Starseed Astrology in the fall of 2017. I have been utterly and repeatedly amazed at Sal's accuracy since then. I highly recommend the blog articles, the Facebook page, and Starseed SMS. The text guidance is outstanding in its comprehensiveness and specificity.


More recently I was able to work through something very difficult directly with Sal and Amari. They worked with my situation to tailor a recommendation for me. Their knowledge, as well as their generosity of time and of their gifts, was truly humbling. I am ever grateful.

Beverly Truscheit

Texas, USA - March 20th, 2019

I cannot begin to tell you how I came upon the very talented and spiritual Sal Russo. I found the Starseed FB page several years ago. As my interest in astrology grew I began to discover many other astrologers on the internet. Truthfully, no other astrologer compares to Sal's insights, predictions and Christian centered knowledge and love of this science.

I subscribe to his SMS service and find it educational and full of wisdom based on experience. Sal provides you with astrological insight of current transits and will point out the positive and negative manifestations in a way no one else does. I very much look forward to his SMS service.

If you are hoping to gain a better knowledge of astrology and how it can affect you and the collective I encourage you to give it a try. You will learn and align with the cosmos and in the process gain valuable insight into the mystery of your particular journey.

Robert John

Australia - April 1st, 2019

I have been receiving the Starseed messages for over one year and they have offered me wise counsel over forth coming events. I have found it to be a very interesting way to prepare myself for future events. I often find myself reflecting on what is said in the messages when similar events to what is described occur.


This information is useful when you have freak out moments, or when you are panicking about how your life is unfolding, or if life seems to be going incredibly well in certain areas. Starseed SMS will give you sense of knowing on a cosmic level. It is not by any means a complete preparation for life and how it unfolds for you, however you will be wisely guided and informed. 

Tiffany Soto

California, USA - January 7th, 2019

Starseed Astrology’s SMS service is one of the best subscriptions I have ever purchased. I highly recommend it to those who feel called to add a new and powerful dimension of clarity and inspiration to their day-to-day life. I've been using the service for about one year now and I find that the messages resonate with me more and more each time I receive them. It's as if by receiving these light infused messages I am constantly becoming more aligned with the cosmic timing, alchemical I would say.


Towards the end of 2018 I had a difficult situation manifest in my life and the SMS updates provided me with the exact illumination I needed to gain a sense of what was happening in my life and why. The messages gave me much needed insight and also inspired wise and empowered action steps to help me deal with the situation in a way aligned with my highest good and that of my family. I often intuit these things but receiving these messages provides a clarity and an order to my intuitive guidance.


This service is truly a gift. It gives voice and shape to the mysterious workings of the divine intelligence. In this often chaotic world it truly gives me peace to constantly be reminded through astrology and Sal’s incredible ability to communicate this cosmic language that there truly is an order to things. From the perspective of a person who immensely appreciates beauty it is always a treat to be on the receiving end of Sal’s poetic and awe inspiring translation of the cosmic timing and order.


I look forward to each and every message I receive from Sal and Amari and I am so grateful for their offerings! Purely divine! Highly recommended!

Kathy Wilson

USA - September 4th, 2018

Starseed SMS is always amazingly accurate, insightful and timely. It’s there to remind me why things are the way they are and to slow down, wait for a planetary shift, and then push forward again. Sal gives you detailed instructions, dates and even times, for what is coming and how to handle it. They come right to you at the right time.


His gifted messages are always positive, even if there is some negativity brewing in the heavens. It is a jewel to me and all that is going on in my life. It has proven invaluable time and time again. This is a premier service for the smart cookie that wants to get ahead in life, or even just stay off the radar. I have had this service since the beginning and I do not ever want to be without it.

Beth Ong

USA - March 26th, 2018

I've been following Starseed Astrology for around seven years or so. I'm one of those people that take a while to process and research things before I'm all in. After reading Sal's articles for years on full moons, new moons, and many other planetary aspects I began seeing the accuracy of his astrological wisdom and guidance on a regular and repeating basis.


Starseed is NOT the only astrologer I've followed by the way. Where I've seen others make their 'predictions' that go with the majority, Sal at Starseed looks at what the stars are communicating and applies his knowledge in a very real life way! After years of just watching I decided to get a reading with his wife Amari back in November. Sal added a bit after checking my birth date.


The information I received from that session was quite enlightening and very intriguing to the point that I immediately signed up for Sal's SMS service! I am SO glad I did!!! First off, these messages seem to come at exactly the right moment every time. It's uncanny! My understanding of astrology grows every month with each new series of texts. Inevitably, I can literally see the application of the information within days!


This service feels like my own personal 'heads up' for what's coming every month. In turn, it allows me to adjust my actions and focus on the areas of life that will receive the most benefit. Invaluable? YOU BET! If you've been considering signing up, don't hesitate one more day! I don't see myself discontinuing this service so THANK YOU Sal & Amari for assisting me to enrich my life in a very real and affordable way! Much love and many blessings to you and yours!

Laura DeCell

USA - March 25th, 2018

Starseed Astrology is right on target 100% of the time! Sal is completely skilled and gifted at reading astrology. No fluff, just the facts. The Starseed SMS service is invaluable!!! If you haven’t subscribed yet you most definitely should!

Douglas Watson

USA - February 25th, 2018

Discovering Starseed Astrology has felt like discovering "the" astrological insight that I've intuitively been longing for and yet never satisfied in working with many other astrologers. You immediately get the sense that Sal gets "it" and has invested a great deal into harnessing his incredible craft and it certainly shows in his work product. Accurate, insightful, and a great tool for those interested in applying the principles of astrology in their everyday life. I find that Starseed SMS comes timely and with synchronicity that has been invaluable. Highly recommend!

Jane Leu Rekas - LCSW, Hypnotist, Astrology Blogger at

USA - January 4th, 2018

You will really enjoy receiving the Starseed SMS transmissions. They feel very personal and timely, as well as diverse aspects of the realm of transits, including asteroids as well. But my favorite part of the Starseed Astrology endeavor is the feeling of being connected to other starseed family. We are all born with connection to our oversouls and lives in realms off planet. I feel that from Salvador and Amari - in their text insights, in the beauty of their website, and in their beauty and very apparent love.


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