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Starseed SMS

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Starseed SMS is one of our premium subscriber services that will enlighten you on the most important astrological events of each week and month. Through text or secure email you'll receive exclusive, high-value astrological knowledge, wisdom and guidance that will empower every aspect of your inner and outer world. You’ll understand and benefit from astrology as never before.

Starseed SMS translates the complex and ever-changing nature of astrology into clear, precise and practical information that is easy to understand and apply. Advanced notice of auspicious dates will be provided so that you can capitalize on fortunate astrological times as if you were a learned astrologer yourself. Precautionary notices will also be given in advance of adverse planetary alignments.


Starseed SMS will stimulate a sharp new learning curve in Uranian astrology which is astrology’s new frontier. Insights extend far beyond the scope of the classical planets into the esoteric realm of the mythic gods and goddesses. An advanced form of astrological learning plays out in real time in subscribers’ lives which directly stimulates higher and higher levels of cosmic consciousness.

​​Starseed SMS commands a super-high level of subscriber satisfaction as is evident in the long list of rave reviews found below. Over the course of each month an abundance of inspired messages will be broadcasted through six bundled MMS phone texts or secure emails. Images of relevant, personally-designed Uranian horoscopes will also be included so that you can see the cosmic science in action.

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U.S. and Canadian subscribers can receive the insights via text or secure email while non-local subscribers receive them via secure email. Message frequency varies depending upon the astrological calendar but messages arrive consistently every five days or so. Insights shared via Starseed SMS may not be shared with non-subscribers. Illegal content sharing will result in account termination. Subscriptions are activated with  Stripe contracts. 

New subscribers are emailed within 24 hours to confirm their mobile number or primary email address which are always kept private. If you decide to subscribe for one year you'll receive a free month of service. Subscription fees, both monthly and annual, are non-refundable. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with zero hassle by simply emailing us. Starseed SMS is not birth chart specific, it provides masterful interpretations of the general cosmic influences.

Knowledge is power and this subscription will absolutely empower you to live life in a wiser and more successful way. When you start seeing the synchronicity and divine nature of astrology you’ll understand why certain dark forces have hidden and corrupted it over the centuries. Take a moment to read the rave reviews and if you're ready for a golden mental quantum leap then start today.

Working for your enlightenment,

Astrologer Salvador Russo



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The world of astrology has always been fascinating and scary to me. Due to my religious and fundamentalist Christian and extremist upbringing, I would stay away even though deep down I felt that somehow Christ can be found in astrology and in the cosmic events of the universe. When a friend of mine suggested I check out Starseed Astrology, I was hesitant but I gave it a try.


Needless to say, there was something about Sal’s writing that was very pure and genuine. I would still consider myself a baby mystic but I can say that I have not been able to put down any of the SMS texts that I have received from Sal. I encourage anyone, despite the veil that politics and society sometimes places on our eyes, to give it a try. I have grown a lot and I hope you do as well.

Noemi, USA, December 30th, 2022

woman 3

I’ve been a subscriber to your SMS service for a long time, I’m amazed by your accuracy! You recently predicted about openings to new healers and methods. I just happened to have a Divinely scheduled appointment with a new neurosurgeon, he ordered a completely different and far more accurate test to fix a botched back surgery from a year ago. I felt such peace seeing this new doctor thanks to your timely post! Wow! Thanks Sal! Blessings to you and Amari <3

Linda, USA, September 17th, 2022


Starseed Astrology has been absolutely amazing! Sal & Amari are always spot on when sending out information which is pretty mind-blowing if you ask me! I read a lot of different astrology from multiple people and I have to say, hands down, they are the BEST!

I promise that if you give them a chance you will be amazed just like I was. I love how they include the charts in Starseed SMS to show where everything is lining up. I think that is one of my favorite parts of their services because it shows you where everything is placed.

Let's not even talk about all the amazing crystals and merchandise you can get through them as well! FREAKING GORGEOUS! Everything is breathtaking and you have to stop yourself from trying to buy it all lol. If you are up in the air about receiving services through them I promise you will not regret it, give them a try!!!! 

Gabrielle, USA, August 11th, 2022

Joni Barth IMG.jpg

Being a complete beginner with astrology I really wanted to learn more about how it works. I have followed Starseed Astrology for a couple of years and Sal is spot on. His insight and skills are incredible. After Sal organized my birth chart for me I decided I wanted more.


The Starseed SMS service gives general life a deeper dimension. Almost a guided 'heads-up' for what's coming. All the information in these SMS can be applied to our own birth charts so that we are savvy to our life adventures. I really enjoy the Starseed SMS and would recommend it to anyone who needs support in their daily astrological lives.


Many blessings and thank you Sal, all the best! 

Joni, USA, July 15th, 2022

Portrait of a young woman

The Starseed SMS readings always come at the perfect time when I am experiencing conflicting emotions/viewpoints and feeling turmoil. They provide clarity and insight giving depth to my experiences and also to what may be happening with the people in my world. I really appreciate the service!!! My best friend signed up a couple weeks ago, as well! We love the texts! =)


Anita, USA, June 8th, 2022

Lori small.jpg

Dear Sal, I am writing to let you know how happy I am that I found your site! I first came upon it on Facebook and signed up for your monthly services. The information that you provide has great detail and specific timeframes that provide so much insight for the upcoming events. I read them over and over to be sure that I capture all of the information you provide.


I appreciate your detail and insight and look forward to receiving each one. I feel that I am receiving advice and guidance from a dear friend. Even though you indicate any tough times ahead, I appreciate your inspiration and sensitivity and most of all that you always express that we need to keep our faith in God!!


I will always be grateful to you!


Lori, USA, June 8th, 2022

Ann Eller IMG.jpg

It was such a gift when I found Starseed Astrology and met Sal.  Sal and Amari are very special old souls!  They bring a depth of knowledge so ancient that most of us have forgotten all about it. Their dedication to service each soul individually cannot be surpassed.

Starseed SMS is such a valuable subscription for understanding what the star configurations of the moment portend. There is so much transpiring in the heavens on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, Sal lays it all out for his subscribers in an easy to understand format.

If you are fascinated by astrology you will be over the moon when Sal explains it all. Do treat yourself to this unique gift. Sal gave me a reading and it was suppose to answer one pressing question. But he researched my chart through 3 years until he could answer several and give me a positive view of the future to hang on to.  

I ordered a few crystals to help in meditation and manifestation and the crystals are of  the utmost perfect quality with energy emitting continually.  Sal can fit the crystal to the subject no matter what it is. The scope of their knowledge is awesome. I wish I were rich and I could spend a lot more money in their shop because it is all top notch quality.

Do not hesitate to seek their guidance as these two are dedicated to the highest vibrations and the most positive light.  Sal's knowledge of astrology and relating it concretely to the here and now is amazing. His predictions need serious attention from us all. I consider the day i found Starseed Astrology as one very lucky day.

Ann Eller, USA, May 26th, 2022


Starseed Astrology has been my go to for all astrological updates for over 2 years. I feel very blessed to have Sal’s amazing insight and guidance each week on the pros and cons of the planetary line ups. Since 2020 the worlds rapidly changing dynamic has made these astrological updates so important in knowing how to navigate my life.


I have been able to succeed in areas I used to struggle by having the awareness of how to utilize the energy, all thanks to the in depth, clear, informative way Sal puts the report together. I consider these updates invaluable to all wishing to manifest a life, reality and mindset that exceeds their dreams.


Thank you Sal and Amari for all you share with the world during such unprecedented times of change.


Nikki, USA, April 14th, 2022

Summer Riley.jpg

I first discovered Starseed Astrology on Facebook years ago.  It immediately felt authentic and very insightful when explaining what's actually happening with our planets and how it affects our every day lives and energies.


Growing up I followed mainstream astrology so I immediately recognized the integrity and openness of Sal to help people grow and understand themselves better through true/accurate predictions and awareness of the energies that come and go through universal planetary movements.


I really love the SMS service that Starseed provides. I love getting the texts! I'm then able to meditate on it and apply the necessary energies where needed during powerful transits. I've gained a much better understanding of myself since learning from a true astrologer!


I purchased Uranian birth charts  for my entire family from Sal. It changed my life in the a positive way! I'm more aware of how to handle tough transits and make the most of the positive ones! We are all so unique but, understanding your personal horoscope is life changing. 


I really the love message service because it a offers a powerful insight into ANY upcoming  events for weeks to come.  It's like having a personal astrologer that only wants to help us all grow and navigate this amazing life we are living on God's plan! Positive vibes and excellent predictions based on growing on this Earth during the great awakening! I'm very thankful Sal & Amari!   

Summer, USA, April 2nd, 2022


I cannot say enough good things about Starseed Astrology’s SMS service. Anyone wanting a deeper understanding of astrology should subscribe! I have learned so much since subscribing.


I find it most helpful still to learn through hindsight. Something will happen in my life and it’ll trigger a memory of something Sal wrote a week or two past, and I’ll go re-read, check my own chart, and sure enough, it’ll be just as he said!


My absolute favorite part has been seeing these types of synchronicities show up in my life. It feels almost magical. To me, it’s as if the Divine uses Sal’s service to send me messages and insights. 


Just a recent example, Sal wrote about a conjunction between the Sun and Juno. “These are prime days for beneficial encounters, dealings, gifts and planning with Juno’s earthly queens”. During that exact transit the Divine brought a wonderful healer and mentor into my life, but it wasn’t until 3 weeks later the insight came to me that she was a Juno queen.


So I went back to re-read the SMS text and chart about the day we met which confirmed that message. (When I checked my own chart, transiting Juno was trine my natal Juno as well!)


For anyone wanting to see deeper insights through the stars’ movements in their life, I highly recommend this service!  

Katherine, USA, Jan 29th, 2022

Harleen HD 1111.jpg

Each week I look forward to the insightful information Sal has in store for me. His readings give me a sense of calmness and confidence, allowing me to accept what life’s journey has in store for me. Sal’s readings maintain my positive mindset and award me a better insight as to why everything in our life happens for a reason.


Sal takes the time to look over every aspect and contributing factor to connect with a person on a deeper level than most. I truly appreciate the hard work, dedication, and honesty Sal provides me with each week, and I encourage anyone who is looking for guidance and balance in their life, to allow Sal to continue to share his gift with many others for years to come. 

Harleen, USA, Jan 19th, 2022

Shane Jessop_edited.jpg

I first was interested in astrology about 25 years ago. As I have attended a Mystery School for many years esoteric astrology was the obvious next step. When I first came across Sal's Starseed Astrology it was like I had found a genuine goldmine.

His use of all the Gods in the chart add even more strength to the chart. So many times his accuracy has been second to none. He is the astrologer that I always refer people to, his Starseed SMS reports are a highlight in my weekly email.


They are refreshing in these times of media corruption and misinformation. I have no hesitation in recommending Sal and Amari's work. May the light shine forth in their lives and continue to brighten our world.

Shane, New Zealand, Dec 20th, 2021


I'm always inspired by the poetic and spiritual beauty of your SMS messages.  They are accurate and to the point, uplifting no matter what seems to be happening in the world.  I always look forward to your interpretations and loving guidance through turbulent and stressful times.  I am truly thankful that you give us this connection to your higher consciousness with your SMS service. Thank you Sal.


Leslie, USA, Dec 12th, 2021

Tiffany SMS Review Ultra

What I love most about your Starseed SMS predictions is how accurate they are. There were a few times when something would happen and I would go back to your text insights and there it would be, given a few weeks prior. Your service has definitely helped me to plan ahead and prevent myself from being swept away by negative influences. 


I find that I'm always scrolling up to remember the days that have good fortune as my husband and I invest and we generally see your predictions to be true as on certain days we see positive trends in the markets matching your astrology. Actually, I was just reading the SMS from November 8th and WOW! This one was by far the most accurate for me personally.


Athena is a past life connection for me and I've been having a divine voice give me instructions all week long, specifically about avoiding injury and other mishaps. I also started sleeping with my amethyst eagle, a recent gift that I now realize, through your SMS, why it is in my life. I'm feeling alive with this incredible validation Sal and I want to thank you for your service! 


Tiffany, Sedona, Nov 15th 2021


Through astrology Sal is able to tap into the pulse of the universe and the magic inherent in all of nature and articulate what he sees with depth and eloquence. I am always happy to see that another SMS has landed in my inbox and I savour it as I read it.


I have learned much about astrology and my own birth chart through Sal’s services. I have gotten the Astrology 101 and the Future Forecast reports as well as the Starseed SMS service. Often I find myself referring back to them as I continue to evolve my learning about astrology and my own chart.


I understand astrology much more clearly now thanks to Sal and I will continue to learn as I see the Starseed SMS and the reports I bought as valued tools. I appreciate the quality, dedication and attention to detail that is presented in every service, article and post that both Sal and Amari create.


I feel that Sal and Amari are true allies for those who uphold and value truth and freedom. In these tumultuous times it is important to know who we can ally ourselves with. Though I have not met them in person I feel that their honesty, integrity and light shine through their words and through everything they present online. I am grateful to have found them!

Noradawn, Canada, Oct 6th, 2021

Mature Woman Portrait

I have been subscribed to the Starseed SMS service for well over a year now and I absolutely love it! The weekly updates and intuitive insight offered are by far the best I have ever encountered. My interest in astrology has spanned over thirty years and I have never found a resource so accurate and as valuable as the product that Sal and Amari offer.


I have come to deeply appreciate their continuous efforts to educate and inspire me to enhance my understanding of interpreting astrological phenomena and how they can be used to connect to my birth chart. Additionally, I have purchased several amazing crystals from them, including an Amari special, which is among my most treasured collection.


I would highly recommend any product they offer, especially the Starseed SMS service. With deep appreciation,

Holly, USA, August 17th, 2021

Young Woman with Beanie

Your service has been an incredible guide for my life this year. It has been very accurate and has allowed me to make the best decisions for my future. Thank you!

Jennifer, USA, August 9th, 2021


I am very satisfied with the Starseed SMS service. It has served me in many ways. I am aware of many celestial events and alignments, so I often wait with anticipation for the next text so I can prepare for everything on a deeper level. Your insights take my knowledge up a notch with each message. A deep bow to you for your kind generosity sharing your beautiful gifts with our world. I appreciate you! 

Jessie, USA, August 9th, 2021


It has been seven months since I joined the Starseed platform. It has endowed me with an insightful meaning into this ancient science of Astrology. The services are exact and profound. There is a touch of light and clarity within the Starseed community like none other.

Most importantly, it is the connectivity beyond the human touch within the community that makes Starseed SMS authentic and amazing. I will always recommend Starseed SMS to anyone who seeks a balance and harmony in his or her life.

Edwin, USA, July 26th, 2021

Maria Nesa SMS.jpg

Starseed SMS is very accurate and very insightful. I really enjoy the positivity and uplifting messages coming through and it feels divinely orchestrated  with alignments to the stars and planets. Thank you for the great service to all of us Sal. 

Maria, USA, June 22nd, 2021


I came across Starseed Astrology about a year ago through a close friend who was in awe with the information shared. I checked out the website, read a lot of the info and automatically I felt drawn to such powerful information being shared. I signed up for the SMS Subscription and learning more about my natal chart and how I can personally use the information for my highest good and self-awareness.


It brings such clean and precise information that often leaves me mind blown and leads me down even deeper into my spiritual journey. Since then I have also purchased some of their other services. I am very pleased with their turnaround time, service, explanations and answering any questions I have. I highly recommend their services and seeing what resonates with you.


I always look forward to the SMS updates and what magic I can create using my free will and willingness to my continued growth. One of the reports I purchased was future forecast. The information, the way it is simplified and easy to understand, broken down by month and important dates it has been an instrumental tool for me this year.


I always learn something new, or use some of the guidance listed. I also chuckle out of surprise and awe with the accuracy of how the energy of a given day is described and applies to me personally. Thank you Starseed Astrology for sharing your light, your love and most importantly your knowledge and guidance. I look forward to more learning and more magic! 

Angelica Ramos, USA, May 5th, 2021

Kristi Haley IMG.jpeg

I can’t thank you enough for the incredible insights I receive! I signed up over a year ago and have come to rely on the accuracy of your posts! The messages come at the perfect time to show me what needs to be looked at! It greatly helps me connect what’s going on in the world and within my own life to know that things are as they should be!


With all the events and changing energies happening I find that reflecting on your insights gives me the perfect opportunity to direct my life as needed. Thank you again for such an incredible knowledge you share with us! If you haven’t subscribed to Starseed SMS I highly recommend it! Thank you Sal!


Kristi, USA, 15 April 2021


I found Starseed Astrology several years ago on social media and was immediately drawn to Sal’s posts. So much so that I set my Feed to prioritize Starseed Astrology as the first post that would pop up upon opening the application. Sharing his posts and recommending Starseed Astrology to my clients and friends became commonplace.

Two year’s ago I ordered the Astrological 101 Personal Calendar.  Having no prior accurate knowledge in astrology I reached out to Sal and explained that while it was wonderful, I had no idea how to read it and in fact it was not at all what I was expecting. He quickly, but gently, responded and inquired into finding out what it was that I needed to assist me. He then generously gifted me my Future Forecast.


I became more interested in wanting to understand more about Astrology and began reading the reviews of Sal’s Starseed SMS. It intrigued me that I would be able to receive emails or text messages with actual real-time astrological data that could assist me. I am now hooked!!!  Like a child on Christmas morning I anxiously await each SMS Starseed email update and want more. Wink, wink...yes please!! Thank you Sal!!!!


Dana, Professional Medium, USA, 24 March 2021

Tattooed Woman

I signed up for Starseed SMS in the spring of 2020. It was one of the best decisions I could have possibly made, it’s an invaluable investment. We have all been challenged through this past year in many ways. If there was ever any doubt that we have been in a spiritual war, this past year has certainly proven it and shown everyone for who and what they are. 


We have all heard stories, or experienced personally, losses ranging from the simple pleasures to life sustaining income, not to mention basic freedoms. Through this process I have found Starseed SMS to be invaluable in navigating this new terrain. In many ways it has aided me in keeping my business going.


Concerning my business, I have been fortunate to be able to adjust my own hours and availability, which has allowed me to maximize the information provided in Sal's SMS updates, in real time. Thank you Sal!


Tracy, USA, 23 March 2021


There is nothing more exciting than getting a notification that a new SMS message came through from Starseed Astrology!  Each message is overloaded with insightful observations and future predictions that give me the confidence to navigate my personal life. Sometimes I takeaway needing to slow down, focus on communication, or self-reflection.


Other days I'm motivated to take action because I've read exactly which time frames are astrologically favorable for my goals. It's amazing to also watch these messages play out on a larger scale and see in real-time, the sheer accuracy that Sal shares. I can not recommend this service enough!


Jesica, USA, 11 March 2021

Heatherly Esh.jpg

Starseed Astrology’s SMS service uncovers the mysteries of the cosmos in real time and allows one to further grasp the energetic and astrological influences on both the collective and individual levels with each shift. While most astrological writings seem to be on the surface, Starseed Astrology delves deeper, in beautiful detail, with wise and timely advice.

Heatherly, USA, 27 Feb 2021

Starseed, Astrology, Reviews, Testimonials, Reputation

The Starseed SMS service is PURE EXCELLENCE! I look forward to each update and I learn more than I ever have regarding the stars and how to apply the heavens to my life. Sal’s amazing astrology readings are written with clarity and explained in detail so succinctly and with total clarity. He truly has a God-given gift and is my favorite Oracle of Truth.

Kamaka, USA, 22 Feb 2021


It pleases me to write from the heart with regard to the STARSEED SMS SERVICE. I stumbled upon Sal and Amari quite by accident and have been blessed ever since with divine guidance and positive insights IN REAL TIME.  Sal's profound ability to SEE the currents of the planets and their relationships to one another is truly a gift to behold.  I had encountered other astrologers throughout the years, but none provided the accuracy and the positivity reflected within Sal’s readings.  


I had understood and had experienced the profound effects of Uranus in conjunction with my Sun years ago.  The destruction I felt at that time has since been replaced with a deeper understanding.  I can only attribute this to Sal’s more positive explanation of Uranus’ function within our universe as a liberator, not a destroyer.  As I look back I would not have seen the planet’s true role in my life if I had not been made aware by Sal’s weekly readings.  


This tool is without a doubt one you should consider for your life.  The STARSEED SMS SERVICE is worth the price of admission a thousand times over.  

Judith, USA, 19 Feb 2021


"As above, so below." That’s the energy download I receive and sense when reading my Starseed SMS. The accurate cosmic interpretations of the transits are phenomenally astounding. Subscribing to Starseed SMS has been a wise choice to the well-advised cosmic counsel that I’m presented with in each message.


This service delivers a unique mastery of the cosmos that I have yet to see with any other astrology work. As a subscriber, I feel like a VIP having my own personal astrologer. Starseed SMS provides me the leading “know how” on navigating the proper timed alignments for decision making, in-advance awareness to future transit dates in order to have favourable timing, perspective on the current astrology aspects and how they affect our personal life and/or in the world, and so much more.


This guidance helps me approach the present and upcoming astrological events with insightful ease. Subscription to Starseed SMS has been worth my investment, as it’s benefited my life tremendously and I am grateful. Also, a notable highlight with this service is the asteroids (Greek Gods and Goddesses) that are included.


Their astrological roles are explained with proficient knowledge, which incorporates extra value in the messages. They’re rarely mentioned in other astrological work. Truly an added bonus that comes with the subscription, along side the remarkable astrology. Starseed SMS is a MUST HAVE. Period!

Maria, Canada, 11 Dec 2020

Asma Bibi

I started following Starseed Astrology a few years ago and was both curious and surprised at how accurate the predictions were so eventually signed up for the SMS service. Over time I have come to trust Starseed Astrology over all other astrologers. I like that Sal and Amari share their political viewpoints too as the stars effect our daily lives and the world around us.


Sometimes events on the world stage can seem very confusing and we often wonder why certain things are happening. The predictions that come through Starseed Astrology help me see things with more clarity and awareness. It is also uncanny when I sometimes read messages a couple of days late and see that everything that has been written has played out in the world around me or in my personal life.


I am still astonished that things which were predicted years ago are still coming to fruition, just as Starseed Astrology had predicted.

Asma, United Kingdom, 22 Oct 20


I’m self diagnosed ADD and a card carrying Leo. You may add in being a skeptic as well. Being a follower has never been my strongest suit. All that changed when the universe put Sal, Amari and I on the same path. I subscribe to Sal’s Starseed SMS service. It’s like having a daily GPS for my mind and soul. If I were to do word association for Sal it would go something like this: integrity, passion, professionalism, accuracy!


Scott, USA, 13 Sept 20

Woman with Short Blond Hair

I don’t know how I discovered Starseed SMS but I’m so happy I did! Sal’s approach to communicating astrological significances is unique and intellectually charged. I love that I receive an SMS, especially updates on how the planets are effecting humanity. The content is thought provoking, as I always have to take time to dig deeper into the meaning of Sal’s analysis.


I remember what originally caught my attention was his theory and interpretation of Jupiter and it’s correlation to the political realm. Fascinating! Whenever I reach out to Sal, he is positive, responsive, and always helpful. The energy of the interpreter and interpretation is one in itself, both very powerful.


It’s always a blessing to receive these messages, and see the world through the lens of a very analytical astrologer who is able to bridge your life events and the cosmos around us, as solar-planetary logos.

Emily, USA, 13 Sept 20

Stephanie Erickson Review.jpg

I have always been a pseudo-believer in astrology. I just followed it for fun really. I started to follow Starseed Astrology on Facebook and was surprised at how accurate and relevant the readings were. So I decided to pay the small fee to access the services of Starseed SMS. For seven months  each passage resonated with me on such a deep and meaningful level that I feel as though it was written directly for me. 


Even during the negative times it has helped me see the value in negativity as an opportunity for growth and evolution. Throughout these past seven months I have cultivated authenticity and the confidence and courage to walk on my path and speak my truth. I found, for myself, the more I took the passages seriously the more I aligned with my path and found my authentic self.


I feel as though I've been humbled by multiple deaths and rebirths and shedding ego and with the guidance of Starseed SMS, I restored my faith and stayed in authority of my mind. All my relations.

Stephanie, Canada, 18 Jul 20

Anabel 1111

In late 2019 I subscribed to Starseed Astrology’s SMS service. Since using this service I’ve been able to best prepare for weeks and months ahead. This really helped me, especially as I'm the type who likes to plan my calendar months in advance. This was also a tool I used to leverage my career and one that helped me navigate uncharted waters over the past few months in 2020.


Sal truly does a fantastic job at doing all of the research that no other free astrology service could possibly provide (I speak for my own experience) as I’ve watched YouTube channels and read magazines that offer monthly relevant information - but none like this service. The messages come in the form of texts and they consist of in-depth information on the stars and a look at what's coming.


I highly recommend this service to anyone who has a family, teenager, young kids, a career in the public sector, maybe even in the financial services industry like myself. To say that the information is valuable would be a definite understatement. Thank you Sal & Amari!

Anabel, USA, 1 June 20

Smiling Woman

I signed up over a year ago and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in astrology. It gives detailed information of planetary transits, degrees and god/goddess movements and how they can affect daily life. It helps me understand why certain scenarios are presenting in my life and using this I can deal with daily events on a higher level.


It explains to what degrees the planets are aligning to other planets and the impact this has on us. It is very in depth and there are also recommendations on which gemstones can benefit your energy during these transits. It is a great teaching tool for us to learn about Uranian astrology, expanding our knowledge and comprehension of it.

The messages are received usually bi-weekly. I will continue to receive them and can only recommend it to anyone wanting and needing truthful guidance in their lives.

Julie, UK, 15 Jan 20

Jesse Anderson.jpg

As my interest in astrology grew I started to realize what an enormous area it really is. I was guided to Salvador through the Spirit of Ma'at and I instantly recognized the depth of knowledge that was being conveyed. Still the area of astrology was new to me and this orchestra of star dance had to be experienced firsthand, so I signed up for the Starseed SMS service. Oh my was I blessed with the love that Sal puts into words that I could understand.


I had never before been able to grasp why certain days would be more focused than others. Everything got put plain and simple into text well in advance giving me plenty of time to plan accordingly. Moving with the stars rather than trying to ignore them gives you the opportunity to rapidly advance through life's different stages. The information gained through the Starseed SMS service is priceless and I am thankful for the work Sal brings into the world!

Jesse, Sweden, 14 Jan 20

James Kim.jpg

I jumped at the chance to sign up for Starseed Astrology's awesome SMS service because I have been a huge fan of their social media and online content to help me and countless others navigate through our lives with additional spiritual insight and mystical clarity. Each message is jam packed full of awesome insight and helpful astrological knowledge to assist us wayshowers and light warriors the way to align with our highest and best timeline of reality.


If you are serious about astrology and utilizing it for the benefit of all humanity, you owe it to yourself and those who are counting on you everyday to put on the full armor of God now and educate yourself with this powerful and consciousness raising SMS service.

James, USA, 29 Dec 19


The orientation and guidance that this service provides for us all is not just accurate and perfectly managed in time but also very responsible. A lot of dedication is within these periodical Starseed SMS, I can notice that. Having the instant possibility to understand the movements of astrology and the paths that we all face during these days is something that I am very grateful for. This is one of the best services that Sal provides for the great wisdom of all as one. A truly passionate server! Thank you Sal for all the work that you put at our disposal! 

Daniela, Chile, 5 Sept 19

Professional Female

Recently, in the community where I quietly reside, a gunman opened fire on a federal building which resulted in a loss of life for the young gunman. Fortunately, there were no other injuries nor lives lost from this terrible accident. Four days prior I had received a Starseed SMS message that began with: “Proceed with caution! Mars is beginning to form a potentially dangerous opposition to the two planetary malefics… June 16th-18th are high risk for arguments, conflicts, accidents, crimes and worse.”


This astrological analysis is simply one example of the incredible level of accuracy received in the assessment of planetary alignments and outcomes that are received from these beneficial Starseed SMS text feeds. I’ve been receiving these very affordable messages for just over a year and I always look forward to the blessed insights, recommendations and methods of how to live in alignment with astrology through the use of planetary wisdom and higher consciousness for highest outcomes, even through challenging times!


Donna, USA, 18 June 19


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I have subscribed to Starseed Astrology's SMS service for the past year or so, always finding value in it, but experienced first hand the benefit if its guidance very recently. Sal's interpretation deftly made me aware of a challenging pattern in the cosmos that was affecting a business relationship of mine. 


The guidance provided was direct, peaceful and effective; helping me to navigate a very challenging situation and emerge better from the experience. I highly recommend the Starseed SMS service for timely and topical information that can benefit a person through times of challenge and triumph.

Bryan, USA, 18 May 19

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I first found (or was found by) Starseed Astrology in the fall of 2017. I have been utterly and repeatedly amazed at Sal's accuracy since then. I highly recommend the blog articles, the Facebook page, and Starseed SMS. The text guidance is outstanding in its comprehensiveness and specificity.


More recently I was able to work through something very difficult directly with Sal and Amari. They worked with my situation to tailor a recommendation for me. Their knowledge, as well as their generosity of time and of their gifts, was truly humbling. I am ever grateful.

Michael, USA, 18 April 19

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I cannot begin to tell you how I came upon the very talented and spiritual Sal Russo. I found the Starseed FB page several years ago. As my interest in astrology grew I began to discover many other astrologers on the internet. Truthfully, no other astrologer compares to Sal's insights, predictions and Christian centered knowledge and love of this science.


I subscribe to his SMS service and find it educational and full of wisdom based on experience. Sal provides you with astrological insight of current transits and will point out the positive and negative manifestations in a way no one else does. I very much look forward to his SMS service.


If you are hoping to gain a better knowledge of astrology and how it can affect you and the collective I encourage you to give it a try. You will learn and align with the cosmos and in the process gain valuable insight into the mystery of your particular journey.

Beverly, USA, 20 March 19