Starseed SMS will connect you to a golden digital stream of esoteric astrological knowledge not found anywhere else in the world. This is my premium subscriber service that will enlighten you on the most important astrological events of each week and month. Know what I know about the planets, gods, and goddesses as they transit and align through the degrees of the zodiac.


This unique and exclusive service will radically accelerate your development of cosmic consciousness. Through your reception of higher knowledge and wisdom of astrology you will gain a powerful new vision for the world while your decision making becomes enhanced with heightened celestial awareness. Starseed SMS will bring Jupiter in Gemini into your phone and mind.

As you can see from the long list of rave reviews below Starseed SMS commands a super high level of subscriber satisfaction. Over the course of each month I will deliver a minimum of 50 inspired messages that are bundled into individual text messages. I will also include digital images of relevant horoscopes so that you can see the cosmic science in action.

I will translate the complex and ever-changing nature of astrology into clear and practical guidance that is easy to understand and apply. I will give you advanced notice of specific dates and windows of opportunity so that you can capitalize on the good fortunes and momentums that wax and wane as the gods and goddesses do. Precautionary notices will be given as well.

My goal with this service is to provide you with a mysteriously accurate and beneficial guidance system that helps you to navigate your life with a far higher degree of success and fulfillment. I also want to teach you astrology through the combination of my wisely timed insights and your own real-world experiences. As time passes you’ll understand astrology more than ever before.

If you live within the continental United States my insights will be delivered to you via text message directly into your mobile device. If you live outside the continental United States my insights will be delivered into your preferred email account. The insights are my intellectual property and may not be shared with non-subscribers. Illegal sharing will result in account termination.

Starseed SMS operates through a cutting-edge telecommunications platform. New U.S. subscribers must have mobile devices that are modern enough to receive digital images and short code messages. If your phone is outdated you’ll have to receive the insights via email. Please ensure that your carrier hasn’t blocked your device from receiving short code messages.

Upon subscription please email me directly at ‘’ to activate your account. I will reply within 24 hours or less to request your mobile number or primary email address. Recurring subscription payments are secured via PayPal and can be cancelled at any time. If you subscribe for one year you will receive a free month of service.

When I’m not creating articles or social media updates I am pouring the best of my knowledge and wisdom into Starseed SMS. If you love my work and wish to experience more of it this is the best way to go. I pray to God before every message while striving for value, clarity, and overall excellence. Knowledge is power and I am ready to charge you up!

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo



Subscriber Reviews


Daniela Veas

Santiago, Chile - September 5th, 2019

The orientation and guidance that this service provides for us all is not just accurate and perfectly managed in time but also very responsible. A lot of dedication is within these periodical Starseed SMS, I can notice that. Having the instant possibility to understand the movements of astrology and the paths that we all face during these days is something that I am very grateful for. This is one of the best services that Sal provides for the great wisdom of all as one. A truly passionate server! Thank you Sal for all the work that you put at our disposal! 

Donna Delvecchio

Texas, USA - June 18th, 2019

Recently, in the community where I quietly reside, a gunman opened fire on a federal building which resulted in a loss of life for the young gunman. Fortunately, there were no other injuries nor lives lost from this terrible incident. Four days prior I had received a Starseed SMS message that began with 'Proceed with caution! Mars is beginning to form a potentially dangerous opposition to the two planetary malefics... June 16-18 are high risk for arguments, conflicts, accidents, crimes and worse...'


This astrological analysis is simply one example of the incredible level of accuracy received in the assessment of planetary alignments and outcomes that are received from these beneficial Starseed SMS text feeds. I've been receiving these very affordable messages for just over a year and I always look forward to the blessed insights, recommendations and methods of how to live in alignment with astrology through the use of planetary wisdom and higher consciousness for highest outcomes, even through challenging times!


Sal and Amari also provide authentic tools for meditation and alignment assistance in their services; from tea blends, crystals, gemstones and meditative palo santo blends for aiding us through all cycles of the Wheel of Fortune. I highly recommend them to anyone desiring to improve their well-being.

Bryan Soto

California, USA - May 18th, 2019

I have subscribed to Starseed Astrology's SMS service for the past year or so, always finding value in it, but experienced first hand the benefit if its guidance very recently. Sal's interpretation deftly made me aware of a challenging pattern in the cosmos that was affecting a business relationship of mine.


The guidance provided was direct, peaceful, and effective; helping me to navigate a very challenging situation, and emerge better from the experience. I highly recommend the Starseed SMS service for timely and topical information that can benefit a person through times of challenge and triumph.

Michael Davis

Massachusetts, USA - April 18th, 2019

I first found (or was found by) Starseed Astrology in the fall of 2017. I have been utterly and repeatedly amazed at Sal and Amari's accuracy since then. I highly recommend the blog articles, the Facebook page, and Starseed SMS. The text guidance is outstanding in its comprehensiveness and specificity.


More recently I was able to work through something very difficult directly with Sal and Amari. They worked with my situation to tailor a recommendation for me. Their knowledge, as well as their generosity of time and of their gifts, was truly humbling. I am ever grateful.

Beverly Truscheit

Texas, USA - March 20th, 2019

I cannot begin to tell you how I came upon the very talented and spiritual Sal Russo. I found the Starseed FB page several years ago. As my interest in astrology grew I began to discover many other astrologers on the internet. Truthfully, no other astrologer compares to Sal's insights, predictions and Christian centered knowledge and love of this science.

I subscribe to his SMS service and find it educational and full of wisdom based on experience. Sal provides you with astrological insight of current transits and will point out the positive and negative manifestations in a way no one else does. I very much look forward to his SMS service.

If you are hoping to gain a better knowledge of astrology and how it can affect you and the collective I encourage you to give it a try. You will learn and align with the cosmos and in the process gain valuable insight into the mystery of your particular journey.

Robert John

Australia - April 1st, 2019

I have been receiving the Starseed messages for over one year and they have offered me wise counsel over forth coming events. I have found it to be a very interesting way to prepare myself for future events. I often find myself reflecting on what is said in the messages when similar events to what is described occur.


This information is useful when you have freak out moments, or when you are panicking about how your life is unfolding, or if life seems to be going incredibly well in certain areas. Starseed SMS will give you sense of knowing on a cosmic level. It is not by any means a complete preparation for life and how it unfolds for you, however you will be wisely guided and informed. 

Tiffany Soto

California, USA - January 7th, 2019

Starseed Astrology’s SMS service is one of the best subscriptions I have ever purchased. I highly recommend it to those who feel called to add a new and powerful dimension of clarity and inspiration to their day-to-day life. I've been using the service for about one year now and I find that the messages resonate with me more and more each time I receive them. It's as if by receiving these light infused messages I am constantly becoming more aligned with the cosmic timing, alchemical I would say.


Towards the end of 2018 I had a difficult situation manifest in my life and the SMS updates provided me with the exact illumination I needed to gain a sense of what was happening in my life and why. The messages gave me much needed insight and also inspired wise and empowered action steps to help me deal with the situation in a way aligned with my highest good and that of my family. I often intuit these things but receiving these messages provides a clarity and an order to my intuitive guidance.


This service is truly a gift. It gives voice and shape to the mysterious workings of the divine intelligence. In this often chaotic world it truly gives me peace to constantly be reminded through astrology and Sal’s incredible ability to communicate this cosmic language that there truly is an order to things. From the perspective of a person who immensely appreciates beauty it is always a treat to be on the receiving end of Sal’s poetic and awe inspiring translation of the cosmic timing and order.


I look forward to each and every message I receive from Sal and Amari and I am so grateful for their offerings! Purely divine! Highly recommended!

Kathy Wilson

USA - September 4th, 2018

Starseed SMS is always amazingly accurate, insightful and timely. It’s there to remind me why things are the way they are and to slow down, wait for a planetary shift, and then push forward again. Sal gives you detailed instructions, dates and even times, for what is coming and how to handle it. They come right to you at the right time.


His gifted messages are always positive, even if there is some negativity brewing in the heavens. It is a jewel to me and all that is going on in my life. It has proven invaluable time and time again. This is a premier service for the smart cookie that wants to get ahead in life, or even just stay off the radar. I have had this service since the beginning and I do not ever want to be without it.

Beth Ong

USA - March 26th, 2018

I've been following Starseed Astrology for around seven years or so. I'm one of those people that take a while to process and research things before I'm all in. After reading Sal's articles for years on full moons, new moons, and many other planetary aspects I began seeing the accuracy of his astrological wisdom and guidance on a regular and repeating basis.


Starseed is NOT the only astrologer I've followed by the way. Where I've seen others make their 'predictions' that go with the majority, Sal at Starseed looks at what the stars are communicating and applies his knowledge in a very real life way! After years of just watching I decided to get a reading with his wife Amari back in November. Sal added a bit after checking my birth date.


The information I received from that session was quite enlightening and very intriguing to the point that I immediately signed up for Sal's SMS service! I am SO glad I did!!! First off, these messages seem to come at exactly the right moment every time. It's uncanny! My understanding of astrology grows every month with each new series of texts. Inevitably, I can literally see the application of the information within days!


This service feels like my own personal 'heads up' for what's coming every month. In turn, it allows me to adjust my actions and focus on the areas of life that will receive the most benefit. Invaluable? YOU BET! If you've been considering signing up, don't hesitate one more day! I don't see myself discontinuing this service so THANK YOU Sal & Amari for assisting me to enrich my life in a very real and affordable way! Much love and many blessings to you and yours!

Laura DeCell

USA - March 25th, 2018

Starseed Astrology is right on target 100% of the time! Sal is completely skilled and gifted at reading astrology. No fluff, just the facts. The Starseed SMS service is invaluable!!! If you haven’t subscribed yet you most definitely should!

Douglas Watson

USA - February 25th, 2018

Discovering Starseed Astrology has felt like discovering "the" astrological insight that I've intuitively been longing for and yet never satisfied in working with many other astrologers. You immediately get the sense that Sal gets "it" and has invested a great deal into harnessing his incredible craft and it certainly shows in his work product. Accurate, insightful, and a great tool for those interested in applying the principles of astrology in their everyday life. I find that Starseed SMS comes timely and with synchronicity that has been invaluable. Highly recommend!

Jane Leu Rekas - LCSW, Hypnotist, Astrology Blogger at

USA - January 4th, 2018

You will really enjoy receiving the Starseed SMS transmissions. They feel very personal and timely, as well as diverse aspects of the realm of transits, including asteroids as well. But my favorite part of the Starseed Astrology endeavor is the feeling of being connected to other starseed family. We are all born with connection to our oversouls and lives in realms off planet. I feel that from Salvador and Amari - in their text insights, in the beauty of their website, and in their beauty and very apparent love.

Amy Bradoc - Business Entrepreneur

USA - December 22nd, 2017

I have been a fan of Starseed astrology for many years. I study astrology and glean lots of wisdom from Sal's virtual help through his page. Questions are always answered and readers are guided on how to read their charts for themselves. I also subscribe to the Starseed SMS texts. The insights provided are always on point and I can understand how the movements of the stars relate to my life.


Earlier this year I was having job issues and the texts helped me to understand why and how to overcome this. Not long after this another message suggested an answer to a medical issue I had been having. Days later, I got my answer although it was not one that made me happy. The third set of texts that really grabbed my attention was a set that made me realize I can and will overcome this medical issue and even use it as a marketing tool to one, bring awareness, two, make a business absolutely take off! 


I highly encourage anyone reading this to use anything offered by Starseed Astrology! Sal is certainly blessed by God in his divine service to humanity. 

Lynn Collins - Professional Actress

Los Angeles, USA - April 5th, 2016

I highly recommend the Starseed SMS service. Each major planetary sign change is explained on the day along with practical advice to utilize the energies that are available or difficult. I find Salvador's personal interpretations to be inspiring and deeply illuminating.

Elizabeth Paczkowski

USA - September 29th, 2017

I signed up for the Starseed SMS service several months ago and it has been one of the best decisions I've made this year. I can honestly say that I look forward to the timely updates, I can't wait to read them when they come in. Throughout this chaotic year Sal's interpretations of the planetary alignments have provided me with a much deeper understanding of the what and why of everything going on around me. These texts make order of the chaos. They also help me to plan accordingly or to simply pay attention to specific areas of my life. 


In the SMS messages, Sal doesn't just describe current and upcoming alignments. He also offers advice on how to best navigate those alignments. My husband and I have both observed the pitfalls of not heeding those words of wisdom, although fortunately only in minor decisions that didn't create major upheavals in our lives. We learned quickly to heed the advice given in the text messages in order to avoid those pitfalls and have a much smoother year. 


Through the Starseed SMS service I'm learning so much more about real astrology and the effects it has on our lives in both the subtle aspects of my own world and those aspects that are more global and worldly that affect us all. I get a deeper understanding of why people are doing certain things. I also understand myself better.


This isn't your generic daily horoscope that you get in the entertainment section of the newspaper or the "free astrology that never seems to apply to me updates" that online services offer. Sal's astrological interpretations are deep, effective, and very relevant, and I don't know what I would do without them! I'm so glad I signed up for them! I only regret that I didn't make that decision sooner!

Laura Buonanno

USA - August 13th, 2017

Since I first discovered Starseed Astrology I've been hooked! Salvador's vast knowledge and obvious passion come through magically to inform and inspire. I have found the timing of his astrological observations synchronistically spot-on with events unfolding in my life, especially regarding health and career issues. His perceptive insight into world events has been a comfort.


Sal deftly and optimistically weaves themes of personal development and global consciousness; when I feel myself getting a little gloomy, his words lift me up and give me a renewed perspective. Starseed SMS has been an invaluable tool, reminding me to stay positive, observe my place in the bigger picture, and live in gratitude. I highly recommend it! 

Angelina Fiordellisi, Professional Actress

New York, USA

Starseed SMS has been an insightful, astoundingly accurate, and inspiring experience that has improved the quality of my life. I am eternally grateful to Salvador Russo and his extraordinary gift.

Cheryl Hancock, Entrepreneur

August 2nd, 2017 - USA

I love Starseed SMS every month. It is so insightful and right on. I look forward to it and when it comes it’s like an eye opening to the next few weeks. A lot of times we struggle with day to day stuff. When I get the info in my phone I know where it’s all coming from and then I can plan out my month. If you don't do anything with getting info then just do this. It’s very accurate and not of the normal astrology reports. And by the way, Salvador has been very accurate in his readings, and so has his wife Amari. 

Carmen Sonnes, Professional Artist

June 7th, 2017 - Arizona, USA

One of the best gifts I've given myself was to sign up for Starseed SMS. Salvador's insight into the stars' messages is spot on, as I have discovered time and again. Perhaps the greatest takeaway for me is the lyrical dimension Starseed SMS has added to my life; events, trends, lessons, all of these now unfold as part of a much bigger and exciting picture. I honestly feel delight and anticipation each time I see a new Starseed Astrology SMS come in.

Violet Norris, Professional Psychic

Houston, USA

It is with great pleasure that I tell you about the wonderful services of Salvador Russo. I subscribe to Starseed SMS and find it to be invaluable. Salvador has a unique connection to the stars and the universal energy he taps into is genuine. Salvador weaves his magic into beautifully written insightful messages that resonate with me to my very core. I highly recommend the Starseed SMS service to you as it will help guide you on your path.


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