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Vicki Ware - Sacred Insight

September 13th, 2020 - Australia

Thank you Sal and Amari for the special forecast I received. It was the most accurate guidance I have ever encountered. Your information was candid, sincere and it definitely saved me from a serious predicament in a new business venture. Thank you for sharing your special special gift. Please consider me a devoted friend of Starseed Astrology and advocate of your work. What a gift to have found you! Much gratitude and many blessing to you both.

Stephanie Erickson - Oracle Session

July 27th, 2020

I have never had an oracle session before but was going through a very uncomfortable transition in my life and was seeking clarity. I saw an advertisement on the Starseed Astrology Facebook page for an oracle reading so I jumped at it. The timing was perfect.


The session really validated that I was on the right path doing all the right things and that the discomfort I was feeling was just a part of the process. It really helped me let go of things that no longer served me, the things I was holding on so tightly to. I was hurting myself and tiring myself out.


With this knowledge being brought into my awareness, I was able to transcend higher in my life and career than I ever dreamed possible. Amari's gifts are authentic and she saw things that I had already planned for my life (but did not tell anyone as I was afraid that it would not come to life).


It has now been a few months since our session and I feel like I have been reborn into the woman that I was always becoming. I feel strong, beautiful, intelligent and confident. I will be seeking her guidance as needed on my journey and I encourage anyone and everyone who is struggling with some sort of blockage to speak to Amari. She is a true gem! 

Jill Jaynes - Oracle Session, Portent

July 26, 2020

There are times in life when you wonder how did I get here? My life was in turmoil as a doctor, I had waived copays and deductibles thinking that I could help more patients. Well it is illegal and I was charged with five felonies and was facing 40 years in prison for my illegal actions.

I reached out to Sal and Amari because they are ‘out of the box’ humans. Their accurate astrological and psychic readings eased my worries as best as they could about six months before the courts answered my prayers. They had determined with their accurate evaluation of my energy and astrological placements that the courts would place lighter restrictions on me which they did.

This was priceless information that soothed my soul and brought hope into my mind. Do you have a burning question about your life? Ask Sal and Amari as they were absolutely spot on with me! These are people you can trust even in the direst of situations. Cheers to the love, faith and accurate information that these two provide to those of us struggling with paralyzing fear.

Scott Bell - Oracle Sessions

June 16, 2020 - USA

I’ve recently had the good fortune to spend time with Amari in my second Oracle session. I can’t think of a more apt name for her service... Oracle!  Most of my descriptors for her work with me are inadequate to convey the knowingness one has when confronted with her light.  


Here’s an example of her abilities. In my first session, I sought help with interpretation of a recurring dream, a dream that's been reoccurring over a span of three decades. She knew the meaning... almost casually.


It took me several weeks of reflection on her words to fully understand what had happened. Yes, she interpreted the dream, but beyond that, she transformed a stressful, negative situation into one of love and light! Just like that y’all! She’s good!

Judith Peters - Jupiter Calendar

May 20th, 2020 - USA

I am astounded at the detail that Sal has presented to me through his interpretation of my birth chart along with his intuitive calendar of my transits for this year. His work is not only detailed but his interpretation brings a person, who is a novice to astrology, into mindful engagements with the higher forces at work in their lives.

Since receiving his reading I have experienced a myriad of coincidences that have reinforced my understanding of his visions that have made me realize that “there are no coincidences!” Every time this happens I smile with a warm heart and know that his insights are as real as the sky is blue.  

I truly believe that Sal is gifted, that he is an instrument of a higher calling and that his purpose is to shine the light of God’s great wisdom on other's lives so they too can become aware of their place in this beautiful universe we call home. I am forever your follower and I am truly proud to be a part of the Starseed Astrology family.

With the warmest regards,

Judith Peters     

Melinda Weber - Key of Destiny

April 25th, 2020 - USA

I purchased the Key of Destiny service from Sal about a year ago. I must say it has proven to be an invaluable tool over the past year for planning and focusing energy and efforts regarding my career, love life and finances! As predicted, I have changed careers from a soul depleting industry into a soul fulfilling new health business venture that was launched in conjunction with an alignment that Sal highly suggested as being optimal as it related to a very special Jupiter event!

I simply cannot recommend his service enough for burning questions about your soul path and which house to align with for optimal success! Sal goes above and beyond in answering questions and offering wise crystals for best outcomes. Absolutely superb!”

Ignatius Vige - Jupiter VIP

September 12th, 2018 - USA

I've waited over a year to write this review. I wanted to give the advice I received from Sal and Amari time to percolate through my life to see how things unfolded. Now, 15 months down the road, I AM ASTOUNDED! Their insights proved to be highly accurate, their information highly useful.


These two are a dynamic duo and if you're serious about how you engage with your own life, engage them! In May of 2017 I had a full chart reading with Sal after having tried out one of his Key readings. At that time he carefully and patiently explained to me the influences in my chart that were about to bring about a complete overhaul and reconstitution of my life as I'd known it.


"By the end of this year your life will look completely different, NOTHING will be the same" were not just dramatic words he spoke, they completely came true. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, about my life is the same as it was at that time. New home, new relationship, new career path, new me. Wow Sal, brother, you nailed it!


At the same time Amari gave me sage advice concerning some deeply personal matters. Her words were not altogether easy to receive, but they have proved golden. I have turned back to them time and again while attempting to make sense of and work through the radical changes as they were unfolding in my life. Wow Amari, sister, you held me up!


I humbly bow to these two extraordinarily gifted and loving human beings. Your work is divinely guided, and divinely inspired. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for saying yes to your calling!!

Carmen Sonnes - Astral Business

Arizona, USA - April 5th, 2019

When I decided to test the waters and take my art business to the next level I contacted Salvador and Amari at Starseed Astrology to guide me. I found them to be knowledgeable and professional business advisors but they were also truly caring, intuitive, and committed business partners.


Salvador and Amari sat down with me and listened to my vision. Over a period of a few weeks they advised me and walked with me step-by-step through the plan we crafted together including a redesign of my rather static website into something far more attractive and inviting. 


At all times I felt heard and my input valued and honored. Regardless of the time of day they promptly responded to my questions and communications. Their gentle patience was unbelievable. Finally, on a carefully selected astrological date the three of us blessed and launched my business plan out into the universe.


This was both exciting and joyful! Within weeks I landed an exhibit in Oregon in which more than thirty of my paintings were featured. This show drew huge crowds and turned out to be the best-selling exhibit of my entire career. I rode the wave of success and felt sincerely grateful to Starseed Astrology's invaluable hand in helping me achieve this dream.


Salvador and Amari spent far more hours than I paid them to create a solid business plan for my art. Their enthusiasm, focus, and respectful manners impressed me very much. I know that I will continue to seek their advice and services in the future because for me, as a creative person, they are the perfect combination of practicality and intuitiveness.

Marija - Oracle Session

Sarajevo, Bosnia - October 26th, 2018

I remember my first session with Amari. She told me when someone is on their spiritual path dark energies will try to cut them away from Source. It is a common thing. Back then I didn't realize she was talking about me. I met Amari in a period of my life when I was at rock bottom.

I thought that I was calling her because of a love relationship problem. I was completely unaware that I was being manipulated by a man and that I was surrounded with very dark energies. They presented themselves as light and love and it was hard to see them as anything different.

Mind games are a very dangerous thing. It is a form of abuse and it is hard to get out. I was going deeper and deeper with each day and in time I felt like I was in a loop with no exit. Amari was very patient with me, trying to make me see the truth in the most loving way.

She saw through me and people that I was in a relationship with immediately. I believe that her advices (and me using them) has set me free. Later I realized I have spent over a year in some weird cult that presented demons as love and light. I felt like someone is sucking my energy and I felt more and more drained and powerless.

In the first sessions she offered me moldavite and some other crystals which I bought and meditated with them. Very soon I started seeing the truth. Everything unwrapped really quickly. Within two months I was free. We had one more session because I just needed a little push. When I saw the truth I felt so liberated, I can't remember that I ever felt something similar in my life.

I started breathing again and everything around me changed. I don't think she is aware of the blessing that she gave me. Moldavite is a very powerful crystal which doesn't make compromise with the truth. Since then I started using crystals every day. I fell in love with them and again fell in love with life.

Now, half a year later my life is beautiful. I again enjoy all the things that I was unable to before. I have left the prison I locked myself in for a while and started living an extraordinary life, following the mission that she saw me doing. I am on my soul path again. Thank you Amari from the bottom of my heart! You have no idea how much you've helped me. I am in alignment and loving life again. You are an angel for me who set me free.

Frytz & Atma Karam - Cosmic Marriage

Washington State, USA - August 18th, 2018

On May 15th, 2018 we were married surrounded by friends, family, and strangers at Golden Gardens Beach in Washington State. We manifested our wedding in 11 days with the powerful energy of the Uranus transit of Taurus as well as the energy of the new moon guiding us into divine love.


Our wedding was simple but beautiful. It was full of magic and love. Everyone that attended felt blessed. My husband and I were in awe of what the universe created for us! Our love has never been so deep and pure for one another. And we feel as if we caught a cosmic wave of energy that has taken us to a higher frequency of love and understanding.


Through our marriage we have experienced great healing within our lives and in the lives of our family members. It is nothing short of a miracle to witness such extraordinary forgiveness and healing that seemed hopeless just a few short months ago.


We cannot thank Sal enough for the cosmic marriage service and gift he has given us! Unifying our lives in this sacred and divine way will continue to carry us and bless us for the rest of our days. We are forever grateful!


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