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It’s been a while since I’ve booked an oracle session with anyone. I haven't been as active on Twitter (X) since the birth of my baby boy this past winter but I’ve been following @Starseedastro for some time now; pre-2020. Lately I’ve found myself very drawn to the powerful choice of words and intuitive messages that are posted on their page. I always knew I’d book a session with them in the future and the future is now.


The oracle session was with the beautiful Amari. I knew I wanted a session with her as soon as I scrolled the list of options on the website, simply because she’s a woman (sorry Sal lol) because I just find myself drawn to feminine energy now more than ever. Amari was wise, respectful of my energy and sooo spot on with everything she was sharing. I was specifically seeking wisdom and intuition for my business. She was able to not only tap into it right there in the moment but give me attainable steps to take towards making what I want a reality.


She also recommended a few stones and crystals. I never felt pressured in any way. It was the opposite actually. I felt extremely drawn to some the crystals and stones that are for transformation. I went ahead and bought a Moldavite pendant. The shipping was incredibly fast, reliable and obviously the customer service was 100% human and organic. Starseed Astrology has the kind of service that will open doors for you energetically as I feel it’s already done for me.


If you’re ready to begin again, reignite, launch yourself or align yourself with your higher path, this is the right place for you. I will 100% trust their services and guidance now and in the future. Amari is a master at her work and I’d recommend her to those who cross my path seeking this kind of service. 



Bella, USA, Oracle Session 10 April 2024

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Through the Oracle sessions, I have connected with Amari to receive her divine guidance when I was standing at a ‘fork in the road’ and uncertain in which direction to take my life. These were ideal times to seek Amari’s valuable insight and perspective. She helped me choose the best direction to take. She confirmed which industry has the highest potential for my career, encouraging me to move forward with new employment opportunities.


One aspect of Amari’s incredible psychic abilities is the way she can feel a person’s energy through a photo. As a result, Amari could forewarn of complicated partnerships and relationship difficulties in both my professional and personal life, thus saving me from financial, legal and emotional hardship.  


Amari made unique crystal recommendations that divinely benefit my specific needs, as well as essential oils and supplements to enhance my general well being, sleep and cognitive functioning. Amari delivered such accurate, professional service that was versatile and tailored towards my specific questions. One of Amari’s visions was confirmed within 24hrs of receiving her reading! 


She responded in a timely manner and was very accommodating with the scheduling of sessions across different time zones. Combined with Starseed’s other high quality services by Sal, I follow their advice very seriously and with great outcomes! I highly recommend Mystic Amari’s Oracle sessions and become the receiver of her cosmic love and light!


“Shiny” Japan 7 March 2024 

Shiny Japan IMG.jpg

Starseed Astrology has been a part of my life for nearly nine years, when I first signed up for the Starseed SMS. Over time, I noticed how reliable Sal’s predictions were playing out in my own life with accuracy so I also signed up for the premium horoscopes and found that these two services  compliment each other very well, in helping navigate my day-to-day life. For the past 4 years, the addition of having the Future Forecast has further enhanced navigating key dates and action to take, month by month, for the year ahead.

When I had concerns about experiencing negative working conditions, Sal gained insight into future working conditions upon study of the 6th house and reassured me that I have many positive influences ahead with respect to  health and work. He gave very specific guidance on self-care, supplements, crystals for added protection and wellness benefit and improvement to particular health systems which I heeded and so far remain in amazing health. Due to Sal’s incredibly accurate insight which forewarned a possible false health diagnosis, I was able to avoid a medical crisis after seeking several alternative opinions as strongly advised by Sal.

I booked the career clarity service at a time when there was much frustration and limitations in my daily working life. Sal reassured me that my current profession perfectly resonates with the sacred work that God always meant for me to do. Sal linked significant dates and timelines with precision to contract signing, resignations and warned of red flags when working with particular employers, and how they limited my highest professional success by strongly suggesting that I should choose another path and join a better workplace.


Sal also foretold of potential professional and financial misfortune should I depart a particular employer prematurely thus saving a loss of income or financial hardship. Sal explained to me how the world remains in an adverse time as many of the outer planets are still retrograde, Jupiter included, and that this is why I was experiencing adversity with career and contracts right now, but a phenomenon Sal reassured me is temporary in my life and causative of a positive transition in my future career.


Sal was able to see in my chart when sudden issues with contracts occurred but reassure me that good things are ahead. I am entering the second year of a two year cycle that Sal predicts I will receive a tremendous amount of divine grace and professional justice that will cement me in my perfect position. Uncannily, the timeframe that Sal set out for my dream position opening for me is becoming true. As I write this review, I have received a job offer with a new employer starting in April 2024.


This is exactly when Sal saw that transiting Jupiter and Uranus will both be conjunct my sacred labor, and that this is a once-in-a-lifetime alignment of benefic planets where God will gift me my perfect academic working environment where I may permanently remain with until I retire. Because of Sal’s reliable accuracy I continue to make informed decisions with confidence about my career choices.

Sal’s counsel has been accurate and beneficial to me over the years. His response time is very professional with clear communication. He patiently answers the many questions I ask after receiving his services. As a result of Sal’s guidance and insight, I have become increasingly observant of my life through astrology and I am able to make informed decisions with confidence. 


I am developing wisdom and cosmic consciousness through accessing a multitude of the high quality services that Starseed Astrology offers, and as a result, I am benefiting greatly in many areas of my life. 


"Shiny", Japan, 6 February 2024

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Don’t book the shorter session If you can help it, you’ll be wishing you had more time to vibe high with Amari. Her warm and positive presence made me feel a sense of calm and being right at home. A few major goosebump chills of affirmation and a sense of weight lifted made me certain I’d be booking another session before the one I was in even ended. Also their shop is so well curated with beautiful photography and intentional pieces, it’s clear to see the passion these Starseeds have for their creation and the souls that they inspire. 🙏 much love and gratitude


Marshall, USA, Oracle Session, 28 Nov 23

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I have been following Sal and Amari for the past 7 years, which I am eternally grateful for. The wisdom that they share is beyond profound and priceless. Their social media is always right over the target in terms of the spiritual warfare we are engaged in; delivered with faith, their message wards off the doom and gloom perspective certain forces wish to push.


The Key of Victory service has been a complete game changer! Sal delivered this at such a perfect time during the hardest point of my life. This has strengthened my relations to God in a way that words cannot describe. I have been paying close attention to alignments with the Sun, which has provided deeper points of connection. The more I have followed through with the core aspect of my KoV, countering and overcoming evil has become much more efficient.


The SMS service has been very helpful as we receive present time detailed insights on transits, highlighting precise dates of fortune or when to be vigilant of adversity. Also, the Sacred Insight service was also great. I asked a fairly pointed question and Sal was able to expand on it a lot. He was able to touch upon many different areas of my astrology in a very clear and concise manner.


Their crystal boutique is top of the line. I have bought several pieces from them and they have all been exceptionally high quality. Using them in meditation has helped to open up doors to the Inner Kingdom. The pendants have been beautifully faceted and wire wrapped.

sean, usa, key of victory, starseed sms, sacred insight, gems, 25 nov 23

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Amari and Sal provided an incredibly insightful astrology/psychic reading that delved into various aspects of my life including health, employment, and future prospects. They offered great guidance on career and study paths that could lead to a better life for both my children and I. It is impressive how they incorporate astrology to help you make informed decisions, such as the ideal timing for purchasing property based on astrological alignments.


Additionally, their knowledge of crystals and their psychic abilities added an extra layer of depth to the session, providing valuable insights into future events. I recommend them to anyone looking for not only guidance but an extremely healing and enlightening experience. Thank you.

Suzanne, Gemini session, Australia, August 24th, 2023

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I received an Oracle session from Amari a year and a half ago. My oldest had just started his freshman year of college to receive a business management degree. During my reading, my son kept popping up. She told me that he was going to be involved in plant healing. My son is now a plant biology major and excelling. He's been on the Dean's list every semester and has earned a prestigious scholarship.


Amari's insight and vision is outstanding. She prophesied my business that opened 8 months ago. Everything has come to fruition. Amari has a beautiful, divinely led gift."

Beth, Oracle session, USA, June 28th, 2023


I had an incredible astrology/psychic reading with the beautiful Amari from Starseed Astrology. I have been following Amari and her husband Sal, for years. They are very unique in that they do astrology of current world events, including politics and it is truly mind blowing how they predict things that come true. If you don't follow them already you should. 

My reading with Amari blew me away, she knew so much about me, my past, my future, and my relationship troubles as well as my life's purpose. I found the reading comforting and very positive and its made me very excited about the future.

My breakup was written in the stars, an end of an 18 year cycle and whilst its been tough, it was all meant to be and to make way for a happier life with someone else, whenever that may be. 

My life has always been about relationship struggles and how I must overcome them. The time is now, to do the work and I really am. Amari also chose specific crystals for me to help with certain issues that they have sourced from the best suppliers around the world. It was a truly special reading! If anyone is feeling a bit lost, this will be the best money you have ever spent! 

Anna, Juno session, Australia, June 13th, 2023

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Thank you for my Future Forecast for the coming year. This is the second time I’ve ordered this service from you and I wouldn’t want to be without it. Seeing the major astrological aspects and influences throughout the year helps me feel confident that I’ll get through challenging times, and help me take advantage of aspects working in my favor. Thank you!

Alexa, Future Forecast, USA, June 3rd, 2023

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I have been following Starseed Astrology for a few years now, I first came across them on Twitter and was amazed at their posts. I started to get into astrology a few years prior and I fell in love with the way Sal expressed certain transits, or aspects, etc. I became so interested in their company! I felt so amazed that I found a company with such deep knowledge and with them both being 100% amazing, trusting people. Their story is very inspiring and I will continue to get services from them!


Sal did half of the Genesis astrology reading for me and was able to analyze my chart and make connections on my past, present and future. I was amazed at the accuracy from Sal. He was able to look into areas of career that are best options for me and how they even correlate to my past life careers. He even pointed out that I had "Jupiter in Aquarius trine to my  9th house fortune in Gemini" meaning that I needed learn about myself and career through Astrology which is completely accurate.  


My past and upbringing as a child was mentioned and it was amazing to be able to have someone be able to make that connection from my chart. I am a huge fan of Sal’s knowledge and cannot wait until the day where I can learn his methods! I will definitely be using him again! 

Isabella, Future Forecast, Astro Intuitive, USA, May 11th, 2023

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Speaking with Amari was truly a healing experience for me. Having someone who understands all the perspectives of what you are discussing and having amazing feedback was one of the greatest feelings. I have been very lost for years and have experienced a lot of traumatic events in my life and have not been able to figure out where to start on my healing journey. Amari instructed me on where to start, and even told me the crystals that would help me which was very interesting to learn about!


I will definitely be getting into crystal alchemy now that I have more of an understanding. I had one similar experience to Amari involving a car crash so she was extremely empathetic to how the trauma affected me and my growth. My favorite thing I learned from her today regarding the traumatic events was to focus on changing my mindset and to not let fear take over me. She could see that I was overwhelmed and still consumed with fear and that I need to fight the dark shadows surrounding me and focus on healing. 


Amari was able to understand the current issues in my life with certain people and was able to see how the relationship would turn out. She instructed me on the best methods of approaching these relationships. Amari was able to see my boyfriend’s personality traits and thought processes, and also his interests and career. Everything she said about my boyfriend was 100% accurate, it was actually very crazy to witness!


Even for myself she was able to see the person I am, and the person I will become, and my future ahead. I have been a slave to going to “college” when that is truly not my passion and she advised me to head towards my true dream career. A session with Amari is more than any typical reading, I felt like I was being completely understood and that I had someone that finally understood how I felt and taught me how to heal myself. I will 100% come to Amari again and recommend her to my friends. I truly am grateful for this session because I am excited to start my path on healing! 

Isabella, Genesis Session, USA, May 11th, 2023


Sal and Amari provided an in-depth Misfortune reading. It’s the first time that I’ve had a reading like this. They discovered some important events and themes that could cause harm. It was a relief to receive their guidance to create good fortune by certain preemptive actions to avoid misfortune.


First, they prepared me for possible fires in or around my home or business property and to be sure to have proper insurance. This was amazing because a fire actually broke out at a building very close to one of my properties! Luckily through prayer of protection, the use of crystals and wisdom, the event turned-out alright for me and no one was hurt in the fire.


Second, I was in a hotel about the time of one of the dates that they mentioned and the fire alarm went off! Instead of panicking I was calm, feeling that I would be safe. It turned out to be nothing but not until the firemen checked and cleared the building.


Last, they named specific health issues of familiar things that I’ve dealt with in my life. Therefore, I use conscious efforts to take extra care of myself. Transiting planets like Jupiter in Aries, Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces could have negative consequences in my chart. Sal and Amari's reading, heads up alerts and suggested remedies provided peace of mind.


There is some time yet remaining for certain transits but thanks to Sal and Amari I feel a sense of security for being ready for what might happen and a new strength believing that I am protected. Sal and Amari are kind Christians, they are a very intuitive and talented astrologer/psychic couple. I would highly recommend a consultation with them.

Max, Key of Misfortune, Career Clarity, USA, May 2nd, 2023

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Working with Sal & Amari was a benefit to me at a point in my life when I needed clarification and direction. Their combined knowledge provides a well-rounded and balanced view for both of their services. I worked with Sal, who has an innate sense of what supports us on our paths based on the stars, and Amari is a truly gifted seer. I also appreciated their attention to detail when I hired them to shop for crystals for my home at the Tucson Gem Show. I recommend them to support you where ever you are on your path.

Lisa, Multiple Services, USA, April 23rd, 2023

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Many people don't know this but many years ago, before we ever founded Starseed Astrology, Amari gave me the most profound psychic prediction that I ever received in my life. She told me when we first met, before I ever started working in astrology, that I was destined to become a world famous astrologer.

I didn't take it to heart at the time but now that I've actually become a successful and fairly well known professional astrologer I have to reflect and give credit to my psychic wife for her tremendously accurate insight. When I learned the destiny formula I could actually see how her stars activate my destiny - and she ended up telling it to me clear as day.

A lot of you see me out front with the writing but I assure you that Amari is a greatly gifted Christian seer who has her own magical way of knowing things about people. So let the record stand that I am Amari's greatest living testimonial. She called it from the beginning before I ever took up my calling in astrology. Eternal props to her, I love you Amari

Should any of you be seeking a deep, sacred and accurate read on your life or purpose consider a consult with Mystic Amari. Her popular Oracle sessions are available for booking through our services page. In hindsight she gave me the awareness and the push to start the greatest spiritual and professional chapter of my life, "divinely revolutionary" are the words that come to mind.

I love you Amari, super honor to you always. 

Astrologer Salvador Russo, Amari's First Oracle Session, April 15th, 2023

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I have had many birth chart readings before but none of them gave me the profound insights that Sal's Astrology 101 did. I have followed Sal's readings for a couple of years, especially the geopolitical ones which are excellent, but only recently invested in a reading for myself. When I received my reading I was amazed at how strongly it confirmed what I believe is my true calling - psychology, coaching, and training - and it caused me to refocus my business on these service offerings.


There were a couple of things that didn't completely resonate - suggesting a resistance to change which is the opposite of who I am. I actually welcome change as my life path has demonstrated. Overall I would give this reading 5 stars and Sal is definitely my go-to astrologer. I highly recommend him and wouldn't consult anyone else.


When I read my Key of Sacred Labor reading it gave me chills. Several years ago I changed my branding for my spiritual coaching and teaching business to The Success Alchemist. When I read the report it said I am meant to be "a glorious student and teacher of the alchemical process to a mass international audience". Wow, what a confirmation! I confess I had not been promoting myself as much as I should have and Sal's reading gave me a boost of confidence that this truly is my calling.


Since then I have resolved to remove all other distractions and focus on this. As a result, many opportunities have arisen that I have taken advantage of and I believe I'm now moving my business to a whole different level thanks to the confirmation I received in Sal's reading. 


I have had an inkling of my purpose since 2010 but this reading absolutely confirmed it and has given me the confidence and inspiration to move forward in a much bigger way. It is an absolute sea change and I am so grateful to Sal for his excellent reading which has been the catalyst for this.

Jan, Astrology 101 + Key of Sacred Labor, April 13th, 2023 - UK


I ordered the Uranian horoscope and Astrology 101 report from Sal, having had one of the free ones but I wanted more in depth accurate analysis to support my inner-standing of my astrological stamp. Sal's report has given me a lot more precise information and there were a couple of differences with your standard report which I found insightful.


As well as the detailed report, which I am happy to say I am on the right path, Sal was very kind and supportive and shared my Fortune Sign and House and again so insightful and makes complete sense to me! And in some ways it is healing because this is how I feel my abundance is meant to be. The report and extra guidance from Sal compliments my intuition and to keep trusting in myself and my own divine guidance.


Thank you Sal and Starseed Astrology, I definitely recommend your services because of the purity of energy and depth of information that you share. 

Delyth, Astrology 101 - April 13th, 2023 - UK


Even if you are well aware of what your mission or life purpose is the Key of Sacred Labor is an important investment in your professional life. Many of us are at different places when it comes to balancing and integrating the material and spiritual pursuits. I say this because as someone who is very connected to their mission this service is beyond invaluable due to Sal’s deep understanding of an individual’s celestial and earthly power points where heaven and earth open up to support a timeline that is beyond imagination.


Many times one is blessed to be in the right field to make money, but not the best for spiritual growth, other times it is solid spiritually and the money is really a struggle bus. I say this from my own experience. The Key to Sacred Labor deeply highlights where you have the most celestial and earthly support to manifest your highest timeline, resulting in a serious reduction of professional discomfort.


During the biggest spiritual and economical upheaval of anyone’s lifetime having a rare and dedicated alchemist working to make sure you have the insight to make deeply knowledgeable and energetically supported decisions is beyond valuable. Highly recommended, especially as the Age of Aquarius heat up. 

Hector, Key of Sacred Labor (Hermetic Astrology), - 3/10/23 - USA

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I have followed Sal and Amari for close on 4 years now and have done so due to the accuracy of their forecasts in my life. I have noticed in recent times how definitively my life is intertwined into the stars. I like many others did not want to delve into this paradigm due to my religious background, however I have always enjoyed Sal's close connection to God and Jesus.


I have just read a very interesting book by Dolores Cannon called Jesus and the Essenes and was very comforted by the knowledge that the Essenes matched marriages via there stars as well as directed pathways of learning according to birth charts. There is still so much that needs to be uncovered and shared to a thirsty audience and Sal and Amari are such beautiful souls here to do just that.

Melanie, Multiple Services, - 3/4/23 - USA

Bobbi C.jpg

Sal’s guidance showed me where my Key of Sacred Labor is located in my natal chart. Discovering what my sacred work is geared toward helps to clarify so many questions that I have been struggling with. This guidance was delivered on the day of the new moon in Pisces which was conjunct with my 1st house Fate at 1 Pisces, conjunct with my Athena in Pisces and trined my 9th house in Venus. This was such an auspicious timing for this information to come through!


Sal’s work answered so many questions as well as provided me with clarification to certain struggles, thoughts and ideas that I’ve been coming up against lately as I concentrate on my direction. Additionally, Sal shared a vision that came to him as he was working on this information for me. It was such a blessing and provided great validation for me in response to information that I received during my own daily meditations.


I am beyond grateful to the wisdom and service that Sal provided me with his Key of Sacred Labor reading and the ongoing learning and guidance he brings to everyone. For those who have sought to know where their sacred work is focused, or to look at other areas more in depth, I highly recommend seeking out guidance from Sal with any questions that you have. His accuracy, professionalism and level of commitment to his work is beyond compare.

Bobbi, Key of Sacred Labor, - 2/21/23 - USA

Amari Glasses.jpg

I highly recommend booking a session with Amari. I just had my second one with her yesterday, and it’s even hard for me to put into words how enlightening and so incredible it was to talk with her. She connects immediately with you and you can sense her deep caring and knowing of who you are.

There were so many synchronicities that led me to booking a session with her! Last August I bought a pair of glasses from Warby Parker and the name brand of that specific pair was Amari! At the time the name stood out to me, but I didn’t give it much more thought. But before our session yesterday it came back to me about the glasses…. I looked at them and confirmed the name brand of the glasses sure enough is “Amari”!!!!


I told her that story at the beginning of our session and I said, “I think the universe was trying to tell me that a woman by the name of Amari would help me see things more clearly”Also, my name is Maria, so her name and mine have the same letters in it! All so cool! My husband and I are looking to make a lot of changes in our life in the near future, moving and creating a community center ….. and her guidance was so valuable.

My husband and I want to get Donkeys on the property at the center. We’ve been looking at donkeys for the past 6 months and have done so much research on what a great animal they are. We’ve watched YouTube videos of donkeys and they’ve made us so happy. It has brought so much joy and laughter in our lives. I never mentioned that to Amari. I was in shock when she said “I see you guys having a bunch of donkeys!” I got chills!

With the insight of Sal too, they looked at my astrological chart in conjunction with my plans and wow! Everything is in alignment. There were so many other things we talked about it was incredible. I’m feeling so excited about things ahead and I’m so grateful to have found her! Thank you!

Much love,

Maria, Oracle Sessions, 1/21/23 - USA


I was instructed to contact Amari upon waking from a very vivid dream.  I chose the Genesis service because I had plateaued on every level and wasn’t able to see a path forward. I was very apprehensive about sharing my psychic space with a stranger but Amari is very professional and quickly put me at ease.


I burst into tears near the end of the session when she mentioned that I “wasn’t making enough music.” I played the bassoon semi-professionally for years, but in 2007 I packed up my instrument and put it away. I was no longer able to make beautiful music because I was devastated by the loss of a loved one and the spark of light that lives inside my heart went out. 


Amari made valuable dietary, lifestyle, meditation and crystal recommendations in addition to encouraging me to pick up my bassoon again. I listened. I made changes. My life started moving forward again. Even my bean plants are happy. Since then, I have booked additional services. Amari is accurate, insightful, professional, warm and compassionate. 

Michelle, Genesis, Oracle Sessions, - 1/14/23 - USA

Katherline Schlagal IMG.jpg

I have struggled to write this review, because the far reaching impact Sal’s reading has had on my life in a relatively short period of time goes beyond what words can express.


Sal’s reading for me told me where my Key of Destiny was located in my natal chart. Discovering what my purpose is in this life, and how I can be most of service of others, has long been on my mind and heart.


Sal’s reading came to me when Uranus was in an exact sextile to my sun. I know this was a powerful transit as the light of this reading rocked my world and jumpstarted me on the path I had been seeking for so long. I had been dancing around this path already, but the wisdom and insight Sal provided me gave me a laser focus vision and the confidence to begin what I had thought I was meant to be doing.


In the weeks and months which followed, insights and inspiration poured into my life, and this process hasn’t stopped. I officially started my business, and the destiny written in my chart laid the groundwork for the Mission of my business. Now, every time new inspiration comes for things to create, and ways I can serve others through my work, I see how clearly it is written in my stars. It has been immensely encouraging and illuminating.


I am now doing the work I had dreamed of doing for years as God guided me to everything I needed to learn, study, and prepare. I am so grateful to the wisdom and service Sal provided me, and the ongoing learning and light he brings to those he teaches. For those who have sought to know their own purpose in this life, I can’t recommend this service enough.

Katherine, Key of Destiny - 1/1/23 - USA

Adrian Cugliari.jpg

I've engaged with Sal for a few services which Starseed Astrology offers. Each and every time I've been immensely impressed with what Sal has delivered. His insight, dedication, perfection and commitment to his craft is truly second to none.

No stone is left unturned and you are made to feel truly valued by Sal's readings. It doesn't stop with just the reading but Sal's follow up guidance and his care, ensuring the customer is satisfied is what really sets him apart from the rest. 

I'm honoured to be a loyal customer of Starseed Astrology.

Adrian, Multiple Services, - 12/7/22 - Australia


My aunt had asked some questions to Sal at Starseed Astrology for my daughter and me about ten years ago. I remember they were fascinating back then. I discovered them again this month and was really blown away by the accuracy. He had said go to the doctor and I ended up going 4 months later for my endocrine system which he had told me. I should have gone right away when I read it but it's okay.


I am also going to school now for what he had said would make the most difference for others and my destiny. Finding this out now has really helped me relax and feel better, that I am going in the correct direction. As of my daughter, he gave us the same great information, and positive affirmation of her life choices. It helps to know we are on the right track. 

I also love Sal's kind words. He has a great way of communicating these ideas and I can tell he is a very caring person. I will continue to get readings as time goes on and feel they can really help see a bigger picture. Thank you Sal!

Rebecca, Multiple Services,  - 11/19/22 - USA

Erin Mewshaw.jpg

I have been using Sal's astrology services for the past few years and continue to ask for direct guidance with major career and relationship decisions. He has been spot on about big events in my life including when and where to relocate as well as potential hardships that are on the horizon.


I also subscribe to his SMS text service and get monthly updates that are highly insightful and valuable to things going on in my life and around the world. I will continue to seek advice from him on any future business decisions, life partners, or career moves moving forward. Once you realize the power and importance of astrology, it is impossible to ignore its value and not use it to your advantage.


Apart from multiple astrology readings I have bought numerous crystal jewelry pieces that his wife Amari has made. The quality of the stones are impeccable and you can feel the energy as soon as you hold it or put the jewelry on. Every time I wear the necklaces, I always have people ask me where I bought them. Sal and Amari are the best!

Erin, Multiple Services & crystals,  - 11/1/22 - USA


I purchased the Uranian Astrology Deluxe Reading and what a great choice that was! Sal is extremely accurate and most importantly, very connected to source. The reading was out of this world and comedically insightful.


All of my questions were answered with grace and care. Sal is deep in his Magnum Opus, I can’t recommend his service enough, as it is truly one of a kind and it will transform you. I will definitely spread the word.   

Hector, Uranian Deluxe,  - 10/24/22 - USA


Such an educational and lovely reading I received from Sal. The quality of this service and obvious care that goes into each reading is apparent- I would absolutely book another reading!

Lexi, Delphi,  - 8/31/22 - USA

Vocalist in Curls

I have purchased several readings from Sal and they are the most thorough, spot on astrological readings I’ve ever had! Sal’s unique lens and Uranian astrology perspective provides powerful and clear information and guidance. He shares the good, the bad and the ugly as well as ideas on how best to navigate. These readings are wonderful to purchase for yourself, but also make a meaningful, one of a kind gift for a cherished family member or friend. His work is precise, in depth and well worth the wait! Highly recommended! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bridgette, Delphi, Custom Calendars - 7/27/22 - USA

Alara Areli IMG.jpg

I ordered a Delphi service two years back and was very impressed with the detail and accuracy provided. Sal is first class with his insights and intuitions - they are personal and relevant and he really focuses on providing quality in the service. You can feel he is absolutely genuine and having followed on Telegram for awhile, I know he has a depth of understanding many do not.


I asked about marriage and career at the time and was accurately warned about attempts that were likely to be made to deceive me of my true love, I didn't want to hear that, and even though I shut my ears a little I can say he was absolutely right! His career prediction brought me to tears as I really felt on a soul level this was exactly what I came to do and it was wonderful to have it confirmed to me.


I'm very thankful to have found Sal and look forward to engaging further services, I've just signed up for the Starseed SMS and look forward to expanding my own knowledge :)

Alara, Delphi - 6/21/22 - Australia


Sal's astrology work has blown me away. His knowledge, language and expertise is like no other. If you are looking for a world class astrologer, look no further! So far I have received the 'Sacred Insight' and 'Delphi' services.


Both have been incredibly accurate, beautifully written and confirming. Starseed Astrology is by far my favorite source for planetary news and updates. Thank you so much and I look forward to my next service!!!!

Jaclyn Scaccia, Sacred Insight + Delphi - 4/7/22 - USA

Dani Veas

To describe the work of Salvador and all the tools that Starseed Astrology provides one might need to take a deep breath. I have been personally enjoying Sal’s services and insights from a while now (5 years) and the accuracy of his work and the divine alchemy that one can see through all the services provided is something unique that every soul connected to its own source of love should count on.

The serious astrologers are hard to find and for me, being a very rational woman, its even more difficult to be satisfied. I have been blessed with the suggestions made by Sal and Amari on the crystal properties and now my ability to connect, meditate and pray is reaching a higher level and I am very grateful for that. Also, during suffering times of my life I have been able to find helpful advices through the horoscope and this tool is very powerful considering the accuracy of Sal.


I will always be grateful for having the chance to access the deep knowledge and truth soul of Sal and Amari and I absolutely advise all the readers to go deeper with their pathways into spiritual connection and awareness, accompanied by Salvador.

Professora Daniela Veas, Former Chilean Government Official - 3/8/22 - Chile

ella mcelwee

Thank you beyond measure for my Delphi service. I want to shout from the rooftops! Understanding more about how to navigate my cosmic years with the most enlightening solar return chart is pure JOY! So appreciate your service and will continue to tell friends to do the same.

Dr. Ella McElwee, Delphi, 2/22/2022 - USA


I've been following Starseed Astrology for a few years. I’ve previously received various birth chart services from Sal and was beyond impressed with Uranian Astrology that I signed up to receive Starseed Astrology texts. Just by looking at my birth chart, Sal was able to see that I have suffered the death of a sibling and was able to pin point specific turning point dates in my life (one of which was the exact day I went out on my first date with my now husband). The text messaging service has expanded my knowledge vastly. I’m able to keep up with the different transits and navigate my crazy life with more ease. 


On November 4th, I received a reading from Amari. I’ve been teetering on some big life decisions. Not only did I receive the answers I was looking for… but something Mystical happened. My oldest son is in his first year of college. He kept popping up in my reading so Amari went with it. She described my son to a T. She told me about his struggles with picking a major and told me that his future is in medicinal plant healing. After telling my son about my reading, he was floored. He said he had been praying for 2 weeks for God to “slap him in the face with a sign" as to what area he should study in school.


The night before my reading, my son was grounding himself nature when he heard a voice in his head that he needed to study plants and bring healing to people. And in that moment, he said he felt God and saw God in all life. My son felt that my reading was the second sign from God that he needed. He changed his major the next day (the last day of the year to do so.) My reading with Amari changed my family's life. It sparked a deeper understanding of God’s presence in my son’s life.


I will definitely receive another reading from Amari and I will continue to purchase the different services offered regarding my birth chart. Thank you Amari and Sal! You guys are the real deal and I’m beyond thankful for you both. 

Beth, Multiple Services, 11/30/21 - USA

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I truly enjoyed my Super Solar Return. It was an enlightening way to connect with my year to come. I especially loved how Sal depicted my year, full of blessings and a good amount of opportunity, thanks to the aspects, special astrological degrees and planets in focus, along with the deities. I particularly appreciate how all throughout this service I could see, especially now once the year is concluded, that my life was supported and “in good hands” no matter the outer circumstances.

I can say my carrier and work go along without major obstacles and, as Sal predicted repeatedly in many ways thanks to different astrological components, someone in authority managed to employ me and try to support me even when the only things to do was to act otherwise. Following my beliefs, deep seated ideas and lifestyle approach, I refused to arrive at compromises, a fact that once again Sal advised me, specifically when he talked about an “aggressive pursuit” and to a “seduction attempt”.

He pointed out it was also for future generations and for my country, a fact that was widely remarked as an important business as well as a new way of service that I think I will be able to properly develop in the years ahead, a future vision I found again when I read the Super Solar Return for this year and that I dearly contemplated. In fact, and especially now when I can see with a higher perspective, Sal's words resonate deeply with my being, well before I said to him anything about my life or any decisions I have made.

Sal was perfectly capable in reading my year, if not to say specially talented, to understand me and my lifepath, not to mention the “behind the scenes” astrological events and truths, to the extent that I start to have a marvelous glimpse now. Sal, in an easy way, can certainly provide the vision to let you see the real you as a feedback of what will be unfolded as a cosmic potential, in negative or in positive, for a birthday to the next and beyond.

When during the reading I found references to future probable occurrences of a malevolent nature I wasn't scared at all, I just thought about them as a very good advice given to me in order to avoid displeasures or fears. Sal is capable to indicate even the months which they were likely to happen, and I can attest some where possible to take place considering only my character and my general attitude.

One sadly coincided with the death of my beloved dog, an event I wasn't expecting due to a disease and lately other new complications diagnosticated merely the month before. Sal warned also about tarots and the possible negative influence they could represent as a portal to “dark form of spirituality”, not knowing it is a practice I still do a little and used to do especially in the near past as also a way to develop my intuition; again a part of my little daily routine Sal wasn't aware of at all.

Another fact that simply left me astounded is concerning my natal Mars; often I found myself idly thinking about how this planet impacts my astrological chart. Sal answered through this service with an affirmation I was just hoping to hear, having reasonably judged the outcome in an impossible way, so it was a pleasant and very welcomed surprise. I was interested to note the calming effect that I had upon some friends in search of peace, the same tranquility I, subconsciously, had during this solar year. I supposed mostly to attribute to the same person (or people if I'm right) that let me rest assured I was safely cared about, as Sal predicted, again; a sensation if I can call it this way, that still pervades me.

I appreciated to find a real life a correlation between the description of my astrological year and to realize why things happened the way he illustrated. The advices were spot on and they let me understand the reason why certain facts were possible the way they happened, thanks also to the psychic influence that this service is thoroughly permeated. I decided to share examples of my experiences as a means for others to know how this service is incredibly accurate, passionate and empathic in the writing, clear, easy to comprehend and enjoyable to read.

Sal can reach the true essence of what is orchestrating through the stars by God, a lovely tapestry that is beneficial to comprehend how we can attain spiritual evolution with repercussions on the physical and terrestrial planes. I've never doubted for one single moment what was written or what had transpired wasn't the truth or trustworthy. On the contrary, I always have a deep sensation, an underlying knowing, even soothing, that Sal's words were straight to the point and real.

So, I encourage to others to try the Super Solar Return with an open heart and to catch also the implicit connections capable of harmonizing our being and to help plan our life. Sal’s Super Solar Return can indicate what is highly possible during the year to occur and let us know, especially if we read between the lines, what we are supposed to be and to do that will steadily progress us ahead, toward our best path of evolution.

Octavia Ferrari, Super Solar Return, 11/29/21 - Italy


I recently had a session with Amari and I think my words to my husband afterwards was “WOW! Amari is so connected with Source and helping so many people”. I have been working with healers, psychics, etc… for quite some time and I would say that Amari is right up there with my team of “angels’ that have helped me through this human experience. 


Amari is quite easy to talk to, an open listener and point on with her downloads and communication of the information. A few things that she told me were also confirmed by other healers I’ve worked with which makes all of this even more affirming that I am on the right path personally.


I can’t wait for my next session to dive deeper into what my evolving career will entail. She shared an insight of what’s to come already and it sounds pretty exciting. I highly recommend Amari for her guidance, professionalism and passion driven expertise. 

Lala, Oracle Session, 10/20/21 - USA


I have followed Sal at Starseed Astrology for several years. His articles delve much more deeply than most in the astrology world. I find him to be one of the most accurate astrologers that I follow. Recently, I reached out to Sal to inquire if a synastry report could be done between two relatives who are not romantically involved. My goal was to gain some clarity about a family relationship that has proved historically difficult. Sal responded promptly, and with such a kind, compassionate heart, I was instantly assured having this synastry report done would be helpful.


I received his report in less than 24 hours. What I found most helpful is that Sal offers his intuitive insights on the relationship and its challenges along with the synastry report. He noted specifics in both charts that were points of potential friction while offering helpful details that were delivered concisely and without judgment. His insights shed light on some of the questions that I have wrestled with for the majority of my life in regard to this relationship. Sal has a quiet, calm way of addressing difficult issues, describing the astrological points of conflict in an objective manner that allows his client - me - a sense of separation from a lifetime of sadness, frustrations and guilt.


Through Sal’s service I was able to gain a greater understanding. After a lifetime of attempting to fix and heal the issues that I logically recognized as unlikely, now I feel it is possible to begin the process of allowing my emotions respite and a healthier state of self-care. Painful relationships obviously don’t miraculously heal in both directions upon having an astrology report done. However, having such a report done by a highly skilled astrologer who is also exceptionally blessed as an intuitive can offer a deeper level of comprehension and discernment that will provide opportunity for long-needed healing.


I highly recommend Sal's services to anyone who is ready to delve more deeply into understanding themselves, a relationship, or any other issue that would benefit from astrological counsel from a master astrologer. Sal is a rare find and I can attest to the value of his services.


S. Dawn Sievers, Compatibility Report, 10/18/21 - USA

Joy Smith.jpg

There is a term in coaching as it relates to interacting with clients, it is “Meet them where they are." When you practice “Meet them where they are” it allows “the coach” to actively listen while letting the client feel that they are being heard. In my experience this is how I would summarize interacting with Sal and Amari. Now can you just imagine what your experience would be like if they had completed your chart reading, wow, they would know how to serve and hear you at the deepest level. Thank you Sal and Amari for all you do and for who you are… “truly present, aware and gracious spiritual beings."

Joy Smith,  Multiple Services, 10/07/21 - USA

Portrait of a Woman

Amari was beautiful inside/out! We had some technical difficulties, at first, but once we got past those, we had a productive session! I cried A LOT. I was comforted to know that Amari had gone through some similar health issues to my own. She was very empathetic. She told me some truth that was HARD to swallow, hence the tears.


She felt like a kindred spirit. Amari gave me some dietary suggestions & some crystal suggestions. I’m hoping to follow up on those in the near future. She told me, that even though I have to leave my husband, she sees a happy future for me with, what sounds like, my soulmate. That gave me some HOPE I desperately needed. THANK YOU, Amari! I hope to have another session SOON!

Heather,  Oracle Session, 8/14/21 USA

Woman with Crossed Arms

I came across Starseed astrology about three years ago and got my chart done by Sal. I also received his 'Sacred Insight' services. Sal is very detailed and thorough in his work. Everything that he wrote in my readings came out to be correct. Even though I had my chart I did not know how to read it and see how the various star alignments were impacting me.


I started learning the basics and subscribed to the Starseed SMS service. I use that service as a guide and a learning tool – I see what Sal is saying in the service as I get a text and then try to interpret it in my chart. I am by no means an expert but I sure understand the impacts of the planets on my chart.

I will continue to use Sal’s services in the future as he provides valuable insights and always has a very detail oriented delivery.

Anisha,  Sacred Insight, 5/18/21 USA


Sal's career astrology reading, along with his written interpretation of my charts was spot on. Prior to contacting Sal I thought my formal education, status as a retired Marine Corps aviation officer and airport professional credentials was all I needed to build a resume and get the airport career of my choice. After thirty-three applications and seventeen interviews all ending with rejection letters; along with COVID-19 drying up the airport job market for several months, I was feeling pretty low. 


I read Sal's web page and services with an open heart and saw there was a career reading he offered.  I made the commitment to the astrology reading and sent Sal a small overview of where I was in my life and career search. In Sal's response to my email I was riveted to the connection Sal and I had. My heart knew Sal was on my side and he was passionate about helping me as a military service member. When the day came when Sal's reading of my charts arrived in my email, I was so excited! 


I followed everything that Sal recommended and the thing that stood out was keeping a ruby on me at all times. I confronted my Lilith and told her to stand down and sit in the corner. Everything I was doing was out of trust in my charts and my love for my family and self. In November 2020 I got another rejection letter. This letter triggered an emotion that brought out the ugly side of me. I started cursing and said, "I'll never get out of this place! I'm going to die in that airport! This is all I will ever be!"


Minutes later I had the nerve to look for another job, I found a perfect match and applied for it. The next morning I read Sal's reading and it said, "December 15th is the date I will feel the change and employers will call." On December 5th I received my first interview from the application I submitted and on December 15th I did my second interview. In January I received the offer and in three weeks I am working in a career which is the best airport career that I’ve ever experienced! The whole entire move across the country has been in the flow and alignment of everything I imagined.


In summary, Sal’s reading for me was spot on. Every date was exact and my current employer is exactly where I enjoy being. The possibilities are unlimited. After getting the career that I dreamed of I will definitely call on Sal for other areas of my astrological charts. If you have ever looked to the stars and wondered ‘what does all this mean to me?’ I recommend calling on Sal to explain it. I am grateful for his expertise in this field. Thank you Sal!

James, USMC Veteran, Career Clarity, 3/9/21, USA


Back in 2017 I was dealing with a failing relationship. I was very unhappy and asking the stars to help me decide what to do as I did not want to hurt my partner. The Heavens sent me Sal and Starseed Astrology for help. Sal was gladly willing to compare our horoscopes. His commentary on our not very compatible chemistry helped me later to make the decision of separating with my then partner while remaining friends and keeping a healthy relationship.


In the currently not very bright times for the people and for liberty, I decided again to use Sal's wisdom, guidance and metaphysical proficiency by having my personal one year horoscope cast. We chose the "Future Forecast" service for my girlfriend and I.  I am looking forward to using them as a guidance on my way through life to enlightenment and helping others on that way.


Life is a magic in realization and Sal and Amari are helpful to those who are willing to listen to the callings of the Universe, God and destiny. I appreciate the individual approach of Starseed Astrology and the quality of their service.

Vlastimil, True Chemistry, Future Forecasts, 3/2/21, Czech Republic

Harleen 2021.jpeg

Sal and Amari have been amazing. I am so glad to have gotten to cross paths with them in life. Every reading done to date by Sal has been on point. Year after year, I have come back to him for an annual solar return reading. He has always delivered impeccable predictions and has always backed them up with reasons and facts. I am always blown away by his accuracy. 

Amari connects with you in a way that is out of this world. Her intuition and vision is always on point as well. Together these twin flames are guiding us to achieve divinity on earth :)

Harleen, Jupiter VIP, Solar Returns, 1/26/21, USA

Betty Skinner Amari Client.jpg

I still feel like I am floating or walking on air after my personal reading/session with Amari. I felt Amari's true authentic passion for her work the minute we got on our call. We aligned from the very moment that we connected on our facetime call. She is so warm and connected and intuitive. I felt like I was talking to a best friend through the whole session.

Her downloads and messages spoke directly to my heart. Absolutely everything she said resonated with me and pertained to what I was going through. Several times she made reference to conversations I just had recently with a friend - so I know she was truly connecting with my energy. Amari is the real deal.

In fact, 55 minutes after our session I received a call I had been waiting on with important answers. She had raised my vibration with her advice, messages and downloads and the universe responded with my answer. I am so grateful for my session with her! She shared a lot of wisdom and ideas on steps moving forward that I am implementing. I am truly moved by her love and passion for sharing her skills, gifts and talents. 

Betty Skinner, Oracle Session, 11/9/20, USA

Vicki Ware Review.jpg

Thank you Sal and Amari for the special forecast I received. It was the most accurate guidance I have ever encountered. Your information was candid, sincere and it definitely saved me from a serious predicament in a new business venture. Thank you for sharing your special special gift. Please consider me a devoted friend of Starseed Astrology and advocate of your work. What a gift to have found you! Much gratitude and many blessing to you both.

Vicki Ware, Sacred Insight, 9/13/20, Australia

Stephanie Erickson Review.jpg

I have never had an oracle session before but was going through a very uncomfortable transition in my life and was seeking clarity. I saw an advertisement on the Starseed Astrology Facebook page for an oracle reading so I jumped at it. The timing was perfect.


The session really validated that I was on the right path doing all the right things and that the discomfort I was feeling was just a part of the process. It really helped me let go of things that no longer served me, the things I was holding on so tightly to. I was hurting myself and tiring myself out.


With this knowledge being brought into my awareness, I was able to transcend higher in my life and career than I ever dreamed possible. Amari's gifts are authentic and she saw things that I had already planned for my life (but did not tell anyone as I was afraid that it would not come to life).


It has now been a few months since our session and I feel like I have been reborn into the woman that I was always becoming. I feel strong, beautiful, intelligent and confident. I will be seeking her guidance as needed on my journey and I encourage anyone and everyone who is struggling with some sort of blockage to speak to Amari. She is a true gem! 

Stephanie Erickson, Oracle Sessions, 7/27/20, Canada

Jill Janynes 888.jpg

There are times in life when you wonder how did I get here? My life was in turmoil as a doctor, I had waived copays and deductibles thinking that I could help more patients. Well it is illegal and I was charged with five felonies and was facing 40 years in prison for my illegal actions.

I reached out to Sal and Amari because they are ‘out of the box’ humans. Their accurate astrological and psychic readings eased my worries as best as they could about six months before the courts answered my prayers. They had determined with their accurate evaluation of my energy and astrological placements that the courts would place lighter restrictions on me which they did.

This was priceless information that soothed my soul and brought hope into my mind. Do you have a burning question about your life? Ask Sal and Amari as they were absolutely spot on with me! These are people you can trust even in the direst of situations. Cheers to the love, faith and accurate information that these two provide to those of us struggling with paralyzing fear.

Jill Jaynes, Oracle Session, Portent, 7/26/20, USA


I’ve recently had the good fortune to spend time with Amari in my second Oracle session. I can’t think of a more apt name for her service... Oracle!  Most of my descriptors for her work with me are inadequate to convey the knowingness one has when confronted with her light.  


Here’s an example of her abilities. In my first session, I sought help with interpretation of a recurring dream, a dream that's been reoccurring over a span of three decades. She knew the meaning... almost casually.


It took me several weeks of reflection on her words to fully understand what had happened. Yes, she interpreted the dream, but beyond that, she transformed a stressful, negative situation into one of love and light! Just like that y’all! She’s good!

Scott Bell, Oracle Sessions, 6/16/20, USA

Judith 2020.jpg

I am astounded at the detail that Sal has presented to me through his interpretation of my birth chart along with his intuitive calendar of my transits for this year. His work is not only detailed but his interpretation brings a person, who is a novice to astrology, into mindful engagements with the higher forces at work in their lives.

Since receiving his reading I have experienced a myriad of coincidences that have reinforced my understanding of his visions that have made me realize that “there are no coincidences!” Every time this happens I smile with a warm heart and know that his insights are as real as the sky is blue.  

I truly believe that Sal is gifted, that he is an instrument of a higher calling and that his purpose is to shine the light of God’s great wisdom on other's lives so they too can become aware of their place in this beautiful universe we call home. I am forever your follower and I am truly proud to be a part of the Starseed Astrology family. 

With the warmest regards,

Judith Peters, Jupiter Calendar, 5/20/20, USA

woman 5

I purchased the Key of Destiny service from Sal about a year ago. I must say it has proven to be an invaluable tool over the past year for planning and focusing energy and efforts regarding my career, love life and finances! As predicted, I have changed careers from a soul depleting industry into a soul fulfilling new health business venture that was launched in conjunction with an alignment that Sal highly suggested as being optimal as it related to a very special Jupiter event!

I simply cannot recommend his service enough for burning questions about your soul path and which house to align with for optimal success! Sal goes above and beyond in answering questions and offering wise crystals for best outcomes. Absolutely superb!

Linda Weber, Key of Destiny, 4/25/20, USA

Ignatius Hawaii.jpeg

I've waited over a year to write this review. I wanted to give the advice I received from Sal and Amari time to percolate through my life to see how things unfolded. Now, 15 months down the road, I AM ASTOUNDED! Their insights proved to be highly accurate, their information highly useful.


These two are a dynamic duo and if you're serious about how you engage with your own life, engage them! In May of 2017 I had a full chart reading with Sal after having tried out one of his Key readings. At that time he carefully and patiently explained to me the influences in my chart that were about to bring about a complete overhaul and reconstitution of my life as I'd known it.


"By the end of this year your life will look completely different, NOTHING will be the same" were not just dramatic words he spoke, they completely came true. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, about my life is the same as it was at that time. New home, new relationship, new career path, new me. Wow Sal, brother, you nailed it!


At the same time Amari gave me sage advice concerning some deeply personal matters. Her words were not altogether easy to receive, but they have proved golden. I have turned back to them time and again while attempting to make sense of and work through the radical changes as they were unfolding in my life. Wow Amari, sister, you held me up!


I humbly bow to these two extraordinarily gifted and loving human beings. Your work is divinely guided, and divinely inspired. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for saying yes to your calling!!

Ignatius Vige, Jupiter VIP, 7/12/18, USA

Carmen Halloween.jpg

When I decided to test the waters and take my art business to the next level I contacted Salvador and Amari at Starseed Astrology to guide me. I found them to be knowledgeable and professional business advisors but they were also truly caring, intuitive, and committed business partners.


Salvador and Amari sat down with me and listened to my vision. Over a period of a few weeks they advised me and walked with me step-by-step through the plan we crafted together including a redesign of my rather static website into something far more attractive and inviting. 


At all times I felt heard and my input valued and honored. Regardless of the time of day they promptly responded to my questions and communications. Their gentle patience was unbelievable. Finally, on a carefully selected astrological date the three of us blessed and launched my business plan out into the universe.


This was both exciting and joyful! Within weeks I landed an exhibit in Oregon in which more than thirty of my paintings were featured. This show drew huge crowds and turned out to be the best-selling exhibit of my entire career. I rode the wave of success and felt sincerely grateful to Starseed Astrology's invaluable hand in helping me achieve this dream.


Salvador and Amari spent far more hours than I paid them to create a solid business plan for my art. Their enthusiasm, focus, and respectful manners impressed me very much. I know that I will continue to seek their advice and services in the future because for me, as a creative person, they are the perfect combination of practicality and intuitiveness.

Carmen Sonnes, Astral Business, 4/15/19, USA


I remember my first session with Amari. She told me when someone is on their spiritual path dark energies will try to cut them away from Source. It is a common thing. Back then I didn't realize she was talking about me. I met Amari in a period of my life when I was at rock bottom.

I thought that I was calling her because of a love relationship problem. I was completely unaware that I was being manipulated by a man and that I was surrounded with very dark energies. They presented themselves as light and love and it was hard to see them as anything different.

Mind games are a very dangerous thing. It is a form of abuse and it is hard to get out. I was going deeper and deeper with each day and in time I felt like I was in a loop with no exit. Amari was very patient with me, trying to make me see the truth in the most loving way.

She saw through me and people that I was in a relationship with immediately. I believe that her advices (and me using them) has set me free. Later I realized I have spent over a year in some weird cult that presented demons as love and light. I felt like someone is sucking my energy and I felt more and more drained and powerless.

In the first sessions she offered me moldavite and some other crystals which I bought and meditated with them. Very soon I started seeing the truth. Everything unwrapped really quickly. Within two months I was free. We had one more session because I just needed a little push. When I saw the truth I felt so liberated, I can't remember that I ever felt something similar in my life.

I started breathing again and everything around me changed. I don't think she is aware of the blessing that she gave me. Moldavite is a very powerful crystal which doesn't make compromise with the truth. Since then I started using crystals every day. I fell in love with them and again fell in love with life.

Now, half a year later my life is beautiful. I again enjoy all the things that I was unable to before. I have left the prison I locked myself in for a while and started living an extraordinary life, following the mission that she saw me doing. I am on my soul path again. Thank you Amari from the bottom of my heart! You have no idea how much you've helped me. I am in alignment and loving life again. You are an angel for me who set me free.

Marija Tadic, Oracle Sessions, 10/26/18, Bosnia

Frytz and Atma.jpg

On May 15th, 2018 we were married surrounded by friends, family, and strangers at Golden Gardens Beach in Washington State. We manifested our wedding in 11 days with the powerful energy of the Uranus transit of Taurus as well as the energy of the new moon guiding us into divine love.


Our wedding was simple but beautiful. It was full of magic and love. Everyone that attended felt blessed. My husband and I were in awe of what the universe created for us! Our love has never been so deep and pure for one another. And we feel as if we caught a cosmic wave of energy that has taken us to a higher frequency of love and understanding.


Through our marriage we have experienced great healing within our lives and in the lives of our family members. It is nothing short of a miracle to witness such extraordinary forgiveness and healing that seemed hopeless just a few short months ago.


We cannot thank Sal enough for the cosmic marriage service and gift he has given us! Unifying our lives in this sacred and divine way will continue to carry us and bless us for the rest of our days. We are forever grateful!

Frytz & Atma Karam, Cosmic Marriage, 8/18/18, USA

Matt Fontenot.jpg

My "Career Clarity" reading was fabulous! Sal is very warm and possesses great healing energies which I felt very drawn to. His assessment was spot on for me and I am very excited to embark on new opportunities in the future. 

Sal's insight was directly and profoundly instrumental in my meeting potential clients. In my reading Sal mentioned water technology may be something that I could make a huge contribution in. Having literally no experience with water technology, it not even being a field of interest to ever entering my peripheral, I did not know what to make of it, but always kept it in the back of my mind as an interesting insight. 

On a recent trip to San Diego, I quite randomly met someone who introduced himself as someone who works in water technology. Somewhat stunned, we had a deeper conversation and he told me that his company works with developing water technology companies all over the world and connects them with needed resources, such as marketing/branding partnerships, which is the field that I work in. 

We have exchanged information and are both looking forward to a future working relationship. Without Sal's insight I would not have even thought to engage further with this person like I did. This serendipitous connection has inspired me to continually live in the wisdom of divine guidance. I will happily continue to work with Sal for future guidance and insights! Thank you!

Matt Fontenot, Career Clarity, 3/13/18, USA

Carlissa 1.jpeg

Amari has been such an amazing help in some of my most difficult times. I’ve had truly wonderful experiences with her during my sessions. Her gift of insight is extremely in tune and accurate. She has such incredible abilities that she shares with the world in such a loving and genuine way. 


During my first session I instantly felt a connection to her.  She was able to offer guidance and give me spiritual understanding to what I was going through. My second session with her was just a few days after my younger brother had passed away. She was able to channel information that was very accurate and also bring peace and understanding to such a difficult situation. 

She brought such calming, loving, and healing energy to me during that time. She is also very knowledgeable about the health of the body and has given me advice on natural ways to heal my body from autoimmune dis-ease. I have taken some of the steps that she advised me to and have been able to overcome many of my symptoms. 


Amari's guidance is very powerful. I admire her truth-seeking, sincere, compassionate, healing, and loving spirit. She is very professional and her integrity is outstanding. I will continue to seek her guidance and insight. I would highly recommend anyone who is seeking guidance and answers to contact this remarkable woman and experience the blessing that she truly is.   

Carlissa Brown, Oracle Sessions, 3/18/17, USA

Rita Steven Hawaii_edited.jpg

Sal and Amari offered wonderful astrological and clairvoyant guidance that helped me navigate into a magical wedding experience. Days prior to our Hawaii departure my fiancé and I had a gigantic fight where we actually felt spiritual evil trying to tear us apart. It was on that very day that I received a Starseed SMS alert warning us of a Saturn/Hades opposition...


With awareness of the influence, some deep soul searching, and the support of family and friends we got through it with our love intact. The timing of Sal’s messages was an absolute godsend. My fiancé didn’t believe in astrology but those alerts opened his eyes to the extent that he said “he was right.”


When we got to Kaui the weather was so rainy that our wedding planner wanted to cancel the ceremony. I insisted that we shouldn’t cancel because I trusted in Sal and Amari’s guidance as they have never, ever steered me wrong before. Sal told me that he was certain of the exact date and minute that we should wed when the astrology would be most divine.


Then, just five minutes before the start time of the wedding, as we stood praying under umbrellas, the clouds began to part and the rain mysteriously stopped! As the sky cleared our view of the lush mountainside and beautiful waterfall was restored and because of the rains we had the entire beach to ourselves!


The pastor and photographer were in absolute awe, they told us that they had never seen something like this in their lives. The magic continued on our helicopter ride when we saw a whale family breech the waters for us to see. They waved their tails at us as if they understood what was happening for us at that time, like they were giving us their blessings too!


The pilot was also in awe saying that he never saw such a whale display in all of his flights! I believe that timing is everything in life and I truly believe that their services touched our lives and many others. I’ve followed Sal and Amari for years and I truly believe that they have special gifts. I’ve never believed so much in the stars as I do now. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Rita Rooks, Cosmic Marriage, 3/3/18, USA

Close Up Portrait

Very rarely do you see someone using their intuition with the science of astrology to read the charts. Sal does just that. His level of integrity is impeccable. Everything that he said about me resonated very well. With my career clarity reading, that I had him do, I realized I was already very aligned with the path my soul chose for this lifetime.


Sal is very precise when it comes to astrology, always giving his best. I was also impressed with the patience that he showed with all the questions that I asked after getting the reading. I highly recommend him.

Preeti Argawal, Career Clarity, 7/24/18, Nepal & USA


Amari is a vessel of the ultimate truth that underlies reality. She mirrors back to us the distortions or fractures in our perception of our own light so we can realign to the light of truth and attune to the frequency of love. She is a powerful resource for anyone going through a transition, when energies are dense or the way is unclear.


When I find my mind is stuck, looping scenarios without resolution, I am so grateful to know that with one phone call with Amari, I can follow the path back to my heart. I always go into a session with so many questions, or pain or confusion and I emerge totally re-calibrated. It’s not just her words or insight but the vibration that comes with her words, the vibration of love that is emanating from the heart of creation.

She is also generally funny, sweet, charming and delightful to connect with and she helps remind us that the journey of self-discovery and healing is also playful and fun and exciting.
I started working with Amari just before my Saturn Return and I believe it has radically improved my experience on every level.


My sense of self, God, relationships and life purpose are infused with a love and power that I could have never accessed on my own. My sessions with her allowed me to see where I was holding back, what I needed to let go of and where I needed to direct my focus. She helped me through a divorce and the creation of my business, infusing divine understanding into every step of the process.

She is way shower who has walked the path with complete integrity. That is not very easy to come by in the world of spiritual and metaphysical teachers and guides. She has been through the process with power and grace and
she holds a light for the rest of us who walk not far behind.

Matisse Williams, Oracle Sessions, 2/18/19, USA

Steve McNeal.jpg

It took me a while to finally decide that I was the type who asked others for help in gaining direction and momentum in life. After getting my Crystal Keys service and experiencing the results, I kicked myself for waiting! The crystals were selected by Sal with the familiar precision and passion we've come to associate with him.


Meditating on and carrying these crystals helped me launch a creative burst in a stalled creative writing project - my life's work - that threatened to remain perpetually unfinished. Not only did I create new content but I discovered unexpected connections  to successfully weave together the loose threads of my narrative and bring it ever closer to completion. 


Aside from creativity other targeted issues addressed were health and career. Healthwise, after having hundreds of headaches the past 20 years and neck pain for 30 years, I was mystified when I realized three weeks ago that I could turn my head painlessly the whole way either direction for the first time since being forced to hang up sports in 1988. I'm still mystified by this fortuitous outcome!


Careerwise, an anticipated upward trajectory has materialized both in knowledge and understanding of my craft in bioenergetic medicine with status increases as well. Thank you again. As an added bonus, during a period of acute domestic tension and unrest, Sal's Starseed SMS service warned about this, with the use of myrrh and gold as antidotes.


I whipped up an energetic balancing spray using myrrh and monatomic gold, sprayed it around the apartment a few times, and witnessed a complete reversal from adversarial and negative to thoroughly peaceful. These results far exceeded my expectations in terms of degree of magnitude so if you're on the fence about using Crystal Keys as a tool, get with the program, tarry no more!


Forever grateful for your wisdom, passion, and mastery, Sal!

Dr. Steve Mcneal, Chiropractor, Crystal Keys, 4/17/18, USA

Peter Venero.jpg

I was lucky enough to get an oracle reading with Amari and it was nothing short of sensational. Amari is a truly talented and gifted angel of insight. She intuitively knew certain struggles that I have been dealing with, which seemed to have come from past life experiences (we discovered), which completely made sense.

During our session, I could see Amari receiving many downloads simultaneously and she beautifully articulated what she was seeing and helped guide me to many potential solutions. If I had to sum up the entire session I would say it was nonstop resonance and I was delighted that there are solutions!


In fact, Amari and Sal have a wonderful selection of powerful crystals that I have purchased and since receiving it (Moldavite), it’s been absolutely astounding in a variety of ways. I highly recommend readings with Amari because she is kind, non-judgmental, and truly gifted.


I look forward to more readings with Amari, as well as her talented husband Sal, who has the gift of astrology, and many others. I do feel a deep familiar affinity with them both and I’m so grateful to be in touch with them now.

Peter Venero, Oracle Sessions, 6/18/18, Australia & USA

Charu IMG_edited.jpg

As we age we find that relationship dynamics change as people do. I am a different woman emotionally and spiritually from where I was 20 years ago. Being an Indian and Hindu wife makes my situation very complex. I needed very mature and wise but at same time very sensitive advice.


I sought Sal in my worst time when my marital ship was sinking and I was in immense pain. He was so crystal clear in our relationship analysis and so profound and precise with celestial influences in our marriage chart that he could see where it was all heading. Sal was so sensitive to my cultural and traditional values, he helped me to come to a very strong and much required decision.


He has been such a great emotional and moral support in these past six months. His selfless brotherly advisements, even after professional service was completed, are very heart rendering. I am very much indebted to him for stablizing me and helping me to find firm footing with all the heavenly alchemy. He made me see the light.

Charu Kholsa, Cosmic Chemistry, 3/27/18, UK & India

Jenn and Johnny.jpg

I highly recommend Amari and Sal to anyone seeking spiritual and astrological guidance. The accuracy of their predictions is completely uncanny and they are extremely pleasant to work with. To this day I am just blown away as everything happened exactly as they predicted! They gave me the courage and wisdom to finally reunite with my twin flame almost two years ago.


They helped me to make one of the best decisions of my life and I couldn't thank them enough. I have been to many different astrologers and mystics and I haven’t been truly blown away until I met Sal and Amari. Sal’s astrological insights are incredibly detailed and abundant with valuable information and Amari’s abilities will just leave you in awe.


I highly recommend using both of their services together as they are extremely synergistic. It's really hard to find the real deal when it comes to spiritual and astrological services so I am extremely fortunate to have found Sal and Amari!

Jennifer St. Claire, Gemini Session, 4/13/17, USA

Milanka 2019.jpeg

I have been reading Starseed Astrology for many years and a day come when I knew that Sal and Amari are the people that I could trust based on the integrity and knowledge that they exude with their words. After my first contact with them I knew that I was in good hands of integrity. Sal and Amari, with kindness and gentleness, got straight to the point which I appreciated very much. Their Gemini session was very informative.

The things that Sal told me were spot on as was Amari, everything resonated with me. They helped me navigate during my health set back, I am so much better now thank you both! The crystal jewelry that they specifically recommended are amazing, they are infused with good energy. They are very generous, genuine, wise beyond their years, and are truly the most beautiful people inside and out. I found them to be caring, respectful, understanding, compassionate, consistent, loving and so, so much more.


Thank you very much Sal and Amari! You do some wonderful work and I am very grateful and thankful for your services. I look forward to more advice and interaction in the future. Sending love always.

Milanka Stevens, Gemini Session, 10/27/19, USA

Blond Woman

I first consulted Amari in September 2016 for a personal reading and more recently for her Muse business service. Amari immediately picked up on the energy of specific people surrounding me; she recommended the crystal Moldavite.


I saw and felt its effects almost immediately as 'out of the blue' events occurred that began to remove anyone or anything that had been draining my energy. I continue to wear Moldavite daily, especially in my meditations. 


When it comes to career, Amari is an experienced business woman and with her exceptional intuitive abilities she combines down to earth, specific, practical advice with the 'bigger picture'. She shows you where you are heading and how to get there in detail.


For me, Amari helped clear up a lot of confusion in my mind and to move out of procrastination. I would say that overall, Amari has helped me to gain clarity on my spiritual path and where to focus in my business; to understand that my work (which is my current focus) is not just my work, but a mission; to see the bigger picture rather than getting bogged down in temporary details. 


Amari has been extremely helpful, encouraging, and inspiring when it comes to my new business. She has given me specific details and advice when it comes to my products and marketing/branding. She has given me specific advice on where to plan ahead and she alerted me to aspects that I hadn't considered before.

Sal has also been incredibly encouraging and generous with his support for my business and mission. Some people will go to a psychic because they want to hear what they want to hear. If you are ready to step on to your path I would highly recommend Amari's services. She is highly gifted, professional, empathic, supportive, and inspiring. 

Christine Lynskey, Oracle Session & Muse, 4/19/17, UK

Robert John.jpg

I’m an extremely fussy person when it comes to seeking personal advice and I am so happy that I took this opportunity. I have been following Mr. and Mrs. Russo's posts on Starseed Astrology for a few years and always found them to be informative and highly accurate! I am extremely impressed by the Facebook posts and will continue to read their insights.


I found Sal’s Portent service to be extremely accurate about my life picture and where I am now. It has deepened my understanding for the goals I have set. Definitely a great value for the price, the Portent service was more like a manual for the questions I had asked and felt as though my energy and dreams were being described. I will definitely recommend this service to my friends!

Robert John, Portent, 12/22/17, Australia

Amanda Mullan.jpg

I have been seeking counsel with Amari for several years now. When I first came to her I was feeling lost and out of control of my own life. I was looking  for a spiritual counselor and although I had followed and was drawn to Amari via Starseed Astrology I was steadfast on seeing someone locally. I left my first ever Oracle session feeling great but slightly underfed in my hunger for answers.


I immediately booked a session with Amari and since our fateful first Skype session I have never looked back! I immediately felt a familiarity and comfort with her, like we were old friends. She answered all of my questions without me ever having to ask them and gave me homework such as specific herbs to take and things to meditate on and activate within myself.


To this day as my spiritual counselor Amari makes me feel like she is actually my big sister lifting me up and cheering me on, especially in the moments when I cannot do that for myself. If you are looking to get serious on your spiritual path, or even just to dip your toe in the pools of Spirit, Amari and Sal are the ones to turn to. Amari is someone who lovingly empowers you but she also keeps it real when she knows you need it.


They are all heart and you can feel through interacting with them that they truly and genuinely care and want you to succeed. Since first seeking her counsel I have watched my life dramatically change in the most beautiful and unexpected ways. I have always been spiritually aware but I feel far closer to God than I ever have in my life and I know that they have played a large part in my development of myself and my relationship with Spirit.


They are a spiritual power couple and I can confidently say through experience that if you have them on your team you will go far! May I suggest that you record your own sessions as that has helped me immensely. Many blessings to you dear reader in your ascension. 

Amanda Mullan, Oracle Sessions, 4/17/18, USA

Tiffany Soto.jpg

One of the best decisions I made recently was to have a “Career Clarity” reading from Starseed Astrology. The reading was spot on and confirmed things that I have always known but kept to myself. I am extremely empowered by the accuracy of the service, as well as Sal’s inspired and divine capacity to communicate such intimate and sacred information regarding life purpose and life path with such clarity and beauty.


Sal is extremely generous, courteous and works with razor sharp intuition and priceless integrity; truly gifted. I feel so powerfully supported by my choice to receive this service that I even have recommended it to a few of my own clients, friends and my husband. At this time on Earth, when so many are wanting to understand how their unique gifts and talents fit into the larger picture, and how they can be of the highest service, this “Career Clarity” service could not be a better offering.


If you currently have any degree of confusion about how and where to channel/offer your unique gifts and talents at this time, this service will support you in ways that will surpass your expectations and give you just the boost you need to take inspired and aligned action in your life’s work. One of the most superb “readings” I have ever experienced, if not THE most. I am deeply grateful for this divine encounter with Sal and Amari Russo.

Tiffany Soto, Career Clarity, 1/24/18, USA


Amari and Sal are true godsends. I was going through a very intense spiritual crisis when I contacted them. They responded to me immediately which helped me calm down and set up a time and place that accommodated my needs. Their energies were warm, kind, grounded, humble, down to Earth and caring. They were gracious enough to share their beautiful crystals with me as part of my session with them.


Everything they said resonated with me and I lost count of how many times I smiled and shook my head in amazement with the things they were saying. It was as if they knew me even though it was the first time we had ever met. I very much look forward to growing my relationship with them and will vouch for them any time, any place.


Taylor Eason, Gemini Session, 6/16/18, USA 

Heather Scott IMG.jpg

I recently had a "Career Clarity" session done with Sal. I was blown away by the things that he knew. Not only did he help me confirm that I am on the right track, but he also included information about my family that really helped me with the direction that I am going. It is amazing to see what the stars have aligned for your life, if you choose to follow it. Sal is very kind and knowledgeable. He does amazing work and I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know. I look forward to one day booking a session with Amari also.

Heather Scott, Career Clarity, 2/25/18, Canada

Sonja Rose Review Pic.jpg

I have been following Starseed Astrology’s work for over two years now. I am deeply grateful to be connected to Sal and Amari’s astrological reports, insights and guidance. Sal’s wisdom has helped me to remain hopeful and positive about our future as well as my own personal path. He has instilled much faith and vigilance in me.


I recently ordered Sal’s “Career Clarity” service and was blown away at the clarity, accurateness, fluidity and intuition of his reading. He was able to answer many long-standing questions of mine about my life purpose, as well as offer solutions to enhance my success in many different areas.


Sal is warm, thorough, conscientious and generous. He was happy to answer my questions and weaved in all of my concerns into a precise and almost poetic format. I loved this service and am looking forward to working with Sal and Amari again. Many blessings to you both.

Sonja Rose, Career Clarity, 12/18/17, USA

Worker in a Factory

For legal reasons I must withhold my identity but my story is still true. Roughly six months ago I had the opportunity to speak with Amari regarding my profession which is related to the energy sector, specifically drilling for oil and working on a rig. It is not uncommon for people to suffer work related injuries due to the size of tools and machinery being used.


After explaining to her what my job was, she explained to me that she had an impending sense that I would be at great risk for injury, but the thing that stood out in my mind was that she assigned a specific time frame to this time of great danger - October. I am not a person to believe in things like precognition, although I believe in a high power and other levels of consciousness and dimensions beyond our perception. I took it with a grain of salt and went back to work.


As the months go by she continued to tell me to seek another line of work because her senses still told her that I was in danger, adding that she had a vision where I had been injured and was put in a wheelchair, crippled somehow. Again, the time frame of October was when I would have my time run out. On October 15th, exactly in the middle of the predicted month, I was working as usual when a heavy weight drill pipe slipped free of its lifting elevators and nearly killed me.


My hard hat went flying and so did I. I flew into another drill pipe, again lucky to merely glance off the edge of it with my head instead of a direct impact. All this happened in an instant without any understanding of what had happened to me. Safety personnel were immediately dispatched to perform an investigation to the circumstances of the incident. When they were called out, their first question was if I was alive, and secondly if I was walking.


It was miraculous that my only injury was a concussion. If my positioning had been different, mere inches may have cost me my life, or resulted in a broken neck or back, or brain damage. I consider myself very lucky and believe that it was the constant prayers of family that kept this incident from being much more serious. Only a few days after the incident when things had calmed down a bit, did I remember what Amari had told me, and the time frame she had put on it. It seemed too much to be just a coincidence.


I made the decision to seek a new line of work and am very thankful to still be functional and alive today. There are normally only two results from being struck by such heavy falling objects; death or a life suffering from crippling injuries. I was one of the rare lucky ones. Thank you Amari for your foresight and compassionate concern.

John Doe, 7/20/17, Oracle Session, USA

Beautiful Smiling Woman

I found Salvador's "solar return" reading both illuminating and inspiring. There is an old wisdom in the way he looks at one's "path" that seems steeped not just in a profound knowledge of astrology, but also in the study of related fields, in life experience, and in his own spiritual quest. His readings are unlike others in their breadth. He also makes himself available for questions and further specific guidance and you have a sense that he truly wants to assist you.  There is a real integrity here.

Lisa Romano, Solar Return, 8/26/16, USA

larry eudene.jpg

Amari is very reliable and sweet! I have counted on her in some of the most difficult times in my life. I find comfort in her voice. Her spiritual abilities are finely tuned, well defined and accurate. What she's done for me has been extremely valuable and influential in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend Amari without reservation and trust her implicitly. Her work is a 10.

Larry Eudene, Oracle Session, 4/19/2015, USA


I have worked with Amari for over two years now. I have enjoyed a great uplifting effect in my whole life. She has been spot on regarding problems I was having with a property and regarding the apparently inexplicable behavior of certain people. Eventually everything that she said came to the light.


In other cases, she simply repeated, without me needing to say anything, the EXACT words that a person just told me! That is her level of accuracy! Her clarity and honesty are of great help when we do not seem to be seeing directions very well. She pushed my boundaries in a comforting but strong way, helping me to step into a more powerful me with less fears and more action!


So far my many sessions have left me exhilarated, in a high vibe but in control at the same time. EVERYTHING happened according to the predictions Amari told me! I am SOOOOO grateful that I have found her that I recommended her to several of my friends who are going to work with her! Through her spiritual counsel I am much more connected to Source in such a way that I could transform not only my personal but also my professional life.


Quantum leaps are possible and Amari is the right person to hold your hand for the JUMP! And Salvador, your work (combined with Amari's) has literally turned my life upside down in a most positive way! The "Gemini" session was amazing! I am very grateful for the transformational changes that are happening!


Your guidance and professionalism together with "that" personal touch are great! Thank you for the extras! Much gratitude!

Christina Drannikow, Oracle Sesions, Gemini Session, 9/13/17, Uruguay

Ann Harris HD.jpg

I worked with Salvador for several months and received invaluable guidance and healing from him on the astral level before I had a reading with Amari, his twin flame. Amari's reading was a perfect compliment to Salvador's work, filling in details and insights, and gifting me with great wisdom and information that continues to serve my spiritual evolution.


I was absolutely blown away by one very specific image she saw that came to pass. I am a musician. She saw me covered in paint and working in collaboration with artists from different disciplines. Weeks later I was taken completely by surprise at a music festival on the east coast when painter Dane Tilghman presented me with a larger than life size oil painting he did of me that he recently added to his collection.


We will be working together to sell this piece for charity. Within weeks of that presentation, I was approached by clothing designer Cat Stahl who hand paints on recycled fabric and clothing beautiful pieces. She is now working on some pieces for my performance wardrobe. Additionally, sculptor Lesley Webb is currently working in collaboration with me on a sculpture of me.


Amari's vision of "seeing me covered in paint" and working in collaboration with artists from different disciplines has come to pass in ways I could not have imagined. She has extraordinary insight, and paired with Salvador's gifts, they are an incredible team of healing energy.

Ann Harris, Oracle Session, Astral Healing, 5/11/16, USA

Elena Pic.jpg

I have been using Amari's spiritual services for the past seven years. Every time I felt uncertainty, confusion, or needed advice and support in various situations, Amari has always been there for me. With her amazing ability to see and predict the future she was always able to give me the best possible advice every time I needed it.


And things she said would happen always did eventually happen which only proves her unique psychic ability and also shows how accurate she is in predicting certain events that are going to occur in our lives. Thanks to Amari's guidance thorough out the years I was always able to take the best possible decisions that led me to a very successful career, abundant love life, and a very positive, strong mind set.


I would highly recommend her services to anybody who needs any type of guidance. This amazingly talented woman is for sure sent to Earth to help us choosing the right path in life. Thank you Amari for being you. Outstanding spiritual guidance and support!

Elena Kelley, Oracle Sessions, 9/21/18, Sweden


My service review is this... Sal KNOWS what he is talking about! He provided a business astrology and 2018 forecast service for me last year. He specifically predicted a residential move. I didn't really think it would happen but two weeks ago I get a totally unexpected call and now a move is definitely happening in the very near future.  


Sal and Amari also told me that my business should be aligned towards a holistic, environmental, and health enhancement focus. This was a challenge for me to accept. I sought out another professional second opinion and guess what she said... HOLISTIC services. WOW!


Sal and Amari are the very real deal. They study the universe and they have their eyes and ears open to what is happening in our world. Consider starting off with one small service. Get to know them and then you can start adding on services to your cart because you will love it!


I've known Amari since 2013. What I liked about her is that she was friendly and very calm. Her voice is sooo soothing. She did not rush anything. She didn't even ask me for any details. I think it was because she could just read everything off of me. She had so much insight about me.


She told me that I had health issues which I chose to ignore but then she got very detailed. Then, three months later, the signs showed up. I went to the doctor and within that year I had surgery. And this was all from just one session! I kept booking Amari quarterly because she was almost like my "therapy" and she could draw so much insight from our time together.


She then introduced me to her crystal jewelry. If I had tons of money my whole house would be covered with her artistic pieces. She makes beautiful things with gemstones that are so appropriate for whatever is happening in the cosmos. She made me a special necklace and told me to wear it with this guy I was seeing. If we were aligned he would stick around or else he would sprint. Yeah, he ghosted me.


The point is, Amari's sessions are like looking into a mirror. You see yourself, your reflection. You know what's going on inside but you can't put the pieces together. That's where she comes in.


She puts the puzzle pieces together for you. Oh yeah, she also has marvelous cooking recipes for a vegan life. I've recently become vegan and my blood work is proving to the doctors that this is the right way to live. My sincere thanks and appreciation to you both!

Cristina Uranga, Sacred Insight, Oracle Sessions, 5/2/18, USA

Woman in Yellow

I wanted to thank Sal and Amari for their work. I decided to ask Sal to intuitively approach my spiritual needs by sending me whichever astrological info he sensed best. WOW! I could not have guessed what was coming, or even how perfectly synchronistic and what a God sent miracle his return would be.


I had lost all sense of security and community regarding spiritual practice and focal point. But would I ever be able to find anything to replace this in my new paradigm? To my complete surprise, Sal sent me an astrological reading called, "The Key of Life".



The answer was so clear and so ironically 'under my nose' that I had to read his well detailed essay over three times just to bring myself to realize what I was actually reading. Sal had given me my answer, fully. What I had known was ‘in Heaven’ he brought to Earth, so to speak, in showing me based on my unique personal chart where the Truth had been all along.


Sal’s ‘Key of Life’ insights made so much sense considering everything I have been involved in and connected to so far, it was almost laughable. And yet I had just needed this nudge to better spotlight the obvious, what was hiding in plain sight!


With that secret call but in this physical realm? What is the key? And there it was from Sal, my own personal ‘Key of Life’ answer, specifically marked in my own astrological chart. I never would have found it on my own.


Folks, I would like to highly recommend you consider your own ‘Key of Life’ reading from Salvador, and any other service you may be tempted to navigate through. Both Sal and Amari have helped me tremendously on multiple occasions. Now I have my Key of Life! Know yours as well!

Amy Call, Key of Life, 5/10/17, USA

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