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Key of Destiny

Key of Destiny


Destiny is a divine gift to each of us. It is the pinnacle focus of our spiritual lives. By understanding and embracing our spiritual destiny we can consciously fulfill our highest life purposes while coming into a profound closeness with God. Destiny is a journey unto itself. Luckily for us, astrology can reveal the sacred location of destiny with priceless laser focus.


By using an ancient Hermetic formula I can locate the precise astrological degree where your destiny exists. With the location of your destiny in mind you can forever embrace and develop all destiny themed experiences for the rest of your life. Destiny is a living, magical point that secretly exists within in each horocope. Through my service you can learn it clearly and radiantly.


Through my Key of Destiny service I will reveal the sign, house and specific degree of your destiny and interpret its highest meaning so that you have a clear and radiant understanding of it. Then, as time passes, you can wisely observe and capitalize upon all future astrological alignments that activate your Key of Destiny. 

With your Key of Destiny in mind you can forever know, develop and master your own spiritual destiny, ad infinitum. Upon booking please have your date, city, and precise time of birth ready to share. Service delivery times vary upon client volume. 


Take command of your destiny with my Key of Destiny service.

Astrologer Salvador Russo




New to my work? Read my rave client reviews, including for this service.

  • Service Delivery Speed

    Due to ceaselessly high client demand my estimated delivery speed for this service is between 4-8 weeks. If you have any questions about this service message us through our contact page. 

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