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I've always read horoscopes but none of it really clicked for me until I found Starseed Astrology when I began to awaken to who and what I am and began asking questions. Aside from these Premium Horoscopes, I've had other services which I've requested over the years, all to help me on my personal journey.


The level of detail given in the Premium Horoscopes is like nothing I've experienced before, but it's broken down in such a way for my Sun sign and my Ascendant that it makes it easy to digest. I truly appreciate the "from the heart" approach that you take in writing these Premium Horoscopes, Sal. It is a treasure to have someone who truly understands real astrology by God's Divine Design.

With much love and gratitude,

Rebekah, USA, Premium Horoscopes, June 25th, 2024

Lisa Saxton Client.png

I cannot recommend Starseed Astrology’s premium horoscopes enough. I absolutely love the content. It’s money well spent, less than two Starbucks trips, which you shouldn’t be going to anyways! In much gratitude to you, Sal!! 

Lisa, USA, Premium Horoscopes, June 19th, 2024


I've been a regular subscriber to Starseed Astrology's monthly horoscopes for some time now. I get enormous value from my subscription and really look forward to Sal's insights. Through his work, I'm learning so much about our links to the stars and am continuously amazed as the synchronicities are revealed. Thank you Starseed Astrology for all that you do!


Sharna, Australia, Premium Horoscopes, June 11th, 2024


Sal, as I read your Pluto in Aquarius blog, I noticed it was posted 1/19/24. That was my mother-in-law’s birthday & the day she had to have emergency surgery. She passed in hospice this morning 1/28/24. Months ago she’d suffered a mysterious head injury that left her without most brain function. There’s many questions concerning a woman she’d hired to help with errands. Checks written to $1000 cash, jewelry missing, and other info coming to light.


When I read the horoscope for Libra, myself, & my daughter, Libra rising, it shook us both! Not surprise of you hitting the target, as you’ve always do, but the shock of it connecting so wildly! Thank you for taking the time, effort, love and care in writing the blogs, tweets and horoscopes to give us foresight and knowledge.


Peg, USA, Premium Horoscopes, January 29th, 2024

Man with Glasses

I cannot give anything but the highest praise for Sal’s work. I’ve been going through a divorce for the past 2 years. We were trying to reconcile, and everything was going unbelievably well, better than we had ever experienced in our 10+ years of marriage. The very day that we agreed to abate the divorce my spouse went out and made a major misstep that she didn’t think I would find out about and essentially undid everything we were trying to rebuild.

Sal’s Jupiter Retrogrades horoscopes from September, 2023 nailed a lot of these themes several months earlier. He even got the exact date that all this started. After going back and re-reading his retrograde horoscope chills went down my spine seeing how everything lined up and came to fruition. I’ve never seen any astrologer be this accurate.

These were some of some of the most gut-wrenching moments in my life. I was broken and overrun with emotions for several weeks. When the dust settled something new took its place. Feelings that I haven’t felt in over a decade. There was a newborn fire inside of me, a sense of optimism for the future. I cannot remember ever feeling this alive. It feels so good that it was worth going through all the pain and heartache just so I could come out better on the other side.


If I hadn't had Sal's work ahead of time I probably would still be questioning why all this happened and the timing in particular. I could have made a major mistake staying in a relationship who's season had clearly come to an end.

Private male Subscriber, USA, Premium Horoscopes, December 3rd, 2023

Sean K 1.jpg

I have been a subscriber of the Starseed Premium Blog as well as the SMS service for quite some time now. These services are essential for me, as someone who is still learning astrology. Sal takes extreme care and precision to break down what is happening in the stars to help you better surf the cosmic waves.


Not only does he often predict important world events with his accurate knowledge of the cosmos, he helps you to understand how the stars may be affecting your personal life as well. I look forward to every blog post and SMS message as they help me to forecast important life decisions, understand life's phases, and to better understand the geopolitical climate. With love & gratitude. 


Sean, USA, Premium Horoscopes, Starseed SMS, Nov 17th, 2023


Starseed Astrology shares the most prolific and incredibly accurate truths of our time. I am not talking about your birthday horoscope; this is far and away the absolute best readings of the heavens as God intended for this science to be.


While  many others counterfeit this work, Sal & Amari Russo have gifts from the heavenly realms and use them for the good of man. This is holy, sacred work that they both take seriously. You won’t be disappointed. You just need to experience for yourself. 


Kamaka, USA, Premium Horoscopes, Multiple Services, Sept 13th, 2023

Jane Doe 2023 a.jpg

I’ve followed your socials for some time and not too long ago I became a subscriber to your premium horoscopes. I don’t remember the exact date but a short time ago you warned us Virgo’s about health matters and to pay extra attention. Initially I laughed at this because A) I’m a Virgo and we’re kinda known for being health nuts and B) because I’ve never had any health issues!

However, not too long after I read your horoscope with the warning I started having issues with lightheadedness and feeling like I was going to pass out! I chalked it up to standing up too fast, and drinking too much coffee, so I cut out coffee completely and made sure I didn’t stand up too fast. It helped but didn’t completely go away. Then, one day, I nearly passed out in the grocery store!

The staff assisted and advised me go to straight to the ER which I didn’t want to do - like at all!! But then I remembered your horoscope for me and I let them talk me into going to urgent care instead. It was during that visit that I discovered that I had an irregular heartbeat - and they sent me straight to the hospital! Since then I am doing much better now, thankfully!

Long story short, while I’ve felt that your work and predictions are legendary I never imagined that the words in your horoscopes would impact my life so much, especially the way that your warning did! So, I am sending a very heartfelt “thank you” to you as the warning in your horoscope pretty much saved my life!

I would advise anyone who isn’t subscribed to your premium horoscopes that they really should become a subscriber! One never knows, it might even save their life too! Thank you again Sal, I am forever grateful!!

Jane Doe, USA, Protected Identity upon request, July 7th, 2023

Laura C.jpeg

I'm subscribed to your premium blog. I also purchased a birth chart some time ago. Your posts are eerily accurate 100% of the time I've been following y'all. I do not follow any other astrologers because of this. My husband and I follow your advice and warnings closely because youre so spot on. We've had several situations arise that followed exact warnings you had posted and believe me had we not been forewarned, those situations would of been much more serious than they were. Thank you for all you do! ❤️

Laura, USA, May 4th, 2023

Adrian Cugliari.png

Sal’s monthly blog is one I eagerly await for a multitude of reasons. The accuracy, passion and finesse in which Sal presents his divine work truly holds magical force. It resonates beautifully with me regardless of the positive or warning messages delivered. The honesty in which it is written is poetically raw, heartfelt and delivered with a Fatherly tenderness.


Both sun and rising sign summaries intertwine majestically enriching me with power and confidence to navigate what blessings or obstacles are at play over the coming period of time. Allow this Starseed Astrology service to have a profound impact on you as it does me. 

Adrian, Australia, April 14th, 2023


I wanted to share how much I enjoy your premium blog posts and other services. I first stumbled upon your social media pages almost 2 years ago, and really resonated with everything you posted. After some time, I decided to purchase the premium blog. To my surprise, it was extremely in depth and a wealth of information to help navigate life's uncertain times.


I was so pleased with the blog, that I decided to purchase your Future Forecast next. Not only did you provide insight for the next year specific to my chart, you also provided me with invaluable information about learning more about astrology by sharing the Uranian Astrology Symbol Key, as well as an extremely helpful app to download on my phone. You also recommended that I try your popular SMS service to accelerate learning further, which I just subscribed to this week. I am blown away with how much information is shared.


Not only am I understanding astrology better than I ever have, your ability to explain how astrological events affect us is unmatched. Finally, you were able to answer questions regarding my business and its growth. For anyone new to astrology and/or hesitant to try one of Starseed's services, I recommend that you try one! I am a novice at best, but with the information they provide sets the stage to learn as much as you desire. Thanks Sal and Amari!

Stephanie, USA, Mar 23rd 2023

Luzy Mom_edited.jpg

I signed up for the premium blog posts and Sal has proven to be both accurate and helpful! Many times we humans just need a little hope to get us through one journey on to another. And when Sal writes on his blog the dates of some particular type of future event that may happen during a specific timeframe and then - BOOM!💥- that timeframe coincides with the “particular type of future event” actually happening, it is a very hope-filled feeling!


Since Sal is writing future potential I always put the date, with a note, in my calendar (with first and second alerts, lol) to remind me that I’m beginning a period of time for particular possibilities and to be open and aware. And I had a note from late January’s blog post for the dates March 14-28, 2023 of a particular type of event - related to my sun sign - playing out, and sure enough, March 14th rolled around and it was like magic!


Something that had been 2 1/2 years in “the works” came to a completely sudden and positive conclusion on March 14th! It was lit! 🔥 So thanks, Sal! And thanks Amari for continuing to fulfill your divine purpose! Blessings!

Luzy, USA, Mar 15th, 2023

Angelina Fiordellisi 2023.jpg

Salvador Russo is the most insightful, inspiring and deeply meaningful astrologer that I’ve ever experienced and his premium blogs are NOT to be missed. I’ve gained such important guidance with his extraordinary and amazing gift! Grazie Mille Salvador!

Angelina, USA, Feb 27th, 2023

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