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"The Creation of the World", Giusto Menabuoi

It's important for us that you know where we stand in terms of our philosophy. We are Christian mystics who believe, as the Holy Scripture confirms, that God created the heavens which includes the sun, the moon and the stars. We further believe that God created the zodiac itself as confirmed in 2 esdras when God declared, "For the world is divided into twelve parts." Jesus Christ, who never spake once against astrology, and who actually alluded to it within the Lord's Prayer, prophesied that, "there shall be signs in the sun, in the moon and in the stars." Jesus also confirmed the reality of "the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven" which we believe, after years of revelation, includes astrology.

We give glory and worship solely to Adonai, our God most high, who is honorably titled in the Holy Bible as the "Lord of Hosts", a designation of great significance as it pertains to His authority over the mythological gods and goddesses who exist and operate through astrology and whom are collectively titled "the starry hosts" in many passages throughout the scripture. We have been groomed over years to understand that the gods and goddesses are real and that they function as regent governors over our world with special jurisdictions to each. They are, naturally, subordinate to God yet they hold high and honored positions within His celestial government above our world. 

We do not worship stars, planets, gods or goddesses but we understand, as the magi and other wise figures throughout history did, that there is a higher cosmic order that presides over our earthly lives that secretly communicates knowledge and wisdom to those who are initiated to understand it. regardless of race or religion we are each born beneath the stars and the profound designs of mysterious knowledge and wisdom that God secretly and marvelously encoded into the heavenly realms. Enoch, the great and powerful prophet, was shown the heavenly ordinances by Uriel, one of the highest of God's angels, as recorded in his book of "The Courses of the Heavenly Luminaries."

We believe that astrology has been divinely created by God for the organization, government and evolution of life on Earth. As Christian mystics we have successfully learned and utilized astrology to dramatically improve our lives as well as the lives of thousands of clients around the world over the past twelve years. Astrology reveals the Will of God, the influence of Christ and the positions of the divine powers of Heaven at any given time. By harmonizing our lives with the cycles and seasons of astrology we have been able to overcome great challenges that include intense clashes with evil. Astrology continues to be a majestic guiding light to us, pure and blessed from the wisdom of God. 

We think it tragic that so many in the astrological and new age communities omit God and Christ from their philosophy and practice. To us this is a grave error that blocks the reception of divine knowledge and wisdom that empowers a counselor to be truly beneficial to their clients. We will never force our philosophy on anyone but do we share it with open hearts, inspired minds and righteous souls that are filled with integrity, passion and a deep desire to make this world a better place for all. Regarding the gems and crystals, well they are from God too, of course, as Genesis confirms in the verses of creation. God made the Earth and everything in it so the gemstones are of divine origin. 

Spiritual gifts come to humans in many wonderful forms as God determines. It so happens that Amari and I were gifted with great aptitude in astrology and certain psychic abilities that include clairvoyance. The Roman Catholic Church declares such gifts as "recourse to Satan" which we think is extremely ironic considering their public astronomical tribute to Lucifer. The Vatican wants a total monopoly on Christian spiritual power so while they scan the heavens with "Lucifer" they tell us that astrology, an ancient form of cosmic observation, is somehow evil. And this incredulous statement runs in direct contrast to what the Holy Bible teaches about the heavens in Genesis. 

In these troubled times many are understandably turning away from the church and religion while opening more and more to mystical practices that can range from the dark and dangerous occult to life guidance gained through variations of astrology. We want people to know that if you learn and apply astrology deeply enough you will absolutely find God flowing through it all. In the future we will be publishing many uniquely advanced books on astrology and alchemy from the Christian mystic perspective. We will also deep dive into the starseed concept with a refreshing level of truth and integrity. Thank you for taking the time to learn where we are coming from. 

With love,

Sal & Amari

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