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cosmic love & light

My name is Amari Russo. I'm a highly talented professional psychic and co-founder of Starseed Astrology. I died, crossed over and returned to life in 2001 after surviving a traumatic car crash. I had a profound experience with God that inspired me to embrace my psychic abilities which I now use to the great benefit of my growing international clientele. 


Prior to my becoming a professional psychic I spent many years in the fashion and modeling industries. I worked with top brands, names, designers and producers in Europe and maintain many of those relationships to this day. But when I met my twin flame Sal in 2009 my life took a dramatic and wonderful turn towards the spiritual and the cosmic.


The name 'Starseed Astrology' was inspired to me from above when we began building a new life together. I sensed that Sal was destined to become a world famous astrologer. I pushed him to try and after a fortuitous Capricorn eclipse in January of 2010 that happened in rare conjunction to Venus he pushed me to fully embrace my psychic nature.

Psychic Black Chart Jan 2010_edited.jpg

Since that fateful Venusian eclipse I've been working successfully with clients from all over the world. My clairvoyant abilities allow me to see the past, present and potential futures of others while my genuine connection to the Akashic records allows me to retrieve extraordinary past life insights that empower my present time counsel.

I consider myself an expert in 'darkness to light' transformations because I've gone through so many of my own over the years. Far from having a fairy tale life, my trials by fire have given me the authenticity, experience and wisdom that is required to truly be effective as a professional psychic and spiritual counselor.

Because of my Athena in Cancer I am extremely empathic and because of my Uranus in Scorpio I'm able to read people through the astrological energy that they hold within their light body. For years Sal has confirmed my insights into people's lives through the stars in their horoscope. My psychic impressions have a mysterious astrological basis. 

Amari Russo Starseed Astrology Professional Psychic USA

I have a unique ancestral bloodline that consists of French, Prussian, Romanian and Black Choctaw heritage. One of my great grandmothers was a highly respected tribal seer. I've had psychic experiences since I was a child but I didn't truly embrace them until I died and returned. Now I love using my abilities in service to others.

I'm a loving mother of six beautiful children and recently, with my grandmother's passing, I've become the family matriarch, a position which I hold in a sacred spiritual way. I am staunchly pro-life and totally anchored in divine feminine principals. I'm extremely experienced in conscious parenting and I absolutely love family life.

I love to help people succeed and reach their highest potentials. I love helping others to discover their divine uniqueness. I teach people the wisdom concealed within their past traumas to fuel their transformation process. And most of all, I love to serve as a guiding light to others as they ascend along their own unique life path.

Blue Lotus Flower Starseed Astrology USA Egyptian Alchemy

Philosophically I'm a devout Christian mystic with supreme love and loyalty to Jesus Christ and the Almighty God. I cherish Biblical wisdom but I also embrace the divine mysteries of the ancient, pre-Christian world. I especially resonate with the high teachings of ancient Egypt which encompassed highly advanced astrology, alchemy and magic.

Over the years I've worked effectively with clients in the business, corporate, government and celebrity sectors. I'm a genuine medical intuitive and business muse who has crystal clear visions of ideal business models and career paths into the future. I'm highly skilled in relationship and marital counseling and I deliver it all with warm Venusian charm.

I'm currently working on new product formulations while Sal takes the lead with media production. I'm super into metaphysical jewelry and am well known for my custom design work. I love painting, gardening, animals and vegan cuisine. As a hyper-creative Leo with lots of Virgo energy I simply love expressing my soul through creative work.

Amari Russo Venus Starseed Astrology

With all that said, welcome to Starseed Astrology! We hope that our work and offerings are of great benefit to your life and future. What you see is only a glimpse of our full light and vision. With each passing cycle we will evolve our service to you. I look forward to working with you and I wish you a golden path through 2022. Wishing you cosmic love and light,


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