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biomat reviews

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I am writing to  how grateful we are for your insight and recommendation to get a BioMat for my husband’s constant pain. For the past three years he has had shooting leg pain from sciatica down his leg, and also felt his whole body just aching most of the time. He went to doctors, chiropractors and even had an emergency room visit to try and stop this constant pain. He rarely had a good nights sleep. The only solution most gave him was prescription pain pills, more expensive chiropractic visits and more tests!


We have our BioMat one month now and his pain level went from a 9 to a 1! I would say in the first 3 days he found fast relief, and now with a month’s use he’s got so much more energy and is sleeping SO much better at night! First thing every morning he uses it, and he never misses a day because he know how much it works. Plus, I love it too for rest and relaxation, and I find myself too with so much more energy. So thank you so much for mentioning this product and telling me your personal story of how much it worked for you too.


With much gratitude,

Melanie & Scott, USA, Mar 19th, 2023

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