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Welcome to Starseed Astrology, the digital home of the most censored astrologer and psychic couple in the world!  We are Salvador and Amari Russo, the uniquely talented Christian mystic astrologer/psychic couple from Arizona who founded our company beneath a majestic Leo Sun back in August of 2010 when the stars were ripe for our endeavor. Since then we've been building one of the most popular and respected astrology brands in the world against all odds. 

As you might tell from our photo we are genuine twin flames who were fortunate enough to have found one another in this life. We are old souls with past lives tracing back to ancient Egypt. We have overcome great obstacles in our path of ascension together and in the future we'll tell our tale in great detail. Through our trials and tribulations we have gained priceless experience, wisdom and light that we use each day to aid and uplift the lives of others through our service.

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You see a rendering of the Aquarian royal star Alpha Cygni above because we met in this life beneath an incredibly rare triple conjunction to it. Because of this we consider Alpha Cygni, the powerful blue-white hypergiant and unacknowledged royal star, as the patron star of our career together. Foreknowledge is one of Cygnus' divine gifts and we happen to be known for it.

Since our beginning we have labored to stimulate increasing levels of cosmic consciousness within our audience, especially as it pertains to the greatest political, social and cultural events of our time. We present our content with truth and integrity to God's astrology and how it relates to what we are seeing in our world. We are known for accuracy, quality and integrity.

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It's important for us that you know where we stand philosophically. First and foremost, we are devout Christian mystics who believe that astrology is one of the creations of God and as Jesus put it, one of the "mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven." We don't worship stars or planets but we know and understand that the Greek gods and goddesses have honored roles as the Biblical "Hosts of Heaven" which the Most High God presides over as the "Lord of Hosts." 

On the political level we are ultra MAGA Republicans who believe in the sacredness of the U.S. Constitution and the American Dream. We are pro life, pro freedom, pro abundance and pro law and order. We believe in a coming Golden Age for humanity and we see a Biblical war between the old, evil authorities and the emerging world of grace and promise which God ordains and will see done. We are doing our best to lead and guide everyone during America's Pluto return.

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As genuine twin flames we possess a great deal of light, chemistry and power together. We love and support one another so that our best comes forward as a couple. We are proud parents of many beautiful children who have very special stars and purposes. We have strong family values and we are passionate believers that good parents and whole families make a brighter world. We represent the beautiful and blessed tradition of the nuclear family which we cherish.

When we aren't using our abilities and talents in service to others we live a clean and wholesome life. We've been vegan for twelve years now and we credit veganism for the definite role that it has played in our slowed aging, our quickened ascent and the rapid blossoming of our minds and spiritual lives. For us veganism was a major milestone in our development as Christian mystics. It has only been good to us and did God not command "thou shall not kill?"


We were divinely inspired to marry on April 28th, 2011 in Sedona, Arizona beneath a rare and powerful Aries stellium. This special time was spiritually gifted to us many months in advance and without any conscious connection to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which happened mere hours after our own on April 29th, 2011 in London, England. The chart below shows the powerful beginning to our astrological journey and alchemy as a couple.

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Our cosmic marriage was a powerful point of initiation and ascension as we became enhanced with the extraordinary light of that moment. Now we understand that wedding astrology is a divine pathway for loving, committed partners to ascend rapidly in life. Having lived wedding astrology each day since our union we now have great experience with how it truly works. We continue to guide other couples into divine wedding stars that they can grow and ascend with.


We want you to know about our client philosophy which is focused on creating success and independence in the lives of others through teaching, guidance and wise advisement. We want you to achieve your highest potentials while manifesting your dreams. Unlike others, we don't want anyone dependent on us. We want to power you up so that you can fly all on your own. We have a phenomenal track record with clients, we welcome newcomers to our rave reviews.

For the last twelve years we've worked successfully with clients from all walks of life from all over the world. From deep esoteric subjects to practical matters of career, business, finances, relationships, timing and strategy our work has been extremely diverse and always on point. We cherish the beautiful souls that we've met along the way and we strive to treat all of our clients as family. We focus on our clients' best interests with professionalism and excellence.

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We are avid crystal lovers, collectors and merchants because we've discovered how wonderfully beneficial they are in terms of personal development, optimal performance, inner healing, consciousness development and higher dimensional access. Our first crystal experience was with moldavite, the famous destiny aligning meteorite, and the rest as they say was history. Our crystal work is perfectly aligned with the Uranus transit of Taurus by the way. 

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The cosmos isn't evil, it's wisdom's missing link. Don't let the devil trick you, on what and how to think. The wisdom has been buried, they hope you never see. But God is always speaking, through cosmic synchrony. We're repping for the sages, the ones who came before. We study heaven's movements, to learn on what's in store. As long as we are breathing, you will have our best. We've earned our grace from God, our souls were put to test. The Tribulation rages, we're here to help you through. The perfect stars God gave you, will always guide you true.  We're very pleased to meet you, have a look around. The Mysteries of God are wonderfully profound.

With love,

Sal & Amari

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