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Tower Garden reviews

Jessica McCray Tower Garden.jpg

I have had my tower garden for about a year and I love it so much I just recently bought another one! It's very affordable with a monthly plan for anyone. I started this journey because I wanted to have control over what my family ate. Even with all of the organic fruits and vegetables, you really don't know what you're getting at the grocery store.


I am someone who has no green thumb whatsoever and this has been a learning experience and so rewarding to grow from seed my own herbs and vegetables. There are some great resources out there to help you along the way and Amari has been great helping answering my questions even when I accidentally planted seeds of two different plants in one pod lol.


They survived. I have experimented with some things to see what I could grow and that has been fun. It's very easy to grow your own herbs, veggies and lettuces. These towers are well made and durable! If you're contemplating getting one or three, do it! You won't regret it. 


Jessica, USA, Feb 3rd, 2024

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