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salvador russo

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wisdom always wins

My name is Salvador Russo. I'm a practicing Uranian astrologer with unique Hermetic wisdom based in Arizona, USA. I'm the lead astrologer of Starseed Astrology and I'm one of the most censored astrologers on Earth. I'm a devout Christian mystic who is far along in my alchemy.

Together with my clairvoyant wife Amari I operate a financially successful astrology practice with a growing international audience and clientele. I credit this success to my close relationship with Jesus Christ, my unique understanding of the cosmos and the secrets of business astrology.

My journey with astrology began back in 2009 when the Jupiter transit of Aquarius opened my mind to it. I'm 100% self-taught and I've learned things that will revolutionize and quantum leap astrology forever. I've synced my entire life with the divine and mysterious pace of astrology.

Prior to my career in astrology I was a Top Secret SCI cleared communications engineer in the United States Air Force. I served with honor and distinction at various bases including Osan AFB, Ramstein AFB, and Sather AB at Baghdad International Airport. I'm patriotic and I love veterans.

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I sincerely believe that Jesus Christ gave the greatest endorsement for astrology that the world has ever known. This endorsement is veiled in the Lord's Prayer in the specific words "on Earth as it is in Heaven." When read with insight these words allude to astrology and the above/below.

As a Christian mystic with advanced initiation I've been groomed to understand that astrology is a marvelous part of the mystery of God. Astrology is a central component to the ancient mystery religion that predates recorded history. This mystery religion continues to pervade all life.

My spiritual awakening began when I met my beloved twin flame Amari on June 2nd of 2009. The stars were magnificently aligned with a once-in-a-lifetime triple conjunction between Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron at 26° Aquarius while the Gemini Sun made trine to Zeus retrograde in Libra.

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My mission is to dramatically increase cosmic consciousness throughout the world. I want all people to benefit from the divine advantages of astrology, not just the 1% who use it in secret. I specialize in the esoteric dimension of astrology. This is where many of my books will be focused.

Crystals and meteorites have played a central role in my transformation and development over the years. Crystal alchemy is powerfully real and this is something that I'll be teaching about in the future. Moldavite was my first crystal and my God, its legends have proven so true in my life.

I consider myself a leader in the astrological community. I have an excellent prediction record which includes the miracle victory of President Trump. I've worked successfully with scores of impressed clients from all around the world. But I always feel like my best work is ahead of me.

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The name Starseed Astrology was inspired to my queen many years ago. We believe, because of direct spiritual revelation, that every soul is born through a certain star, that every soul is dyed with a specific star energy that exists beneath the birth astrology. We call this the soul star.

My soul star is Alpha Orionis, the red supergiant that shines bright in the Orion constellation. I have an old soul and an insatiable passion for learning and exploring the mysteries of God. I am grateful for all that I have learned and for the enduring love and loyalty from our beloved fans.

My astrology comes from my own cosmic connection. You'll never get anything recycled or plagiarized from me. I view the world through a Christian mystic lens and I pray through everything that I write for the highest truth and value to be offered. Astrology is my passion.

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I thoroughly love being a loyal husband, a dedicated father and a trustworthy friend. I'm a "death before dishonor" type with warrior traits to my character. I'm a fighter when I need to be and I have great experience in the spiritual war, experience that spans many lifetimes. Wisdom always wins!

I want you all to know that we have a million golden ideas for service expansion. But there is a wise way and timing to everything. When the cosmic times are right everything that you see from us will be expanded and amplified. We are motivated to enrich your lives through our labor of love.

If you've read this far I thank you from my heart. As a stellium-born Sagittarius I simply love making friends from around the world so feel free to write me a note, I am super friendly. I wish you all a divine 2024. I hope that my work helps you to navigate life in a wise and joyful way.


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