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Q: I'd like to try your monthly premium horoscope, how do I set up my account?

A: Click the "login" button at the top right of this screen then click on "sign up." Follow the prompts to create your site member profile then visit any premium article, click "subscribe" and follow the prompts to start your subscription.

Q: I just subscribed to Starseed SMS, why can't I access the premium horoscopes?

A: Starseed SMS and the monthly Premium Blog Horoscopes are separate subscription services. A subscription to one doesn't grant access to the other.

Q: I'm having some financial difficulty, how can I cancel my subscriptions?

A: To cancel your premium horoscope subscription simply click on "login", then "my subscriptions", then "cancel subscription." To cancel Starseed SMS simply write us through our contact page and provide the email that you signed up with.

Q: I'm interested in booking a service, how long will it take to be seen by you?

A: We maintain high demand and client volume. There is always a waiting period although it fluctuates slightly. We strive to see everyone as quickly as possible and we do offer emergency scheduling options. Write us through our contact page and we can provide you with a more specific estimate on turn around time.

Q: Do you allow guest posting on your blog or other cross marketing options?

A: We do not allow guest posting from other astrologers, psychics or direct competitors but we are open to collaborating with others in similar fields. Write us through our contact page with inquiries on business, marketing or more. 

Q: Would you like to be a guest on our YouTube show or podcast?

A: We greatly appreciate your interest but at this time we are not doing any guest features on other shows or casts. In the near future we will start our own podcast while developing other projects that we have in mind. All in good time.

Much love,

Sal & Amari

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