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Oracle Session

Oracle Session


I’ve been psychic since a child but my abilities became extremely powerful after a near-death-experience many years ago when I crossed into the afterlife to have profound experiences with God. He told me that it wasn’t my time and He sent me back to serve. Although I was clinically pronounced dead I came back to life. Through my healing process and because of my afterlife experiences with God I felt compelled to embrace my calling as a professional psychic.


Clairvoyance is one of my psychic powers. I have visions about my clients’ lives past, present, and future. I interpret these visions to deliver valuable insight and perspective that empowers my clients’ life. I’m also an empath so I’m extremely sensory to the extent that I can feel a person’s energy through their photos and more. I have a gift for knowing past lives which enables me to understand the karmic dynamics at work in a person’s life. I also have visions of destinies and clear knowledge of soul missions.


Through my Oracle session I will answer any question that you have about your life while delivering my most valuable psychic guidance. I routinely discuss topics like career, relationships, health & healing, crisis scenarios, spiritual development, path of ascension, sacred work, twin flames, business development, conscious parenting, finances, and more. Unique crystal recommendations for specific goals are given freely in addition to this service. I consider myself an accurate, effective, experienced, and versatile counselor with great spiritual delivery.


My Oracle sessions are delivered via Skype video so no matter where you are in the world we can connect. My fee is $150 for a half hour or $272.22 for a full hour. I’ll write you within 48 hours to schedule our session upon your booking. Please have recent photos ready for anyone involved with the session, yourself included, and let me know which topics you’d like to discuss in advance of our session so that I can begin my psychic process. I work from Phoenix, AZ time.


If you are new to my work I welcome you to read my bio and my reviews. I assure you that you’re in good hands. I look forward to working with you and to empowering you with my best!


Cosmic love and light,


Mystic Amari

  • Cancellation Policy

    My work begins with my initial email attempts to schedule your session.  If you decide to cancel after I've made repeated attempts to schedule you and/or because of poor communication or timeliness on your side there will be a $35 fee for my time and energy lost that will be deducted from your booking refund amount.

  • Session 'No Show' Policy

    If a scheduled session time is missed I will honor one session rescheduling opportunity. If the second session time is missed there wil be no service or refund. With the purchase of your booking you agree to these terms. My time is precious to me, I fully respect yours and ask the same from you.

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