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The years of our lives can be read like chapters in a book. The stars of each birthday reveal the nature of one's year to come. With astrological foreknowledge of the solar return one can consciously create and enjoy the most successful years possible. Solar return insights are some of the most valuable in all of astrology. They help us to master the future itself.

With this service I will create and translate your next solar return horoscope. With your highest interests at heart I will advise, forewarn, and enlighten you on the most important features of your year as revealed by the degree and house positions of the planets, gods, and goddesses. I will focus on harmonizing you with divine will, crisis prevention, fortune manifestation while sharing an abundance of inspired insights.

I will require your exact date, city, and time of birth as they are reflected in your birth certificate. This service will be delivered via email in Word document essay format along with your solar return horoscope. Because of my high demand and the complexity of this service it's best to book your solar return two-to-three months ahead of your actual birthday.

I have personally benefited from solar return wisdom and perspective for years. I find this life perspective to be absolutely priceless. It is also quite mysterious to see life unfolding, year by year, according to a higher secret order that God created. By harmonizing with your solar returns you will be on the fast-track to life mastery.


I have two options for this particular service: the solar return for $777 and the super solar return for $1000. The solar return service will provide the most valuable core wisdom, guidance, and perspective of your year in a 2000+ word essay. Through the super solar return I will add enahnced insights through certain Hermetic keys, like, for example, the Key of Time, the Key of Power, and the Key of Magic as I am guided to.


I pour the absolute best of my knowledge, wisdom, talent, and abilities into every word and sentence of this service. It is 1000% intuitive and the service is created only beneath divine astrological alignments. This service cannot be rushed as it is performed strictly within the most inspirational astrological alignments. This results in the highest quality service for you, my valued and respected client.


Choose your service option below and prepare to be amazed! If you are skeptical about my skill level I welcome you to read my long list of rave reviews here, here, and here. You can also read my bio here.


With passion, integrity, and commitment to astrological excellence,

Astrologer Salvador Russo




Sagittarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, Aries Rising

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    The current average wait time for a Solar Return delivery is between 3-6 weeks. Your booking constitutes acceptance of this wait time which is based on existing client volume. Thanks for understanding. - Sal

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