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Key of Misfortune

Key of Misfortune


The Arabic parts, otherwise known as the Hermetic keys, are concealed degrees of great value within a birth chart that have profound ramifications upon our lives. Through the application of ancient astrological formulas their true locations can be discovered which then permit a master's view of one's life, path and future. 


Upon calculation the Key of Misfortune reveals the specific sign, degree and house where a soul can and will experience serious misfortunes over the course of their lives. Knowledge of this Hermetic key empowers one with the astrological awareness, vigilance and foresight that can prevent major misfortunes in one's life. 


Through this service I will carefully calculate and confirm to my client the precise location of their Key of Misfortune. I will interpret and explain, in essay form, the most prominent themes connected to their Misfortune. I will also alert them to upcoming times and transit specifics towards the prevention or reduction of the next most misfortunate influence. 


Looking back on my own life and astrological history I am amazed to see some of my most severe hardships syncing with major aspects to my own Misfortune, especially the one involving transiting Pluto. I am motivated to use initiated astrological wisdom so that you have knowledge and power to prevent misfortunes from happening in your life. 


My Key of Misfortune service has great lifelong value because once you know its degree location you can forever know your times of risk through observation of the astrological transits that will  periodically aspect your Misfortune. Through the practice of transit tracking you can learn to see, forecast and identify incoming threats into your life. 


For example, let's say that your Misfortune is located at 8° Libra, a degree that governs marriage to foreign nationals. You meet a certain foreigner during an alignment to your Misfortune but without knowing the higher astrology you proceed in developing the encounter into a marriage which ultimately fails at great cost to you. You regret and disdain your decision for years to come. 


Now let's rewind the clock and say that this person knew of their Misfortune at 8° Libra and they were aware that they met a person during a time when their Misfortune was active. They wisely decided against developing the relationship in a serious way and they spared themselves the pain and loss of going the distance with a Misfortunate person. How priceless is that?


Other practical examples include knowing where business, investment, financial, romantic, academic, medical or professional misfortunes can manifest - and when. Because astrological Misfortune can appear through any sign and degree the variables are great but through this service you can see it, know it and master it with laser precision. 


Upon booking please have your date, city and time of birth ready to share. If you have any questions about this service feel free to message me via our contact page. If you are new to my client work I welcome you to our reviews page where you can read genuine client feedback amassed over the years, including for this unique servie. I pledge my best to empower your life and future. 


With passion and integrity, 


Astrologer Salvador Russo




  • Service Delivery Speed

    Delivered within 4 - 8 weeks depending upon client volume, an expedited service option is available. By booking this service you agree to the stated waiting period and terms. No refunds.

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