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Blood Moon In Aries: Warrior Spirits Awaken

The world will enter a bold and beautiful new era beyond tomorrow’s “blood moon” which will occur in the mystical House of Aries. As our ancient light is dyed red for a time a supernatural event which corresponds to Revelation 9:11 will occur in stealth, that is, the entrance of Apollyon, the great healer and destroyer, into the House of Scorpio. The long prophesied “end times” have become “modern times” and this is a cause for celebration among the righteous and among those who seek a brighter, more balanced world. Our planet is soon to be baptized by sword and by fire by one who reigns far above us all. I welcome you all to my humble interpretation of this awe-inspiring celestial event.

I predict the following themes, events, and sensations to manifest during the next year as the blood moon echoes through our lives:

  • multiple governmental regime changes across the globe

  • openly visible, national-level blessings and curses

  • the unprecedented exposure of the secret war masters

  • political “shock and awe” within the U.S. presidential campaign trail

  • the enactment of nation-saving immigration laws and policies

  • divinely inspired cultural metamorphosis leading into Jupiter in Libra

  • invigorations of the soul by the element of fire and archetypes of divine beauty

  • a failed assassination attempt of a certain world figure

  • a growing sense of divine power alive and at work on Earth

  • the priceless altering of national political timelines against tyranny

  • the fulfillment of great, heart-centered personal ambitions

  • the mystical emergence of new soul beauty to work with

  • divine matchmaking of the highest possible caliber and potential

  • power and support for crisis rooted in disease, debt, and forms of poverty

  • the most powerful spiritual initiations imaginable

  • a rising sense of the presence of Christ

  • an extraordinary beautification of life in general

  • positive transformations in career, service, skill, and employment

  • great conquests of truth, love, courage, and beauty

  • and the abundant circulation of royal blessings among the Elect

Second American Revolution

The blood moon’s effects will powerfully transform all political timelines on Earth, especially leading into next spring when the Aries Sun will make a history-making conjunction to the planet Uranus which is known in astrology as “the great liberator.” As timelines are altered divinely the United States of America will find itself rapidly approaching its second great revolution which the stars foretell will begin on December 19th of 2020, the day when Jupiter enters Aquarius to meet Saturn which will also be in Aquarius. The Second American Revolution will be driven by a new and heavenly form of collective consciousness that expresses itself through unprecedented social and political action. It will trigger an international domino effect that leads the world through space and time into true and lasting liberty for all of mankind.

Revelation 9:11

The Book of Revelation is filled with cryptic verses and mysterious allegories. One such verse, numbered by nine and eleven, numbers which the whole world is familiar with, pertains to a supernatural figure named “Apollyon” that happens to exist within the realm of esoteric astrology. It is no coincidence that the astrological Apollyon enters the House of Scorpio for a world-purifying 48 year transit on the same evening of our “super blood moon.” The profound rarity of such powerful events synchronizing on the same evening confirms to me that this blood moon will signal the death of one world and the birth of a new world. Or more specifically, the death of a satanic order and the birth of a divine order long promised.

Redeem & Destroy

Apollyon’s influence in Scorpio will be twin in nature, that of redeemer and that of destroyer. This sacred energy, which activates during the blood moon, will empower, restore, and purify on one hand while it disempowers, reveals, and destroys on the other. The experiences that we have with Apollyon will vary based upon the light or absence of light within our hearts and minds so that perfect justice is dealt to each as the world enters a powerful new stage of divine metamorphosis. Although the tones are heavy, sacred, and solemn in Scorpio this is no energy to fear as it will work to rid us of the most diabolical humans, spirits, and conditions that have festered on our world. When you see Selene turn red know that a great ally for humanity has just stepped into its time and power.

Golden Aries

The House of Aries is where unprecedented experiences occur in the zodiac therefore we can expect our lives to boldly and beautifully enter new paradigms of experience, quality, and potential in the days and weeks ahead. We will enjoy great blessings in our lives through the beautification of our relationships and through the enrichment of our hearts with a cosmic passion born in a higher plane. Gilded energy will be pouring into our heart chakras to revive our passions, to rekindle our loves, to stoke our loyalties, and to inspire beautiful new soul expression. The cosmos will be blessing us within so that we may each step into new experiences and leadership roles with joy, confidence, and trust in one another. Get ready to be the “new you” and be sure to adventure into the new courses that God opens at your feet!

Spotlight Vesta

The mythic gods and goddesses dance through the stars each day, influencing our lives in secret according to the law and wisdom of the Most High God. The blood moon will bring out the best of Vesta as it will occur in conjunction to the asteroid bearing her name. Amplified by the blood moon energy Vesta will be authorized to instill energetic healing, beautification, strengthening, and spiritual invigoration that will feel like a warrior’s passion. We are not alone in our struggles against darkness. The truth is that many of the immortals are with us since our birth, helping us to evolve and ascend through the spiral staircase contained within the zodiac. When you feel the “new you” unmistakably within your heart and within your body know that the goddess Vesta had a hand in it. Save your worship and glory for God but realize that we have Olympic friends in high places that love us and serve us in their times.

Vesta’s Touch

The Vesta influence that will echo forth for one year’s time will enable and inspire us to heal, rebuild, use, and present our bodies as never before. The spiritual war on Earth has taken a great physical toll on most of the world’s population. The time has now come for physical health, beauty, and vitality to be reclaimed! Live in alignment by investing time and energy into anything which heals, strengthens, beautifies, and empowers you on the physical level. These activities will naturally promote spiritual growth and worldly success as they will prepare you to seize divine opportunities which lay just around the corner. Take action on the cues that life gives, especially through assertive, warrior-like individuals as the Vesta influence will very often shine through them.

Radiant Relationships

Dramatic relationship evolution and blessing is at hand by ordinance of the Libra Sun and the goddess Juno who also plays a special role during the blood moon. Juno, the true Queen of Heaven, will find herself in conjunction to the Sun at the first royal degree of Libra which bodes well for all noble couples, lovers, friends, artists, newlyweds, and cultural allies. Recognize that a great portion of the blood moon blessings will be coming through new and radiant relationships that have yet to enter our lives. Divine orchestrations have and will continue to occur to connect the brightest hearts with the brightest hearts. Heaven is heavily invested in the matchmaking business these days, as the stars reveal, so treasure the new people and opportunities that life presents you with. Blood moon bonds will last a lifetime…

Adventures Ahead

As the blood moon shakes the Earth new adventures will be born into our days. The cardinal virtue of courage will be required of us all to ascend and profit maximally during the next year. This is because we will be called to lead, demonstrate, produce, and present in new and at times, unexpected ways. The universe has a prime directive to constantly evolve our souls. As new aspects of your souls blossom from the blood moon’s touch think of ways in which you can step forward as a leader or innovator within your family, culture, or community. Good fortune will favor those who take lives into new territories. This is not a time to hold on to the old ways, this is a time to embrace and proclaim the new beauty and opportunity that Heaven instills and presents before us. Tap into your warrior essence, which the blood moon will be stoking, to earn your highest future!

Ascension Keys

It is my sacred labor to teach the science of ascension within the context of astrology. For those who wish to live in harmony with the cosmic order I humbly present twenty ascension keys which will help you to rise and prosper during this extremely powerful blood moon cycle, as follows:

  • purify your bodies as much as possible

  • when opportunity knocks answer it boldly

  • release failed relationships to clear space for what you deserve

  • maintain trust and loyalty among loved ones at all costs

  • comply with the laws that present themselves to you in a timely manner

  • break free from negative cultural trappings

  • explore new paths of service and soul expression with great confidence

  • train for health and mastery whenever possible

  • cooperate and co-create with extraordinary partners and couples that appear

  • act upon higher messages that come to you in your dreams

  • fulfill all contractual obligations, mundane and spiritual

  • introduce good people to one another, especially to solve great problems

  • enhance your appearance to capitalize on interpersonal opportunities, existing and to come

  • develop initiative, leadership, and decision making abilities as much as possible

  • keep the peace for the sake of the children

  • work wisely with credits and debts as Pluto comes for them

  • be just in all that you do to honor the Libran echoes

  • encourage new beauty wherever you find it

  • use new spiritual powers with great responsibility

  • and do not be afraid of unprecedented supernatural occurrences that come with the times


Heaven knows I'm here to fight, I'm brightest in the darkest night. My secret stars give me the sight, two paths to walk make sure it's right. Stars and stones charge up my bones, I play a game but not of thrones. I pray each day but not in domes, blessings rain on righteous homes. Shooting stars I've seen a pair, be young and wise for this is rare. I'm Aries rising and I dare, I'm rich in wisdom much to share. Are muses with me? Yay or nay? My friends it's not for me to say. Key of fortune on display, I bet my stars I'll have my day. I share with you the best of me, for now it's poem not prophecy. The cosmic codes crack logically, my goal is always flawlessly. Starseed will be in the news, good or evil time to choose. God says Babylon will lose, the stage is set blood moon's the fuse!

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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