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New Moon In Leo: Symphony Of The Stars

Global ascension and national redemption will enter a powerful new phase beyond tomorrow’s new moon in Leo! The seeds of glory that Jupiter in Leo sowed in secret will be bursting into life in the firmament above to enable the impossible progress that we have been seeking. The royal magic of our phoenix year will now be brought to center stage as our new lights guide us into futures unimagined. The sacred stars that have been falling from Heaven will soon begin to sing their great symphony…

I predict the following events and themes to manifest personally and globally until the full moon in Leo of January 23rd, 2016:

  • the beautification and spiritualization of our work and our careers

  • the exaltation of divinely inspired artists throughout the world

  • career collapses of Satanically aligned artists, entertainers, executives, and production companies

  • the rapid evolution of governments and industries through extraordinary revelations and divisions of loyalty

  • life transformations inspired by the entrance and development of true love relationships

  • the growing public awareness of divinely gifted children and their needs

  • the unexpected involvement of high-profile celebrities in controversial social and political affairs

  • the international exposure of child sex crimes within government circles with emphasis on the UK

  • the evolution of relationships based upon loyalty, integrity, creativity, and newfound status

  • joyful social climbing for all who genuinely walk their path of ascension

  • the assumption of new duties and responsibilities for the greater good of innocent children

  • the joyful enhancement of creative power through the mystical blessing of our hearts and minds

  • the manifestation of new public opportunities to showcase artistic talent and creative power

  • spiritually orchestrated accountability against child abusers, neglectful parents, and corrupt case workers

  • the empowerment of children by governmental agencies, community organizations, and their executive officers

  • widespread exonerations of long-standing hardships and burdens related to children

  • rapid evolution into genuine spiritual sovereignty

  • the mystical opening of new paths of discipleship

  • and new archangel appointments to those chosen by God to rise and rule

Regulus Awakened

This new moon cycle begins in great majesty because of the extremely rare conjunction between Jupiter and the fixed star Regulus which are presently joined at 0° Virgo which happens to be the first marital degree of Virgo. In this sense we are witnessing a long awaited cosmic marriage between Regulus and Jupiter, an event which I believe is of Biblical significance as it relates to the mystical allegories found in Revelation 21. In these ancient verses St. John has a vision of a holy city descending from Heaven as a bride dressed beautifully for her husband.

Regulus is the star of the universal Christ here in our system. The Babylonians knew it as "the King" because it shines as the heart of the Leo constellation. In Christian astrotheology Regulus is the star of the Lord who is also known in the Book of Revelation as "the Lamb." Regulus is the "husband" from Revelation 21 and Jupiter in Virgo is "the Bride." These stars are being "married" in the first virgin degree just as this new moon cycle begins. It is a pure celestial consummation that signals the beginning of a divine construction process here below on Earth. An event of this nature will not repeat for more than 20,000 years.

Kingdom of Legend

The new moon occurs at 21° Leo, a degree of our zodiac which encompasses glorious kingdoms of mythic beauty. To have such a cycle begin exactly as Jupiter and Regulus align leads me to conclude that the New Jerusalem will now begin to descend, from Heaven to Earth, as it was foreseen so long ago. I think of certain verses in Revelation 21 that speak of “a new heaven and a new earth” and of the “passing away” of the “old order of things.” I think about how the degree of this new moon mysteriously matches the chapter of Revelation that discusses the supernatural descent of a heavenly city and the establishment of a divine kingdom on the Earth. But where will this New Jerusalem be built? My answer is in the United States of America...

As Above, So Below

In simple terms understand this: The astrology involved in this new moon indicates that a major milestone in the Book of Revelation has been reached. The proof will be seen as time passes as the old order and powers that have oppressed our world are utterly exposed and destroyed. This will be a gradual process that happens over the course of many years but the signs will be clear, especially within the realm of geopolitics, a realm in which seismic shifts are already taking place. God is creating a new order on Earth, a celestial order which will trump every effort to stifle our freedom and prosperity.

Royal Reckoning

The 21st degree of Leo is also a degree of monarchy so we can expect to see dramatic changes within the realms of the world's standing monarchs. I sense that the royal families of Europe and the Middle East will be most affected by these new energies and I predict that dramatic shifts of power will bring the futures of corrupt kingdoms and rulers into question. False nobles will not fare well because the golden vibration of this new moon will be bringing their evils to light. Royal titles mean little to God. It is the nobility of the heart that matters most. Despot kings beware...

Creative Status

The 21st degree of Leo is where creativity and social status are intermingled before the world. As the weeks pass we will all enjoy wonderful new creative inspiration and opportunity that will have a direct and beneficial impact on our careers, our professional performance, and our ability to achieve great personal ambitions. We're entering a time where success and honor can be won relatively quickly through the proper application of new creative power. This is a cycle of tremendous artistic awakening and evolution so it is vital that we channel the full passion of our hearts into our work and professions. If you do you will rise!

Professional Realignment

This new moon occurs just as Jupiter has entered Virgo, a transit which will prove wonderful for profitable career transitions and transformations. If you feel instinctually that it's time for you to change the way you serve the world then I want you to know this: There is amazing cosmic energy available to help you transition into a spiritually ideal path of service that will fulfill you in professional and economic terms. Do not ignore the urgings of your heart as this Leo cycle begins. Start it with prayer asking for divine support to help you align with the work best suited to your soul. A wise man once said, "seek and ye shall find."

Unexpected Passions

One of the most beautiful features of this new lunar cycle is that it will awaken unexpected passions within each of us to stimulate a higher level of soul growth and expression. As these passions rise and surprise be certain to ground them into valuable services and skills so that you consciously tap into the wonderfully enriching and enlightening Jupiter in Virgo energy. For the alchemists out there I say this: Mix your new fire with the earth so you can create, enjoy, and share newfound splendor. Make new service of new passion and you will be living in harmony with the cosmos.

Love Triumphs

There are going to be powerful public displays of love, many of which will involve children, that reverberate through our global society in the coming weeks. This new cycle will be revitalizing wounded hearts while reminding the world of the marvelous redemptive power that love commands. Love-based alchemy will be running rampant, especially within our families, and it will be wise for each of us to exercise the power of our hearts with public and private acts of love, compassion, and selfless service. Watch as children lead the way in our learning as they tend to do...

Child Champions

Leo is the realm of our beloved children so this cycle will bring their lives, needs, threats, and cures to the very forefront of our public debates. The dark truth is a certain minority on Earth is interested in widespread human depopulation and they target innocent children without mercy in their attempts to succeed. Watch as new and extremely influential child champions emerge to empower children and openly attack those who threaten their futures. Accelerate your own spiritual ascension by championing the needs of children within your sphere of influence. The more you do for them the better your cycle becomes!

Image Upgrades

Life is about to become more glamorous as the golden ripple of this lunar cycle settles in. Live in harmony with this new energy by finding ways to enhance image, presence, personality, and presentation on personal and professional levels. It won't be hard as the universe will be inspiring us to succeed in these precise ways. Keep in mind that this is a season where extraordinary fortunes can be won for making great impressions and for putting your best face forward. Guard against subtle gravitations toward vanity and professional pride as new success and developments offer you pathways into joyful new standing.

Spiritual Sovereignty

For those of us who are more advanced on our paths this cycle will be teaching us great lessons in spiritual sovereignty. To me spiritual sovereignty means the attainment of life freedom and self rule through the wise application of spiritual power. This process is nurtured into success through our inner connection with the divine and our ability to successfully work with the cosmic law and order. With sincere dedication great leaps can be made toward the attainment of spiritual sovereignty as the months pass. I believe we are all kings and queens deep inside. May this cycle awaken us all to our untapped royal potentials!

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2015, Starseed Astrology. This work may be cited, mirrored, and shared with professional attribution.

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