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Uranus Transits Taurus: Golden Age Astral

The astrological herald of Earth's long prophesied golden age is the Uranus transit of Taurus which begins today, on May 15th of 2018, to the great celebration of Heaven. As Uranus governs the dimensions of astrology that secretly shape our visible reality we will now experience a golden refashioning of Earth's astral infrastructure so that we see the tangible foundations of our golden age being built all over the world in the great years to come. This transit signals doom for the plague of poverty that has restrained mankind from reaching its higher and predestined glories. The infrastructure of the future will now manifest in the present while godly talents and genius shower the weary populations.

Special Honors

Before I tell this transit further I must give special honor to Sir William Herschel, the great astronomer who discovered the planet Uranus on March 13th of 1781 when the Pisces Sun and Mars in Sagittarius simultaneously aspected Uranus which was then transiting at 24° Gemini. Without Sir William's inspired discovery the world would be dark to the profound reality of Uranus. Next I must give special honor to Nikola Tesla, the scientific genius who gifted the world with the alternating current energy systems that form the backbone of our modern civilization. He also invented radio transmission so when you turn on a light or hear music on the radio think of Nikola Tesla who was actually born beneath Uranus in Taurus, the 23rd degree to be exact.

Tesla's Dream

Uranus in Taurus was the energetic source of Tesla's prolific genius. His connection to cosmic intelligence fueled his success as a scientist and inventor. His benevolent dreams for society will be realized because Uranus will be ushering in a new wave of Tesla-grade genius into the world so that we transcend material, economic, and energetic constraints that have held us back for so many years. Humanitarian and utopian developmental agendas are two of the primary transit themes to this Uranus transit of Taurus which will last into April of 2026. Infrastructure modernization will become a wonderful new norm while urban renewal projects are green lighted the world over. Golden cities are on our horizons.

Architectural Renaissance

Just as surely as Taurus rules architecture we will see an architectural renaissance be born into the world by the light of Uranus in Taurus. All builders will be blessed and born again so that our earthly architecture enters radical and beautiful new dimensions. Architecture will be one of the white hot economic growth sectors during this lengthy transit when builders will be inspired and supplied as never before. The children born during this transit will come with seeds of architectural genius that will sprout at perfect future times to advance the world even further. The world must be built up anew, this is why you will see so much wealth, energy, and collaboration going into development projects.

Agricultural Revolution

Taurus is the zodiac's house of agriculture and Uranus is the planet of revolution so I predict that a wonderful new agricultural revolution is in store for the world. This coming agricultural revolution will directly combat hunger and poverty, especially in third world nations and inner cities where quality foods are scarce. Agricultural engineering will leap ahead through Uranian advances in science and technology. Food production will skyrocket and food quality will ascend so that physical bodies are energetically uplifted, an important part of mankind's united global ascent. Ascension foods will be trendy before long and whoever feeds will be fed forever. Be invested in the domains that Uranus blesses.


It's time for the structure of Gaia to change. There are forms of energy and consciousness trapped deep within the Earth that we do not fully understand. As Uranus advances through Taurus great and unexpected geological changes and events will occur that release and create new energy fields that will radiate up through the land and water. An exotic new energy paradigm will be created through coming Earth changes that will carry the essence of the golden age. As Gaia's new chakras are activated we will experience new fertility, healing, abundance, humanity, and the development of a radically advanced wealth consciousness. The heart of our planet will shine anew as Uranus, husband of Gaia, returns to nature's house.

Digital Currencies

A golden question that everyone wants to know is this: how will Uranus in Taurus affect digital currencies? My answer is simple: digital currencies will remain a speculators game until some brave and intelligent individuals create a gold and silver backed digital currency platform that can serve as a trusted hedge against paper currency volatility. From the spiritual perspective digital currencies must be made honest to receive God's divine blessing. By backing them with gold and silver they are made honest in the eyes of God. Beyond this I will share that the Uranus retrograde periods will sync with peak risk and volatility periods in the digital currency world so don't bet your house on a retrograde.

Currency Flux

If you are new to astrology learn these two important lessons from me: Taurus rules currencies and Uranus brings instability, revolution, and liberation. We are entering a long season of currency fluctuation that will teach us many hard lessons about our modern financial systems. As many of us know they are fatally flawed because all currencies exist in a fiat status. This allows for horrific manipulations and seizures of wealth to occur. False currency is the beginning of economic oppression but the cosmic time has come for our currencies and financial systems to be rectified. Hold on to things of real value and be careful about holding large sums of paper. The currency flux is coming to all nations...

International Gold Currency Standard

There is a great economic miracle written into our future. It comes in mid April, 2024 when Jupiter makes its once-in-a-lifetime conjunction to Uranus at 21° Taurus. I predict that an international gold currency standard will be implemented at this time. This future conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus is the most divine aspect of the entire Uranus in Taurus transit. The last time that Jupiter met Uranus in Taurus was in May of 1941 when the German Enigma codes were cracked. This Uranian breakthrough led to the Allied victory over Nazi Germany. Miracles are formulated through the energies of Jupiter and Uranus.

Conjunction Perspective

As the years pass leading into 2024 the Uranus in Taurus influence will compel national leaders into creating and implementing a divine economic system that works for all global citizens. The window of opportunity will be great for us to manifest this together through our united and concentrated people power. I've given the target date for us to shoot for. The next conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus won't come until April of 2107 so this is a global economic goal that we need to accomplish during our time. If I had the ear of every world leader I would tell them that this pinnacle achievement must be internationally prioritized as one of the most God-pleasing, humanity-blessing efforts in human history.

Nano Industries

The glory days of nanotechnology are about to begin. This is a Uranian field of science that will quantum leap through the steady advance of the astrological Uranus. The discoveries, developments, and industrial applications of new nano science will be so great that they will trigger a new industrial revolution. Of the many diverse expressions of nanotechnology I predict that they will be especially beneficial to the fields of medicine, aviation, robotics, computing, holography, and genetics. New 'super materials' will allow us to build, reinforce, design, and travel as never before. Uranus, the ancient deity, will be sowing the seeds of radical new industry as part of God's perfect plan of poverty, pain, and toil eradication.

Nuclear Development

Do you think it a mere coincidence that Uranium was named after Uranus? In astrology it is Uranus that governs nuclear power plants so the naming of Uranium was divine. Civilian nuclear development is one of the primary transit themes to Uranus in Taurus. Expect to see major pushes for safe, modern, and next-generation nuclear plants to be built around the world because the new Earth economy requires an updated energy infrastructure. If our economies are limited by energy costs then we cannot go infinite. Where governments are unstable nuclear development will be on hold but when regimes change good things can and will happen. But Uranus has greater things in store for us than nuclear energy...

Astronomical Discovery

Our understanding of the universe will blossom during the time of Uranus in Taurus when dramatic new astronomical discoveries will be made through the use of advanced scientific equipment and international collaboration. Breathtaking new signals intelligence will prove that we are not alone here in the Milky Way. Our vision of the heavens will expand from fishbowl to ocean while new extraterrestrial missions and development projects take form. The resources of space will surprise us to the extent that new elements are received and discovered. Super alloys come to mind and a new Uranus mission is certainly in order. Uranus, whose axial tilt holds a divine number (97.77), definitely deserves a closer look.

Economic Justice

Uranus in Taurus will bring economic justice to all that all may build their heart's desires. We have entered a time when the universe will support our material development through surprise gifts, connections, and orchestrations of wealth in all of its wonderful forms. Our individual developmental goals will be supported unexpectedly by the rich, generous, and serendipitous influence of Uranus in Taurus. So if you feel stretched, stressed, or exhausted in the material sense know with certainty that your goals and dreams are precious to God and that the time has finally come for you to be materially enabled and enriched. Generosity towards the needs of others will open you to the genius of Uranus.

Prosperity Blueprints

Uranus in Taurus holds the master blueprints to all future projects of prosperity. Through the astrological synchronicities to Uranus, like, for example, Mercury or Sun trine Uranus, we will receive divine inspiration relating to creativity, productivity, and implementation that if adhered to will result in great manifestations of material prosperity. But on many occasions the prosperity blueprints will come for the sake of others, their quality of life, and the needs of their futures. It is time for us all to build for the future with value systems that are spiritualized to the max. The spiritual builders will receive the greatest prosperity blueprints because they can be trusted to selflessly serve the highest good for all people.

Spiritual Value Systems

We have just approached a powerful metaphysical fork in the road with Uranus at the center. On the left hand path we have those who care nothing for spiritual values. They live in a state of darkness, corruption, disconnection, possession, and debased materialism. To these poor souls the deity Uranus can only send instability, chaos, sudden poverty, and isolation. But to those virtuous souls who have taken the right hand path, these will receive gradual enrichment on the astral and material planes with massive leaps forward from time to time. Uranus shifts paradigms and now our spiritual values will directly and profoundly determine our material experiences and status. Live the virtues and you shall be enriched.

Metaphysical Wealth

Nature is full of secrets and magic. There are energies, resources, methods, hidden values, and mystical treasures that will be revealed to the worthy select and elect that will grant divine wealth advantages into their lives. Let's just say that the universe will be teaching us secrets about wealth flow and accumulation from a supremely spiritual dimension. Tests will be issued along the learning path to confirm that heart and values are true to the divine purpose for all beings. Keep your energy high and bright if you wish to ascend in the material during Uranus in Taurus. We will all gain new senses for energy flow, spiritual economics, and the metaphysical workings of wealth. The hearts of gold will gain all.

Metaphysical Community

There is a great reckoning coming to the metaphysical community which plays host to the astrologers, psychics, channelers, mediums, clairvoyants, metaphysicians, alchemists, spiritualists, magicians, and tarot card readers of the world. So many in these ranks operate outside of truth, integrity, and law for the sake of financial gain, ego gratification, and vain attempts at fame. Let me predict to you what will happen to these people during the Uranus transit of Taurus: they will experience ongoing material misfortune and instability until they become legit or until they hang it up. Many of you know these types, watch and see what befalls them. If one is true, pure, and lawful in the metaphysical Uranus becomes an ally.

Talent Journeys

God will be taking us all on exhilarating talent journeys during this once-in-a-lifetime Uranus in Taurus transit. Through the periodic Uranian upgrades known talents will become much more powerful and valuable. The Uranus influence will also help us to discover talents that we are not fully aware of. And lastly, the golden lightning of Uranus in Taurus will instill priceless and totally unforeseen new talents through consciousness and light enhancements. We are going to become more valuable on the inner plane so that our external reality enriches in correspondence. As within, so without. The golden light is coming within us that our slices of reality brighten and beautify in kind. Are you ready?

Quality of Life

In astrology it is Taurus that governs quality of life, by house and by the secret degrees of Taurus which are known to master astrologers. Here is the great news to know: Uranus will be surprising us to unbelievable extents with great and heavenly quality of life increases on the individual, domestic, and social levels into 2026. There is a science to the future timing of these quality of life increases and revolutions. The alignments to Uranus are the key but especially the solar alignments, like, for example, the Virgo Sun's trine to Uranus in Taurus or the Aquarius Sun's square to Uranus in Taurus. Follow the Sun/Uranus alignments to consciously observe the astrological advancement of our new quality of life revolution.

Sustainable Development

Uranus in Taurus will prove to be a dream transit for all causes related to environmental sustainability. All who are conscious of astrology and to the needs of Mother Nature must now unite to advance the cause of sustainable development in every way possible. Our golden age must begin with environmental healing and the restoration of balance between humanity and the planet. The Uranus in Taurus energy will express through new nature-preserving technologies, resource pooling, nature-focused scientific collaboration, and high-level governmental cooperation. In fact, I predict that the Fukushima nuclear disaster will be healed during the time of Uranus in Taurus. The golden cities will be sustainable.

Forbidden Technologies

Humanity will be astonished and perhaps enraged when the forbidden technologies become unlocked. This is an aspect of the Uranus in Taurus transit that gives me chills as I type because the shockwaves of revelation will be so powerful. Due to the sensitive nature of this topic I will simply allude to the concepts of free energy devices, medical cures, and anti-gravity systems to give you an idea of what is to come. But there are far more exotic and otherworldly technologies that will have their day in the Sun. Taurus signs the 8th house of the USA, the house of secrets and classification levels. With this in mind consider that in astrology the planet Uranus rules extraterrestrial technologies and civilizations...

Untapped Resources

So how will all these economic miracles be happening for the world during the time of Uranus in Taurus? A large part of them will be manifested through the tapping of untapped resources, like, for example, with the international industrialization of hemp and hemp-based products. What about the oil in Venezuela that sits while the population suffers? That will be tapped too although Uranus will be moving our planet into a post-oil timeline. There will be gigantic resource-themed surprises in our future that enable new abundance for all. Uranus is the people's planet so the wealth that it uncovers is meant for us all. In our personal lives Uranus will show us what we have forgotten to tap for a higher quality of life.

Illuminati Economic Strategy

I've said it a million times, the illuminati uses astrology day and night. They have a plan for Uranus in Taurus that is focused upon digital currency proliferation and integration for the sake of economic control and social manipulation. But it's more than this: they're going to use digital currencies as an irresistible bait to siphon large amounts of public wealth into their control, especially prior to Pluto's entry into Aquarius which happens on January 20th of 2024. Don't you think it strange that no one really knows who created Bitcoin? To many this mystery doesn't even matter, the lust for fast wealth overwhelms their reason and this is precisely why the trap works. So don't play a fool, their crypto-superbug is coming...

The New Masons

One of the great and unspoken tragedies of the Age of Pisces was the widespread corruption of the masonic brotherhoods. The House of Taurus holds sacred value to masonic efforts because it is the energetic source of all wealth and architecture in the mundane and multidimensional senses. The good news is that the Uranus in Taurus influence will be activating, enhancing, and connecting new masons for the new times. When Uranus aspects certain birth planets you could find yourself being initiated into a new path of divine building for the sake of God and humanity. The masons who serve the Devil are going to have a hell of a time with Uranus in Taurus. Earthquakes to their plans.

Trump 2020

For those who are not yet familiar, I am one of the few astrologers who correctly predicted the 2016 election of Donald Trump as U.S. president and many would agree that I did it with the greatest skill. I used his 2016 solar return horoscope to successfully interpret his shock victory which was no surprise to me. The horoscope above contains the keys to President Trump's 2020 re-election victory. The presence of Uranus in Taurus in his 10th house is a supreme sign of his victory to come. Uranus will also be flanked by Fortuna who will gift him with great fortunes at 28° Aries. Other world leaders will openly endorse him through Chiron at 9° Aries and his Gemini Sun will shine in the 11th house as it did in 2016.


What is a starseed exactly? The truth is that we are all starseeds, it's just that some of us have older souls that are wiser, more aware and more experienced. When a soul is created by God it is dyed and enhanced by the light of a certain star that God deems appropriate for the soul's journey through space and time. The soul inherits the mystical traits of its soul star whose energy feels like home to them. This explains why we gravitate to certain stars, systems, and constellations - our soul knows where home is. The Uranus in Taurus transit will be profoundly beneficial to conscious starseeds who are focused on mission fulfillment. Embrace the Uranus synchros for the breathtaking ascent and enrichment.

Crystal Consciousness

It was Nikola Tesla who once said, "In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.” Taurus is the 'crystal house' of the zodiac and for the next eight years a new crystal consciousness will be seeded into society and into the crystals themselves. Uranus will give them new life, new value, and new quantum effects. Expect for crystals to permeate our cultures and industries more and more as the years pass. They are anchors of cosmic light, conduits to higher intelligences, bridges through time, and keys to many of the secrets of nature. This article is charged with Datolite and Moldavite.

Wealth Responsibilities

The planetary consciousness of Uranus has a message for the world: "Use your wealth for the betterment of humanity or be stripped of it." The Uranus in Taurus transit will be hallmarked by sudden and dramatic losses and gains in material and astral wealth. To be on the side of gain we must live harmoniously with astrology because it is divine will for all presented through a mystical cosmic science. Beyond the cosmic harmony we must be generous and altruistic with the wealth that God has granted us. We must lift others up, we must help others build, and we must pay it forward. Whoever does this will have a golden ride through Uranus in Taurus. Be generous with your wealth, your afterlife depends on it.


The light I hold is quite a threat, I'm bright enough to conquer Set. The transit starts so place your bet, I'm up on gold the kind that's wet. The poorest people will be first, the richest misers will be cursed. It's life and wisdom that I thirst, the wealth is coming watch it burst. The golden years have come at last, Atlantis rising from the past. I love my lions just like Bast, I'm breaking through my pharaoh cast. Build with genius that's the story, learn to work your key of glory. Scriptures full of allegory, fallen souls in purgatory. I'm all in now can you tell? I used law to beat my hell. Gaia cried when Satan fell, but Jesus Christ will ring his bell.

Of all the things I've gained in stealth, my favorite is the cosmic wealth. The light that they can never take, nor ever ever hope to fake. The war is real now pick your side, the gods say wait there's time to bide. My power flowing through my pen, the crystals put my mind on zen. Apollo shines his light on me, but I stay humble gratefully. Jesus Christ has set me free, his alchemy pure majesty. Ancient tablets full of truth, glean that wisdom like a sleuth. Uranus will gild your brain, your life won't ever be the same. The tilted transit that I love, I know its feel just like a glove. Hermes kept the knowledge cryptic, I'm a hard core Christian mystic.

Signing Off

I've poured myself into this work for many, many days to bring you my highest quality insights absolutely free. Since the beginning of my astrological career I have always wanted to help people as much as possible through my celestial guidance. As many of you know Amari and I are expecting a new son this July who will be born beneath the influence of Uranus in Taurus. To put it simply we're going to be very busy with him in the near future. To all who have sent grace our way for Lex Romeo, thank you for your love and generosity. We will always remember it and we will return the grace with lovely interest in the future.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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