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The Super Blue Blood Moon Decoded

A great astrological milestone will be reached on January 31st as the world basks in the mysterious light of the super blue blood moon lunar eclipse at 11° Leo. The invincible sun, shining forth from 11° Aquarius, the degree where Harry Houdini drew his master magician power, will be forcing an unexpected curtain call for all the heroes and villains of the world. All of the Devil's games and illusions will be cursed on the astral plane as soon as Selene performs her cosmic vanishing act. The divine momentum that entered with the Great American Eclipse will soon be escalating on the world stage so that old tragedies become new sources of joy. And with the certainty of sunrise all the beautiful masks that hide the blackest of evils will soon be melting before the irresistible light and authority of God.

Child Tragedies

This rare eclipse signals the end of a long and tragic cycle that began back in the Age of Pisces that relates to the systematic victimization and long suffering of innocent children. Our victimized children are at the top of heaven's list just as surely as Christ once said that "the last shall be first." Powerful, national-level healing energy will be entering for the sake and cause of wounded children as the moon vanishes in the house of children which is Leo. Child champions will also be divinely blessed for past deeds and for future works which they are called to accomplish. This lunar eclipse is a cosmic call to action for all conscious people to unite in heart, mind, and effort towards the exposure, prevention, and healing of all forms of child crimes, from the medical to the sexual to the emotional and more.

Pleasure Poisons

It is often true in these days and times that the pleasure one chooses is actually poison to their soul. This eclipse energy comes to free people from these exact types of situations where illusion, self-delusion, false glamour, and spiritually-corrupt pleasures have formed an invisible prison over one's life. Total lunar eclipses are natural times of powerful, sudden, and unexpected closure. There is an energy of finality that comes with them for a certain portion of our lives depending upon the house, planets, and asteroids that are affected. Harness this cosmic energy wisely and beneficially by analyzing your life for illusion, delusion, fantasy, false personalities, and self destructive forms of pleasure. Now is the time to transcend them! God has great plans for you so let the pleasure poisons go.

Houdini Effect

There will most certainly be magic in the air as a celestial side effect of this blue blood lunar eclipse, an elemental magic that will be altering the currents of grace and the effects of karma for the duration of this calendar year. But why the Houdini connection? The legendary master magician was born with Saturn at 11° Aquarius. This was the symbol and astrological source of his master magician development. This is also the precise degree where the sun will shine to trigger the eclipse into life: 11° Aquarius. So for this reason we should all expect great and mysterious displays of universal magic at work in our lives towards the benefit of our individual and collective futures. We are soon to enter a powerful white magic season here on Earth. It's only fair that God counters the black with the white.

High Treason

There are degrees of treason in the zodiac and 11° Aquarius is one of them. There is a dark side to Aquarius, as with any sign, and this dark side can mean manifestations of anarchist collectives and treasonous secret societies. The time has come for agenda crushing revelations, prosecutions, and arrests to occur. Many have thought this impossible in the past but we are now living within a new cosmic light environment that assures us of such pleasures. But don't take my word for it, let future events confirm my message to you. The loyalty wars that I correctly predicted last year will soon enter a beautiful new phase. With our spiritual loyalties having great impact on the type of future that we experience I offer the following advice: be sure that you are loyal to the light and law of God as it comes.

False Love

The spells of false love will soon be weakened and broken as this eclipse energy will be lifting the rose-tinted glasses from legions of tragic lovers around the world. At the same time secret affairs, harmful romances, treacherous social circles, shady business partners, false friendships, and mismatched spouses will all be buckling under the new cosmic pressure that will force people into truth, transparency, and higher realization. If you find yourself in one of these situations in the near future be sure to think with logic, reason, and discipline as you regain your emotional balance so that you don't repeat mistakes from the past. A forked tongue will tell the same lie as long as it works. Be vigilant against heart focused deceptions and make wise changes prior to the start of the astrological new year.

Hollywood Hell, Round Two

Last year Amari and I correctly and uniquely predicted that great exposure of Hollywood evil would occur through the influence of the Great American Eclipse. Our predictions morphed into the Hollywood rape crisis and the subsequent #MeToo movement. But we also predicted that the transmutation process would continue intensely into this summer. This brings us to the super blue blood moon that will be triggering round two of Hollywood hell. So get ready for the filth to pour anew and get ready to see the evil that hides behind the masks of false glamour. Celebrities be on guard, God is going to force your secrets so that the world can reorient its value system. The lion will bring the heat and the water bearer will guarantee the mass awakening. New walks of shame are about to begin.

Future Senses

At the time of peak eclipse there will be four luminaries in transit of Aquarius: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Juno, queen of heaven. Aquarius, as a house, rules timelines into the future. When luminaries transit Aquarius our timelines can change radically and unexpectedly. We can also receive mystical enhancements that enable profound levels of connectivity with the future. This empowers an alchemist to transform the future ideally through the universal law of cause and effect. To those of you who are virtuous and connected I say this: get ready for your future sense to enter a new dimension and get ready to step up in leadership roles when the Aries transits begin. Synchronicity will soon be trending along dream team future enablers that manifest in your daily rhythm.

Tragedy Angels

Angelic experiences resonate strongly at 11° Aquarius and 11° Leo where the eclipse will soon activate. If you are wise to numbers then you've just perceived the 1111 encoded in the eclipse opposition between the sun and moon. One of the most blessed themes of this eclipse is that it will usher in new angelic support towards the prevention of future tragedies through mystical foreknowledge and divinely orchestrated relationship supports. This will especially be strong for the spiritually sensitive who have active third eyes and glowing crown chakras. As the new angels enter to do their divine work be receptive of their guidance and act when signs are given to preserve life and prevent unnecessary tragedy. Ascend rapidly through loving acts of compassion for those who are at risk of suicide.

Prosperity Keys

Through the divine influence of Athena in Taurus during this eclipse wave new prosperity keys will be issued to all in accordance with their inner light. In the spirit world we are measured by luminosity and it is by the increase of luminosity that we open ourselves to higher spiritual wealth. Athena's prosperity keys can be perceived through the synchronicities of her transit. The wise goddess of tactics and strategy will be arming the conscious in advance of the economically revolutionary transit of Uranus in Taurus. There are many wealth deceptions active in this world. Through the observation of astrological synchronicity one can learn to identify true wealth, wise investment, and a promising path of increase that is harmonious with the cosmic order. Athena's golden touch approaches.

Closing Words

I hope that you've all enjoyed my rendition of this auspicious celestial event. I chose to spare you from the dry technical jargon so that I could focus instead on delivering the higher essence. If you enjoyed this article you'll love my popular Starseed SMS mobile service. Amari and I will be uploading some absolutely stunning new Lemurian crystals in the near future. If you're interested in prosperity you'll want to enter the Uranus in Taurus transit with the highest luminosity possible. We are currently scheduling into mid February for those who are interested in our professional services. Your likes, shares, retweets, honorable mentions, and positive reviews are always appreciated. Much love to all our loyal fans all over the world! And much love to all who are new to Starseed Astrology.

The mainstream media's nightmare astrologer,

© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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