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Great American Eclipse: The Kingdom Comes

The old order of things will suddenly pass away as the royal power of the Great American Eclipse brings Revelation 21 to life. St. John's prophetic vision of a new Heaven and a new Earth begins on August 21st with the blessing of the USA with a new, profoundly royal national astrology that transforms it into a glittering kingdom on the astral plane. The black heart of the shadow government will be mortally wounded precisely as the Sun darkens to the awe and amazement of an increasingly conscious global population. But the sweetest grace shall come to all the world's children, which Leo rules, that rapturous new paths into the future dawn for them.

What Jesus Said

It is perfectly fitting to call attention to an old teaching that resonates divinely with this eclipse. Here is pure wisdom spoken by Jesus Christ regarding children and the Kingdom of Heaven: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven. And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck to be drowned in the depths of the sea."

Child Like

With the eclipse happening in Leo, the zodiac's house of children, we should all give serious thought to the quality of life of our children and to the type of future that they will inherit by our actions. The eclipse is a clear sign that we have come to a great crossroads and we must now leave the dark past behind to embrace the higher callings and the higher paths of service. Whoever champions the needs of children will find themselves greatly blessed during the next calendar year. Think of the children and how in their innocence there is no hatred, fear, or division. If you want to ascend rapidly then pour yourself into the needs, causes, and dreams of children.

Children Avenged

Amari and I have been having third eye visions of a meteoric golden-white light impacting the USA with a subsequent shock wave that radiates throughout the entire planet. This divine shock wave is coming to avenge all the children who have been killed, abused, sold, trafficked, harmed, neglected, and betrayed. One of the greatest themes of this eclipse is that of the avenging of all forms of child crimes, past and present. Woe to those with the blood of children on their hands! Their season of reckoning and punishment has come and trust that the divine vengeance will intensify greatly during the illuminati destroying transit of Jupiter in Scorpio.

Pluto's Government

The shadow government is Pluto and the deep state is Pluto. Let me teach you, in precise astrological terms, why the shadow government will be mortally wounded on August 21st. If you study the horoscope of the USA you'll find the glyph of Pluto in retrograde at 27° Capricorn in the 4th house. This is the 4th dimensional power source of the shadow government and when the Great American Eclipse occurs at 28°53' Leo a quincunx will form to the natal Pluto of the USA. Quincunx is an old Latin word that means "five twelfths." In astrology a quincunx is a 150° aspect between two positions. So what happens when a 99 years rare eclipse hits Pluto? Great evil is purged from the nation forever.

The USA Horoscope

The Great American Eclipse Horoscope

President Trump

There is rampant astrological speculation that this eclipse will somehow bring disaster to the presidency of Donald Trump. Amari and I find these perspectives laughable considering that the eclipse will activate President Trump's Pars Fortuna at 28° Aquarius in his 6th house. The Pars Fortuna reveals the nature and timing of one's fortunes in life. This point is named after the mythic goddess of fortune, Fortuna, who spins her wheel of fortune above the lives of mortals. So what's the prognosis? That the eclipse energy will hone President Trump's mind to alter his path of service in most fortunate ways, especially with focus on community healing, social services, and causes that champion children, their health, and their welfare.

Saboteur Flush

In astrology the 12th house rules traitors and saboteurs who undermine and destroy while wearing a friendly mask. There is a special place in hell for these grotesque creatures who betray the very things that God expects them to uphold. When the eclipse happens it will illuminate President Trump's 12th house. This is a great thing because his presidency has been undermined from within since day one by those who are yet loyal to the insidious agenda of the shadow government. Expect to see a saboteur flush within the Trump Administration. Amari has even had visions of officials being arrested, cuffed, and paraded down flights of stairs.

Christ Consciousness

When Christ walked the Earth he carried the light of Regulus. In a mystical way the Lion of Judah was crowned with Regulus. The light from this star bestows great authority, worldly power, royal skill and honor, divine charisma, lasting health, fondness for children, passion for service, wise counsel, and a glowing heart. When President Trump was born this star was on the horizon so its energy expresses through his looks, manners, and deeds. What else will the eclipse mean for President Trump who has given Christians new hope in geopolitics? It means that he'll be receiving a Christ Consciousness blessing that will enhance his leadership ability.

Who Loses?

Allow me to clear the air about who will lose, fall, and pass after this golden-white light enters our reality: none other than the Satanic nobility and those who willfully serve them. Secondary to this are the spiritual scorpions of the world which is Biblical metaphor that describes the most hateful, dangerous, radicalized, and criminal elements of our global society. We predict doom for all these types of people because Jupiter will transit Scorpio for the vast majority of this eclipse cycle. Let me tell you a secret that I learned from one of my spirit guides: of all the transits of Jupiter Satan fears the transit of Jupiter in Scorpio the most. This is the season that dawns for us!

Dark Celebrities

Hollywood has hell to pay because of all the great evil that has happened there over the decades, including and especially evil committed against innocent children. Expect hideous revelations to pour from this city well into next summer as the processes of criminal exposure, power transfer, and spiritual transmutation intensify by the combined forces of the Leo eclipse and Jupiter's transit of Scorpio. God will be revealing the dark sides of celebrity life so that we are all clear on the topic of dark celebrities. But Hollywood is not lost, it's just that it must be purified and transformed so that it fits properly into the newly glorified USA.

Celebrity Responsibility

Amari, my clairvoyant wife, is sensing and seeing very strongly that all celebrities will be taking center stage for the sake of spiritual measurement. Who serves the light and who serves the darkness? This will be seen clearly and a great new responsibility will be placed on active celebrities to use their wealth, power, and cultural influence for Heaven's sake. If not they will struggle with the great weight of Saturn in Capricorn. Amari visualized conscious celebrities organizing and transitioning into higher paths of service with community healing, social movements, child charities, and political actions being seen as focal points. Don't be starstruck by celebrities, sense their spirits instead. All that glitters isn't gold...

11th House, USA

As souls stand still in the USA, looking up to the rare eclipse with hope and wonder, the Devil's hopes for a 2nd American civil war will be crushed. The eclipse will activate the 11th house of the USA national horoscope. This is extremely significant because the 11th house rules collective consciousness, social causes, citizen unification, humanitarianism, astronomy, and yes, astrology. The eclipse alchemy will support the creation of a more conscious, loving, peaceful, and united society here in the USA. Although the scorpions will persist know that the agitators, anarchists, and dividers are working in vain against the higher cosmic powers.

Sovereignty Movements

Without knowing the stars of other nations, at least not yet, I know that new sovereignty movements will be manifesting all over the world as the eclipse energy empowers global citizens with new self-determination ability that gives us much more power over the creation of our collective future. Sovereignty will prove to be one of the magic eclipse words, especially in the contexts of national politics and national debts. On a spiritual level the energies will be highly supportive of personal sovereignty development that we each have more rule over our lives and futures. But for spiritual sovereignty to be true lives must be harmonized with the cosmos.

Royal Paths

Every degree in the zodiac serves as a path of human experience. We sojourn through time and space within the context of the twelve celestial houses and the 360 zodiac degrees. Know with certainty that each of the twelve houses has secret royal degrees that preserve the royal life paths. When the eclipse peaks it will trine the planet Uranus to open royal life paths for all who are worthy of them. At this moment, when the Sun is darkened, royal metaphysical gifts will be issued to all who are deserving of them. If your heart is turned toward God be certain that your royal paths will open. And when you experience the Leo magic know that it came from Heaven.

House Magnification

Although Leos comprise about a twelfth of our global population we all have Leo somewhere in our lives. As the world is enthralled by the Great American Eclipse be sure to have your horoscope in hand that you may scientifically understand where and how this cosmic energy will be benefiting you over the next calendar year. The growth, grace, and glamour of this eclipse will be magnifying at least one of your twelve houses and depending upon the degrees of your birth placements, much, much more can be in store. It's 2017 and cosmic consciousness is developing all over the world, just as Nostradamus predicted. To order your horoscope or a one year personalized astrological calendar click here.

Matrix Artisans

We do live in a matrix and astrology is the source code. The synchronicity between terrestrial events, inner spiritual experiences, and cosmic activities will not be ignored as the world will soon observe, with shock and awe, a dramatic cascade of events that correspond exactly with the sum of the eclipse astrology. But on the personal level we will be receiving new spiritual light of an unmistakable Leo quality that will empower us to become matrix artisans instead of matrix captives. When you feel that golden light glowing within know that it came from God and use it to alter your reality divinely. We are all supposed to become master creators.

Eclipse Crystals

Gems and crystals are conduits of celestial energy. They have ancient correspondences to the zodiac houses, planets, and stars. The legends about them are as old as history and royals have treasured them because of their divine effects. Amari and I have the following gems and crystals to recommend for wise use during this eclipse cycle: golden beryl, sunstone, cuprite, kunzite, rhodochrosite, seraphinite, green kynanite, lemurian crystal, diaspore, dioptase, citrine, fire opal, and yellow sapphire. These crystal energies are highly resonant with the highest potentials of the Great American Eclipse cycle. We have some but not all for sale.

Ascension Keys

Amari and I offer the following advisements that are inspired and designed to promote rapid spiritual ascension during the eclipse cycle which carries into August of 2018, as follows:

  • accept the higher callings and paths of service that present to you

  • deal with people from the heart as the heart means all to God

  • work to strengthen and purify your physical and spiritual heart

  • prioritize the needs, joys, ambitions, and dreams of children

  • transition faithfully into work that you love, the cosmos will support you

  • contribute towards the elimination of child hunger, poverty, and pain

  • be compassionate towards those of a lesser consciousness

  • release fears in knowledge that a time of powerful divine intervention has come

  • strive towards the ideal of brotherly and sisterly relations with others

  • be vigorous about healing work as Regulus is a powerful star for healing

  • do not fall prey to divide and conquer tactics, instead be wise to them

  • be the peacemaker and the unifier that you may be blessed for it

  • take decisive action to positively restructure the lives of children

  • step up to be a community leader or teacher if the role suits you

  • avoid toxic political arguments that destroy time and darken the soul

  • speak with love, reason, and respect or suffer a dark return

  • inspired creativity will be strong, apply it for wealth and honor

  • be supportive of new laws that empower the rights of parents and children

  • be wise and brave with radical new levels of consciousness

  • invest in promising new creative projects that call to your heart

  • allow creative genius and gifts of beauty to shine through confidently

  • be charitable with God’s grace towards the healing and beautification of the world

Esoteric Regulus

This eclipse will be long remembered because of its great impact on every earthly kingdom. All things royal will be touched, for better or worse. There is one true king that reigns over all other earthly monarchs, that king being Jesus Christ, the Holy Son of God. Although this name disturbs many it is a name that we cherish and serve. The powers of Christ are intimately connected with Regulus, the star that the eclipse will soon align to. So we can expect Christ power to blanket the Earth in new, awesome, and unexpected ways beginning tomorrow. Does Christ have a place in modern astrology? Yes, and life will soon prove it.


The royal light will give you might, a master sees with second sight. A mason knows to build it right, a magi knows the spells that bite. Take a knee and rise a sire, Leo sets our hearts on fire. Faith is tested to the wire, grace is matched to our desire. The gods will move on twenty one, they all serve the Holy Son. The war is sealed and Heaven's won, we use magic not a gun. Trust me friend my soul is tested, countless demons I have bested. Now my house is royal crested, sacred calling I'm invested. I'm repping for the ancient kings, the ones with magic in their rings. When I rhyme my angel sings, stars foretell the future things.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2017, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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May God's light shine upon you,

Sal & Amari

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