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Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Karma's Great Harvest

The final eclipse of 2016 begins in a few short hours! The world knows it as a “harvest moon” but a mystic will know it as a “full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces.” The 24th degree of Pisces, where the lunar eclipse will soon occur, is one of the many celestial gates where karmic justice pours down from Heaven to Earth. We should expect nothing less and considering the recent entry of Jupiter into Libra as well as the imminent entry of the benevolent god Vulcan into Leo the next 72 hours promise to be spectacular!

Hosts of Heaven

There are numerous verses in the Christian Bible that have to do with “the hosts of Heaven.” In the Book of Isaiah, in chapter 40 verse 26 we read, “Lift your eyes on high and see who has created these stars, the One who leads forth His host by number, He calls them all by name, and by the greatness of His might, and the strength of His power, not one of them is missing.” In the Book of Psalms, in chapter 103 verses 20 and 21 we read, “Praise the Lord all you his angels, you mighty ones who do his bidding, obeying His word. Bless the Lord, all you His hosts, you who serve Him, doing His will.” Verses about the heavenly hosts are found in many other places in the Bible. God is even described as “the Lord of Hosts.” So who exactly are these mighty hosts and how do they relate to astrology?

Gods, Angels, Saints, Masters

The Biblical “hosts of heaven” comprise a divine collective of gods, angels, saints, and ascended masters. They are all servants of the Most High God and together they represent mankind’s greatest allies. With regards to the hierarchy of Heaven this is my understanding: the Most High reigns supreme with His infinite authority granted to His son, the light of our world, Jesus Christ. Below the rank of Christ the gods, angels, saints, and ascended masters each hold their place and authority. In ancient Egypt Christ was identified as the Sun god “Ra”, the pharaoh’s patron, who held the glorious rank of “king of the gods.” Some of Heaven’s hosts have legendary names, like, for example, Zeus, Maat, Hermes, and Vulcan. The gods have had different names over different times and now a very special time has dawned for one of them…

Vulcan Ingress Leo

Uranian astrology encompasses the esoteric astrological influences of the mythic gods, the same gods who hold key positions within the ranks of Heaven’s hosts. Vulcan is one of the gods that is observed and experienced through the lens of Uranian astrology, a revolutionary branch of astrology that was pioneered by a German genius named Alfred Witte. A great milestone has come for Uranian astrology because the god Vulcan will be entering Leo precisely as the lunar eclipse in Pisces occurs.

This is a titanic reason why karmic justice will be radically amplified on Earth over the next four decades. Vulcan’s transit is not fixed to any celestial body, it is entirely metaphysical in nature and it will deliver the glory and beauty of Heaven into the Earth plane through tremendous gold ray inspiration and enlightenment. It won’t be long before we see Vulcan’s Leo energy expressing on the world stage. When you feel great new passion at work in your life think of Vulcan in Leo serving the will of the Most High God.

Lunar Tradition

When a full moon occurs a cosmic cycle comes to a close. When a full moon is eclipsed a much more profound closure occurs. The lunar eclipse in Pisces will be completely supernatural. The alignments between the Virgo Sun, Mars in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries translate into a complete resetting of the future according to our individual karmic standing. Alignments to Uranus can trigger unexpected timeline transformations and this will certainly be the case on September 16th. Because the eclipse will occur at the 24th degree of Pisces relationship karma will have everything to do with what we receive or lose in the very near future. If you’ve done great good and if you’ve made great sacrifices for others in the past expect magical blessings and divine rewards. But if you’ve used others or done ill or injustice to others in the past expect a swift and just correction. Karma’s currents flow up and down…

Parting Ways

It’s time for some relationships to end. At the relative start of Jupiter’s transit in Libra we welcome an eclipse that will shake loose relationships that no longer belong in our lives. Entanglements will be broken, powerful realizations will be experienced, corrections will be made, and the way we interact with others will rapidly evolve so that we become free to create new relationships with the types of people with whom we deserve to be with. Secrets will be flushed out by the mysterious power of spiritual karma to prove true colors, motives, potentials, and allegiances. The unseen and unknown things between humans are known to God. The time has now come for Heaven’s light to be cast upon the sheltered and forbidden territories of our most difficult or questioned relationships. Don’t be afraid to say goodbye. Sometimes it’s the best thing to do.

Wisdom Journeys

Although one cycle is about to close new wisdom journeys are soon to begin. Through the energies of the Sun, Mars, and Uranus I see new wisdom, learning, and enlightenment ahead for us all. Paths will change and doors will open so that we begin to learn in the ways that serve the higher callings of our soul and the greater needs of mankind. Surprises and synchronicities connected to education, learning, teaching, and training are soon to be with us. Follow the language of synchronicity into the new coursework that God presents to you. The conscious will be primed to the learn the things which will serve their future greatly. As life shuffles itself beyond the eclipse discern and perceive the higher and secret lessons at work. Timing is always a great tutor. The spirit world will be smiling at us as we make first-time connections that spark new dimensions of thought, learning, and understanding into life. Be a great student and honor the new teachers as they come.

The New Passion

As Vulcan enters Leo he will immediately enter square to another one of Heaven’s great hosts. Apollo, the super-benevolent deity beloved in mythic history, is currently in transit of Scorpio at 0°. So when Vulcan enters Leo his energy will blend sharply and powerfully with Apollo’s. If you are reading these words know this: no one alive on this Earth right now has ever experienced the energy that’s about to activate through the Vulcan/Apollo square. Keep in mind that these gods transit slowly, to the tune of decades per house, so expect this beautifully metamorphic energy to be mysteriously enduring. The Vulcan/Apollo square will trigger the entrance of what I will describe as “the new passion.” Think of this new passion as a perfect blend of the higher Leo and Scorpio energies. Prepare to be reborn as these mighty hosts align between the lion and the scorpion!

Economies Avenged

As I look forward into the future I see an extremely positive economic cycle approaching. It will begin with the new moon in Scorpio on October 30th. This upcoming Scorpio cycle will have profound effects on global currencies, national economies, sovereign debt, and personal fortunes. Survival needs will be addressed by God in supernatural ways and orchestrations will be unfolding that strip wealth from the wicked so that it can be transferred to the virtuous. The beneficial effects of this cycle will be further built upon by the new moon in Capricorn cycle which starts on December 28th. There is great hope on the economic horizon. Keep the faith and look to the Scorpion's light.


In ancient times when Sothis shone, the wise men earned the sacred stone. They entered to a golden zone, and they grew rich to wisdom's tone. Scorpio is where we die, the house where Heaven's angels cry. But through rebirth our souls can fly, initiations, care to try? Sagitta where wisdom reigns, I've got hero in my veins. Astral light can fill our brains, work the light then break the chains. Gods and angels, masters too, I swear these words of mine are true. Buy your lapis, buy it blue, I wonder what the pharaohs knew? Check my timing, right on cue, here comes Saturn, watch him sue. Love the order, bring it through, then the Lord will smile on you.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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