The Metaphysical Properties of Sapphire

In the Book of Isaiah sapphires are referenced, by God, as follows: “O thou afflicted, tossed with tempest, and not comforted, behold, I will lay thy stones with fair colors and lay thy foundations with sapphires.” With the divine message of stability and blessing during turbulent times conveyed we highly recommend blue sapphire as a wise gemstone to work with in 2021 because it is the true birthstone of Aquarius and because we are now living beneath the profound influences of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Sapphire's divine energy will easily enable one to live a far greater year than would otherwise be possible.

Blue sapphire is an extremely advanced crystal to work with because of its blessed effects on fortunate time/event sequencing, accelerated goal fulfillment, protection from time loss and the way it inspires the mind with the wisest and most profitable use of time at any given moment. Blue sapphire has wonderful alchemical effects on mental focus, intelligence, awareness and discipline while it sharpens future-related intuition. It powerfully enhances the way we work with time towards higher levels of mastery and personal achievements. It elevates our consciousness to perceive and use time in higher dimensional ways.

Blue sapphire commands ‘the wealth of the wind’ into its owner’s life as it works powerfully through the air element which encompasses a tremendous amount of our modern lives (technology, communication, commerce, cyberspace). Blue sapphire will 'key' you into the wealth, protection and divine advantages of elemental air which is currently super abundant now that Jupiter and Saturn are transiting Aquarius. Blue sapphire will make you hyper-conscious of universal timing and astrological synchronicity, processes which will fuel a new level of cosmic enlightenment which will positively impact every aspect of your life.

Blue sapphire is the perfect gemstone for those who identify as a ‘builder of the future.’ It has a mysterious and beautiful way of attracting the things into our life, above and below, that will enable us to build successfully for the future. If you want to keep pace with the changes of the times while building wisely for the future blue sapphire’s energy will guide you true. It will constantly keep you focused and aligned on your highest personal timeline which is extremely important because this is exactly what Saturn’s transit of Aquarius will try to deny. Resonance with sapphire opens paths that are otherwise closed.

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Blue sapphire elevates people who are passionate about making the world a better place, connecting them to more Aquarian light-power to make success of their missions. It’s an altruistic gemstone that orchestrates increases in power, wealth and influence for those who wish to improve the lives of others. Blue sapphire is a perfect gemstone for social servants and for those who have a major social cause or global mission to fulfill. Blue sapphire is the time and dream stone that will cosmically enhance your ability to see things through to full fruition, even against difficult odds. Overcome Saturn's limits with sapphire.

Blue sapphire is an extremely wise choice for the cosmic season that we’re in and it’s also great for those who struggle with challenging Aquarian energies in their charts (Saturn in Aquarius, retrogrades in Aquarius, 11th house, etc). For those born with the Sun or Moon in Aquarius, sapphire is an absolute must that will quicken your alchemy so that you develop and attain your highest form. And non-Aquarians born with Jupiter, Mars or Venus in Aquarius will enjoy a rich new exploration and ascension of those placements through the sapphire's magic. Sapphire offers Biblical value and energy experience unlike any other gem.

I write these true impressions of sapphire after years of experience with it. It is easily one of the most valuable gemstones that I have ever worked with. I wore sapphire when I, together with Amari, achieved my highest life goal - the successful purchase of our dream home. Sapphire has enabled me to master my personal time in a way that syncs with astrology as it fluxes day to day. I especially enjoy mixing sapphire with other high-powered gemstones to create even more beneficial 'effects and outcomes.' I welcome you to our crystal reviews page where you can read our latest sapphire focused testimonial.

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