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Pluto's Return and the Rebirth of the United States of America

Astrological history is being made here in the USA as we are actively experiencing the nation's first ever Pluto return! So what is a "Pluto return?" In the astrological world "Pluto return" is a term that refers to a rare and powerful period of time when the planet Pluto, through its long transit, returns to its point of origin within the national horoscope. In the case of the USA, a nation founded with Pluto at 27° Capricorn, that time has come for the first time in U.S. history as of February, 2022 transiting Pluto crosses through 27° Capricorn once again.

USA, Pluto, Return, Horoscope, National, Chart, Astrology, Alignment, U.S., Starseed

* the U.S. national chart, Pluto's founding highlighted *

USA, Pluto, Return, Horoscope, National, Chart, Astrology, Alignment, U.S., Starseed, Exact, Time, February, 2022

* Pluto's exact return, February 22nd, 2022*

As I detailed in my last Pluto article from March of 2021, Pluto energy is directly connected to satanism, the international "cabal," and extreme concentrations of dark spiritual energy and worldly power, including in governmental and corporate forms. Plutonian agents and structures are supernaturally driven to consume and control all life in the spirit of Luciferian rebellion against God, nature and the divine cosmic order which is perceived through astrology. In short, Pluto's transit and energy has attempted to utterly destroy the USA.

* the USA will morph from eagle to phoenix *

The truth of Pluto's return is simple, it represents a rare astrological time of ultimate and bitter conflict between the forces of Heaven and Hell that implicates all levels of national power and society. As never before, citizens of the USA are forced to confront the deep, dangerous and perverse core of certain "apex powers" that seek to plunge America, the jewel of the world, into an abyss. Conscious citizens see the players, we know the weapons and tactics, and through Jupiter's transit of Aries a new time of victory is soon to dawn.

Of all the symbols in alchemical literature it is the Ouroboros that most perfectly represents the astrological Pluto return which is when the cosmic serpent comes full circle. When this happens Pluto is forced, by God-written cosmic law, to swallow its own "serpent servants" as part of a creative-destruction process that ultimately leads to healing, renewal and new life for the nation - and this is precisely where the USA is headed. The Ouroboros comes from ancient Egypt and now it is time for certain energy from ancient Egypt to enter the USA.

first, ever, ouroboros, sarcophagus, tutankhamun, starseed, astrology,

* the first representation of Ouroboros, sarcophagus of Tutankhamun*

Pluto's return is the end of a great national cycle and the start of a more glorious new cycle. It is not something to fear but something to welcome. Within days the USA will enter a divine 'death and rebirth' themed purification process that will weaken and annihilate "dark power in high places" while a seal of national healing enters the U.S. firmament at the precise degree where we have suffered so greatly, that being the 25th of Capricorn, the Thuban degree of Capricorn where the greatest abuses, crimes and evils have been perpetrated against us.

* the Draco constellation where Thuban exists*

To be clear about the Pluto return timeline, we are just now entering it and it will not officially end until November of 2024 when Pluto makes its permanent departure for Aquarius where it will transit until January of 2044. Between now and November of 2024 Pluto's prograde and retrograde pattern will have it entering exact 'return conjunction' between December 10th, 2022 and January 10th, 2023 then again between September 20th, 2023 and October 31st, 2023. At these future times deep state suffering will be great and irrecoverable.

jesus, christ, photos, photo, images, image, supernatural, trump, rally, florence, Arizona, amari, russo, salvador, starseed, astrology

* silhouette of Jesus over Florence, AZ Trump rally taken by Mystic Amari*

With approximately 33 months of 'Pluto return' time to navigate we wish to instill confidence in our readers that Christ-level power and protection remains with the USA. We believe that Jesus and the Most High will see us through our national dark night of the soul into a glorious new American era that is totally free from shadow control. While battles and tribulations remain we rest assured that God's seal of national healing and redemption will be bestowed this month at the start of our first Pluto return in the very heart of our deepest national pain.

At the start of this article Amari and I prayed together and she immediately had a vision of a benevolent sage wearing green who was looking down reading a holy book. We realized that the vision was of St. Patrick and to be honest we felt very surprised at the occurrence. From an astrological and psychic perspective we sense that a powerful snake-flushing theme will sync with Pluto's return and that somehow, St. Patrick will be connected to it here, in this time, and on a global scale. The snakes of our time are entering a very dangerous season.

* use high quality ruby for strength and success against Pluto in Capricorn*

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On the psychic level Amari senses "a renewal of the country" and "a unified human revolution" that happens against "a breaking of illusions" background. As Pluto returns we here in the USA should strive against evil and darkness without fear and with confidence that God will see us to victory. Expect to see great and devastating revelations of secret national evils and expect to see elite snakes eating one another and expiring in ways and at times that greatly benefit the cause of Heaven. Pluto returns, its payback time and its going to be Biblical...

Lord avenge the USA,

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

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3 commentaires

30 avr. 2022

Can you tell me what happens to the rest of the world while this is happening in America please?

Devon Seamoor
Devon Seamoor
26 juin 2022
En réponse à

When you've got time on your side, and access to the internet, you'll find what happens to the rest of the world under your fingertips in the virtual library of Alexandria 😉


Devon Seamoor
Devon Seamoor
03 févr. 2022

Thank you, Salvador! I'm feeling a rising relief from a harness falling away, in the collective. At least within my home country. The owners of venues like dancings, nightclubs, and theatres, are turning into disobedient citizens, opening their business this coming weekend, Febr. 4-6. They're fed up with the lockdown measures, forcing them to close their doors since Dec. 19th 2021, for reasons based on miscalculation and covering up of the correct data.

Ordained by the government, The Netherlands is one of the European countries most adament about keeping the pandemic narrative going, while Britain has declared it endemic, with the lifting of all regulations, except the vaccine passports inland and at the border. The EU's proposal is to continue…

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