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Pluto Retrograde 2021: Sign Specific Guidance

Pluto is the ultimate threat and crisis planet in astrology having Biblical association to "the evil one." In recent times Pluto presided, via Saturn's rare conjunction in Capricorn, over the beginning of the deadly and destructive COVID-19 global pandemic. In myth Pluto has been associated with death, the negative afterlife and illicit wealth. New Age culture commonly describes Pluto as a planet of rebirth and transformation but to a Christian Mystic this ominous planet represents the most evil 1% of this world and the satanic spiritual force that collectively drives them. This year Pluto will be perfectly aligned with Thuban, a malefic star in the Draco constellation which is the celestial dragon. In the Book of Revelation verses detail a great conflict with an evil dragon and now here we all are, with Pluto aligned to Draco, battling great evil in our world.

Awareness of the astrological Pluto is a special kind of knowledge/power that enables one to unmask evil and identify danger well in advance - as if you were watching a snake sliding your way from an eagle's vantage. In this article I provide sign specific guidance to help each of the twelve cosmic tribes navigate the 2021 Pluto retrograde in higher awareness and success. Pluto's retrograde begins on April 27th at 26°48' Capricorn and ends on October 6th with Pluto's prograde at 24°19' Capricorn. That makes 162 days of Pluto's retrograde influence during this calendar year between three specific degrees of Capricorn: the 26th, the 25th and the 24th. With your birth chart in hand look to see where those degrees are found while identifying any future Pluto aspects to come. This will help you to understand how Pluto's retrograde will effect you this year.

It is vital to understand that when transiting Pluto makes an aspect to something in your birth chart that portion of your life can become weakened, imperiled, tainted, or greatly challenged for a fixed period of time. As an example, imagine Pluto retrograde aspecting a 6th house planet and suddenly you fall ill, you lose your job or you suffer a terrible physical injury. If Pluto retrograde aspects something in your 2nd house a fearsome economic crisis could erupt and if Pluto hits something in your 7th house a treasured relationship could suffer or disintegrate. The expression of Pluto is unique to each but the adversarial threat is common. But with wisdom to the workings of Pluto and cosmic perspective through your birth chart you can gain a divine, life-saving knowledge/advantage that will safeguard and prosper you during a time that is notoriously difficult.

Aries & Aries Rising

Be careful that Pluto doesn't corrupt your use of authoritative power or influence you to neglect major responsibilities or duties set upon you by law, life or God. This retrograde is intensely focused upon your career, its trajectory and crucial changes or transitions that need to be made so that your professional life comes into higher alignment with divine will and divine government of this world. Battles may ensue at high levels with respect to power, position, hierarchy and corruptions of right procedure, duty or tradition. Make extra effort to protect and enhance your reputation throughout Pluto's retrograde, including by taking heroic stands, as great career openings are held in potential for you, especially during the middle of May and the first two weeks of September when the Sun and Mars align against Pluto. Time your boldest actions to Pluto's weak times.

One of Pluto's traps for you, brave Aries, is to bind you, through fear or other means, into a soul-destroying career path that blocks your destiny or sacred work from being fulfilled or even realized. Be cautious not to enter evil corporate situations, no matter how tempting the bait, and God will bless you with new, life-defining Capricorn light that will bring you success and honor in ways that are pure and true to His will for your life. For you to have the highest year you must honor all duties, responsibilities and sacred obligations with the best of your soul while knowing that Pluto's influence will try to instill negligence and dereliction of duty in your heart. Do all things honorably, even during extreme conditions, and you will receive blessings from God that raise you above Pluto in the house where it transits. Expect unexpected growth starting mid April.

Financial boosts will arrive the first two weeks of May during the Venus and Sun trines to Pluto. Use this new wealth strategically and towards the creation of new independence which could easily be the master plan for you this year. Don't rush anything during Pluto's retrograde, instead rely more on wise timing to secure new victories. Look for major answers to prayers to arrive around May 14th when Jupiter enters Pisces, you'll be blessed and supported to overcome tragedies, sorrows, or seemingly hopeless conditions then. If your Sun is between the 23rd and 27th degree of Aries a Pluto square is in your near future. Be vigilant about direct, life-altering threats manifesting during this time. Your new moon on April 11th will open you to unorthodox methods and paths of growth and new success in your life. Apply them confidently to beat Pluto.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

It's wisdom, freedom and radiant faith that Pluto tries most to keep from you but this year, with Uranus advancing to wisdom degrees in your sign, revolutionary forms of enlightenment can be achieved that will open you to higher levels and richer dimensions of terrestrial life. It's wise to brush up on your laws, policies and statutes because Pluto will try to infringe upon your rights through corrupt use or violation of them. Gather your evidence and be prepared to go on legal offense this summer to correct injustices while gaining your slice of Pluto's deep wealth. Speaking of wealth, during the first week of May you'll receive a gift from Venus that will help you to succeed against Pluto this year. And the week after, during the auspicious Sun/Pluto trine, a bonafide financial miracle can spring forth in your life. Just be sure to raise your karma sky high the weeks prior.

Threats from abroad are marching with a gigantic red flag through your chart so be very careful with foreign dealings, relationships, travels or financial entanglements as Pluto can erupt a major crisis into your life through them. The first week of June and mid-July are especially risky in these ways as Mars and the Sun will oppose Pluto from Cancer then. Valueless degrees and fruitless academic pathways that lead to unfulfilling career positions are part of Pluto's risk for you, talented Taurus. Light will be cast on crisis of this nature throughout Pluto's retrograde, make wise changes in accordance with powerful realizations to come. If perpetual spiritual development is absent in your life it's very likely that Pluto has his fangs in you. Use this retrograde to renew, elevate and expand your spiritual growth with God at the focus and you will ascend through the time.

On May 11th your new moon comes and beyond it you'll receive wealth to heal with and wealth to work with from the cosmic order that God designed. A major new relationship can enter or solidify for you at this time, one that can help you greatly against Pluto problems in your life and future path. Be careful that Pluto doesn't plunge you into months of dark psychology. This is an Achilles' heel for you this year, especially for Taurus born between the 23rd and 27th degrees. Pluto is an infiltrator so guard your psyche wisely while utilizing the new tools, therapies and spiritual practices that the universe presents to you. Investments and work look strong for you so ride those waves while sharpening talents and pouring in new passion gained in June and July from Mars in Leo. Jupiter signals a major promotion for you post new moon, accept it and fly over Pluto's pits.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

There's no way to sugarcoat this Gemini, Pluto transits a deadly space for most of you. The great news this year, however, is that a powerful solar eclipse will happen in your sign that will activate a resurrection theme for all noble Geminis. The stars are aligning for your redemption, healing, transformation and initiation into higher power. Pluto threatens your tribe through the psychic and subconscious dimensions of your notoriously radiant minds. Concentrate healing efforts and inner alchemical work on these layers to access your new mental powers which the eclipse holds in store. Pluto shows grave risk through bad medicine, extreme debt, sleep deprivation, psychological disturbances and a demonic lure into the evil side of the occult which should be avoided at all costs. In May you'll receive precious remedies, including financial, for any deep pains.

Be prepared for brushes with death, including peripheral deaths within your social circles. Pluto doesn't guarantee them but this is a worst case scenario to be mentally prepared for. Releases of inheritance, from the deceased and from God, can become major events and active conspiracies in your life can be suddenly exposed, especially when the Sun aspects Pluto. It's important to understand that Pluto is trying to keep you from wielding divine, God-blessed power in your life. During the retrograde, at key times when Pluto is weak, you'll be shown how to recover lost, hidden or stolen power in your life. The third week of July and the first week of September are major for this as Mars will aspect Pluto from Leo and Virgo then. If money is owed to you Pluto will try to withhold it but Jupiter will aid the recovery for Geminis born in the final decan.

Bondage through debt is one of Pluto's oldest weapons but by facing this fear through honorable repayment and wise legal strategy you can be released of these chains by God. A total death and rebirth of career can happen, especially after revelations of systemic crime, corruption or unjust limitation come to light. September is a great month to make major decisions and new commitments for a smart and prosperous fresh start in your career path. Some of you will witness major forms of crime happening behind the scenes. Win blessing from God by casting light on evil in wise, timely and anonymous ways in the future. As your gift of knowledge is enhanced this year deploy it as as weapon against evil towards the saving of lives. You'll be in a unique position to save lives this year and by all means you should. Love and joy will surge in your days in June/July.

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Cancer & Cancer Rising

Relationship turmoil that throws your entire life out of balance and order is one of Pluto's greatest threats to you this year. In fact, you could come face-to-face with devilish opponents and enemies, including those from the past and those met in courts, that will try to strip you of what is rightfully yours. Be ready to battle for justice while knowing that tides will turn in your favor after your new moon in July which portends of many new victories in your life, including on the fronts of family, business and financial security. In the worst case, Pluto can deprive you through crisis cast upon your marriage, including extreme forms that could result in death or divorce. Spiritual attacks against your marriage can increase through Pluto's retrograde so if character or behavior suddenly plunges into dark, suspicious territory respond wisely and with a God centered approach.

Starting in May, the universe will show and confirm where the open Pluto threats are existing in your life so that you have clear awareness to work with. Termination of all Plutonian relationships is an easy way to win this year and afterwards God will fill those gaps with gold. Be extremely precautious about entering major deals, contracts or commitments as Pluto will try to ruin you through them. Put a cosmic microscope on any type of joint venture, partnership or merger that carries the bulk of your good name, wealth and professional credentials with it so that you're dealing with Zeus instead of the Devil. You're in a season of divine metamorphosis when God is secretly opening a higher future for you. Don't disturb this process by engaging the wrong people at this time. Strive for peace, balance and divine order in your life and God will help it be.

Pluto is a sapper of life force which is the highest gift of your tribe. After your new moon and into the Virgo transits of August and September the universe will present you with new ways of restoring any lost life force through natural, supernatural, scientific and interpersonal means. Expect a new fertility to emerge in drought stricken areas of your life starting in July. When you see the green shoots nurture them into full form as these things will lead you to eventual victory against Pluto. You might experience major confrontations with Pluto's dark energy and malevolent people around July 17th during the Cancer Sun's opposition to Pluto. This is a crossroads alignment for you and the Sun will help you to choose the next wisest path. If your Sun shines between the 23rd and 27th degrees of Cancer a life-or-death decision or situation may emerge.

Leo & Leo Rising

Pluto's deadly game for you Leo is the attempted destruction of your health, beauty and livelihood or a severe corruption of your working life that puts you in service to evil instead of God. On the spiritual level Pluto seeks your loyalty and employment in exchange for dark favors that will ultimately make you a slave. Transformation of these problems begins in May, through the Sun and Venus trines to Pluto, which will open you to vital medical discoveries, ascended health, prosperity-oriented work realignment and divinely inspired lifestyle changes that can save your life. Don't be afraid to let go of passion-killing work, May's astrology opens you to growth-oriented Jupiter jobs, collaborative projects, cultural spotlights and unexpected blessings over the future of your work. Hidden evils in current work will be shown to you by God, respond righteously.

Just after the midpoint of the Pluto retrograde the noble members of your tribe will receive new blessings of creative genius to lead a resurgence in the arts which have suffered greatly in recent times. The royal date is July 24th so be sure to make work of otherworldly brilliance that shines through your heart and mind then. Although it's a little down the line Leos will collectively experience economic ascension after your new moon in August because of the Leo Sun's square to Uranus in Taurus then. The risk of medical malpractice and injury is much higher for you than for other signs. Play it wise by comparing the dates of major procedures against the stars and if Pluto is found to be central, change your provider or the date at minimum. And although it may sound strange, be on guard against attacks launched by 'spiritually infiltrated' healthcare providers.

To successfully traverse Pluto's pitfalls this year you'll need to capitalize on the Jupiter energy shining upon the relationship sector of your life which includes your trusted lover or spouse. Look to the 20th and 21st of May for dramatic and potentially miraculous relationship-themed successes or encounters to manifest. These connections and developments will give you great new means and momentum to remedy or conquer any type of Pluto problem. Mars will be back in your sign in June and July and this means that God will grant you special ability to achieve personal ambitions that have been on hold, just be careful not to push too hard during the Mars/Saturn opposition in the days surrounding July 1st. Perhaps most importantly, God will show you new ways of work during Pluto's retrograde. It will be blessed for you to pour your heart and soul into it.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

You're entering a season when temptation will be unusually strong for you, temptation into dark pleasures or forms of professional compromise that can sabotage your ascension process and standing with God. With purity as a shield be very careful about what you choose for pleasure this year and with whom you choose it with while understanding that purity is ascension over Pluto. Be vigilant against threats to loved ones, including children within your circle, as Pluto spotlights special risk to them. Light will begin to grow against these types of threats in late April and early May between Vesta's prograde in Virgo and the incoming Taurus energies. Your tribe will enjoy new order, wealth and efficiency within the family as well as newfound economic recovery and freedom into the fall. The Sun/Pluto trine that comes mid May will jump start this process for you.

If your lover or spouse is unconscious to astrology they could fall under Pluto's spell and a destructive, heart-breaking, or tragic dynamic could emerge within your relationship. It's important for Virgo's lovers or spouses to understand Pluto's potential for infiltration so that negative bouts are understood to be what they truly are: an external spiritual attack. Venus will help to prevent these avoidable experiences through her enlightening trine to Pluto in early May and in general, if you turn fully to God this year, a profound 'renewal of the heart' experience can happen with milestone alignments to come in late July and mid August. Physical beautification and accelerated healing are special gifts to Virgo this year by way of the Pleroma prograde which starts on May 18th at 2° Virgo, processes which will amply in September when the Sun and Mars transit Virgo.

Creative theft is another one of Pluto's risks for you so be wise, vigilant and legally protective with all your passion projects and special creative productions this year. Jupiter is perfectly positioned to help you defeat Pluto through timely legal services, motions and eventual victories so be sure to go that route if need be. August and September will be your strongest months during Pluto's 2021 retrograde because the Sun and Mars will transit your sign then. Justice in your professional life will especially shine mid September as will divine partnerships that empower your ability to fulfill major goals then. Be ready to move mountains when Mars enters your sign in August which is, by the way, a natural cosmic time for your promotion. When your new moon comes on September 6th in trine to Uranus revolutionary spiritual gifts will descend to the nobles within your tribe.

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Libra & Libra Rising

Your security is in Pluto's crosshairs and the old devil will try to steal it from you by damaging the key structures, relationships, businesses, accounts, properties and boundaries that create the most security in your life. The challenge for you this year is to create a higher level of security by capitalizing on the positive astrological events of 2021 of which the Zeus prograde in Libra is one. But that's not until July 4th so pay wise attention to the security-enhancing Cancer transits of the Sun and Mars as well as the Cancer new moon and its cycle as God's greatest answers to your security needs will appear then. Be prepared to respond to crisis in the family, including medical, as Pluto can test you there. Act with nobility during emergency situations and divine grace will enter to create a peaceful outcome. Put family first at your expense and God will rule for you.

Pluto may try to seduce you into dark dealings or positions in exchange for tainted and temporary material security. Direct experiences with this can happen in early June and in general, you among all tribes have the highest risk of major losses through ill investment this year. Pluto will try to lure many of you into ruinous types of investment so be extremely vigilant when these scenarios arise and use astrology to confirm if Pluto is involved. A brush with death or a passing involving a prominent elder member of the family is held in potential. In this case, Heaven forbid, Pluto will try to create great disharmony and injustice with allotments and divisions of inheritance. The Taurus energies of May will remedy problems connected to debt, financial entanglement, resource sharing and power struggles connected to family wealth, including through special trusts.

A negative resurfacing of your past, including on the psychological level, can happen during Pluto's retrograde; an old nemesis may reappear for a certain resolution. You may find yourself needing to move under high pressure circumstances and if so you should know that the stars will be there when you need them most and that life will be better after the move. Proper self care and nourishment, including in terms of spirit and energy, are absolutely vital for you because of the way that Pluto can degrade Libra's lightbody. May's new moon in Taurus will open passion and dream resonant working opportunities for you that are key to your growth over Pluto's this year. Be ready for positive changes to your work focus in May, especially as it relates to emerging social needs, changing family priorities and causes close to your heart. Inner peace always...

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

First and foremost Scorpio, you are not ruled by satanic Pluto. This is an old lie, one of many to be cleansed from your mind this year towards a new state of mental freedom, power and supernatural ability. For years Pluto has been trying to thwart your acquisition of divine, life-transforming knowledge by any means of addiction or dark distraction while also attempting to destroy your mental health through various forms of vice. What Pluto wants most is full possession of your mind so that its serpent consciousness can advance wicked things in this dimension through your body. But this will not be because the Most High has wise and sacred plans for your tribe. The great keys to your success this year will come through the Gemini solar eclipse of June 10th which will have secret Scorpio undercurrents to it. At this time God will show you a new master path.

To prosper this year you must have impeccable dealings with others that no spirit may argue against you. Your financial stability and growth during Pluto's retrograde depends on your virtuous dealings with others, especially during vulnerable crisis scenarios when resources are strained or in flux. It's vital to rebuild any lost trust because it is through trust that your greatest achievements can happen this year. The Taurus energies of May will open you to higher levels of healing while blessing you with new medicine and prosperity partners to build and invest with. Improved working conditions and major investment related synchronicities will flow from May into July but be cautious not to invest with Pluto, especially in June's first week. Spring's astrology will open doors on money owed to you and business can reboot divinely with Jupiter's blessing.

While the universe flows new gold, restoration and higher purposes into your life Pluto will try to cause a dangerous relapse or trigger a severe disruption to your mental focus, your daily duties and your professional routines. Focus on pure and productive use of your mind each day despite Pluto's draw while making time to accomplish any necessary mental healing. Make distinctions between your thoughts and Pluto's attempts to infiltrate your thoughts while knowing that God can help you conquer any secret internal struggle. Be very cautious about communications during the retrograde, Pluto will try to cause you damage and dishonor should you let your spiritual guard slip. Through the divine aspects to Pluto the Lord will heal and empower where Pluto has left scars, including financial. Be the ultimate alchemist and consecrate your mind for your best year.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

Poverty is the prison that Pluto has been trying to erect around you these past many years but in 2021 you'll have many star-timed opportunities to ascend economically despite Pluto's attempts to plunge you underwater. By honoring the special events tied to each of the Sun's aspects to Pluto, from Taurus to Virgo, you'll be able to checkmate Pluto's poverty strategy which can be conquered through increasing wisdom and greater application of your finest talents and character traits. The four key dates for this are May 16th, July 17th, August 16th and September 16th. There are other wise times for you but of course the Sun is the heart of the victory. Be prepared for your faith to be severely tested through adverse material conditions and decline evil offerings of rapid wealth and status that God may reward you with the treasures of Heaven.

Community contributions are very important for your growth this year so be resonantly engaged and bring your best in support of the highest good for all. It's time for you to see the world with a higher state of mind, a process which Jupiter guarantees. Throughout Pluto's retrograde you'll receive special endowments of knowledge, wisdom and intelligence that should be synthesized, translated and projected for the betterment of the world. The spiritual returns for this will be great and in doing so your own goals will be blessed and expanded by God. As your mind and work evolve this year, and they most certainly will, Pluto will try to sabotage your new success momentum with attacks and deceptions aimed at ruining your reputation and credibility. Guard these well, build them up and operate from integrity always. Topaz will guide you true.

lf you have any Pluto wounds to heal from 2020 the Taurus energies and cycle of May will quicken those processes into full success while bonding you to rich new resources to build and work with. Special productive requirements are asked of you this year to overcome Pluto's negative force while also contributing to the highest social good. Expect inspiration for special work projects to come and be ready to build them up quickly to enter your highest path. When Jupiter transits Pisces during May, June and July special blessings will enter your life as a form of divine justice for past tragedies or betrayals experienced within your family. Sagittarians born between the 27th and 23rd degrees are at greater risk of direct criminal experiences or spiritual attacks by way of Pluto's semi-sextile. Leverage the law to tame the serpent as this is enshrined in the Heavens above.

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Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Your legendary tribe of Capricorn is known in the angelic realm as 'the stewards of the world' and by now you know more than any sign how dreadful Pluto can be. Since 2008 the dragon has been transiting your sign, hoping to bring you into his evil order and if not, to ruin you. General Flynn knows it all too well. Pluto's first deception to Capricorn is to have you think that it is a power source that you should use to rise in this world when in fact this will destroy your soul. This year Capricorns will come to monumental crossroads of choice between continued engagement in subversive Plutonian structures or realignment into a higher calling and deeply altruistic Jupiter path of public service that will also lead to unexpected future prosperity. There are three major crossroads times for Capricorn during this Pluto retrograde: May 14th, July 17th and September 16th.

What is most striking about your tribe is that the first half of you (0°-15°) are carrying the Great Conjunction energy with you through your recently activated solar returns. Through this I sense that divine gifts will be bestowed upon all noble Capricorns within this degree range and that these gifts will easily dwarf your Pluto problems this year. I am writing about treasure and grace of a supernatural celestial quality that will heal you and prime you for your next level of life, service and distinguished achievement. You latter Capricorns are not forgotten, your returns show Jupiter-sized personal enrichment and divine positioning for future successes currently unthought of. But in contrast to this, and because of Pluto, Capricorns also have great risk of being betrayed in devastating ways this year, including through former friends and allies.

Perhaps you've noticed by now, Pluto is direct and physical with Capricorn and by this I'm referring to intense and long lasting personal attacks along with quickened cellular degradation from the combination of demonic stress levels and Pluto's metaphysical poison. Ruby, the true birthstone of Capricorn, is an absolute must for any sane Capricorn interested in divine advantage over their greatest astrological enemy. One of the highest cosmic priorities for your tribe is the accomplishing of unfinished healing from residual Pluto scars from years past. A divine healing process will advance during every month of Pluto's retrograde with special healing times being May 16th and July 17th give or take a day. But be vigilant as ever because Pluto will try to sabotage your natural healing processes with bad medicine, malpractice and malicious misdirection.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Pluto wants you to think that your future is hopeless but this is deception designed to make you quit when your tribe actually has Jupiter's greatest favor shining up on you as a whole. Your solar returns have just started too and Pluto shows stress through professional injustices, workplace treachery and sorrows connected to large and seemingly insurmountable debts. But on the very bright side, Jupiter is in your sign and that means success against all odds among other wonderful alchemical things. Plus, you have strong energy for economic rebounds through the Mars in Taurus in your last return. So if you feel like you're in a bit of a hole know that you most definitely have the stars this year to climb and perhaps fly out of it. Your dreams are powerfully prioritized with Jupiter in your sign and that is a massive advantage for you against Pluto's sabotage.

Family life blooms for Aquarius this year barring any extraordinarily ill aspect. The Taurus energies of May will deliver a new fecundity into your walls, revenues and daily productive power. A surge of future-focused financial knowledge and perspective will come too, as will blessed opportunities to invest. There are silver linings to your clouds and when Jupiter enters retrograde in your sign along with Pluto being retrograde, it will be wise for you to concentrate on higher cosmic alignment of your life with the universal plan. You'll certainly find your way as Jupiter guarantees a higher path of service that will take you to new peaks in 2022. God might close illusory doors or dangerous chapters to help you as July turns to August to liberate space for a wiser advance come Jove's prograde on October 17th. Perceive the higher purpose.

Although it pains me to write this, Pluto will cause a general elevated risk of suicide or other forms of self harm or destructive escapism among Aquarians. Pluto always works through dark psychology that secretly gnaws on your inner thoughts and feelings. If you feel this influence growing connect yourself with people who can help. They'll be there for you, like guardian angels, because Jupiter is in your sign and that is extremely special because it cosmically symbolizes a 'tragedy to triumph' path that exists in potential if you are willing to embrace it. Shame could be an Achilles' heel that the dragon tries to exploit and in general it will try to trick you into major forms of self sabotage. If you feel this kind of trouble brewing mix ruby with amethyst for a potent energetic antidote. And lastly, beware Pluto's attempts to compromise you. Sense the secret setup.

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Pisces & Pisces Rising

You are unique among the tribes that Neptune is full power in your sign ahead of Pluto's retrograde. Think of Neptune as a great spiritual shield for what's ahead, especially in terms of vital wealth and knowledge that you'll need to traverse Pluto's attempts to delay or destroy your goals and dreams. Because your tribe is so powerfully connected to the forces of karma it is vital for you to resolve unsettled karma that resurfaces during this Pluto retrograde. Failure to do so will be akin to standing in quicksand but a wise honoring of these matters will open you to Jupiter sized miracles that wildly brighten your future. It's important for your tribe to balance material gains and developments with extraordinary spiritual callings of selflessness. Jupiter indicates that many of you will be called into guardian angel roles to prevent tragedies in the lives of others.

Understand that Pluto obstructs the path that leads into higher career, community and humanitarian themed successes in your life but during the key aspects against Pluto this year the powers of Heaven will create temporary windows and avenues of opportunity that you must seize to manifest at the level that you're seeking. Your entire tribe carries Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius energy in your recently activated solar returns, meaning, that you'll be challenged and rewarded to utilize astrology more intimately, especially with regard to victory timing against the Pluto or Plutos in your life. Your first golden manifestation window comes on May 16th via the Taurus Sun's trine to Pluto when your astral wealth will be enhanced. The next comes on June 16th through the Gemini Sun's quincunx to Pluto. Do you see the solar pattern forming?

The crown jewel event of your Pluto retrograde, by far, is Jupiter's entry into Pisces on May 14th. A super spotlight of grace will be cast upon you to restore and elevate you above Pluto's reach. Expect to receive divine assistance from God between May 14th and June 20th on outstanding problems, stick points in growth and unhealed wounds from the past, especially as they relate to old Pluto traumas. Stride as much as you can while Jupiter is prograde in your sign and be sure to time special launches, projects, dedications or announcements to Jupiter's fortunate Piscean timing. This is the time window when your irons will be hot so strike, strike, strike! When Jupiter retrogrades in Pisces on June 21st a divine and secretive learning curve will open to you so that you can gain the wisdom and magic needed to smash through envious Pluto deep into 2022.

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Closing Words

For the past week, amidst our family's move, I've dedicated long hours to produce this article for the benefit of the global astrological community. Reflecting on my own past, my most dangerous, intense and near-death experiences have all synced to Pluto. What I write for each sign comes through a combination of my life experiences, accumulated knowledge and verified synchronicity - not recycled New Age opinion which is often soft on what Pluto truly is. In the near future I'll be penning a deep article on the USA and our active Pluto return. As many of you know, we have been heavily censored on Facebook because of our ideology and content style. If you appreciate this article we ask that you share it far and wide. Be sure to join our new socials and sign up for our email alerts. Your article comments are welcomed below.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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Devon Seamoor
Devon Seamoor
Apr 07, 2021

Thank you, Muchos gracias, Salvador, I need to use your full first name here 😉 for this valuable article, done in many hours, for the benefit of all. Your service is much appreciated.

Today, I've read through the part for my sign, with my chart in hand. In 2010 Pluto made itself known while positioned in my 9th house. It meant a devastating love drama, clearing old programs, and a decision to move from the Netherlands to Britain, with the first attempt in 2012, and a 2nd in 2015, when my working life for an income came to an end, at the age of 65. After 5 years I've returned to my country of birth, the Netherlands, March 2020, due…

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