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The True Metaphysical Properties Of Golden Rutile Quartz

Golden rutile quartz is the crystal manifestation of Christ light. It offers priceless benefits to those who would welcome its energy into their lives, as follows:


· activates the glory body


· stimulates divine light body amplification


· promotes angelic hybridization


· attunes the mind to Christ consciousness


· possesses a Leo/Taurus/Gemini energy signature


· the Kingdom shines through it and those who wear it


· stimulating of “the clairs” according to personal need and interest


· aids in manifesting a royal position in life


· opens one to knowledge of the Kingdom and one’s place and purpose within it


· oracular effects for those further along in the ascension process


· opens a beam of golden creative frequency from the higher planes


· a jewel of royal star Regulus


· hastens recovery from trauma and dark night of the soul experiences


· highly protective against negative energy attacks


· creates a golden frequency shield like an armor of light around its wearer


· accelerates the development of the Christed self


· anchors light-wealth through Leo, Taurus and Gemini; reality altering for the brighter


· shatters blockages connected to inner wounds, corruptions or disconnection from the Divine


· instills divine radiance, purity and clarity into mind, persona, behavior, communication


· absolutely amazing for alpha-leader lightworkers and those who aspire to be


· increases resilience to hardships while attracting the higher keys to their conquest


· instills feelings of clarity, renewal, confidence, grounding, determination, fortitude


· stimulates a priceless “golden helix effect”


· develops incorruptible character which invites higher blessing from God through trust


· accelerates the ascension process through personal alignment with Divine will


· increases gnosis, the divine knowledge and knowing of things


· wonderfully stimulating to intelligence, creativity and their intersection in the mind


· makes one more attractive to positive experiences, relationships, fortunes, etc


· strengthens one’s spiritual and energetic connection to Christ


· empowers one to achieve “long shot” victories in life


· especially precious for children going through terrible hardships


· the perfect crystal energy antidote against Pluto in Aquarius


We are pleased to offer you super-quality pendants and meditation crystals of rare, high-grade golden rutile quartz in this new gallery. We ship worldwide with tracking and insurance with a 100% delivery success rate. We welcome you to visit our “crystal reviews” page for real-world client feedback on our various gems and crystals.


With joy and awe at the Mineral Kingdom which God created for us all,


Sal & Amari

© 2024-2050. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. In God We Trust.

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