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Horoscopes reveal our highest cosmic potential. They are the celestial map of our birth, life, and future. Through symbolic translation and self-study one can gain a profound understanding of their cosmic identity and life purpose. As we gain this priceless type of cosmic knowledge a divine life begins to emerge, a life that blooms with every transit and cycle of astrology.


Our horoscopes are unique as they accurately render the exotic Uranian symbols which represent your personal relationship to the many gods and goddesses. Knowing your sun, moon, ascendant, and planetary house placements is one thing, but knowing your connection to the gods and goddesses is entirely another. Our charts will open your mind to mystical knowledge and experience that others can't.

Our best-selling 'Astrology 101' report will provide you with a razor-sharp copy of your cutting-edge Uranian horoscope along with a 20+ page report that will explain the fundamentals of your birth planets and their house placements. Our reports are based on NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory astronomical data so they are extremely precise. Unlike other charts of lower quality you'll be able to fully trust what you find in ours.

Our 'Astrology 101' report is a perfect way to start learning about your astrology. It is the starting point for developing cosmic consciousness and it makes for a beautiful, mystical, one-of-a-kind gift that the recipient will never forget. With your Uranian horoscope in mind you'll be able to correlate your life experiences with astrological events, a process which will open you to cosmic enlightenment and the full magic of life.


Please have the date, city, and time of birth ready for every horoscope recipient upon purchase. If you don't have your exact birth time don't worry, you can still learn a tremendous amount from study of the planetary alignment of your birth day. Most planets don't move that fast anyway. Once you've purchased be sure to read this Uranian Astrology Symbol Key for a more enlightening 'Astrology 101' experience.

The greatest journey of enlightenment and personal development begins with your horoscope. So, are you ready to learn your stars?

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo



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  • Report Clarification

    Our 'Astrology 101' reports are created by industry-leading astrology software. Although they command a high degree of satisfaction and academic value they are distinct from my personalized intuitive services which can be found on our services page. If you're looking for a general intuitive reading try my popular Delphi service.

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