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Uranian Solar Chart

Uranian Solar Chart


When the Sun returns to the exact degree and arc minute that it held at our birth a new astrological year begins for each of us. These secret annual horoscopes, otherwise known as 'solar return' or 'birthday charts', reveal the unique astrological conditions that we will experience year after year. Knowing the contents of these solar charts gives us an unparalleled advantage of foresight that enables us to understand the wisdom and higher design of each of our cosmic years.


While an increasing number of conscious global citizens are utilizing their solar return charts many are using terribly low quality versions that offer a limited or distorted view of their annual astrology. We are pleased to offer cutting-edge, master-quality Uranian Solar Charts that provide our clients with the most expansive and accurate view of their year ahead. In addition to the planets our charts reveal the Uranian asteroids that correspond to the mythic gods and goddesses with mysterious accuracy.


Uranian Solar Charts directly and profoundly stimulate higher levels of enlightenment and life ascension with each passing year. They are the astrological blueprints to the years of our lives, from birthday to birthday, and each are God designed. Through study of their symbolism and the ever-changing house placements of the sun, moon, planets, gods and goddesses our minds become privy to the secret order and divine potential that is cosmically veiled within our precious years.


Upon purchase you'll receive a perfectly calibrated Uranian Solar Chart that symbolically reveals the astrological specifics of your year ahead starting at your next birthday. To be clear, this service does not provide an in-depth reading of your year ahead, it provides the true and accurate chart of your year ahead so that you have a superb reference to navigate with. The Uranian Solar Chart can also be back dated to your last birthday so that you gain astrological vision for your current solar year.


I was inspired to offer this service because I see too many people using innacurate, low-quality solar return charts as their trusted reference. I want people to have access to a top-quality Uranian Solar Chart so that their astrological learning, perspective and strategizing are all empowered. When you see where all the energy will be you'll have a much sharper sense for how to live your year - where to invest yourself, where to be guarded, what to prepare for, where to build and how your soul will grow. Read this article for more insight on how it works:


Solar Returns: What They Mean & How They Work


We encourage our clients to utilize our unique Uranian Astrology Symbol Key to derive maximum value from our Uranian Solar Charts as the key will help you to understand what type of energy and influence will be present in certain astrological houses. In the future we will publish in depth books on these topics, Uranian astrology and the solar returns, but for now this is the learning advantage that we can offer. See the stars of your year in the truest, most accurate way that astrology offers.


Please have your exact date, time and city of birth ready to share at the time of purchase. The proper creation of the Uranian Solar Chart does require the precise birth time. Those without a perfect birth time can still be served although chart accuracy will be degraded in the sense of house divisions and placements. However, it is still valuable to know the signs, degrees and aspects of the planets, gods and goddesses even if a perfect birth time isn't known - greatly valuable indeed.


We welcome any questions about this service prior to booking, simply message us through our chat feature or contact page. Uranian Solar Charts have been a secret basis for my successful client work over the years. They give a true reference for what is ahead of someone and I've been using them for years in ways that have greatly benefited our clients. We welcome you to our reviews page, to one in particular from Harleen, which was focused upon solar return services over the course of many years.


If you would like me to intuitively read your solar return chart for you that can easily be arranged through my Solar Return Intuitive reading with details to be found here.


In cosmic service,


Astrologer Salvador Russo





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  • Solar Return Intuitive

    Those interested in an in-depth solar return reading can find that service available here.

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