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Solar Returns: What They Mean & How They Work

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Did you know that every year at your birthday God gives you new stars to live and evolve with? Did you know that there is such a thing as a personal annual astrology cycle that changes year to year and that it operates on a higher level than your birth chart? Did you know that there is a scientific way to see and read the secret stars that preside over the years of our lives? In the astrological world these questions all pertain to the 'solar return' which is a sacred time of the year when the Sun returns to the exact degree and arc minute that it held when a person was born. These solar returns coincide, in an approximate way, with our birthdays that's why these special annual astrology charts are often called 'birthday charts.' Why are some years great when others are so challenging? The solar returns reveal and explain why as they showcase God's cosmic design over our lives from year to year like chapters in a mysterious astrological book.

it's father is the Sun, it's mother is the Moon...

Solar return charts enable the wisest form of living as they allow us to see where the gods and goddesses will station above our lives each year through the context of the twelve houses and the 360 degrees of the zodiac. This allows for an ultimate type of perspective and insight into the nature of our years as each of the twelve houses governs a specific domain of our lives. By knowing where the gods and goddesses will preside, by house and degree, we can gain an invaluable understanding of what we will experience each year and how we can best interact with the higher cosmic forces that are secretly active above us. In ancient times this type of wisdom and perspective was reserved strictly for monarchs and ruling classes, but here, in this time, the wisdom is making its way forward to the public through certain 'torchbearers' of which I am one. Now I'd like to show you some examples of how solar return charts look and work.

donald, trump, horoscope, birth, chart, president, uranian, astrology, starseed, starseeds, salvador, russo, astrologer, solar, return

I've decided to use President Trump, an extremely capable and respected man of tremendous global influence and interest, in my solar return example. Notice in his birth chart above that he was born with the Sun at 22°56' Gemini. Now notice in his 2023 solar chart below, the one that astrologically depicts his life from his birthday in 2023 until his birthday in 2024, that the Sun also holds 22°56' Gemini. This is because when the Sun returns to the exact degree and arc minute of a person's birth their new astrological year begins but in a way that is totally distinct from the original design of their birth chart. Think of President Trump's birth chart as 'layer one' to his astrology with his solar return charts operating as 'layer two.' You can see the vast difference between them, the gods and goddesses hold entirely different houses and degrees which explains the unique nature, potential and evolutionary drive within each of our years.

donald, trump, horoscope, birth, chart, president, uranian, astrology, starseed, starseeds, salvador, russo, astrologer, solar, return, 2023

It's important to note that there is a significant time difference between these charts: President Trump was born at 10:54am but his 2023 solar chart was set for 12:20am. Why is this and is this wrong? The answer is no, it isn't wrong, because the 2023 solar chart is perfectly synchronized to President Trump's Sun at 22°56' Gemini. We see a time difference because our Gregorian calendar isn't perfectly synced to the fine workings of astrology. A professional astrologer has to calibrate for the Sun's perfect 'return' position according to the degree and arc minute that it held at birth while using the same birth location in the creation of the return chart. I've just explained the core process for creating accurate solar return charts while demonstrating the great difference that they have from our birth charts. President Trump will be living out his next year of his life, starting from his upcoming birthday, according to these secret God-given stars.

Reading The Return

It requires great knowledge, wisdom, skill and art for an astrologer to accurately interpret a solar return chart. In years ahead I'll be dedicating major amounts of time and energy into cutting-edge books that teach this process. For now I would like my followers to focus on the following factors within their returns:

  • the house of the Sun (the most dominant annual themes, consciousness development)

  • the house and degree of the Moon (domestic conditions, emotional status)

  • the house and degree of Jupiter (divine grace & wisdom, greatest growth & wealth opportunities)

  • the house and degree of Mars (ideal focus of actions, potential victories, new success trajectories)

  • the house and degree of Uranus (revolutionary approaches & successes, higher mind developed and applied)

  • the house and degree of Mercury (new knowledge acquisition, ideal mental, communicative & commercial focus)

  • the house and degree of Venus (ideal creative expression, relationship fortunes, romantic insight, beautification focus)

  • the house and degree of Saturn (limits, adversities, hardships, trials, tribulations, misfortunes)

  • the house and degree of Neptune (spiritual development, selflessness for the sake of others, magical experiences)

  • the house and degree of Pluto (mortal threats, temptations into evil, confrontations with darkness, divine transmutation)

  • the house, degree and aspects of Fortune (the types of fortune received, for better or worse, wise financial focus, fortunate courses of action)

Solar Returns In Business & Marriage

It is profoundly true that solar return astrology functions within business and marriage as well, one simply needs to create the return chart in accordance with the birth of the business or the commencement of the marriage. In this way one becomes empowered with a wise, royal and greatly precious perspective on the business and marital dimensions of their life on an annual basis, knowledge which can can make-or-break a year depending on what the stars show and depending on which decisions are made in accordance. I can tell you from years of experience that solar return charts empower wise decision making above and beyond anything else. We are essentially seeing God's cosmic blueprint above our earthly affairs on the personal, business and martial levels. As long as the interpretation of these charts are sound one can live in a high state of cosmic awareness that naturally leads to the living of increasingly successful years.

Solar Return Services

At this point in my professional development I consider myself as being highly and genuinely skilled in the realm of solar returns. My services are available for anyone who would like my insight and support on this level. I recommend developing your solar return wisdom by studying your annual solar chart which I offer in the uniquely advanced Uranian form here. From there you'll be able to see and study your years in true astrological accuracy or that chart can serve as the basis for a one-on-one service with me. At this time, according to my own solar return, it's important for me to introduce and explain this concept at this preliminary level which will set the stage for more advanced forms of teaching and service. Be aware of this type of astrology as it is a major branch in the astrological tree. You can't know the future in an accurate way without using these charts. They are vital, precious and true to the design of God's cosmos.

Honoring the Law over my life,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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