Marian B.
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I am a spinner of wool and a weaver of words, celebrating life and love.

The most fortunate timing to create is in our present moment, as I perceive it. Each moment offers a new choice, a choice not restricted to form and matter. To me, that’s the meaning of free will, the key to creating our reality. Free will is a verb, to me. No ordained condition or instruction.

I believe that the collective veil placed over humanity’s eyes, originates from the veil that humanity received as a cure to suffering caused by the separation from wholeness and oneness, welcomed and placed on its eyes, in acceptance of living conditions that show up in these famous pairs: past and present, good and bad, dark and light, joy and sadness.

I may be wrong and the other way around is the true story: a placing of a veil in order to create ignorance of humanity’s transformational and thus…. powerful nature. It seems to be a dilemma, somewhat akin to the question “What comes first, the egg or the chicken?

Possibly there may be some sort of “tossing in the air” of cause and effect, mixing them up deliberately, for example in rewriting history and changing it at the same time, while seeing an opportunity, a chance to confuse and obscure the power of creation within each human being.


As long as that source, I mean the power of creation within, isn’t tapped into, control is accepted as legitimate, due to not being recognized as such. For only an autonomous stance recognizes control, don't you think?

The present chaos is the fruit of the past, as I perceive it and a necessary process towards a change that will  bring an end to the Old World of suffering and delusion, when that's the plan, reconnecting with one's true nature and role as creator, or caretaker if you will, on planet Earth.

She's a great friend and teacher to me.

The celebration of my/our soul’s embodiment, leading toward a healed and connected humanity on planet Earth, with her, lady Gaia and all living beings in a state of peace and wellness, that’s what I envision.