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The Sagittarius Blood Moon Decoded | May 26th, 2021

Blood moons always interconnect with one another, building upon the work of each through time. Tomorrow's super blood moon at 5° Sagittarius will advance important work and momentum that was born into our lives in January and February of 2019. Where were you then and what were you doing that was good or great at that time? The universe is soon to reboot that momentum that may have been lost during the Saturn/Pluto covid crisis year. Here in the USA the Space Force was beginning to manifest through President Trump. One could rightly say that the U.S. Space Force was born beneath a blood moon in Leo with the Sun conjunct Altair, the alpha star of the Aquila constellation and one of the secret war stars of Heaven which shone upon the Roman legions of old.

I call attention to Aquila, Altair and the U.S. Space Force because I want my readers to know of the mystical connection between this Zeus-themed war star, the existence of Space Force and what we'll be seeing from Space Force in the future. As you all know UFO activity is surging, as I predicted it would this decade because of the major transition into Aquarian Age energy. Beyond the development of powerful new space capabilities that are central to next-generation defense, it's important that we have the "interface lead" with "friends in high places" if you catch my drift. I'm planting a seed with this knowledge because the Taurus blood moon in May of 2022 will aspect Saturn in Aquarius via t-square and that means dramatic new "activity" in the space domain...

With the example of Space Force being born beneath a blood moon in mind, know and expect that powerful new things will be born beneath tomorrow's blood moon in such a way that it ends an old paradigm of operation or existence in your life. Specific eclipse expression will depend on your astrological houses and any eclipse aspects that are made within your chart. That stated, be prepared to release an old way of work, practice or being starting tomorrow, even if that pattern has served you well into this time. Blood moon eclipses are powerful times of evolution, including in urgent ways, so recognize the connection between release, divinely inspired change and new ascension for self and others, especially as it pertains to work, freedom, morality and law.

The fifth degree of Sagittarius is like a crossroads between work and spirit. A blood moon happening in this degree will usher in profound new spiritual learning through the domain of our working lives. Be especially observant of how spiritual power and learning weave themselves through changes in our working lives into May of 2022. The blood moon will also cast light on the spiritual reasons secretly presiding over disfavorable working conditions so that through new illumination souls can ascend to more noble forms of service. Inspiration will be wonderful and powerful for the sake of our work to evolve! The universe will make it clear so that our purposes are renewed, refined and elevated. This blood moon is secretly about divine work realignment for all.

It's wise to analyze the sun's astrological position in any blood moon. The fifth degree of Gemini governs mental health, cognitive performance and data analysis so expect great light and positive change to manifest through these realms into the next blood moon. Truth be told, society is gripped with a greatly understated mental health crisis. You can see it every day through the irrational, dysfunctional, fearful and self-destructive expression of tainted mental energy. The good news is that this blood moon will bring remedies into our world, beginning with great new awareness, so that this form of plague can be healed and left behind us. And all those false numbers and statistics? Watch as they transform post blood moon to the shock and outrage of a world in recovery.

Of all the signs our Geminis and Sagittarians will be most deeply effected by this blood moon and its mysterious year long cycle into the future. Members of these tribes will play special and prominent roles in advancing a new divine order into the world, especially through the work that they do. It is very important for Geminis and Sagittarians to trust and follow the signs and inspiration that they receive, even and especially when tasks seem daunting, unfeasible or downright impossible. These tribes can play special roles in genuine miracle working but their senses must be finely tuned and their actions must consistently honor the new purposes that they receive from God. Topaz is a wise crystal choice for this blood moon cycle should any sign feel lost, overwhelmed or confused within it.

One of the most beautiful aspects of this blood moon cycle, in my humble opinion, is the future phenomenon of encountering very special people with divine qualities during the cycle path and especially through the medium of work and service. Be very conscious of "special chance encounters" when you're on the job, traveling for work or deeply engaged in a special project. It is my belief that God/Universe will be orchestrating majestic new connections and developmental opportunities through people that we meet through work this next year and I mean this in a very dramatically good way. So bring your best to the table, do everything as if it were for God and watch as your path of service is wildly enriched above and beyond the troubles of this world. God is greater!

The chart above shows the next blood moon which will happen on May 15th of 2022 at 25° Taurus. Be super conscious that all blood moon synchronicities and developmental paths in 2021 will connect directly into the 2022 blood moon cycle above. So live and build consciously with these two cycle patterns in mind. If you need specialized help we will be available. Next year, come May, it will be our Scorpios and Taureans that will have the blood moon spotlight with unique energies to work with and special roles to fulfill. Amari and I send our highest blood moon blessings to you. Because of who we are and what we do we are heavily censored online so your shares are appreciated. If you valued this free article contributions to Stareed Astrology can be made here, thanks in advance.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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