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Jupiter Transits Sagittarius: Sign Specific Guidance

It is the planet Jupiter that evolves our lives in the most divine and cherished ways. November 8th marked a sacred day in the world of astrology because Jupiter entered Sagittarius which is the house of its exaltation. The time has come for us all to grow much, much wiser and in our newfound wisdom we will be able to create wonderful new lives. The wisdom of God will shine upon the world through this blessed transit in ways that are far beyond mortal comprehension. In this article I will exclude religious and political focus to provide you with pure and precise sign specific guidance that will empower you with a high degree of astrological awareness for the great season which dawns. The master key to divine growth is harmony with Jupiter's transit and progression. It is this state of cosmic harmony that I wish to instill within each of you through these carefully crafted counsels.

Guidance for Aries

Inspired leadership, initiative, and action will win you everything during this transit. As one of the zodiac's fire signs you are naturally positioned to receive some of Jupiter's most fortunate blessings. God will grant you the means to pioneer, lead, and succeed in divine ways for the world so have confidence in your own ability to accomplish the impossible. All the wisdom, guidance, and support that you need will manifest so that you can open paths for people who can't open them on their own. As time passes you will feel increasingly spiritualized so that your personal motivations and ambitions take on much more enlightened qualities. Jupiter will raise your higher self awareness so that you know yourself as God does. You may even receive new missions from Heaven, good fights to fight.

To grow during this time you're going to have to develop your intellectual, philosophical, academic, and spiritual capacities to the next level. Enhance your warrior soul with the higher learning that opens through Jupiter's transit. To master the lesson plan follow Jupiter's transit through your horoscope, then you won't miss a thing. New learning requirements will often precede the new victories, positions, and advances that are intended for you so be sure not to neglect a season of divine learning. God will challenge you through new fields of learning. Embrace the challenge and you will open the doors to your highest future. Expect great teachers and books to make the process adventurous and be willing to explore foreign travel opportunities that bear the blessing of Jupiter.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. Slow down during this time to make sure that everything is wise, lawful, and properly understood. You could find yourself being provoked during this time and if you're not careful a massive legal complication could sour the remainder of your transit. Guard yourself with wisdom and a sharp legal understanding to fend off the adversities of that time. Jupiter retrograde inspiration can give you some of your brightest ideas for getting ahead. Make time for meditation if you never have so that you can benefit from genuine experiences of divine inspiration. Once you've got the new blueprint plan for full blown implementation with the Jupiter prograde momentum. Jupiter's spiritual fire will soon be christening the new you.

Guidance for Taurus

This transit of Jupiter can mark a time of matrimony in your life, perhaps with that special someone that found you during a prior transit of Jupiter. If marriage is in your hearts and plans it should be done in wise accordance with the higher fortunes of wedding astrology so that you can open to a sacred form of wealth and life experience. Prosperity teachings are in store for you as this is a transit that will teach you how to create new material freedom for yourself and for others. Through Jupiter's attunements you will become profoundly acquainted with the inner wealth that God has given you. As your wealth wisdom rises the universe will send you perfect partners to build with. The foundations that you lay with the right people can open you to the vast sums and returns through others.

Divine wisdom is transformational and this is a truth that you will soon be living. The alchemy of wisdom will take hold of you so that a higher refinement can take place within you. This process will catch you by surprise and it will feel powerful, spiritual, and pure. Inner revelations about your life will become much more frequent as the Jupiter frequency encourages you along a new maturation and transformation process. If you feel like you're living in a cocoon this is the transit that will set you free for beautiful new flight. Jupiter will also offer you benevolent protection against the most fearsome aspects of your life, just like a divine insurance policy. Jupiter will help you to conquer existing forms of disease, pain, and poverty while accelerating all regenerative processes. Deep healing awaits you.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. Inner guidance and dream wisdom will become extremely powerful during this time. Adhere to your inner guidance to successfully navigate retrograde complications surrounding relationships, financial flows, shared resource access, and monies owed to you. Power will be raised in the house of Jupiter's retrograde, power that will bloom after the prograde. Foreign relationships and teacher/student relationships will shine for you. Make the most of all good potential that presents among them. If you are too materialistic this Jupiter can work to transform your value system so that it becomes heavenly. Adhere to the golden verses that find you, make time for spiritual study, and acquire Jupiter's resource offerings.

Guidance for Gemini

Divine upliftment to your working life is upon you with specific times to match your stars. As your labors are relieved and blessed you will find new ability and quality within your daily work rhythm. Jupiter's influence can orchestrate that long deserved promotion, foreign work opportunities, new abundance for your practice, great press for your services, and new success for your long shot project. At special times the Spirit of Wisdom will descend into your mind to help you elevate above any spiritual blockages in your working life. Jupiter's frequency can inspire new genius into the way you work so be conscious of the divine connection between Jupiter's influence, your mind, and the next level of your working life. Expect divine mental upgrades when Jupiter makes its eventual opposition to your sun.

Craft perfection and dramatic service expansion are also in order for you. Say yes loudly and quickly to all growth oriented work opportunities that manifest for you, even if you have to work through foreign languages or with foreign contacts. Your work can be your golden ticket this next year and through it you can find yourself connected to an amazing new circle of Jupiter-class people, even if at a distance. Contracts and commitments can become massive avenues of new growth, wealth, and prestige so pay special attention when they manifest. God could even send you a perfect twin to work with, a perfect complement to who you are and where you are in your individual life path. And where you are unsure in your path Jupiter will orchestrate divine counsel to propel you forward.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. For many of you this will be a time of training and skills development, potentially under the tutelage of a master. Many of you will be trusted to repair the problems and dysfunctions that others have created during your Jupiter retrograde work experiences. Although they will be difficult recognize that you are being trusted by God to see a good thing through for a higher reason and purpose. The retrograde period could also be a time of work transition into something more promising or intellectual. On the esoteric level Jupiter's retrograde and subsequent prograde can grant you knew skills for discerning, understanding, and maintaining the cosmic law within your daily life. Strive for the gnosis of the cosmic law.

Guidance for Cancer

True love could be Jupiter's highest gift for you during his time in Sagittarius. But if not all the things that you love will be blessed, protected, and magnified so that your life feels much more pleasurable and secure. Jupiter will cast a spotlight on your heart so that your creativity blasts past the moon in a super-spiritual way. Be sure to find wise means of creative expression and productivity during this transit as Jupiter's inspiration, if properly applied, will be able to solve many of your current problems. One way or the other, Jupiter will have you giving birth to something special and dear to your heart, perhaps a new child. Divine lessons and blessings for family, security, business, location, home, and investment are coming for you, all tailor made by God, so that you can live wisely and prosperously.

Great healing and physical health improvements are also on your horizon. The timing will depend on the degree of your sun but be sure that you will encounter and receive the services of wise, effective, and benevolent healers and counselors before this transit is finished. Travel to meet them if you must, Jupiter will pave the way. The essence of this transit is that God will help you to redesign and rework your life so that it fits perfectly into the grand universal scheme of things. Expect a total life realignment that brings you into a new state of joy, security, and satisfaction. But certainly be ready to do all the humble work that this entails for you. Divine investment opportunities can manifest when Jupiter aspects your sun so be sure to track the transit through your chart. Fertility will be spiking.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. You could face challenges with long distance love, business development, travel commitments, and high-pressure academic deadlines during this time. With Saturn opposing your sun your priority skills will be seriously tested so make sure that all of your priorities are in right order according to time, maturity, and long-term necessity. While pressures are on the universe will sneak you a new spirit guide, angel, or muse to uplift and inspire you for the Jupiter prograde push. Take some time to backtrack to make sure that as things are sifting out you commit yourself to the highest path forward. The universe will make this path as clear as Jupiter's transit in your chart. Apply the wise navigation skills that God gives you.

Guidance for Leo

Your home base is about to be blessed in a heavenly way, even to the extent that new family astrology gets written into your future to open a journey of joy that was previously impossible. You could find yourself moving up into a new living space, home, or location that is much more resonant with your cosmic ascension. All your family affairs and needs will be tended to by the divine providence that Jupiter yields. That long awaited reunion or family trip can now take place and extraordinary successes within the family will gradually become the new norm. The wise thing is to focus on family, business, and divine upgrades to each, that is until Jove makes his trine to your sun when your star power will amplify tremendously. Renaissance-grade creative genius will have you feeling like a divine artist.

Your passionate nature will be greatly stoked by the fires of Sagittarius. This is very important for you to understand because this spiritual stoking will develop a new personality aspect within you, alchemy style. Bring your new leadership, charisma, talent, and social purpose to the table and express your new light for the sake of Heaven on Earth. Your heart compass will shine as never before, follow it into uncharted growth-oriented territories. Royal wisdom will open to you, as it is your birthright to gain the wisdom of kings and queens so that you can become a sovereign yourself. This is the transit that will open you to such learning. When royal figures, subjects, teachers, and guides manifest before you, including through books and history, you'll know that you're on the Jupiter path.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. If you are limiting yourself through any form of vanity or materialism this is the time period that will teach you how to change. Jupiter will sway you away from spiritually-devoid glitz, glamour, and pleasure pursuits so that you can enrich your soul with spiritual fire and divine wisdom. If not blockages can be imposed. Don't be afraid to pull back from the world so that you can draw in Heaven's light. For many of you this is the missing link. Because of Jupiter's fire harmony to your sign this should be a relatively pleasant retrograde with lots of wonderful light-based alchemy happening within you. But do be cautious for bad investments and misadventures, including of the romantic type, during this time.

Guidance for Virgo

Thoughts become things and now your thoughts, more than any other tribe in astrology, will be hyper-charged by the divine frequencies of Jupiter. This means that your manifestation power will be amplified to extents beyond your belief. Start your transit by telepathically projecting your grandest intentions into the universe that your days may be reordered in lawful accordance. Expect to feel more brainy and more mentally connected to the universe during this transit. Your IQ can increase through Jupiter's alchemy and spiritual gifts to your vision, hearing, and understanding can come. As God enhances your mind in it will be up to you to decide on how to project and utilize your new mental light. Divine knowledge and wisdom specific to your ascent will come in abundance as well.

On a more practical level this transit of Jupiter is tremendous for commercial success, so long as you are positioned in the right line of work or sales. If not you will soon learn where you should be to reap Jupiter's fortune harvests. The universe will give you sign after sign about your ideal path of service as well as brilliant new ways to prosper from the rapidly evolving internet economy. Over time Jupiter will melt away any daily obstacles that have drained the potential out of your days. Logistical troubles will be solved and your need to travel frequently can surge, both short and long distance, and always for gain. Online schooling, advanced research work, and special engineering or formulation projects will have spectacular outcomes so long as your efforts are honest. Carpe diem dear Virgo!

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. During this time you could find yourself feeling scattered and stretched in too many different ways at once. Get ahead of this potential by simplifying and optimizing your life to the best of your ability during the Jupiter prograde period. Plan for a hurricane and if one comes slice through it with your newly developed excellence. Family life will take sharply positive turns with timing that depends on the degree of your sun. But eventually, like Leo, divine grace will be cast on your house, your kin, and all the needs therein. Maintain your daily faith while understanding a simple formula: the greater your faith the greater your Jupiter experience will be. And when Jupiter squares your sun you'll receive a miracle from God.

Guidance for Libra

This transit is all about divine options that will be presented to you through the grace and timing of Jupiter that will help you to establish a perfect and profitable harmony with the universe. But to accomplish this Libra you must possess the mental wisdom of Sagittarius and that is precisely the season that has dawned for you. Through higher spiritual and astrological learning you are now poised to master the balance of life itself. In doing so you can help bring much needed peace to the Earth. To help you with this process the universe will be sending you extraordinary resources trending along the lines of treasure and pricelessness to boost you where you need it most. New teachers, mentors, and financial benefactors can now manifest to help you traverse impasses in your growth and learning.

To tell you the truth this can be a very prosperous time for you, so long as you are producing, developing, and purchasing in wise ways. The details will be revealed by Jupiter, just make sure that you're following the transit in your horoscope, otherwise you might not recognize the golden opportunities. The wisdom of relationships is yours through this transit and at times that can mean your foray into the realm of astrological chemistry. Solutions to security stresses are a big part of this transit, just recognize that trust, commitment, and ethical conduct will be required to receive Jupiter's highest blessings. Foreign trade, resource access, and developmental investments can yield you great fortune with time. Think big and partner for growth and success all around the world.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. This can be a time of secret spiritual enrichment or a time of blockage and shortage depending upon the levels of trust, harmony, and justice in your life. There are two sides to your scale. By entering Jupiter's retrograde heavy on the virtue side you will guarantee that great blessings are awarded to you through Jupiter's timing. You may have retrograde realizations that certain relationships must be released from your life. You'll be tested with hard decisions, some that are greatly life altering, so seek divine wisdom to get you through successfully. Reach back to make amends as needed, renegotiate terms, know your contract law, and if applicable, grow wise together by learning your wedding astrology.

Guidance for Scorpio

What is power without the wisdom to wield it? You should be feeling much more powerful after having Jupiter in your sign for the last year. But now it's time for you to gain the wisdom to properly wield your new power so that you can transform yourself and your life in the divine ways that you wish. Jupiter will be illuminating the secret blessings and star seeds that God granted you over the past year so that you can fully understand your new astral potential. Your spiritual senses are going to surge while Jupiter ushers you into a brief but intense sage phase. So long as you are learning and transforming with the learning you are guaranteed to experience greater freedom and higher wealth. If you're off course Jupiter will offer you a baptism by fire that can save, redeem, and release your life.

If your material circumstances are not as powerful as you wish I have great news for you: Jupiter in Sagittarius will offer you mega-upliftment in your economic life so long as you are harmonized with the transit. Major quality of life increases are in order with variation depending upon the houses that will be active in your horoscope. Your intellectual side will soon be invigorated by Jupiter's energy. Develop yourself and produce in wise accordance and you will enter a golden path of prosperity. Don't be afraid to invest wealth into your higher learning, personal development, or inspired productivity as these are major transit themes for you. As long as you are investing with Jupiter your returns will always be multiplied. Make perfect financial moves by synchronizing with Jupiter in your horoscope.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. If your spiritual and astrological development is lacking the universe could put you on hold during this time, like an academic detention of sorts. This can be a time of intense soul searching and truth sifting. If you feel blocked you must release forms of falsehood and darkness from your life to release yourself from spiritual bondage. But through the grace of God and the timing of Jupiter the golden truth will shine for you to follow. Profound spiritual experiences can happen during the retrograde, like secret prophetic revelation, so don't think that it will be all bad. God wants you to value his law, wisdom, and inspiration above the things of this world. If you go this way in prayer you will become spiritually enriched.

Guidance for Sagittarius

What a blessed time to be you! Jupiter's entry into your sign marks the start of your long awaited golden year that if lived wisely enough will guarantee a golden decade to come. The full and overwhelming grace of God will be with you so that divine and unforeseen dimensions of life begin manifesting for the joy of your soul. Be ready to capitalize on super-fortunate opportunities and circumstances that manifest amidst a magical new energetic environment that was designed by God for your perfect ascent. No matter where you are or what challenges you're faced with the universe will punch you a golden ticket into a quality of life far greater. Honor the grace and transit by embodying the highest virtues and qualities of Jupiter and Sagittarius as one. New freedoms are upon you!

Your tribe represents the wisdom of Heaven in collective human form. You are each given a slice of wisdom to develop and teach over the course of your lives that relates to the specific degree of your sun. When Jupiter makes conjunction to your sun you will receive a powerful endowment of divine wisdom that will propel you in all ways. You might feel like Buddha or Jesus at times from the blissful amount of divine inspiration that you receive. But most importantly, you must strive to live the cosmic law in great excellence. That means mastering your astrology and in doing so, mastering yourself. Make no mistake, this is a golden transit for self-mastery, twelve years rare, so keep that goal centered in mind. It is vital for you to see yourself astrologically so that you can truly be wise in all your ways.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. There are two types of courses that could emerge for you depending upon your standing with the cosmic law. On the one hand you could find yourself amidst setbacks, crisis, or limitations if you have declined to live wisely, honestly, and spiritually. The universe will hold you in hopes that you seek God and your higher nature of your own free will and deductive reasoning. On the other hand, with you in majestic philosopher stride, the retrograde synchronicities can bestow even greater wisdom, wealth, and freedom into your life. So please choose the wise spiritual path if you haven't already. Divine inspiration will be clear and true. Follow and apply it as it comes in all your creative and productive enterprises.

Guidance for Capricorn

Your secret sorrows are now in Jupiter's benevolent crosshairs. Whatever holes that you have in your life and heart, that is precisely where Jupiter's light will be entering during this blessed transit. If you are entrapped in any way or suffering from any type of ongoing, time-destroying illusion the star has come to set you free. Like strokes of lightning, the universe will be surprising you with great and unforeseen paths into dream fulfillment. You will have new benefactors entering your life, at times for rescue purposes, to help you up and out. If your life is in cosmic order then this transit will put you ahead of time itself as the magical side of Jupiter will grant you the light that you need to achieve greater successes and positions of authority. You'll be mystically groomed for Jupiter in Capricorn.

Jupiter may spiritually test you and call you away from traditional roles, duties, and honors into a vital cause or selfless form of service with communities, councils, and charities being highlighted. Although it may seem counter-intuitive to your own ambitions these types of trajectories will earn you the spiritual favor that you need to excel beyond your current plans and visions. Jupiter will also attune you to the mysterious crossroads of time and space. Through its inspiration and worldly agents you will learn your perfect path through time towards the creation of a divine strategy for your future. This transit will teach you your best future placement and how you can best serve the needs of the world. And so it will open you to new challenges, honors, and legacy achievements. Climb with astrology.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. This could signal a time of retreat in your life, a retreat into a sanctuary, temple, or healing space of sorts. Your retrograde period will be profoundly karmic. You will either get a crash course on spiritual karma or a higher degree in your understanding of karmic law. These lessons will help to spiritually prepare you for Jupiter transiting your sign in 2020. The universe wants you to thrive but within the boundaries of spiritual and cosmic law. Work hard to correct tragedies and social injustices that present within your reach to ascend during Jupiter's retreat. Then during the prograde your grace will be replete. Track this transit close and true so that Saturn lets you through. At last, many of you will find God and Kingdom within.

Guidance for Aquarius

Fire channels are in your future dear Aquarius, fire channels to the planet Jupiter itself. If you think that you know the heavens you are about to be awestruck with a dramatic new level of interdimensional connectivity. Our 'friends in high places' will be able to connect with you now that the cosmic law permits. The spiritual downloads of your life are just around the corner, all timed to Jupiter alignments, of course. With open access to cosmic intelligence you will take on radical new forms of genius that will empower your future while enabling you to serve the world in priceless new ways. Neo and Trinity experiences will ensue as you will literally be taught how to see the codes of astrology through the increasingly serendipitous events of your life. Enlightened new state of consciousness will be yours to command and you will very likely feel impassioned to show others the way.

Your transit, in a word, will be Promethean. Here on Earth you'll be able to put your dreams together much more quickly. That means super manifestation empowerment through Jupiter and with it unusually quick gains in professional success and socially beneficial causes. As your cosmic connection gets stronger and wiser the universe, through Jupiter's transit, will gracefully place you in the positions and locations of influence where you can do your greatest light work. But the fun and excitement will truly begin once Jupiter starts connecting you with your other team members, some of them long lost. When you see it happening through Jupiter's timing you'll come to a new understanding of reality and a new reverence for God. Embrace your lightworker team and build your new Jupiter network accordingly. Grow greatly through the team of dream enablers that God sends your way.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. Life could become unstable during this time, especially if you're involved with the wrong movement, social circles, academic course of study, or career trajectory. If you're off course the universe will give you repeating signs but because of Jupiter you'll have access to the wisdom and the clarity that you'll need to course correct ideally. If your life is in cosmic order the Promethean energy will dazzle you during the retrograde to the extent that you could become a new leader or star in your field or community because of what you learn, synthesize, theorize, and introduce. There will be eureka moments galore so recognize the connection between retrograde learning and powerhouse Jupiter prograde successes. Just remember, the illumination and wisdom that you gain is meant for the whole world.

Guidance for Pisces

It's time for universal promotion! Your ability to rise in rank and success will be greater than it has been for more than a decade. All your good karma will be amplified and returned through increasingly beneficial career development experiences. If you're young to your career path Jupiter will be dropping golden ladders for you to climb or a wise course of action for you to follow. You're entering a season of public honor, newfound fame, divine mentorship, increased authority, and for some of you, responsibility relief. This transit can put you on top of the mountain that you've been climbing all these years or it can help you transition into your next spiritual frontier. When Jupiter makes its rare square to your Pisces sun a miracle path will open that might just lead you into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

The cosmos says that it's a great time to travel, especially for reasons of spiritual development, learning, and healing. You might find yourself called to sacred sites around the world as part of a dramatic new spiritual upgrade process. Religious, spiritual, and mystical dignitaries will manifest in your path to accelerate your learning, freedom-attainment, and ascension. New spirit guides of an angelic, saintly, or masterful nature will also be assigned to you. With that said it will prove wise to meditate in sync with Jupiter alignments as this is when Heaven's hotline will be open. Spiritual treasures and mystical upgrades of all kinds will having you tapping in to your magical potential more than ever. As your divine connection and gnosis grows you'll be expected to serve God in greater ways.

Jupiter will retrograde in Sagittarius between April 10th and August 10th of 2019. If there is any form of self-defeat or life-harming illusion active in your life this is the retrograde that will bring you face-to-face with it in a very dramatic way. The virtue of truth belongs to Sagittarius so expect mega-doses of truth to rush into any areas of your life that are out of resonance with divine truth. Once necessary alignments with truth are complete you'll be free to fly through Jupiter's prograde. Keep watch for Jupiter's square to Neptune in Pisces in early January. This will be a sacred time for all Pisces on Earth. This square has miracle potential contained within it. Do your best to enter this square with the highest spiritual light possible. The synchronicities of this square will reveal your true place before God.

Following Jupiter

To benefit in the highest ways from this transit of Jupiter you must be willing to study its path through your own horoscope. The counsels that I've given will give you a taste for the times but of course, it's much more than this. All the aspects that Jupiter will make in your chart are super-relevant as are the specific houses that will be affected most. If you don't already have a trustworthy horoscope you can order one here. If you would like my personal insights on your Jupiter transit, specific to your horoscope, you can order that service here. If you would like a personalized astrological calendar for the new year ahead you can order that here. And if you would like to receive my exclusive astrological insights via text or email (which will also be covering this Jupiter transit) sign up for Starseed SMS. Jupiter will transit Sagittarius until December 2nd of 2019, then it will enter Capricorn.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved.

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