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Full Moon in Libra: Just Rewards

The Easter full moon of 2018 is full of astrological excitement! As the Christian world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ new flavors of cosmic grace will be entering our lives through the many movements that I will soon tell. With Jesus Christ above and beyond all gods, goddesses, and planets, and with the full moon shining in the zodiac's house of justice, we are soon to receive the rewards and penalties most appropriate to the deeds of our past and the needs of our future, especially where our relationships are concerned.


Know it simply, full moons are times of culmination. As faithful Christians around the world celebrate the divine culmination of Christ's resurrection we will also be experiencing the astrological culmination of a Libra cycle that began back on October 19th of 2017. Imagine all the things that have transpired in your relationship life since that time. All the rights, all the wrongs, all the imbalances, blessings, successes, and failures. Now understand clearly that the life experiences that play out into the first weekend of April will be directly connected to our spiritual relationship performance since last October.

Mars/Saturn Conjunction

These planets were the great malefics in the old days. People feared their aspects as portents of conflict, loss, and death. When the full moon in Libra peaks on March 31st a powerful conjunction between Mars and Saturn will start to peak. A vision came to mind to explain this conjunction. I saw Saturn as an immovable mountain and Mars as a steaming locomotive racing towards that mountain. I then saw two outcomes. In one version I saw the Mars locomotive advancing safely through a mountain tunnel. In the other version I saw the Mars locomotive smashing into the Saturn mountain without advancing an inch.


The difference between locomotives is thus: relationship karma and cosmically aligned living. If your relationship karma is healthy and you have strived to live in sync with the cosmos you can expect powerful advancement by Mars over Saturn obstacles. But if you have toxic relationship karma and if you have lived in a state of disharmony with the cosmos you can soon experience sudden adversity, regression, or perhaps something more severe. In this sense the Easter conjunction of Mars and Saturn will function as a spiritual filter as all prominent conjunctions do. Master upgrades approach as well.

Just Rewards

Just a few hours prior to the full moon peak Venus will have entered Taurus, the house of wealth and treasure. With her special rulership over fortunes, gifts, relationships, and beauty her movement with the full moon just prior to Easter is divinely timed. Full moons are times of reward for a cycle well lived. Venusian fingerprints will be on many of the fortunes and good graces to come, especially when lovely new relationships are introduced. Venus in Taurus is a wonderful influence for relationship development so if you have work to do in this region do it with the loving energy of Venus on your side. Many wedding proposals and rings have been offered with Venus transiting Taurus...

Sun/Mercury Conjunction

On the day of the full moon a Sun/Mercury conjunction will form that will peak on Easter morning at 11° Aries. Sun/Mercury conjunctions are classic for divine mental illumination. You could also think of this conjunction as a "Heaven hotline." Divine thoughts, signs, and communications of all kinds will flow between March 31st and April 1st because of this conjunction. Victory over tragedy themes will be strong and special messengers will appear. There will also be karmic reconnections between old faces under positive new terms and perspectives. Mystical guidance on wise actions will be powerful on these days.

Domestic Order

It is my understanding that the mythic gods and goddesses are part of a divine government that Jesus Christ commands. On the evening of Easter Sunday the goddess Vesta will be entering Capricorn. This is highly significant for family and domestic affairs because this is the jurisdiction that Vesta was granted ages ago. As the full moon carries us into Easter and into Vesta's entrance into Capricorn know that a special energy will be entering to help us create a newly divine order within our homes, families, extended families, and living spaces. Consider this a special part of Heaven's Easter grace.

Eros Retrograde

There are certain injustices that must be flushed out on the male side of our collective relationship pool. On March 30th, one day prior to the climactic full moon in Libra, the male god of romantic love, Eros, will enter retrograde at 29° Sagittarius. Eros holds jurisdiction over male lovers, boyfriends, and husbands. So what will the work of Eros be? To expose and finalize relationship injustices that have occurred in stealth on the male gender polarity. Make no mistake, Eros retrograde can be a breakup influence and a heartbreak influence, especially when triggered by males. Mixed with the full moon in Libra it could be time to part ways or to make serious amends and genuine new commitments for the future.

New Relationship Paths

Full moons in Libra are classic for divine and unexpected social networking, especially between new couple encounters, friendships, cultural peers, and partners to be. It is often true that a Libra cycle closes with divine matchmaking. Keep this in mind as we enter next week because although a cycle closes the end of cycle gifts can open new and unforeseen paths forward. Existing relationships should focus on ideal paths into the future, recognizing this full moon for what it really is: a cosmic relationship milestone that asks us to contemplate our highest future together. The universe will offer us surprises and positive paradigm shifts that will spice up our relationship potentials and trajectories.

Closing Words

As devout followers of the living Jesus Christ my wife Amari and I wish you all a divine Easter weekend. As Christian mystics we believe that astrology is one of God's divine mysteries. Through our use of astrology, which we consider to be a sacred science, our lives have only improved. Through our writing and service this is precisely what we wish for you, a life that blooms over time in harmony with the stars. For those who care to know, Baby Lex is growing healthily in Amari's womb, we're expecting him this July. The cosmic law is sacred to us so we decided on the unique name of Lex which means law in Latin.

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With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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