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Facebook/Meta's Historic Crash & Business Astrology

Having been grossly censored by Facebook for many years I couldn't help but cover the astrological timing connected to its record-breaking stock crash which appears to be the greatest devaluation in market history. First of all know that Facebook was founded on February 4th, 2004 with the sun at 15° Aquarius so Facebook/Meta is an Aquarian company. The chart below reveals its founding astrology in an approximate sense. The sun is highlighted because, as you'll soon see, Facebook's crash in value occurs with Saturn 'the Beast' transiting in the exact degree as the Facebook sun which is, once again, 15° Aquarius.

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Here below is the chart of February 3rd, 2022, the day when Facebook/Meta has lost an estimated $230,000,000,000 in market value which is an absolutely staggering amount. There are two key facts to understand: Saturn shows at 15° Aquarius in exact conjunction to Facebook's sun and there's a Sun/Saturn conjunction active between the 14th and 15th degrees of Aquarius. This demonstrates a higher yet secretive truth that Saturn is an extremely detrimental force in the business world as Facebook suffers record-breaking loss with Saturn over its sun. The sun's conjunction is the ignition to Saturn's destruction.

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If investors and market watchers want to know why this happened to Facebook stock when it did, well, I've just showed you. Now consider that Facebook/Meta will enter a new annual business astrology cycle starting tomorrow, February 4th, 2022, when the transiting sun returns to its exact point of origin in the Facebook founding chart - 15° Aquarius. With Facebook's astrological birthday upon it the stars portend extreme disfavor for its next year of operation because of Saturn's devastating position over the heart of the Facebook chart (its sun). Saturn is a business killer and I don't think that Zuck has the stars to survive it.

My professional business astrology consulting services are available to anyone in the world. Business astrology has been one of the aces in our sleeves all these years. It's a secretive, powerful and prosperous dimension of astrology that is seldom understood, especially at an advanced, degree-specific level. In this article I've provided a valuable glimpse into how it works but trust me, it goes much deeper than this. If you want to found or re-dedicate your business with maximum star power working in your favor I'm your man. We know that business tycoons use astrology to this day, although they keep it secret...

In cosmic service,

Astrologer/Alchemist Salvador Russo


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1 Comment

Feb 03, 2022

Fascinating and always spot on! Thanks, Sal!!!

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