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Astral Business


Every business has a secret cosmic life. Businesses are like people in that they are born beneath the stars. The laws of astrology determine how quickly a business may prosper. If a business is born beneath adverse stars failure is sealed into its future. But in contrast, if a business is born at a divine time it will enjoy supernatural success.

With this service I will provide the perfect astrological time for you to dedicate your business. I will design your company horoscope so that the energies of the sun, moon, planets, gods and goddesses are supremely and precisely supportive of your business model. I will then explain the highlights of my time selection so that you are crystal clear on your business astrology.

For those who are not familiar, the ritual of dedication is ancient and sacred. Dedication has been used for thousands of years for the commencement and consecration of special things. Within the context of astrology, dedication is essentially a wise and timely prayer request to God for astral life to be given to an enterprise in accordance with a carefully predetermined astrological time. This service is intended for those who wish build Heaven on Earth through their own unique business expression.

Upon booking please have your date, city and time of birth ready to share along with a brief description of your business model, its core functions and your dreams for the future of the business. For those who already have an active business and who would like my consultation, this is the service to book. After I analyze your company from the cosmic level I'll make specific advisements that will help to take your business to the next level, especially as it relates to future astrological conditions.


This service is delivered via email through a 1000+ word document of highly condensed and valuable insight and advisement. Relevant horoscopes will also be attached to the email. Should a follow-up call be desired that can be arranged for an additional fee of $200 per hour. Business astrology can mean the difference between success and failure. It is one of the aces in my professional sleeve and I stand ready to support your success with my unique and valuable expertise.

If you’re looking for the ultimate business advantage you’ve just found it.

Astrologer Salvador Russo




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  • Service Delivery Speed

    Due to high client volume the current wait time for an Astral Business service delivery is approximately 8-10 weeks. If this is unacceptable to you please don't book.

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