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Principles Of Business Astrology | Starseed Astrology

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Paracelsus, one of the greatest alchemists who ever lived, had this to say about creative enterprise: "When a man undertakes to create something, he establishes a new heaven, as it were, and from it the work that he desires to create flows into him. For such is the immensity of man that he is greater than heaven and earth." In my professional opinion this is the most outstanding endorsement of business astrology that exists because it explains, in somewhat of a cryptic manner, the core essence of how business astrology works: a new heaven is created and the energy from it pours into the development of the new business. Perhaps Paracelsus knew this but the modern mainstream world does not. In this article I present secretive knowledge on the operation, benefits and immense value of business astrology, one of the great dimensions of astrology.

Apple's Founding Astrology

The most valuable technology company in the world was founded at an extremely special astrological time. Known for its breathtaking innovation, industry leadership and colossal profit margins, Apple was founded beneath a technologically radiant Sun/Mercury conjunction in Aries, with super-innovative Athena in Aries and with a super-ambitious Mars/Vulcan conjunction in Cancer that happened to perfectly trine Uranus, the planet of genius and futuristic innovation, who was then in Scorpio. Jupiter was also in wealth-resonant Taurus and the rest, as they say, is history. These extraordinary astral influences poured into the mind and activities of Steve Jobs who pioneered a legendary company with global impact into form. The astrological blueprint of Apple is seen below:

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Apple/Elon Connection

It should be noted that the prolifically successful Elon Musk was very likely born with the Sun at 6° Cancer, a degree of the zodiac that resonates powerfully with new companies, startup success, business innovation and leadership through investment. Is it mere coincidence that Apple, Jobs and Musk shared this specific energy in common? No, it is not. This is actually proof that certain degrees of the zodiac correspond powerfully to success in the business world which some people are more inclined to than others. As Paracelsus wisely stated, the "new heaven" of Apple's astrological founding secretly fueled the legendary success of Steve Jobs. No one would know it or see it without astrology but the ultimate aces of Apple were these perfect stars above.

How It Works

Simply stated, businesses have birth charts that reflect their point of origin in time just like humans. Founding documents and ceremonies are what secretly give birth to a business on the astrological level. This means the incorporation date or a special spiritual ceremony that consciously utilizes astrology to predetermine a perfect time for the business to be born with the blessing of God. The vast majority of companies are born into astrology through incorporation and sometimes, on rare occasion, founders get really lucky. But what happens much more commonly is an adverse astrological founding that begins through an uninitiated yet well meaning entrepreneur that results in complicated development, lackluster performance and in many cases, failure.

Houses, Industries & Wise Models

All of the industries on Earth can be organized into the twelve houses of the zodiac. For example, the fashion industry is governed by Leo, the wellness industry is governed by Virgo and the automotive industry is governed by Gemini. The business world is full of these secret rulerships that empower a wise astrologer to determine a perfect founding time for their clients that will dramatically benefit their cause. But it's deeper than this: astrology can be used to create designer business charts that are perfectly tailored to support and magnify the model and vision that the business owner has for their future. Planet by planet, house by house and degree by degree, a skilled business astrologer can produce a founding company horoscope that organizes cosmic influences in a wonderfully perfect way that honors and blesses the client's ambitions.

Divine Advantage

The systems are rigged against us and the business world has never been more challenging. I'm writing this article because I want people to at least be aware that a business dimension of astrology exists and that it can be used to access a divine advantage that can mean the difference between shining success and costly failure. Were it not for business astrology our company, Starseed Astrology, would have failed years ago. We founded at a powerful time and the cosmic energy that we anchored through our "new heaven" has benefitted us tremendously. The experience of business astrology is also deeply alchemical on a personal level because when the new stars activate they start growing within you. One becomes brighter, more secure in Light and more capable of creating and projecting success. The magic is real and it comes from God.

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Business Stars

It is true that some are more inclined for business than others, but how to tell? Cancer holds the key because Cancer is the business sign of the zodiac. Those born with strong placements in Cancer (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Athena, Juno, Vulcan, Jupiter) are naturally endowed by God to succeed in business. This rule also applies to people who were born with benefics in their 4th house regardless of their sun sign. I show Steve Jobs' birth chart above as an example, he was a phenomenal businessman born with Jupiter in Cancer in his 10th house. His home-based business blew up to corporate (10th house) level. His Jupiter became Apple and he had the master builder number of 22 at the zenith of his chart in Gemini which governs computers, phones and the IT industry.

Consulting Services

My professional business astrology consulting services are available to anyone who would like to benefit from this amazing level of astrology that can yield you tremendous returns on your initial investment. If you have a company founding to time perfectly or if you'd like to consult for success on an existing company I am your man. I've noticed a great deal of business astrology misinformation circulating online, especially from the Vedic realm, that puts attention in the wrong places and that is putting it very nicely. If you are new to my work I welcome you to read my rave reviews for perspective on my quality and skill level. If you've got a great business idea do yourself a huge favor and build it beneath wisely established stars. My advanced and super detailed teachings on business astrology will come in the future, for now I am happy to get this out.

Written and published as the Sun, Juno and Mercury transit Cancer,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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Kristina Hahn
Kristina Hahn
27 jul 2023

My husband’s Sun is at 5° Cancer! How interesting! That must be why he’s so good at business.

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