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Every business has a secret astrological life. Businesses are like people as they are born beneath the stars. The laws of astrology determine how quickly a business can prosper and what happens to a business in season. If a business is founded at a misfortunate astrological time complication, delay and failure can be sealed into its future. But in contrast, if a business is founded at an astrologically favorable time it will enjoy supernatural development and success.

Through my ‘Sirius’ service I offer two tiers of professional business astrology consultation. At tier one I will create your company’s horoscope, analyze it and advise you in a ‘best interests’ type of way according to your questions, concerns, active transits, future events (eclipses) and the things of greatest value which I’m able to discern. At the tier two level I will design a perfectly tailored founding or re-dedication horoscope for your business to thrive from.


If you have a new business that you want to found at a perfect time with astrological energy that is wisely and perfectly tailored to your model, goals and vision select the tier two option. If you’d like to consult with me on an already established business through the context of your company chart select the tier one option.


Please have the date, city and approximate time of your company’s founding ready upon booking. This means the date of incorporation when you first filed your official paperwork. I also ask for your personal date, time and city of birth for further perspective over your business affairs.


I have utilized business astrology on a very deep and advanced level for more than a decade. I have a very unique and precise level of expertise on this subject that I wish to share with you so that your business can be resilient, powerful and successful even in these challenging times.


If you are new to my work I welcome you to read my rave reviews. My ‘Sirius’ reading, at either tier level, will be delivered via in Word document format with relevant horoscopes attached and highlighted for your clarity of understanding. My readings are precise, professional, clear and rich in quality. I don’t spare a single word to fluff, your enlightenment, success and satisfaction is my priority.


If you haven’t yet already take a moment to read my new article on business astrology for a valuable introduction to the subject. While I wish to aid the general business community this service is especially intended for those who wish build Heaven on Earth through their own unique business expression. If you have any questions simply write us through our contact page.


With passion, integrity and commitment to astrological excellence,


Astrologer Salvador Russo



  • Delivery Speed

    Delivered within 4 - 8 weeks depending upon client volume, an expedited service option is available. By booking this service you agree to the stated waiting period and terms. No refunds.

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