Divine inspiration has guided many wonderful works into legendary completion. The truth is that heaven has a grand design for our treasured companies, projects, and concepts of genius. But successful implementation can become difficult in a world that is changing so quickly. One must have vision for the future, spiritual understanding, and business savvy to bring heaven’s plans into fruition. This is where Mystic Amari comes in…

By utilizing her various spiritual abilities Mystic Amari can help you to build, design, and expand your sacred endeavor in a beautiful, future-focused, socially-valuable way. Amari is routinely blessed with visions, creative inspiration, and developmental gnosis that greatly benefits her clients’ business goals. She receives clairvoyant blueprints that empowers her to guide her clients towards lasting security, service, and success.

The Muse service was designed for those who seek high-quality, spiritually-charged creative consulting for their business, project, or creative concept. Amari specializes in logo design, brand strategy, product formulation, process optimization, strategic vision, property development, cross-cultural marketing, wise timing, and much more. The Muse service is delivered over Skype video sessions.

Upon booking please email Amari with any and all relevant information (documents, photos, text, videos, plans, products, etc) that will help her to connect to the situation. The 90 minute Skype sessions will be coordinated according to the client’s timing and wishes. The sessions can be recorded and business astrology will also be used as a supplement to Amari’s inspired guidance. Take your project into the stars with Amari as your personal muse.

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari
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