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Divine inspiration has given birth to many wonderful and legendary businesses throughout history but in a world that is changing at the speed of lightning business success is becoming increasingly challenging to obtain and maintain. Beyond the typical economic, social and political factors entrepreneurs must be properly aligned with the secret spiritual and astrological factors that are often the missing links to lasting business success. Wise models will always thrive and this is where Mystic Amari’s psychically-charged Muse service comes into play…


Born with Athena in Cancer in a zodiac house that relates to the future, Mystic Amari has great spiritual ability to see, know, sense, guide and develop wise business models that are perfectly designed for maximum future success. Amari offers this Muse service for those who would like her expert psychic and spiritual consultation on any and all matters of business. From new enterprises to wise strategic realignments of existing business models Amari’s involvement can easily transform a tragic situation into a victorious new course of professional success.


A single booking of the Muse service secures a 90 minute psychic business consultation with Mystic Amari that will be delivered over Skype video. Amari will prepare for her session in advance so that the entire 90 minutes are spent on her delivery of golden business guidance. Upon booking Amari will email you within 24-36 hours to establish communication and request information about your business or personal situation. Amari was the creative force behind the creation of Starseed Astrology years ago. She is a ‘real deal’ business muse unlike any other.


On behalf of Mystic Amari my beloved partner,


Astrologer Salvador Russo



  • Service Delivery Speed

    At present the estimated delivery speed for this service is between 2-4 weeks depending on client volume. Jupiter VIP service members are served more quickly. If you have any questions about this service message us through our contact page. 

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