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Uranian Business Chart

Uranian Business Chart


I offer this service for conscious business owners to wish to know and benefit from knowledge of their company horoscope. Upon booking I will create and deliver an advanced Uranian chart of your business that is based on its founding time. This service does not provide a reading of your business chart but it will open your mind to immense learning and executive enhancement with respect to your business and how it is affected by astrology.


Please have the exact date, city and time of your business' incorporation ready upon purchase. I will deliver this service within 48 hours of booking. My in-depth astrology business consult is available here for anyone who would like to bring my extensive knowledge and expertise of this subject into their world. Feel free to write us through our contact page should you have any questions. If you are new to my work I welcome you to read my rave reviews here.


I look forward to powering you up through the business dimension of astrology,


Astrologer Salvador Russo



  • Delivery Speed

    Delivered via secure email within 24-48 hours.

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