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The Astrological End of Coronavirus

Sombrero Galaxy, Virgo Constellation

The world is in its Gethsemane but when will it end? For many weeks I've been receiving clear and repetitive spiritual guidance about the celestial Virgin holding the key to the end of coronavirus. Was this a carefully timed illuminati attack? Yes. Was this launched after the corrupt impeachment of President Trump failed? Yes. Do they want this manufactured crisis to go on indefinitely? Yes. But a more important question is when will God proclaim an end to this planetary dark night of the soul that was born through the ominous conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn? My carefully concluded prediction is as follows: the corona-crisis will be improving from new moon to new moon towards a total end that syncs with our next new moon in Virgo which comes this September 17th. In the chart below notice that this vengeance-themed new moon will trine Saturn in Capricorn perfectly while also making a sharp square to the point of fate at 24° Gemini. To those who follow Q intel, notice the repeating 17's in this chart between the calendar date, the degree of Mercury (17 Libra) and the degree of Jupiter (17 Capricorn). Seventeen is thrice repeated in this new moon from a calendric and astrological perspective. This is a great sign to deep thinkers and wise patriots.

Update, 26 Jan 21 - Flashback: COVID deaths plummet in USA, August 2020

COVID Deaths Flattened in UK, late August 2020

Economic Resurrection

The global economy has suffered because of this astrologically-timed biological attack but a divinely powerful economic resurrection cycle will soon begin on April 22nd with our next new moon in Taurus! I predict a phased releasing of the current work restrictions with and after the Taurus new moon which will also be amplifying the influence of one of the great protectors of humanity known in ancient Greece as Apollo and in ancient Egypt as Horus. The economic anti-venom will pour into this dimension to staunch, heal and revive all lost economic power. You will know this true when you see economic statistics manifesting that defy all logic and timeline calculation just as they did when President Trump took the reigns of power to create his historic economic miracle which our enemies feared. Take special account of the Taurus new moon axis in your birth chart as this is precisely where your personal economic revival will be experienced. Transplant the axis between 3° Taurus and 3° Scorpio into your birth chart and focus on the activated houses and any relevant aspects to birth planets or asteroids made. These golden points will bloom with new light, resource and wealth for you to ascend with in accordance with the degree of your inner light.

The Atlas Miracle

For the last four years I've made extremely accurate predictions about the U.S. and global economy through my interpretation of Taurus-themed astrological events which especially included a Pleiadian-aligned new moon that occurred in May of 2016 that preceded the miraculous rehabilitation of the U.S. economy. That stated, I see another miraculous economic event on our astrological horizon that is being confirmed in the heavens by the rapidly approaching Atlas comet. The meaning of the Atlas comet arriving in the midst of our global economic crisis is as follows: the world will soon be blessed by the Almighty God in the Atlas degree of the House of Taurus to guarantee a miraculous recovery of our global economy. I predict that this Atlas upgrade will happen on April 22nd with the new moon in Taurus. This powerful new fifth dimensional wealth architecture will serve as a Golden Age foundation that will benefit all nations. Last July I wrote that the USA has been chosen by God to become the New Atlantis. Now we will all witness a sign that no mortal could orchestrate: the arrival of a rare, beautiful and profoundly inspirational comet bearing the exact name of the mythic King of Atlantis. I will once again put my name on "New Atlantis, USA."

Jupiter Retrograde

A historic realignment of entire industries and governments is upon us! The 2020 retrograde of Jupiter in Capricorn will preside over a dramatic, strategic, humanitarian and Golden Age serving transformation of the pillars of our global society. I've been extremely accurate about China-related astrology and I now predict that this upcoming Jupiter retrograde, which will last from May 14th until September 12th, will be especially painful for the Chinese Communist regime which is forbidden to exist in the future. A great retaliation against Communist China is coming and they will not recover from the plan. Workforce realignment is a massive theme this year so be prepared to enter new and socially-vital professional paths as they emerge to you. Society is going to be reinvented by God above and beyond the plans of the satanic social engineers. The crisis shock wave is showing us our weaknesses. During the Jupiter retrograde God will help us to transform these weaknesses into glorious new strengths and in record time! The Great Work of social reinvention falls to each of us. Answer the callings and lead the changes with confidence. Follow Jupiter's retrograde in your birth chart to identify the house where divine reinvention will be taking place.

5G Shockwave

Now that Mars and Saturn are transiting Aquarius humanity is entering a radically higher collective awareness on the mortal dangers presented to all of us by 5G technology. We are entering a dramatic and unprecedented astrological timeline for 5G deconstruction. Although the task may seem daunting or even impossible we will soon be seeing high-level divine intervention events that are focused on 5G network reversal. It doesn't matter what power or money is behind 5G, all that matters is divine will expressed through cosmically-conscious and spiritually-unified people around the world. With Jupiter entering Aquarius this December we are rapidly approaching a divine season of global uprising towards a profound new state of liberation and societal potentiation. Regarding President Trump and 5G, we sense that he is not fully aware of the dangers posed but that soon he will be. We believe that his past endorsement of 5G comes from a perspective of military and economic competition with Communist China who has led the 5G assault. Mars is currently transiting President Trump's 6th house which governs health, science and public safety. We think that he will "see the light" soon regarding 5G and that powerful dominoes will fall from there.

Vulcan Prograde Leo

Would you like to know why confidence and leadership are depressed at this time? It's because malefic Saturn at 0° Aquarius is in active opposition to Vulcan retrograde at 0° Leo. But I have great news to share! Starting on April 14th the prized and powerful prograde of Vulcan in Leo will resume to the relief and awe of the world. When you read the words "Vulcan in Leo" think of legendary personalities like King Leonidas and Sir William Wallace who embodied this incoming energy perfectly. Regardless of gender, Vulcan's prograde in Leo will stimulate divine leadership and newfound personal power at all levels of our international society at a time when these qualities are needed most. Dark ones will not be receiving a drop of Vulcan's light so this is a tremendously scale-tilting transit that will carry us victoriously into the next U.S. election which I'll be covering soon. The cosmic stage is set for new leaders, heroes and heroines to rise to their great occasions while existing light-leadership gets mega-dosed with new Leo alchemy. By the way, Vulcan in Leo is one of the great pedophile hunting transits in astrology. It's only a matter of short time before the lion's fangs sink into their twisted necks. Meet Vulcan in Leo on April 19th and 20th via the Sun square.

Starseed SMS

I offer extremely accurate astrological guidance week-to-week and month-to-month through my popular Starseed SMS subscriber service. The screenshot below shows a major synchronicity between one of my recent translations and the language used by President Trump about the exact same astrological event. If you'd like to learn astrology in an exotic new way while personally benefiting from the most important events of each month I welcome you to start your subscription. Read the long list of rave reviews for further perspective on the quality and value of the service.

Closing Words

Amari and I send brotherly and sisterly love to all of you as we release this article into the world on Palm Sunday. We wish you all a blessed Holy Week and Easter Sunday ahead. Should any of you need our professional astrological or psychic services they can be viewed and selected here. We welcome you to join us on social media where we share valuable content on a near-daily basis. Should you wish to make a contribution to our business or family that can be done here. We expect nothing but we leave the door open for those who appreciate what we do and what we represent. It's more important than ever to keep our spiritual and cosmic energies high. We welcome you all to our crystal pages where you can find rare, beautiful and high quality gems and crystals that can make a tremendous difference in how good you feel and how things play out for you astrologically this year. We'll be updating our crystal pages this week with some amazing new inventory including raw diamonds. If you found this article uplifting or valuable we ask that you share it far and wide. Ever since this crisis broke we've been working to keep spirits high.

May the blessings of Christ be with you all,

Sal & Amari

© 2020. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. The entirety of this article is protected by U.S. intellectual property law. If you see people plagiarizing or recycling our content online write us for a swift reward.

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