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The Aquarian Blood Moon Eclipse Decoded | July 27th, 2018

When the moon turns red God avenges and blesses in dramatic fashion. The longest blood moon of the 21st century begins in a few short hours. Most of the world knows this much but most of the world doesn't understand the fine astrological workings of this soul stirring event. On the esoteric level Aquarius is the house of the gods and it is in Aquarius that this blood moon will occur - at the 4th degree to be precise. The natural potency of this event will be greatly amplified by the presence of Mars which will be in conjunction at 3°59' Aquarius. And the fingers of cosmic fate, which are the lunar nodes, will also be touched by the sun and moon as they oppose in their mysterious exchange. The greatest paradigm shifts of the year are about to begin! Be fearless as the cosmos presents an unexpectedly beautiful new design for our lives, loved ones, hearts, and futures.

Super Closure

Full moons designate natural times of closure but when we have a blood moon total lunar eclipse such as this one we are confronted with life experiences of super closure. Because of the specific degrees involved many of these upcoming super closure events will revolve around family members, loved ones, living arrangements and locations, employment, business affairs, community causes, social services, security sources, erratic romances, cooperative projects, critical health issues, obstacles to creativity, and unstable ways of living that compromise the manifestation of one's highest life potential. As powerful and unexpected experiences of closure, transition, and realization occur remember that God's wisdom is pouring through the process to serve the highest interests of everyone involved.

Labors of Love

Royal alchemical enhancement comes with this blood moon with focus on our labors of love. To those who have found their labors of love, the light of this blood moon will work to take you into the next level of your passion service. To those who have not yet found their labors of love, the light of this blood moon will advance you in your quest to discover it through a future-focused synchronicity string that will dazzle you with signs and confirmations. God wants us all to work from the heart, to love what we do, and this blood moon, the longest of our lifetimes, will give cover to the secret entry of spiritual gifts and royal upgrades that will carry us all forward towards the goal of working and serving from the heart. Be ready for your work to evolve in unexpectedly wonderful ways and embrace the new universal design that will be presenting itself to you in the very near future.

Social Beautification

It is my understanding that there are special times for divine vengeance to occur and blood moons are one of them. Modern society has been victimized by a relentless satanic social engineering strategy that has crippled our ability to truly love one another as brothers and sisters. With the blood moon occurring in Aquarius, the house that rules all societies and humanity itself, I predict that socially redemptive cosmic blessings will be entering our nations and cities to spiritually cleanse, restore, and advance our social landscape into the beautiful utopian reality that many great seers of our past had envisioned. In my mind's eye I see new stars being set over cities, states, and nations in an apparently random way. Then, towards the end of the placements, a beautiful new light network activates showing a perfect new fabric and interconnection between people, even at the international level.

Blood Moon Conjunct Mars Retrograde

When a blood moon aspects a planet that planet's influence takes center stage in the ensuing synchronicity flow. With Mars retrograde being activated we can expect super closures, shock surprises, dramatic developments, and divine engagements of all kinds involving prominent males in our lives - and also those who will enter with or shortly after the blood moon finishes. Depending upon the paths that each individual male has chosen this blood moon can sync with closures to crisis or births of new crisis. Be cautioned that astrologically-unconscious non-spiritual males can become aggressive and unstable under the pressure of the blood moon influence. If the males in your life have secrets this blood moon will certainly bring them out. Be perceptive of male action during this sacred time and you will see the cosmic light working through them, for them, or against them.

Family Reboots

How many of our families need a reboot? The number is perhaps countless. There is a definite family epicenter to this blood moon because of the degrees active. The trajectory that I interpret is new life, new paradigms, and new directions for all family members. The bloody wounds of family life will be receiving healing light during this eclipse, light that is planted like a seed into a deep wound and over time that cosmic light will grow to close the old wound completely. Family crisis and dysfunction will also be in focus for healing, separation, and evolution. The reboots will also be happening at the DNA level because when certain degrees are active in the zodiac certain aspects of our "junk" DNA become active. The stars are interwoven with our DNA and when they align new life can be born within us. We have approached such a time. By the way, our horoscopes shine in our DNA.

Passion Causes

In astrology it is Aquarius that governs all causes. By cause I am referring to a collective agenda to bring a socially beneficial goal into fruition for the benefit of all. One example would be a cause to eliminate genetically modified foods from our food supply. This blood moon and all the extraordinary events that it brings will be stoking the passions that we have for certain causes that are dear to our hearts. Divine power will be granted to the causes that God deems most worthy here below. We could even see the christening of new leadership for causes that have gone stagnant or unfinished. Our own personal blood moon experiences could sear future cause involvement into our hearts. However it plays out just know that passion causes and our direct and future involvement with them are part of God's plan for our collective future. If you don't have a cause one may soon find you.

Cosmic Intelligence

Human minds were designed to interface with benevolent forms of cosmic intelligence. We were born of the stars and it was always intended that we develop the capacity to consciously interface with higher cosmic intelligence. This type of mind/cosmic link belongs to Aquarius where our blood moon will soon be bursting. The energy will soon be radiantly rich for us to mentally tune in to the divine realms where our friends in high places exist. We can each get our own slice of cosmic intelligence, this is our collective birthright. Therefore, I highly recommend individual and group prayer and meditation during peak eclipse as Heaven's broadband will be bristling with knowledge, wisdom, counsel, and foreknowledge of the future. The mythic gods are the Biblical "Hosts of Heaven." My intel tells me that the gods will be working overtime for us all as the Lord of Hosts commands.

Closing Words

I hope that you've enjoyed my humble interpretation of our upcoming blood moon total lunar eclipse in Aquarius. There is more to it, of course, but Aquarius always compels the element of surprise to be present. I write freely for the world with the intention of brightening things up in the ways that I can. If you appreciate my efforts and insights I ask that you share this article with your friends, family, and social networks. If you wish to support my work directly while receiving extraordinarily valuable astrological insight I welcome you to try my Starseed SMS mobile service. It will give you a powerful astrological knowledge advantage, you can read the reviews to see what others have to say. Amari and I send our love to you all! If you're living in alignment with astrology the best will always be ahead of you. Be sure to sign up for our email alerts, join us on Twitter, and if you see anyone copying my black horoscopes let me know ;)

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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