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2022 U.S. Midterm Election Analysis & Predictions

The crisis-wracked United States has a profoundly-timed blood moon total lunar eclipse in Taurus that will be presiding over our upcoming Midterm Elections which we believe to be the most important Midterm in our nation's history. In the midst of America's first ever Pluto Return and with dangers threatening the U.S. homeland on all fronts a spectacular astronomical event will cast red cosmic light upon the world with the lion's share falling upon the United States, Canada, Russia, China and Japan. As impassioned voters in the U.S. cast their sacred ballots the fate of the free world will hang largely in the balance but because of astrological factors that I'll soon detail we predict a surprisingly divine outcome.

On the night of the Midterms the Sun will be at 16° Scorpio and the blood moon will eclipse at 16° Taurus in rare conjunction to the planet Uranus which will be transiting retrograde, also at 16° Taurus. Numerologically these coordinates translate into '777', an internationally divine number, and in terms of fixed stars 16° Taurus connects to the benevolent and Biblically-honored Pleiades star system which God described as having 'sweet influences' in Job 38:31. In recent U.S. astrological history the Pleiades played a saving grace role as in May of 2016 we had a new moon that came in perfect alignment with the Pleiades that preceded the political defeat of Hillary Clinton and the miracle win of Donald Trump. Point of fact: the Pleiades have already proven to be divine for the USA.

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Compare the chart above to the chart below and you'll find a common pattern involving the Pleiades. On May 6th of 2016 there was a new moon aligned to the Pleiades and on November 8th of 2022 there will be a more powerful blood moon eclipse aligned to the Pleiades that also conjuncts Uranus, the great liberator, in rare fashion. We interpret this as a highly auspicious, nation-favoring event that signals a people empowering outcome to the Midterms which could only mean Republican reclamation of the House and Senate. We predict that this blood moon will lead to historic power for the Republicans and new momentum for the nation-saving agenda. We interpret Pleiadian energy activation as being highly detrimental to the Democratic Party as was the proven case in 2016.

2022, midterms, astrology, charts, predictions, analysis, starseed, astrologer, salvador, russo, mystic, amari

A transfer of power is strongly themed to the blood moon's position in the U.S. national chart as it will activate the 8th house which governs national powers and their periodic transference. It's important to know that the eclipse axis will span the 2nd and 8th houses of the USA which are the most economically relevant houses that govern things like GDP, national debt and the financial standard of living for U.S. citizens. This eclipse will have powerfully positive effects on subjects like inflation, wages, currency value, debt, interest rates, taxation and national resources. The chart below highlights the eclipse points in the U.S. chart. Recall that in 2016 when the new moon came to the Pleiades in our 8th house there was a dramatic transference of political power to Trump.

2022, midterms, astrology, charts, predictions, analysis, starseed, astrologer, salvador, russo, mystic, amari

To properly study changes with the U.S. government I had to analyze the founding chart of the U.S. government which can be found below. For those who don't yet know, the first day of business for the U.S. federal government was March 4th, 1789. I am using this date as a logical reference for perspective on U.S. federal astrology. In this special chart you'll see that our dysfunctional government was born a 14° Pisces Sun with a painful, treasonous affliction through Saturn's position at 13° Pisces. These are the stars that our government has been living since it's founding and on November 8th, through the blood moon, one of the darkest facets of its astrology, the federal Hades at 15° Scorpio, will be directly countered by the Pleiades-charged eclipse at 16° Taurus.

2022, midterms, astrology, charts, predictions, analysis, starseed, astrologer, salvador, russo, mystic, amari

Like anything on Earth governments have cycles. By studying the solar return charts of government foundings I believe that we can gain valuable insight into their evolution and activities year-to-year. With 14°38' Pisces as my inspired solar return reference point I created what I believe to be a highly accurate version of the U.S. federal return chart for 2022 which you can find below. This chart is central to our Republican congressional victory prediction because in it you'll find a rare Sun/Jupiter conjunction at 14° Pisces in the 4th house. As I've shown on many occasions on social media, Jupiter is resonant with the Republican party so we think that this conjunction symbolizes a new Republican congress.

2022, midterms, astrology, charts, predictions, analysis, starseed, astrologer, salvador, russo, mystic, amari

On a purely psychic level Amari senses wonderful changes and unifying themes that will be manifesting in our post-Midterm socio-political environment. These include true divine feminine empowerment that expresses through new super groups of alpha patriot women who unite together to lead powerful new movements that inspire men into support roles and awakened alpha male roles of their own. She senses that a common focus of these movements will be on higher level protections for children, birth and the sacredness of life as God gives it. She senses that a new wave of crystal children will begin being born next year, children who God endows with 'crystallized consciousness' that expresses through pure, powerful genius with 'off the charts' IQs and abilities.

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Amari further senses that we'll see new Light serving groups forming that have special missions to destroy toxic social programming that have existed and harmed for far too long. She thinks that we'll be seeing massive breakaways from stagnant and destructive thought patterns within society, especially as new ways are shown, along with new trends of defection, backstabbing and 'ratting out' within 'dark side circles.' She senses many strong spells being broken next year with droves of unconscious people realizing and stepping into the Light. Amari predicts a higher and more prestigious level of divine favor for truth tellers and mega problem solvers who will work for the safety and well being of humanity, a favor that leads them to victory and spiritual mission fulfillment.

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Despite all the chaos, dysfunction and suffering that is active in this world we continue to feel the presence of God and for that reason among many we remain faithful and optimistic that our Creator leads us all with love, wisdom and perfect purpose for our lives. We write with brotherly and sisterly love from patriot Arizona, a state that has a super special energy for the nation. Amari especially thinks that Phoenix will become a new national political and spiritual mecca. If you appreciate or value this article kindly share it with your networks. We continue to be the most censored astrology company because of our pro-America position and our Christian-Mystic-Republican ideology. Your shares help us to break through censorship firewalls, thanks to all patriots in advance.

Praising Jesus always,

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

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