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Trump Predicted Winner of 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

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Astrology can be used to objectively compare the lives, futures, and fortunes of fierce competitors. I am often asked about the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. My answer is clear: I predict Donald Trump to win by historic and unprecedented margins. But to date I have not revealed my technical reasoning for making such a statement. I will ignore Hillary Clinton because I know that she is severely cursed. She has no future, she is just too evil. For those who'd like to know why I favor Mr. Trump over Mr. Sanders, read on.

My methodology is based upon comparison of the 2016 solar return horoscopes of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Trump will enter a new cosmic year on June 13th while Sanders will enter a new cosmic year on September 7th, approximately. By comparing and weighing the stars of their returns I have come to the confident conclusion that Donald Trump has far more presidential favor than Bernie Sanders does. My statement is based purely on an objective assessment of the energies that will be at work in their lives well into 2017.

Trump's Year Ahead

Above you will see an approximate horoscope of Trump's upcoming year, meaning, the span of time that extends from his 2016 birthday to his 2017 birthday. His Gemini Sun is excellently placed in the 11th house which governs revolution, collective effort, cyberspace, dream fulfillment, and my personal favorite, astrology. Venus is also present so elements of beauty, love, joy, and good fortune will be enhancing his movement and dream quest. His Jupiter and Uranus are both prograde unlike Mr. Sanders who will have Uranus in retrograde for his upcoming year. This gives a powerful, unpredictable, quantum advantage to Donald Trump.

Jupiter Days

Next we have the matter of Trump's Jupiter for the year, found at the 15th degree of Virgo which is one of the three secret presidential degrees of Virgo. This placement indicates a divine promotion into presidential service with Jupiter being symbolic of the Hand of God. Fate, which is symbolized by the Moon's north node at 16°54' Virgo, is found in conjunction with Trump's Jupiter at 15°2' Virgo which adds a powerful confirmation of fated presidential success and anointment. In relation to his Sun Jupiter will be blessing the days, mind, labors, servants, coworkers, advisors, inner circle, and constructive efforts of Mr. Trump. Great legacy through public service will be on his mind for sure and he will enjoy divine support.

Uranian Politics

Uranus, the planet of genius and liberation, manifests in Trump's 9th house which strongly supports historic and unprecedented success with his political campaign and policy agenda. The 23rd degree of Aries is mystical and transcendent so it is very likely that Mr. Trump will have divine guidance assisting his political activities, foreign relations, unification efforts, and policy creation. This placement of Uranus also indicates that Mr. Trump will focus on transforming self defeating political policies that in his mind harm U.S. national interests. The 9th house is international so it is certain that Mr. Trump will continue to wield extraordinary influence over the geopolitical world. His unpredictability has only just begun.

Sanders' Year Ahead

Above you will see an intelligently estimated solar return horoscope for Senator Sanders. The truth is that I don't know his exact birth time so I created this solar return horoscope from my estimation of his actual horoscope which I am sharing below. I estimate that Senator Sanders has a 9th house Virgo Sun and a Sagittarius ascendant. This would support his career in high political office, his expression as a legislator, and his presidential ambition. See for yourselves:

Weaker Stars

The main problem for Senator Sanders is that he has a weaker Jupiter heading into 2017. The 29th degree of Virgo is not presidential, it is karmic, mystical, and medical. When comparing Jupiter in Virgo between Trump and Sanders the objective truth is that Trump has a stronger Jupiter, at least within the context of presidential ambition and success. Then there is the problem of Sanders having Mercury retrograde in Virgo for his year in comparison to Trump's commanding, 10th house Mercury prograde in Gemini. Between the two, in pure objectivity, Trump has a stronger Mercury, and Mercury is very, very important if you're trying to become president.

Saturn Days

Now because Sanders is a 15° Virgo this puts Saturn at 10° Sagittarius in his solar third house for the year ahead. I interpret Sanders' 2016 Saturn to symbolize two primary things: the U.S. Republican Party in its entirety and the next head of state, Donald J. Trump. Sanders' Saturn is a negative factor in comparison to Trump's Jupiter, both of which are found in common houses in relation to their Suns. Sanders does have a Sun at 15° Virgo, which I've mentioned is one of the presidential degrees of Virgo, but when you consider the other factors at work, he just doesn't have the power to pull it off.

Uranus Retrograde

Another negative sign for Mr. Sanders is that his Uranus for the year will be retrograde at the 23rd degree of Aries. Uranus is also found in a non-political house in relationship to his Sun which is weak in comparison to the placement of Uranus in the 9th "House of Politics" for Donald Trump. I interpret Democratic party instability and unexpected losses of power through the symbolism of Sanders' Uranus. There may even be unexpected or erratic medical issues or scandals that arise to complicate the days and affairs of Senator Sanders. I don't wish for this, of course, but it is likely considering his age, allegiance, and this planetary influence.


In summary, Donald Trump has astrological favor to win the U.S. presidency against Bernie Sanders because:

  • he has a stronger Jupiter heading into 2017, 15° Virgo over 29° Virgo

  • his Jupiter makes conjunction to Fate which extremely auspicious - Sanders does not have this

  • he has a stronger Mercury, 10th house prograde in Gemini over Sanders' retrograde at 25° Virgo

  • he has a stronger Uranus, prograde in the house of politics, law, media, and foreign relations

  • his Sun will shine in the house of dream fulfillment, collective effort, and altruistic service for the greater good

Parting Words

Astrology can be used to raise perspectives on issues of great controversy and confusion. As time passes I will do my best to help people perceive political affairs through the context of astrology. Truth, to me, is cosmic in origin. By observing and studying the cosmic order we can become more skilled in perceiving what is right and best here on Earth. If you're a Hillary fan, I'm sorry. If you're a Bernie fan, I'm sorry. In my professional opinion the stars favor Donald Trump.

Clinton Prediction Flashback

And just for the record, last December 5th I publicly predicted that Hillary Clinton had "a snowball's chance in hell of winning the U.S. presidency in 2016." Here's the proof:

Inauguration Day Update

I offer further, irrefutable proof that President Trump has God's cosmic blessing to lead the USA. The horoscope below reveals the astrology active on his inauguration day. As he was sworn into office by Chief Justice Roberts Jupiter was transiting at 22° Libra in perfect trine to his 10th house Sun at 22° Gemini. The trine between Jupiter and his Sun confirms that he is the rightful, cosmically blessed president. Anyone who ignores or refutes this is either ignorant to the workings of astrology or politically biased to the point of being astrologically corrupt. When someone is promoted through Jupiter's timing they are in fact being promoted by the Most High God.

Inauguration Day Horoscope

President Trump Birth Horoscope

Have faith in the future, God is redesigning it for the divine benefit of all of mankind.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2018, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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