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New Moon In Aries: War And Peace

Chapter four of 2016 trumpets into life with the new moon in Aries of April 7th! The great stalemates and competitions of our world will be decided before our eyes as heaven's light shows its great and obvious favors. The noble battles and the warriors which fight them will soon be honored with divine, victory-securing advantages that pave new paths for justice to thrive in. The spirit of justice will rise as time melts into September when the star of kings enters the house of judgement. Prepare to shed your old skin! The cosmos now decrees all things new!

I predict the following themes and events to manifest til the full moon in Aries of October 15th:

  • the supernatural empowerment of all light-serving relationships

  • divine couple connections that spark new successes, joys, learning, and adventure

  • the long-awaited settling of family disputes, imbalances, and controversies

  • the entrance of soul and goal supporting relationships of all kinds

  • the establishment of war within “illuminati” alliances, ranks, and networks

  • the establishment of peace between warring parties, nations, and personalities

  • the manifestation of new and extraordinary contract-based opportunities

  • increasing social awareness of cultural war, corruption, conspiracy, and preservation

  • rapid evolution within all committed relationships, especially marriages

  • direct interpersonal confrontations about imbalance, injustice, and misconduct

  • the strengthening of all noble marriages

  • refreshing new growth among stagnant or neglected friendships

  • the accumulation of personal power through cooperative engagement

  • divine matchmaking through introductions, referrals, and synchronistic encounters

  • the attainment of new inner peace and new inner strength

  • the emergence of bold new challengers against dark, established authorities

  • a growing sense of generational transition across all levels of society

  • goal fulfillment through new alliances, agreements, and stipulations

  • the rise of new cultural leaders, reformers, advocates, and guardians

  • and the widespread creation of new cooperative initiatives

Active Cooperation

The number one way to build and benefit throughout this lunar cycle is through active cooperation with the new people and opportunities that will soon be presenting to all of us. This cycle is all about breaking molds, conquering limits, and taking life into higher dimensions through new relationships and all that they offer. This is a time to be engaging and adventurous with the new potentials, suggestions, and opportunities that open up within our relationship lives. New adventures will be born as resonant friends, partners, peers, leaders, and couples will be teamed up for divine reasons and mutual benefits. Be ready to grow in new ways with new people. And be ready to take your existing relationships into uncharted territories!


Heaven’s war comes to the earthly war masters during this lunar cycle. The truth is that war does rage on this planet. The great war has many forms. There are media wars, economic wars, trade wars, political wars, cultural wars, chemical wars, and of course, spiritual wars. Over the course of this lunar cycle division, dissension, and destruction will be sown among the “illuminati” leadership. The war will be taken to them in “celestial” ways that they have no defense against. The law will always be done, meaning, the higher celestial law that governs all terrestrial affairs. The stars of the old age are passing away and the stars of the new age are being seeded. The victories we seek are promised. Time need only pass.


New forms of peace will be manifesting in our lives throughout this lunar cycle. On many occasions this new peace will be created by way of new relationship dynamics, interpersonal terms, professional successes, and improved economic conditions. Ongoing conflicts, rivalries, shortages, and imbalances, especially within family environments, will be directly targeted and ameliorated by the evolutionary energies of this warrior-esque new moon. Make new peace, settle the imbalances, and partner for prosperity. The signs will be clear and obvious. Strong relationships based in trust and mutual benefit will make all the difference in prosperity potential later this year. After all, Jupiter will be entering the house of relationships…

Skin Shedding

If you have felt like your life has been shedding old skin these past months it is because of the active retrogrades of Juno, Poseidon, and Apollo in Scorpio. These benevolent deities are stimulating powerful alchemical processes within us that ultimately lead to healing, regeneration, metamorphosis, and empowerment. Our old skin is shedding and now, with this new moon in Aries, it’s time for us to start showing and flexing our new skins. The shamanic “snake medicine” has been at work for many months. Do not ignore it and trust your instincts. If you sense deep within that it’s time to change, even drastically, then take action to do so. If you are sincere in your efforts expect perfect relationship support to find you, just like magic.

Jupiter Prograde

On May 9th Jupiter will resume prograde orbit in Virgo. In many respects the growth and progress of mankind is tied to the transit of Jupiter. Look for gigantic blessings and breakthroughs connected to health, medical procedures, pain reduction, employment, career, earnings, special projects, vital services, and spiritual enlightenment to begin manifesting on or after May 9th. The best of the Jupiter in Virgo transit is ahead of us! If you’ve been experiencing prolonged delays within these aforementioned categories it is because of Jupiter’s retrograde energy. Have faith that the blessings will rain with Jupiter’s upcoming prograde. Have faith that miracles have been sown above you during the retrograde.

Partner Power

Power can be gained through partnership all throughout this adventurous new lunar cycle. Be accepting of extended supports, opportunities, and leadership positions while doing your best to keep relationships balanced, nurtured, and evolving in positive ways. For many the realm of relationships has been stagnant and disappointing as of late. This is about to change dramatically! God will be stacking the deck of social relationships so that we are all paired off in perfect ways. As new couples and relationships enter your life be conscious of the cycle we have just entered and ask yourself the question, “Why has God joined us together?” Wondering about this while acting in harmony with positive offerings and developments is a great key to this cycle’s success.

Assertive Diplomacy

This new wave of Aries energy has the hybrid character of a warrior and a diplomat. The time has come for all of us to engage in assertive diplomacy to rectify any and all imbalances within our relationship lives. Do not take this task lightly because this cycle is intended to prime us for the highest successes of the upcoming Jupiter in Libra transit which begins on September 9th of 2016, a magical date which equates to “999” in esoteric numerology. Exercise your ability to weigh factors and think often about the concept of wise judgement. Speak up where you should, draw lines where you should, and create new interpersonal perspectives where you should. Wisdom and blessing will come to those who learn to balance personal ambition with the needs of others. Be assertive about your needs but be diplomatic in your delivery. And remember, God is always with the just.

Couple Caution

Couples that evolve together stay together. Be advised that this cycle brings rapid evolutionary development to individuals and couples alike. The pace of evolution will be quickening so it is extremely important that loving, committed couples grow together at a similar pace. Mutual growth maintains a mutual harmony. To those of you who are in relationships, be cautious against growth imbalances and disharmonies that can arise when one partner exceeds the other in spiritual growth, higher learning, and life exploration. This is a time for couples to join hands and dive in together as the universe presents new paths, learning experiences, and adventures. If one partner resists this Aries energy while the other one embraces it complications are very likely to arise later this year.

Ascension Keys

For the sake of your ascension during this lunar cycle I have the following advisements to share:

  • correct every imbalance within your life to the best of your ability

  • explore and develop extraordinary opportunities that arise through new friendships

  • learn to be social if you are not as there is so much to be gained this season

  • be mindful of special contracts and leverage contracts for growth as you can

  • serve the wounded children that cross your path to guild your karma

  • bold speech at the right time can be very fortunate, keep this in mind

  • formulate, plan, and prepare your work in advance of Jupiter’s spectacular prograde

  • be cautious about foreign travel, the stars foretell of turbulence

  • subconscious healing is conscious progress, says Juno who transits Scorpio

  • complete the unfinished work that has accrued during Jupiter’s retrograde in Virgo

  • make clean breaks from negative cultural influences, identities, and environments

  • be heroic for the sake of peace and justice if and when you can

  • change in accordance with new wealth perspectives and guidance which come

  • make beautiful new vows and commitments to one another, God is listening

  • memorize the cycle mantra: new people, new blessings, new growth

  • detach from relationships that lack the element of equal exchange

  • develop courage and confidence through the strength and support of others

  • lend your strength to the meek or wounded to receive new strength of your own

  • rebuild all lost trust before Jupiter enters Libra, this is most wise

  • and do not delay or hesitate when powerful hands are extended to you


Rising up is quite the thrill, I’m glad I took that cosmic pill. Some pray for gold, I pray for skill, the Devil knows I’m hard to kill. My heart is young, my soul is old, this cycle’s fire will break your mold. My secret story can’t be told, the future’s stars are what I hold. Power through the partnerships, place your bets then cash your chips. War and peace like bloods and crips, God will break their chains and whips. Revolution’s just ahead, say your grace and break your bread. The cosmic light is in my head, I hear the things the future said. My alchemy is out of sight, here’s a hint though: golden light. The astral plane is where I write, the lightning hit me, like a kite.

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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