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New Moon in Sagittarius: Revelations of Truth

Our world has just entered a dramatic cycle of spiritual and political transformation. Today's new moon in Sagittarius marks the beginning of a historic shift of power within the realms of media, politics, and religion, one so great that the future itself will be saved from the vicious claws of an ancient conspiracy. Revelations of truth will rock the world with increasing frequency, magnitude, and implication as the fire soaked weeks pass into the spring equinox. If you have been frustrated by the lack of truth in the world I tell you to rejoice because the universe will soon be flooding our lives with it!

I predict the following themes and events to manifest in our lives and world until the full moon in Sagittarius of May 21st, 2016:

  • the collapse of subversive political campaigns and parties

  • the ruinous exposure of political traitors throughout the world

  • historic transformations of law, policy, and political consensus

  • the reclamation of lost or dampened spiritual power

  • philosophical deaths and rebirths

  • mass conversions of faith triggered by new religious crisis

  • the destruction of nefarious cults throughout the world

  • recoveries of lost wealth through legal procedures and evidentiary filings

  • great exposures of academic crime and corruption

  • a mass exodus from the mainstream media

  • increasing criminal investigations of the political and religious classes

  • sudden losses of power among elite propagandists

  • unprecedented chemtrail media exposure and public awareness

  • perfect enlightenment on the causes and sponsors of world terrorism

  • the increasing use of powerful historical patterns, precedents, and quotes

  • the secret reception of sacred wisdom among the conscious

  • the translation, release, and circulation of forbidden texts and documents

  • academic and intellectual empowerment through traditional and mystical means

  • the exposure and ruin of false gurus, healers, spiritual teachers, and life coaches

  • the establishment and development of new international wealth and power networks

  • the noble sharing of resources for the sake of publicity, publication, and marketing

  • the settling of great medical debates; vaccine safety

  • the empowerment of students who suffer from crushing debt burdens

  • transferences of wealth and property through wills

  • spiritually-inspired transformations of academic ambitions

  • and the genesis of the conscious media revolution


The stars of each new moon echo forth throughout the cycle. As this one begins Athena will do battle with the Devil as evidenced through the Pallas/Pluto conjunction at 14° Capricorn. The goddess of jurisprudence will be inspiring scholars, litigators, and legislators throughout the world to win crucial, time-saving legal battles that will benefit the future of mankind. During this cycle Athena will play a powerful role in helping us to turn the tide against the manipulative, destructive use of standing law. She will confront the Plutocrats directly and wisely, observe.

Athena's Emissaries

Athena's influence will also be felt in the world media as she forces refreshing and powerfully transformational truth into the mass consciousness. Her noble and highly accomplished female emissaries will make short work of career propagandists who make their living by lying to the public each and every day. The goddess of wisdom has a special loathing for liars and abusers of law. Exercise your perception to see her at work and be certain that she is with the rising women in France...

Seeds of Revolution

Powerful new seeds of revolution will be planted during this lunar cycle. You will actually see the word revolution appearing with higher frequency in the mediascape, a sign that the global event draws closer and closer. We should not fear this coming revolution, which I predict will begin in December of 2020 as Jupiter and Saturn form conjunction in Aquarius, because it is one quite literally born in the heavens. The good Lord will be raising and unifying our hearts and minds in ways that transcend all current social divisions. In the mean time align yourselves with the higher truths that will soon be making things clear for us all.

False Understandings

Society has been spellbound by an endless, subversive barrage of media manipulation, programming, and misdirection. The divine power of this truth-bearing Sagittarian cycle comes to transmute this terrible problem. Mass awakenings will be taking place all over the world to melt away false understandings of reality wherever and however they exist. No one will sleep through the Tribulation which unfolds before the world. Gain higher favor by assuaging the fears of those who have slept by helping them to understand what is true and what is false. God will sharpen our senses throughout this cycle so that our instincts for truth are sharper than ever. Blessed are they who speak and write the truth in times of universal deceit.

Heaven-sent Healing

When Heaven is involved the results are always magical, beautiful, and mysterious. This new moon cycle begins with blessing because of the Venus in Scorpio trine to Neptune in Pisces. This energy is akin to the goddess of love, Aphrodite, working in concert with the Holy Spirit to deliver you with a wonderful variety of mystical and material enrichments that will delightfully increase your quality of life. There will be emphasis on fortunate exchanges and opportunities that arise between spiritually-charged friendships and social connections. Work with one another to create healing, empowerment, and prosperity as soon as the tools, resources, insights, and opportunities arrive. Use earth and water to seal the deal.

Soul Wisdom

The wisdom which our souls need to ascend will be finding us brilliantly and mysteriously throughout the next six months as the sacred fire of this Sagittarian cycle purifies our lives. Some will embark upon breathtaking spiritual journeys and intiations while others will become immersed with life transforming esoteric subjects, texts, personalities, concepts, and theories. One way or the other the mystery religion that precedes history itself will be speaking to us all in subtle, powerful, and magical ways. Be a good student and mind your master teachings. They are coming to us all.

Fire Alchemy Accelerates

Jesus Christ once taught that, "He who is near me is near the fire and he who is far from me is far from the Kingdom." Christ was referring to the element of fire which purifies the soul, enlightens the mind, and stokes the passions of the heart. This new moon in Sagittarius will ignite the world with this precise type of sacred fire. We all know that fire transforms whatever it touches. Watch how the world is transformed by the alchemical power of the fire element which the Satanists have no defense against. Christ went further to say that, "I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes." My friends, the time for blazing has come. The sacred fire pours forth from 19° Sagittarius.

Mind Controllers Punished

Those who have made business and policy of mind control will be punished severely during the upcoming Saturn retrograde in Sagittarius, a cosmic period which will last from March 25th until August 13th of 2016. Here is wisdom: Those with truth in their hearts and minds will rise above the rings of Saturn. Those without truth will be crushed by these same rings. It is our great work to discern truth from fiction and law from apparent chaos as Saturn transits Sagittarius. Saturn works as a great filter for mortals, testing to see who among us will abide by the cosmic law. Those who do will rise and become free. Astrology reveals the cosmic law so use it to live lawfully and in time you will be free.

Relationship Drift

The tides of time and fate have been gradually pulling certain relationships apart because they have lost their former resonance. Many of us have been experiencing drifts and closures with people who have been in our lives for long periods of time. This new moon cycle will usher in and develop new personal relationships and social connections based upon the possession of wisdom, the need for wisdom, and the fortunate exchange of wisdom. This process will have an international scope and the relationships that come will be rich with cooperative potential. The time has come for people to be paired based on what they know and what they seek to know. This will prove to be a beautiful and mysterious aspect of this Sagittarian lunar cycle.

Ascension Keys

With great sincerity I wish the very best to all of you during this lunar cycle. I offer the following "ascension keys" which will support your spiritual ascension and life success over the next six months, as follows:

  • reveal crime, corruption, and manipulation wherever and however possible; start fires this way

  • rise above toxic political disputes and never slander

  • seek to understand the hidden truths and motives behind the great political controversies

  • be diligent and detail oriented with all translation work

  • decode mysterious symbols as they come for good reason

  • keep new spiritual powers secret from the world

  • practice silence to help develop clairaudience

  • exercise the power of the pen more often

  • measure and master your morality

  • be ethical always or Saturn will tax you

  • develop intellectual immunity against emotionally-manipulative rhetoric

  • utilize law, language, history, and licensing for power

  • cite history and historical patterns to win debates

  • abandon stagnant academic pathways for ones which have meaning in the future

  • profit from the healing tools, products, and resources that find you

  • exchange assets wisely, especially for mutual benefit, and be flexible with payments among friends

  • teach others to see and transcend "groupthink" which is poisonous to society

  • invest in insurance where it is prudent to do so

  • file for damages and be diligent with preparing documents and evidence

  • pay down legal debts as soon as possible

  • when you feel powerless tap into the infinite power of prayer

  • be open to wise bartering, this cycle is ripe for it

  • avoid "hot zones" when traveling internationally

  • honestly measure which vices are still within you and work to purge them

  • work more and more with the fire element, it helps you to find the Kingdom within

  • follow the path of the Sun through your horoscope, this is the path of ascension in life


I've said it once, I've said it twice, the world should know I rep for Christ. My crown is set, my stars are spliced, my musings keep my verses spiced. When Christ returns he comes with flame, the stars will be my claim to fame. Life is like a cosmic game, golden wisdom is my aim. The sacred treasure is concealed, the wicked ones will be revealed, righteous foreheads have been sealed, Jupiter will raise your shield.

Assassins plot ahead of time, the stars reveal intent for crime. Alchemy makes souls sublime, they'll take their shot, it's in my rhyme. The Tribulation presses on, the gods rain death on Babylon. I work the cube from Metatron, astrology's my octagon. The Plutocrats will always scheme, to win all power, that's their dream. They'll all be broken, watch them scream. The truth is rising, sweet like cream.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo

© Copyright 2016, Salvador Russo, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

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