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Trump/Biden 2020 Election Analysis & Prediction

There are striking similarities between President Trump's 2016 solar return chart (which foretold of his future victory) and his 2020 solar return chart which activated this past June. In both charts (which are four years apart) he carries his Gemini Sun in the 11th house of goals and dreams. In other words, the Sun is in the same position as it was in 2016 when he pulled off his miraculous victory. An 11th house Sun for the year is perfect for fulfilling goals and dreams - like winning an election to save the future of a nation.

In 2016 President Trump also carried dominant 10th house energy through the high placements of Mercury in Gemini and Hercules in Taurus. This is highly relevant because in astrology the 10th house rules over governments and heads of state. He ascended into a new position as a head of state with benefic 10th house energy active in his 2016 solar chart. Here in 2020 notice that Hercules - a key energy in his past victory and ascendancy - is now present in his 11th house of goals and dreams. This is extremely positive.

In 2016 President Trump had a very powerful conjunction in his 9th house involving Uranus in Aries and the Midheaven in Aries. The 9th house is relevant because it is the political house of astrology which also governs campaigns and elections. Aries is, of course, the victory and "winner" energy of the zodiac and this pattern repeats in his 2020 chart as President Trump has Chiron in Aries in conjunction to his Midheaven. This, along with a zenith at 25° Aries in 2020, are strong supporting signs of his upcoming victory.

Let's get back to the 10th house of government for a moment, a key house to analyze in any election cycle. In 2020 President Trump carries Uranus at 9° Taurus in his 10th along with the goddess Fortuna, one of the Most High's servants, at 28° Aries in near conjunction to his zenith for the year. Uranus is the "people's planet" and its high 10th house position symbolizes the revolutionary red wave MAGA movement that we see rallying nationally for him. And all those big celebrities coming out for him to swing votes in the 11th hour? That's his exalted fortune in Aries manifesting.

Something that is unique to his 2020 chart is that he carries a powerful Zeus/Sun trine from 20° Libra to 22° Gemini. Remember that lightning photo of Trump exiting the plane that went viral or how the Trump Hotel in Chicago got struck by a triple lightning bolt? Check out Zeus in his 3rd house (triple lightning, 3rd house) sending a sign to people with insight. Through the Zeus/Sun trine I interpret the "favor of Zeus" to be with President Trump and that is key because in esoteric astrology Zeus is a "Satan slaying" influence. Zeus powers Trump's goals and dreams via trine.

In the spirit of fairness and objectivity I've embedded Joe Biden's 2019 and 2020 solar return charts to permit an honest comparison. I've shown you how the victory pattern for President Trump in 2016 is repeating in a very similar way through the 11th, 10th and 9th houses of his 2020 chart. Looking to Biden's 2019 chart you'll find an empty 10th house of government along with highly dis-favorable retrogrades in both his 9th and 11th houses - and these are all key houses that truly matter as Trump's 2016 chart has proven. When you stack the charts Trump simply has greater energy in these key houses.

Looking onward to Biden's 2020 chart, note that his 11th house of goals and dreams is totally empty for the year unlike President Trump who has a Zeus-powered Gemini Sun along with Hercules in Gemini, prograde. Biden has a major retrograde in his 9th house of politics, that being Vulcan, which is inferior to President Trump's Chiron/Midheaven conjunction in prograde condition. And Biden's 10th house energy doesn't hold a candle to Trump's exalted Uranus in Taurus and Fortuna in Aries - Biden only carries Vesta in Virgo with a muted Pleroma (he is too fallen to receive this light).

As I've demonstrated, President Trump has a victory pattern repeating from his 2016 chart into his 2020 chart with even stronger energies this year. When an impartial comparison of solar return charts is done one can easily see that President Trump has superior energy in the houses of politics (9th), government (10th) and goals/dreams (11th). Of course there will be election fraud and when we see it think of Saturn because it is the highest source and symbol of the organized election fraud that Biden already admitted to. Saturn is aspecting Biden's Sun, the aspect of fraudulent vote.

If you've been paying attention you've seen that President Trump commands the popular vote by historic, landslide margins. Democrat defections are at an all-time high and red wave marches have been burning through traditionally blue districts. Everywhere that President Trump campaigns he draws humongous crowds that dwarf the weak draws of Joe Biden who, according to recent and verified revelations, has sold his soul to communist China who recently unleashed a deadly biological attack on the West. The choice is clear and the stars are shining bright on President Trump.

Because Jupiter will aspect President Trump's Sun on election night from 21° Capricorn to 22° Gemini we predict a landslide victory for President Trump because Jupiter will be amplifying him on a divine scale. Amari and I predict that any election fraud that the Democrats attempt will be exposed, overturned and punished. Divine intervention recently happened at the Supreme Court Level through ACB's lightning fast confirmation. Corruption will not stand and ultimately President Trump will remain the 45th President of the United States of America. May God bless America!

Writing for the land of the free and the home of the brave,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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