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The Astrology of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

The timing of President Putin's recent military actions in Ukraine inspired me to study his approximate birth chart which I share for the world's astrology students below. This extraordinary man who is loved, hated and greatly respected on the global chessboard was born beneath a Libra stellium consisting of Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Poseidon and the Sun. To me these speak 'master diplomat' but his Libra stellium is not where his military mind comes from, that belongs to his Mars at 26° Sagittarius which trines his Zeus at 27° Leo which is the apex placement of his military power and the symbol that confirms that Vladimir Putin is, in fact, the expression of Zeus' energy in Russia. To me this is a simple fact of his birth chart, not a gleeful endorsement of his life, but he is the Zeus of Russia.

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Because I practice the most innovative and enlightening form of astrology, that being Uranian astrology, I'm able to accurately see and interpret the roving influence of Zeus, the supreme military commander of astrology, which happens to be in Libra, Putin's sign, at this current time of his great military activity. More specifically, transiting Zeus is currently in conjunction to President Putin's Mercury at 23° Libra while also in opposition to his Hercules at 22° Aries. Simply stated, President Putin's military actions have a definite Zeus signature to them as Zeus is prominent in his chart while he makes his chess moves. Transiting Mars in Capricorn is also relevant, of course, but what is super relevant and widely unacknowledged is the secret role of Zeus over President Putin.

Very recently, viral images have been circulating on social media showing Russian military vehicles marked with a mysterious 'Z' symbol. Experts have been baffled and speculation runs rampant but to me this 'Z' is a cosmic synchronicity connected to the astrological Zeus to the exact letter. Esoterically speaking, Zeus has jurisdiction over national military forces and supreme military commanders. I've shown you the Zeus connection to Putin and now you see a 'Z' on the military units subordinate to Putin and so to Zeus. Striking, isn't it? I share these things with you to help you develop cosmic consciousness. I pray for peace while acknowledging that there are higher powers at work here, far above our realm, who are advancing a wise plan that is beyond our minds.

The chart below shows the exact astrology that presided over President Putin's attack launch. A perfect square between Mars at 22° Capricorn and Zeus retrograde at 22° Libra highlights the specific attack aspect. Mars and Zeus are two of the most prominent astrological forces connected to military activity and as they crossed one another President Putin attacked. The presence of Mars in the attack alignment profoundly confirms the ancient legend that asserts Mars as the god of war. Here in our modern time we see this ancient belief being confirmed in an extremely dramatic, world-altering way: Mars was central to the start of this war. Despite this, Mars is not a pure malefic but its malefic potential can manifest during harsh alignments such as the one to Zeus that just occurred.

I will comment further on this and related topics more extensively in the future but for now I wanted to get this important Zeus/Mars perspective out. If you appreciate my work consider making a contribution to our company. I hope that all Libras pay special attention to the Zeus transit in their sign as it's the most powerful transit in your lives right now and you've probably never even heard about it. To anyone who would like to receive premium insights and updates on transiting Zeus my popular Starseed SMS service is always available. And on a final note, we offer high-grade Libyan Tektite, the 'golden moldavite', which is a very powerful and magical Zeus-resonant meteorite. My upgrades with Libyan Tektite are a reason why I can so clearly convey this Zeus-related knowledge.

In cosmic service,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


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1 commento

28 feb 2022

I see one thing and one thing only that dominates his chart.

Pluto Leo conjunct the South Node. This is skipped steps in prior lives.

This is a person who betrayed their country as a King or such.

Also it points to religion 9th, I know he is a lawyer but that wasn't it!

This life demands the karma will be be repaid.

He is willing to pay this time with his life for his country.

And it was in Russia , the prior life.

Mi piace
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