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The True Metaphysical Properties of Lapis Lazuli

Esteemed since times of antiquity and known then as “Heaven’s stone,” lapis lazuli has been admired and cherished at the highest levels of society for thousands of years. Rich with beneficial Gemini energy, lapis lazuli raises an excellence of the mind that blesses the life of its owner in a myriad of ways that all originate from a peaceful, truthful and divinely enhanced state of mind. If one seeks to raise the overall quality of their mind lapis lazuli makes a perfect choice.

Lapis lazuli is referenced honorably in the Holy Bible in several verses and in early Christian belief it was regarded as sacred to the Virgin Mary. Egyptian royals wore it proudly to convey wealth and status and Renaissance artists utilized its rich azure color in many of their masterworks. Lapis lazuli upholds St. Isaac’s Cathedral in Russia through magnificent pillars and legend has it that King Solomon owned a demon-controlling magic ring made of lapis and gold.

Lapis lazuli beautifies, enriches and protects the mind unlike any other blue ray gemstone. It’s a most excellent choice for students, teachers and people with professions that are intimately connected to communication, broadcasting, sales and optimal mental performance. Lapis lazuli imparts clarity of mind while developing critical thinking ability, vocabulary, memory, verbal dexterity, logic and reasoning skills, and a prized elegance to our thoughts and manner of speech.

When worn, lapis lazuli instills an immediate peace of mind that feels calming and refreshing, especially in these highly distressing days and times. Its azure-gold energy clears, focuses and opens the mind to higher levels of spiritual receptivity and productive focus. Lapis lazuli protects against ‘the demons of the air,’ shielding its owner from evil thoughts and all types of demonic snares that target the human mind. Lapis feels like a halo of divine mental protection and illumination.

Lapis lazuli is highly supportive of beneficial cognitive reformatting that helps people to overcome the following types of problems:

  • attention deficits

  • problems with learning and retention

  • weak memory

  • inability to focus or concentrate

  • crude, offensive speech

  • base and rigid thinking

  • fear of speaking, especially one’s truth

  • inability to perceive or sense truth

  • inability to mentally process information or experiences in a healthy way

  • blockages with writing

  • struggles with mental computation

  • poor vocabulary

  • unproductive, wasteful use of the mind

  • recursive negative thoughts

Lapis lazuli emits and anchors divine Gemini energy so it offers a general empowerment to our lives through the Gemini energy experience which is highly mental in nature. It’s a wise and natural choice for anyone who struggles from sub-optimal Gemini placements in their chart, like, for example, Saturn in Gemini, retrogrades in Gemini or certain afflictions (squares + oppositions) involving Gemini planets or asteroids. Lapis lazuli opens us to divine mental alchemy and rectification experiences connected to sub-optimal Gemini energy.

In a world where truth is so censored and distorted, lapis lazuli offers a perfect antidote type of energy that powerfully counteracts the spiritual and human forces that are hostile to truth. Through attunement to lapis lazuli one becomes a more powerful vessel of truth, a process which contributes to the healing and restoration of the world. Jesus Christ associated his truth with freedom and lapis lazuli, as the Most High created it, blends us with the higher divine truths.

Lapis lazuli makes the mind as a sword of truth that can cut through the lies and illusions of this world. It quickly and gently raises the all-important mental quality of discernment that one may gain the ability to discern fact from fiction. If one feels lost in the information space they should wear lapis lazuli as it has a certain magic of attracting truth and calling attention to truth so that people can make their way wisely through life. Use lapis lazuli to counteract demonic confusion.

On a more practical level, lapis lazuli is a most excellent gemstone for those in sales professions as it stimulates effective, persuasive and elegant speech that is rich in fact and truth, qualities which are required for consistent sales success. Through its divine action on the mind and throat charka, lapis can raise a silver tongue where one didn't exist and it can take a silver tongue to gold. If your speech is central to your profession do yourself a great favor and try lapis.

Lapis lazuli has much to offer young children and adolescent youths whose minds are greatly nourished and protected by the old "pharaoh's choice." As lapis stimulates both hemispheres of the mind while inducing a calming and clarifying effect, kids and teens find themselves developing intelligence and intuition in a balanced, crisp, life-enhancing way. With so many snares set against young minds, lapis lazuli stands ready to aid conscious parents.

We are pleased to offer the highest quality lapis lazuli on the internet through our new lapis lazuli gallery where you will find richly and deeply colored azure specimens in pendant form. Unlike lesser qualities of lapis, the type that we offer has a consistently marvelous color that will command attention and admiration while blessing your mind and days. Truth be told, lapis lazuli is Gemini gold. We are happy to bring you the best, we ship worldwide with tracking and insurance.

“There they saw the God of Israel. Under his feet there seemed to be a surface of brilliant blue lapis lazuli, as clear as the sky itself.” – Exodus 24:10

Supporting your ascension with the best of the mineral kingdom which God created,

Astrologer Salvador Russo & Mystic Amari

“Sal & Amari”

© 2022-2050. Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Legal action will be taken against anyone who plagiarizes our metaphysical description of lapis lazuli. If you see it happening contact us for a swift reward.

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