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Justice Kavanaugh's Astrological Confirmation

What do President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh have in astrological common? The answer is that they were both sworn into supreme national power during Jupiter aspects to their respective suns. Brett Kavanaugh, who was born a 23° Aquarius Sun, has become a new Supreme Court Justice through Jupiter's square from 23° Scorpio. When President Trump was sworn into office it was Jupiter that made trine to his Gemini Sun from 22° Libra. The common link between their rise to power is the planet Jupiter which has been known since ancient times as "the great benefic." The cosmic order has established the rightful judge and now I will show you more through objective astrological fact and truth.

Kavanaugh's Nomination Timing

Was there anything astrologically special about the timing of President Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh? The answer is an emphatic yes! President Trump publicly nominated now Justice Kavanaugh within 24 hours of Jupiter's prograde in Scorpio. This was back on July 9th the day before Jupiter went "full power." This meant, as I wrote three months ago, that this was a great sign that the new justice would be aligned with the cosmic order and God's divine agenda. Because of the astrological timing of Kavanaugh's nomination I knew that he would go on to be confirmed. Jupiter was the first sign and through Jupiter he was confirmed. I challenge any left-leaning astrologer to disprove what I am presenting.

Mars Pattern

What do Justice Kavanaugh and Sebastian Kurz, the Chancellor of Austria, have in astrological common? The answer is that they both ascended into higher national power while Mars was transiting their sign. Chancellor Kurz, who is one of the world's most powerful Virgos, enjoyed election victory when Mars was transiting Virgo. Justice Kavanaugh, who is one of the world's most powerful Aquarians, was confirmed with Mars in transit of Aquarius. Do you see the cosmic pattern at work? It is no coincidence that these men were empowered with Mars transiting their sign. This is an important connection to make and it can be verified by any competent astrologer no matter their political slant.

Judiciary Committee Advancement

A key astrological moment in the nomination advancement process came on September 28th when the Judiciary Committee decided to advance Kavanaugh toward the full Senate vote beneath a perfect trine between the Libra Sun and Mars in Aquarius. The astrological timing of this advancement was extremely significant because Libra is the house of judges and Aquarius is the house of committees. In other words, Kavanaugh was advanced during a beneficial Sun/Mars aspect that matched his profession, his future goal, and his astrological sign exactly. With chaos and controversy exploding this trine made it clear that the universe was moving him forward toward a future victory. Who can dispute this point?

U.S. National Horoscope

In the first horoscope presented in this article you'll notice the Libra Sun circled at the 13th degree. This is relevant because it reveals how Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation is observed through the U.S. national horoscope which you can find below. Simply put, the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh is evidenced through the Libra Sun's perfect square to the Cancer Sun of the USA, both shining from the 13th degrees. Sun square Sun shows the powerful new judge. But do not think that this chart below reveals the new USA, far from it. I assure you that God has blessed the USA far beyond what you see here. The nation has secret stars in all of its houses. This is God checkmating the Devil beyond belief.

2nd American Revolution

The Deep State has failed to thwart the cosmically-blessed judge. I have demonstrated through the science of astrology that Justice Kavanaugh has cosmic favor and so God's blessing. Keep in mind that he is a Christian Justice and that the stars are all over him in divine ways. Expect wonderful things from him! I have been accurate and true with my analysis and forecast of this most contentious of events. I predict that President Trump will have a third nomination to offer the Supreme Court before long. I also stand by my past prediction that the USA is on track for its second revolution. I'll even give you the exact date of its activation: December 19th, 2020. This revolution belongs to God so don't fear it. In the future, when the cosmic law permits, I will arm you with foreknowledge of the times.

Foreign Friends

Dear readers of the world, please know me as a veteran patriot Christian astrologer. I love my nation with all my heart and my Oath of Enlistment is still etched into my soul. Although this article is focused on U.S. national events I want you to carry the wisdom with you that by following Jupiter's transit you can gain great insight into the highest political courses for your countries. I have given you some examples of how it works and in the future I'll do much more. Believe in divine intervention but also know that God works through the timing of astrology. I believe that God treads the Earth and that certain verses from the Book of Enoch will soon come to pass. Expect my Jupiter in Sagittarius article in the coming weeks.

Closing Words

I was guided to write this article so that people could see Justice Kavanaugh from the cosmic perspective. Although political differences exist I believe that the stars can unite as long as they are interpreted truly. This is exactly what I have offered you, a true interpretation of the most important Supreme Court Justice pick in a generation. If you appreciate my effort and free insight consider making a contribution to Starseed Astrology or consider starting a subscription to my popular Starseed SMS mobile service. By now I have learned to love what Jupiter brings. Jupiter will be bringing us all wonderful new blessings starting on November 8th when it enters Sagittarius. Have faith in the impossible!

With passion and integrity,

Astrologer Salvador Russo


© Copyright 2018, Starseed Astrology. All rights reserved. Plagiarism welcomes Saturn's curse.

This article was written under the influence of Moldavite.

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