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Justice Barrett: Astrological Insights & Psychic Impressions

On June 7th of this most arduous year I uniquely predicted that the solstice eclipse at 0° Cancer was a "nation saving" and "tide turning" event that happened at the very crown of the U.S. national horoscope. Here in late September, with the eclipse power far from its climax, a new Supreme Court justice is soon to be confirmed. The nation's highest and most powerful court has suddenly become the dramatic stage for judicial power to swing into the way of the Light for decades to come. Amy Barrett, a legal genius Aquarian who's sun sign matches the fortune sign of President Trump, is a powerful manifestation of divine feminine energy during a time when it is direly needed. The soon-to-be Justice Barrett is the death blow to the election theft strategy of the treasonous Saturnian Democrats. She is called at a perfect time to a nation in need of divine intervention which it has received in ways far beyond the scope of this article. Here is the approximate chart of Amy Coney Barrett:

Even without a perfect birth time it is clear that Justice Barrett (yes, she will be confirmed pre-election) was born with a Cancer Moon, the most maternal, familial, life nourishing and empathic moon in the world of astrology. Amari's first psychic impression is that Justice Barrett has "sacred feminine energy all over her" and that she will be "a massive advocate for abused and trafficked women and children." Amari senses further that Justice Barrett will be "a great protector, healer and nurturer of the nation" and that "she has a queen's energy and a deep emotional connection to social suffering" especially as it relates to severe crimes and injustices done against women and children. It's important to note that Barrett's rise into the national spotlight has synchronized perfectly with Hera, queen of the gods, recent entrance into Scorpio. As an astrologer I know that Justice Barrett is one of Hera's earthly queens. Notice above that Justice Barrett was born with Hera in Libra, the sign of courts, judges and justice.

Amari senses further that Barrett has had past lives in leadership positions in high councils, in royalty and in certain survivor societies. She senses "Joan of Arc energy" on Barrett and that she has multiple queen-level spirit guides with her, a "fleet of them" as Amari put it, including some from ancient, Biblical times. Amari feels a powerful "sacred heart" energy on Barrett, one that connects her to the boundless love that God has for humanity. Through this connection Amari believes that Barrett will always live and lead from the heart. Barrett's sacred heart connection to God is symbolized by her Jupiter at 28° Sagittarius, a placement which also represents her devout Christian faith. Amari comments onward that Barrett has a deep inner knowing of the true battle between good and evil and that she will know exactly what to do with her incoming power. Barrett also happens to share a key astrological degree with the late Justice Ginsberg, they were both born with light at 21° Aries, Ginsberg with Uranus there and Barrett with Mars there. This is a "legendary trailblazer" degree of Aries.

Earlier this year, during the pits of COVID-19 fear, I predicted an "election tilting event" that would manifest within 48 hours of Jupiter's prograde on September 13th. As it happened President Trump signed the Abraham Peace accords on September 15th. This was definitely a miraculous event that has swayed many minds and votes but about one week later another event of great election-tilting magnitude happened in favor of President Trump: Justice Ginsberg passed away paving the way for a new conservative justice to be confirmed. In my "President Trump, Jupiter and the Judiciary" article from late 2019 I wrote that "Trump-appointed judges will play heroic roles in stabilizing, restoring and evolving the USA into its glorious phoenix form" and that these judges would "hold the line" while the 2nd American Revolution commences in late December of 2020. We see the rapid confirmation of Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court as a great form of divine intervention in these sensitive pre-revolution months.

Allow me to clarify what I mean when I write that the 2nd American Revolution will start in late December of 2020, on the 19th to be exact, when Jupiter and Saturn will enter a rare, 'clash of the titans' styled conjunction at 0° Aquarius. The 2nd American Revolution is a God-inspired and God-controlled period of astrological time when the United States will become completely liberated from Deep State and internationalist New World Order forces. The 2nd American Revolution is a Heaven-born liberation movement that will totally permeate the realms of collective consciousness, politics, culture, economics and a new form of spiritual development that transcends previous religious restrictions and paradigms. Although there will be turmoil because of rebellious, Saturn-loyal and Saturn-blinded forces the ultimate, God-blessed result will be a totally liberated USA that projects light and power into the world towards a totally liberated planet Earth. We are soon to enter a bold new chapter of national history!

It would be greatly unjust for the USA to suffer further from Democrat power in the House, Senate or Oval Office. The karmic damage that they have done to themselves is hellishly extreme and it will be returned to them through the Red Wave that will return the House of Representatives into majority Republican control. The Senate will also expand red as the Supreme Court is about to. And of course, as we've been writing for years, President Trump will be re-elected just as surely as Zeus is fond of lightning. When the new power majorities settle then we will see our God in Heaven advancing the greatest spiritual reckoning that our young yet glorious nation has ever seen. People will be going to jail for crimes related to treason, sedition, insurrection and election fraud and a great spiritual dragnet will be placed on the entirety of Satan's network. We're going to see districts and seats flipping red that haven't been red in a long, long time. There's a magic to the movement that can't be stopped, all assets deployed.

For those who may be wondering, President Trump and soon-to-be Justice Barrett have tremendous astrological chemistry, especially through the Libra energy which is powerful in each of them. President Trump's Jupiter makes conjunction to Justice Barrett's Uranus and Hera in Libra. President Trump was also born with Hera in Libra although his is at the 14th degree while hers is at the 19th degree. There is trine harmony between their Uranus', Trump's from 17° Gemini to Barrett's at 18° Libra. And as I mentioned before, President Trump's fortune at 28° Aquarius matches the sign of Justice Barrett's sun, also in Aquarius. Moreover, Justice Barrett's Jupiter at 28° Sagittarius makes sextile to President Trump's fortune. There is also great fire harmony between President Trump's Zeus at 20° Leo and Justice Barrett's Mars at 21° Aries. And lastly, President Trump's Mars at 26° Leo trines Justice Barrett's Jupiter at 28° Sagittarius. His nominee happens to have great astrological chemistry with him. What a dumb luck coincidence! Do you think that Trump is using astrology?

There is always more to the tale but for now Amari and I wanted to get this perspective out to you, our beloved reader. As many of you know we are heavily censored online because of our Christian mystic faith and our pro-Trump astrological and political positions. Your sharing of our work is always appreciated. Should any of you wish for more frequent astrological insight we welcome you to try our highly popular Starseed SMS service. A subscription to it will keep you blissfully and beneficially aware of all the most important astrological influences from week to week. We welcome your comments and feedback and we look forward to interacting with all of you on our socials. We will continue to pray for the USA and world at large and we ask that you join us. As our time permits we will expand coverage to key issues around the world.

Writing with love for the land of the free and the home of the brave,

Sal & Amari

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